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Halle Berry: Mother's Day with Nahla!

Halle Berry: Mother's Day with Nahla!

Newly single Halle Berry spends Mother’s Day with her daughter Nahla Aubry, 2, at Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade on Sunday (May 9).

The 43-year-old actress recently split from model Gabriel Aubry.

The latest rumors about the break-up are from a People source: “She kicked him out months ago because he wasn’t able to pull his weight in the relationship and she wanted to move on. They’re very amicable in healthy ways because of their child. Her main concern is for the health and happiness of her daughter.”

But weren’t all three of them at the zoo just last month looking like one big happy family?

FYI: Halle is wearing a Riller & Fount “Ralph” long shirttail tank in heather pewter

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry‘s Mother’s Day with Nahla

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Credit: Juan Sharma; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • rebecca

    i like angelina jolie, but hands down, halle is more beautiful.

  • Amelle

    They are both so, so beautiful

  • Amelle

    (as is the father)

  • blah

    Halle Looks like a totally B. Im wouldnt be surprised if the rumors were true about her nagging him. He was definally hot and im sure he can do better. Hopefully she lets him see his kid

  • Kirsten

    Beautiful girl. She is tall like her dad.

  • bet

    this woman is just simply buetifull from top to bottom,there is not fault about her. Just gorgeous. cute baby.

  • jealous..

    Gosh, their complexions are gorgeous….

  • Hannah

    Really, their personal lives are their own. As long as they remain civil with each for the daughter’s sake, nothing to do with me.

    Cute pics.

  • jena

    That girl is huge to be 2! Look at the size of her feet wow.

  • No way

    @rebecca: no way. Halle is beautiful, but her looks are easy to get tired of, for some reason. Angie has more interesting features… and can look different from day to day. Guess it’s a matter of opinion though. :)

  • 123


  • Lockdown

    I love Ange but personally, I’d love to look like Halle, her face is pretty and her body, is perfect.

  • dianad1968



    Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything. Angie has something special, that you can’t get in the gym or the plastic surgeon’s office.You either have IT or you don’t. Halle might be “more beautiful” but she seems boring as h*ll and not very interesting.

  • puhhlease…

    Why on earth should we ever start comparing halle to angelina?? This whole post/article has nothing to do with angelina at all, so we start comparing? Can we just leave her alone? They are both strong individuals that need NO comparison. They both have different qualities but both are beautiful in their own way, and sure be a good mother as well. For god’s sake, just stop saying things about someone who is not even mentioned in this whole picture. happy mother’s day to both of them..

  • Sweetie


    Halle has done two nosejobs and boobjob.

  • Cheery

    Could have sworn Nahla used to have blondish hair. It couldn’t have grown out completely?

  • Coldplayer


    Didnt A Jolie have a nose job as well? I think Angie is sexier… Halle is prettier… both are beautiful. All I know is Halle is aging better

  • Dreads

    Angelina has the perfect face and Halle has the perfect body :D ….If Angelina had Halle’s body, she’d be perfect. Same for the other way around. Anyway, getting back to the subject. Oh Gosh, Nahla’s skin complexion is to die for. She’s GORGEOUS. Too bad her parents broke up…..

  • Dreads

    Nahla’s complexion is like …..golden. It’s amazing. Hopefully, my future child will be like that XD … And besides, her beautiful blondish hair and green eyes makes her one of the most exotic and gorgeous girls in Hollywood already!

  • happy girl

    The most beautiful child I have ever seen. Nahla is a perfect mixture of her parents and will grow up to be a breathtaking woman. Very cute little girl.

  • skaur

    gorgeous nahla and gorgeous halle very stunning multiracial mix! still prefer angelina she is beautiful bit thin though!

  • Ms Anonymous


    Because everyone has to turn it into an Angelina thread… ugh I dislike her so much.



  • Just saying

    What a sweet mother and daughter. Too bad the same nut job follow stalk Halle Berry blogs and posts mean evil comments about her under different names.
    karma will catch up to evil stalkers like you one day.
    You hate her so much but yet you search out her name 24/7 to bash her. That’s psychotic.

  • Just saying

    I like Halle and Angelina. Both women are awesome. Sounds like some bitter fans of some other x trying to start a war between two great ladie fans. Nice try but not bananas.

  • http://JUSTJARED greatactress

    Angelina is a very talented women, but halle is one demensional person who is overrated. Angelina has a lot to show for her work.

  • ROC

    Yeah! She’s beautiful. Shouldn’t she be? Her father is one hot #.

    Halle should be forever grateful that he even noticed her cause without him, she wouldn’t have that beautiful daughter. If she had decided to have a child with that 2nd husband, oh man! what an ugly kid that would’ve been.

    See Halle, you should stay with your white counterpart. At least to have beautiful children. Don’t you think?

  • pic # 6

    look at pic number 6, she looks like a crazy woman – its her eyes

  • 19th century

    Another celebrity couple who say “the most important thing is the child,” yet don’t try to make a stable family for “the child.”

    Words words

  • realtalk

    stop comparing Halle ANd Angelina, both are beautiful and seemed to be great mothers.

  • Daisy Duck

    Pretty little girl but this seems like a publicity stunt.

  • n.o.l.a

    Gabriel was the same person making the same money when she decided to fcuk and have his baby. I doubt that he didn’t pull his weight, I think she just wanted a different type of man.

  • ++Logan++

    A fact of life…Relationships with models NEVER last.

