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Gerard Butler Kisses Mystery Blonde!

Gerard Butler Kisses Mystery Blonde!

Gerard Butler gets caught kissing a mystery blonde while out and about in Serbia on Tuesday (May 4). (UPDATE: The girl is reportedly model Martina Rajic.)

The 40-year-old Scottish actor has been in Europe to shoot his new movie, Coriolanus.

French television host Laurie Cholewa was the last girl Gerry was linked to.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Gerry’s new girl — HOT or NOT?

15+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler kissing a mystery blonde…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler kissing blonde 01
gerard butler kissing blonde 02
gerard butler kissing blonde 03
gerard butler kissing blonde 04
gerard butler kissing blonde 05
gerard butler kissing blonde 06
gerard butler kissing blonde 07
gerard butler kissing blonde 08
gerard butler kissing blonde 09
gerard butler kissing blonde 10
gerard butler kissing blonde 11
gerard butler kissing blonde 12
gerard butler kissing blonde 13
gerard butler kissing blonde 14
gerard butler kissing blonde 15
gerard butler kissing blonde 16
gerard butler kissing blonde 17

Photos: INFdaily
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  • rufus

    This is really old news.

  • d

    manhore alert.

  • hellotheregb

    Great (rolls eyes) now yessssssssss has to endure this chick every time she logs on to comment on the board. gheeeezz

  • Merlin

    zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz
    JJ…..WAKE UP!!!
    This girl is already history in Butlerdom!! You have to move fast to catch with the Butler, he already moved on to temporary girlfriend #16,458.
    Next random chick please….

  • Sophie

    Boring. Gerard ‘manwhore’ Butler kisses ANOTHER randomer on the street. Classy.

    All the women he goes for also look kinda … haggard. Mind you, he’s no Adonis either!

  • Cindy Lu

    oh great this group will be ranting and embellishing again!!! lets get to 400 comments on how he is a man whore and she is an easy slut!! getting boring people. he is a man!! not a super holyer then thou. I take it the single men you know are at home making puzzles.

  • Superman

    That’s Linda Hogan

  • gossiphound

    Really old news.

  • bailey

    Serbia, NOT LONDON JJ.

  • long time lurker

    JJ – are you sure this is London? :-)))))))))))))))

  • midnight

    ew, ugly. if you’re gonna hook up with every girl, you could at least have a better taste in women Gerry.

  • sallyo

    wow – if jj read its own comments it would have had this story (with more accurate facts) last week!

  • gossiphound

    Oh and that in not London that is Belgrade unless you know something we don’t.

  • belgrade girl

    Yes,it is Belgrade,Serbia,you can tell from the license plate on the car and in the background of one of the photo you can see some text write in serbian language!!!!!

  • gossiphound

    @sallyo: Indeed sallyo

  • Old Mia

    I wonder if JJ will correct the London reference? Strange JJ’s staff does not know that this already has been discussed to death.

    I watched the singing video talked about on the other thread. You really can’t hear him or the girl because the ‘Sex Bomb’ music is so loud. He does look good though. It was a wrap party for Coriolanus filming in Serbia.

  • caps321

    Are ya sure that’s a woman?!

  • gossiphound

    And is the girl unknown we have 2 contenders don’t we a Hungarian model named Eva or a Serbian model named Martina – the model part was a given.

  • midnight

    what video? can anyone link me?

  • Nora

    Except he has no standards and lacks clean hygiene.

  • Manny

    LMAO – poor JJ, a day late and dollar short on this one. Butler has already left Serbia. JJ is sleeping at the wheel.
    Linda Hogan – ROTF that is some funny sh!t. Definitely on the low end of the looks meter IMO. But she does look like she can do a couple of rounds with the WWE dudes. hahahahaha Sh!t this is making for a fun Monday morning.
    Good morning JJers. Butler is probably headed to Nice because I understand Paris airport is closed. Cannes anyone!

  • gossiphound

    Bringing over from Serbia Open Sandwich thread

    Someone posted that Gerry bailed out a friend Robert Cavanagh, to finance his film project called Pimp, well one of the actors, Billy Boyd just tweeted this:

    Packing 4 Serbia. Meeting up w/the pitifully malnourished Gerard Butler about a project we’re working on. Sounds extreme but should be fun!

    Read more:

  • Vegas

    @midnight: There’s a link to the video back toward the end of the Sandwich thread.

  • Sweden calling

    Butler is still in Serbia, he is to meet up some people (actors) for a project.

  • sad

    JJ, you need accurate and timely help.

  • midnight

    @Vegas: Thanks!

  • N.

    You guys make me laugh! I can’t really tell where they are but he has been in Serbia lately. And I thought filming didn’t end on Coriolanus until late last week. Does anyone know otherwise?

