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Joaquin Phoenix: Shirtless Dog Walking!

Joaquin Phoenix: Shirtless Dog Walking!

Joaquin Phoenix takes off his sweatshirt before popping into his car in Los Angeles on Sunday (May 9).

While hiding behind a pair of shades and a cap, the 35-year-old actor celebrated Mother’s Day by taking his two dogs for a walk on a hiking trail.

Earlier this week, Joaquin was spotted taking in the tunes at Bardot.

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix walking his two dogs…

Just Jared on Facebook
joaquin phoenix shirtless 01
joaquin phoenix shirtless 02
joaquin phoenix shirtless 03
joaquin phoenix shirtless 04
joaquin phoenix shirtless 05
joaquin phoenix shirtless 06
joaquin phoenix shirtless 07
joaquin phoenix shirtless 08
joaquin phoenix shirtless 09
joaquin phoenix shirtless 10
joaquin phoenix shirtless 11

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Jethro

    What adorable dogs and what a cute touchie!

  • anon

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day present!!!! Joaquin, you are so adorable.

  • Dracula

    touchie? tushie? touche!

  • anonymous

    What kind of dogs are those? Boxers?

  • flynnster

    Touche on the tush, Dracula. A nice long walk always has a way of clearing the mind after one has a rather heartbreaking conversation first thing in the morning. Perhaps I should start working out on a regular basis these days.

  • nonomo

    flynnster? are you Joaquin!

  • Dracula

    I’d like to get touchie feelie with Joaquie’s tushie!

  • flynnster

    Yup, you totally found me out. I have nothing else better to do than post on threads about the status of my a*s. Do you think it looks high and tight enough or should I incorporate a few more squats into my daily workout regimen. As you can tell, I am really buff.

  • Mia

    Looking forward to this great actor making more movies….

  • Jethro

    Here’s to more movies and more tush shots! Cheers!

  • flynnster

    Do you think Joaquin enjoys being objectified like this? I mean, being treated as though he is a piece of meat (or tempeh)? Thoughts???

  • Dracula

    we can only hope so!

  • California Dreaming

    Happy to see Joaq out and about and looking healthy again.
    Cute dogs, too!

  • nonomo

    okay, flynn, you are not Joaquin Phoenix but why would you come on and talk about your personal problems? you need to go post on dr. phils site.

  • paradisa

    Speaking of exercise, you’re not doing yoga, Joaquin? You’ve got the dogs. Now you just need to go down. . .ward.

  • Hmmm

    This thread is funny when you compare it to the one below of he supermodel with the average type body. Most post are negative and saying how yucky she looks and then this thread people are loving this dudes flabbyness. He’s obviously not in good shape bodywise lol

  • floy

    i loveya so much joaquin!

  • Dracula

    I think he looks great, cuddly. Really don’t care for hard abs. Prefer a cushy feel. And Joaquin has a great tush and nice muscles in his legs. Oh, dear, I’m treating him like a piece of tempeh. . .where’s the lettuce, tomato and whole grain bread?

  • gabbygirl

    That Joaquin is a sexy devil!

  • Rio

    He looks gorg<3333333333 love him so much
    btw cute dogs!The boys from Phoenix camp always have a very kind heart to animals,like…you know,River Phoenix.

  • poe

    hes got the weirdest fat back ew

  • lm


  • ++Logan++

    i like that he pranked us all by being a weird last year hahaha, but the real Joaquin is far more awesome.

  • trythis

    So, there is a boy and a girl if I saw it well, hi, hi, hi. Too cute!

  • Emily

    I think Flynnster is Joaquin too! It’s like he’s explaining why photos of him were taken while walking the dogs. Who else would post that? Joaquin, I love you!

  • flynnster

    Gee thanks, I love you all too. I especially appreciate the comments regarding my tush.

  • Emily

    IT’S REALLY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joaquin, I think your tush should be on display in the Smithsonian!! Please keep posting!

  • shamrock

    Don’t be an idiot. It’s not him. He doesn’t even know this site exists. If he did, he couldn’t care less.

  • flynnster

    One just never knows do they? After all, any a**hole can come onto to this website at anytime without an invitation. If you do not believe me, just go and look at some of the posts on the previous threads.

  • Emily

    I’m not an idiot, thank you very much. Joaquin is only human. I’m sure he gets curious like everybody else.

    Flynnster (Joaquin!), please come back to the big screen and show us your tush there! And make it a long, lingering shot, please! And it’s more than okay if you turn around!

  • flynnster

    You really think my buns can give Monet a run for his money?

  • Jethro

    Stop it! LOL

  • Emily

    Betty Crocker would love to get a hold of buns your like yours, sweetie! Me too!!!

  • Angelica

    I wish. He’d probably think I was one of those nuts however. I can’t believe I regularly defended someone who gets defecated upon in his doc. What was I thinking? *smacking myself in the head.

  • Dracula

    If Warhol had but seen Joaq’s buns
    What greater art he would have done
    Forget the soup cans, move over Mao
    Joaquin’s butt kicks Andy’s cow
    Put it in The Smithsonian, put it in the Louvre
    What I’d give to feel the groove
    Running between each perfect cheek
    His butt is SO not for the meek!

  • shamrock

    you people are nuts, really really nuts.

  • sienna

    Joaquin is an incredible actor and very handsome. Hope he returns to acting soon! And his dogs are cute :)

  • Emily

    Joaquin, my as* is here, where’s yours?!

  • sweet

    I totally agree.

  • anonymous

    Hey, Dracula! Nice coupling. I also love Andy Warhol. When I was a kid, my mom had my room wallpapered in his foil/cow pattern. It was a knock-off print but I loved it.

  • Dracula

    Thanks, anonymous. I’m a big Warhol fan.

  • scrumptious!

    these pictures of joaquin are postively scrumptious!!! it’s so nice that he’s wearing jeans that show how nice his legs and butt are. and he’s just so so so handsome! does anyone know where these pics were taken? I think I need to take my own dogs for a walk. I’d LOVE to run into Joaquin and pray he has his shirt off!

  • cosmic

    Is your tush high enough, Joaquin? Darlin’, it’s coming out the top of your jeans! Love you. Smooches to the pooches.

  • Emily

    Okay, I’m glad to see there’s a little action on this post. Why are the new posts on the Cinco de Mayo page when this one is more current? I just don’t get it.

    Dracula, your little poem is very funny. Cosmic, back off! Joaquin himself has conversed with me about his tush. If you want to talk about it with him, take a number!

  • Brazilian Fan

    Joaquin is a super actor, I wish he come back for more movies soon, someone here knows his mail?? He likes to receive messages from fans?? He needs to read the messages on Facebook and see that he is loved by fans.

  • Jennifer

    Aria Crescendo is his future wife and she made it clear that she is marrying Joaquin Phoenix, so, this is what “Flynn” says happened? Aria, who has told the world she’s marrying Joaquin, had a rather heartbreaking conversation that morning, before YOGA and now you see him sweating off their talk. He shouldn’t be treated like a piece of meat, and the whole relationship with Aria and Joaquin is turning into a circus sideshow. Just look on twitter, facebook, and she posts up all kinds of loving, marital comments for “her man”. Good luck to both! you need it.

  • ahum!

    Euh… Are you crazy or drunk? She never wrote that, she’s dating him ok but I never read that!! Madness, total madness

  • anonymous

    jennifer is a weirdo!

  • Hum a few bars

    Hey, Dracula, do you have a melody to go with those lyrics? Love ‘em!

  • Investissement immobilier

    Much ado for nothing