  • Pandora


    I agree. Also, I think she couldn’t stand being w/ someone far more good looking than herself.

  • We’ve been punk’ed !

    Halle is really a beautiful woman but since her despicable whining after the ‘hit and run’ incident, i found her suspectedly b*tchy and totally irresponsible. Plus i don’t like women who whine on TV about their exes, inviting an audience to point fingers with her in personal business like they were married to her husband too.
    It’s so lame and childish.
    You hit someone with your car and all you do is run to the hospital to whine about yourself instead stoping and checking the one you hurt , without asking news about the person you may have hurt or kill ! Please, grow some spine and be responsible !.
    Plus the nasty stunt she did with nasty Jamie Fax, at 40+, really threw me off.
    She is absolutely gorgeous but also so childish and irresponsible at times.
    Anyway, her baby is gorgeous. I wish them good luck for the future.

  • im bianca and ima say it.

    halle is one beautiful woman.a big fan of hers.her daughter nahla is just as beautiful as her momma.

  • xfan

    i agree with you dreads , i think angelina has a GREAT face but i won’t say perfect. Halle has a GREAT body but i won’t say perfect. Hower if these two combined , it would be ALMOST perfect. I like jolie’s slender arms,swan-like neck, big boobs,long legs,porcelain skin and that very multidimensional exotic face that conveys different expressions. I like the curve of halleys body,olive skin,good amount of boobs and b utt and i guess beautiful too. But i also love angelina’s deepness,intelligence,boldness and unrelenting generousity and kindness towards other people. That makes jolie more beautiful,fascinating and more interesting than most actresses of today and even before her time. I also find nahla to be very exotic, she has gabriel’s face and halle’s skin, this kid will be one of the most gorgeous in her time. Lastly, halle and jolie are both great mothers and both lead a different life, one live a more EXTRAORDINARY life, kudos to her humanitarianism and hope more to follow her footstep.

  • xfan

    ooops it supposed to be lived a different life, one lead a more extraordinary life. I know this thread has nothing to do with jolie but this is a blog and since some fans of the other 40 year old is trying to stir up a fight or a contest between halle and jolie. I guess because their idol can’t compete with jolie , but so are the other actresses.Theres a competition in the industry but i think jolie is more in competition with male actors, i believe. Alright , i don’t want to end this to be a jolie thread, i might go to jp threads.

  • callmewhatever

    Not sure why Angie was brought up but to me Halle is more beautitful face, skin, and body wise. I love Angie’s lips but to me that is the only thing she has her beat in at least how Angelina looks now. 5 yrs or more ago, then there would be a competition but Angelina just looks like skeletor now with lips.

  • gingergrant

    Isn’t this a little obvious that Halle Berry is just out for some “good will publicity”? Please. I think she’s a loser, and this whole break up thing has tainted her brand big time. Who trots their daughter out on Mother’s Day for Pap pics? But yes, the child is adorable- she looks a lot like Daddy.

  • the african darkside

    She is alot stronger than i would be,in a famous situation.

    Considering her age,she still looks good.

    Of course this is based on,internet,tv,observation.

  • kayla

    Beauty is skin deep! Don’t be fooled!

  • Ali

    I don’t why exactly, but she seems like a poser to me. is that the nanny with the stroller? why go shopping with your child and nanny on the promenade, unless you want to get photographed? This child is going to be gorgeous and she needs to be protected from every intrusive photographer so that she keeps connected with her authentic self. Halle should not be parading her around – that’s just not smart. Let them photograph Halle – she is in the industry. But her daughter is not, and no one has the right to photograph her or intrude upon her.

  • A

    If Halle had any class at all, she would issue a statement that she did not call the father of her child a loser! But we all know that she did because she’s childish and spiteful. I think she is very insecure and controlling…like one of those people that seems so charming in public but puts their supposed loved ones through hell behind closed doors. Picking apart their self esteem, never satisfied, etc. Hope she doesn’t put all her issues on beautiful little Nahla. I really wish Gabriel will get some custody and child support out of this selfish taker. Also, I will admit she’s a pretty woman. But her look is boring and she has a personality to match. It’s just an old and tired image. Seems like her body shape is changing too. Her upper body seems so scrawny and then her legs are bowed and just weird shape.

  • callmewhatever


    Alot of very JEALOUS (cause thats where it stems from) INSECURE closet racists on this site. Halle’s daughter looks just as brown as she is and didnt get that from her dad. Yes she had a beautiful daughter with a white man but also wouldve had a beautiful daughter with Eric Benet as well, he had very nice features regardless if he was a cheating a-hole. Brown skin is absolutely gorgeous, dont be jealous.

  • A-read the full article

    @A: read the full 4-6 page US article. Doubt she called him that please….just US magazine manipulating folks like you and others to buy their mag.

  • callmewhatever


    I dont know if her body shaped as changed or not but why dont you put a link to your picture and lets see if your shape is better than hers

  • Inaru

    Gorgeous mom, gorgeous child.

  • A

    @A-read the full article: Maybe, maybe not. But she should issue a statement denying it to show some respect for the man that gave her Nahla. She’s just letting people believe that she thinks Gabriel is a loser.

  • A

    @ callmewhatever: Well I’m 36 – 26 -34 so I’d say I’m doing pretty good. I’m sure it’s better than YOUR shape. Halle is the one parading her body all over the place lately for photo opps. I’m free to express my opinion, and it has nothing to do with how I look. Who the heck are you? Up yours.