    Oh Gerry, you make such good gossip fodder, silly man. ;-)

  • daffodil

    That is not London he is not looking very happy and he looks bored being with the woman I love Gerry but I wish he would stop kissing women in the street he is meant to be a serious Actor not a celebrity.

  • Sweden calling

    By the way, that kiss is not sexy.

    Looks like a swift peck on the lips. Nothing french going on there ;)

  • Manny

    Thanks for the update guys. Last night it was reported by Serbian press he was outta there. :)

  • spanky

    Cold pizza leftovers at the palce if anyone wants some!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mildly


  • lurker


  • wow lol

    gross. he will make out with anyone won’t he..

  • Bonnie

    She’s not at all attractive. She looks quite mannish in the face. You know as soon as she got home she was jumping all over her house, excited that he kissed her. Like most unattractive people would do when somone attractive pays attention to them.

  • New to JJ Posting

    Wow. Way to drop the ball JJ. We’ve already analyzed this to death on the other thread.

    I thought that JJ had a whole team tracking Gerry’s movements. *envisions a scene from “Men in Black”*

    It always seems like the paparazzi know exactly were to be so I figured they had affixed a monitoring bracelet to his ankle.

    Seems like yesssssss and our other Serbia and Croatian posters were way ahead of the game on this.

    Anyhow, where are the airport photos, the arrivals in France…the models being queued up???

  • Fill In Name Here

    We had a discussion about the London/Belgrade issue a couple of threads ago. tmz had him in London, too. This is simply amusing! Maybe his PR people deliberately said London in their release for their own amusement? Who knows?!

  • Fill In Name Here

    You know, people were complaining on the previous thread that we needed a new one. JJ listened!

  • sr

    Somebody that fugly has to be Ke$ha.

  • New to JJ Posting


    Where is cubedweller. Would love to hear their take on Gerry’ saying goodbye to his blonde models. Do you think he addressed them as a group or individually. Is it a prepared text or does he do it off-the-cuff?

    What IS the exit etiquette when GB leaves town?

    On another note, loving the article about the filming of those scenes between Ralph and Gerry. Sounds very intense and I can’t wait to see Ralph’s eye as a director. :o)

  • cubedweller

    Well, I’m just thoroughly downcast. I was fully expecting airport pics today, complete with Butler walking to the check-in with Martina dragging along the floor, clinging to his ankles. Where’s that shot, JJ? Step up your game, buddy!
    On another note, I’m so impressed with what an open-minded grama she has, to be exceedingly proud of her for hooking up with Butler. Then it occured to me – a lightbulb moment as it were. Grannie Rajic is probably the same age as many of Butler’s Phangurls. Wait, could it be – she’s a member of GALS??? A DotNetter???
    Moving on – will he reconnect with Laurie in Cannes? Or will it be someone new. I think he’s a been-there-done-that kinda guy, so my money is on fresh tail. Tune in and see.

  • cubedweller

    @New to JJ Posting: Wow, how spooky is that? You mentioned me and up I popped. Our posts just crossed LOL.

  • gossiphound

    “Gerard Butler and Ralph Fiennes leave Belgrade on Tuesday, says The BBC. ”

    Iron Man 2 – $133 million opening weekend. You go RDJ!!!

  • *eyeroll*

    As gossiphound just pointed out, he doesn’t even leave Belgrade until tomorrow. I was under the impression the movie was moving to Montenegro. Why do you all assume he’s going to Cannes?

  • gossiphound

    Ms. Cholewa is hosting a new show, remember, it is a French version of American Idol I think, or something like it, it seems to involve audience voting anyway, it debuted a couple of weeks ago amid some controversy so I am not sure if she is still covering the entertainment beat.

  • Stinkylouise

    @*eyeroll*: That’s how I’m reading it as well.They leave Serbia tomorrow and continue shooting in Montenegro.

  • gossiphound


    I guess we are not sure if he is needed in the shooting in Montenegro, it is not clear from the Serbian Croatian press. It does sound like they only have a few days of filming there in any event.

    “Machine Gun Preacher” is being presold at Cannes Film Festival by Lionsgate and production companies like to trot out the talent to help sales and start or keep the buzz going for the film, he is in the neighbourhood and Gerry loves a party anyway. I believe Cannes and TIFF are his two fave festival.

  • n.o.l.a

    He kisses everbody EXCEPT the anustain ….

  • Kissing versus fingering

    We know who is trashier and need ‘special’ treatment according to Butler….
    One is kissed in public, the other is fingered …in public…Just like a vulgar h0…

  • sallyo

    i thought laurie already worked on the star search type show.

    as funny as i find seeing gerry being snapped snogging/canoodling with at least 3 new girls a month, its getting pretty tiresome. i dont know how he finds it so interesting – im already getting bored.