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Jake Gyllenhaal to Play Footballer Joe Namath

Jake Gyllenhaal to Play Footballer Joe Namath

Jake Gyllenhaal shared the workout regime he kept for his upcoming actioner, Persia of Persia: Sands of Time.

“It was intense,” the 29-year-old actor told Extra. “What I did was ride a camel in L.A. and rode it around for15 hours a day, and I’d eat twigs and berries and any kind of fibrous material, and drink water from the sewers. With that, [I got into shape] very quickly (laughs).”

Jake is also trying to play football star Joe Namath in an upcoming movie.

“I would love to play Joe Namath,” Jake admitted. “I’ve been working on it for a long time, trying to develop that story. We got to get it right, got to get the extraordinary story perfect if we’re going to do it. But it would be a dream to play him.”

As for being single, Jake says, “Would it be strange if I said no, I’m not looking? Yes, I’m looking. I have two eyes.”

Prince of Persia opens everywhere on May 28.

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  • Sincerely curious

    Who is this Joe Namath person and why Hollywood feels the need of doing a movie about him?

  • Kate

    Jake as Joe Namath? What are they waiting for?!? :)

  • JAKE

    Can someone tell me why they got a WHITE actor to play a PERSIAN Prince?!

  • google

    @Sincerely curious: Joe is a living legend!
    Joe Namath and Pantyhose

  • easy

    @JAKE: So that you could complain about it!

  • Br

    Jake come to Brazil and look at me….. Team Jake forever…

  • Jake G

    “Jake Gyllenhaal shared about the workout regime he kept for her upcoming actioner…”
    I’ll kick your a$$ for this!!!

  • Patronising idiots

    @JAKE: Because America is STUPID

  • M.I.A

    @JAKE: Same ridiculous reason they feel the need to remake every Bollywood movie with white actresses and actors, as if the actors and actresses of colour are not freaking capable.

  • “HER”

    @Jake G: lmao

  • Ellyn

    Jake’s Sesame Street appearance was better than starring in Prince of Persia. Jakey just say NO to more bearding. Just keep on doing the solo Mr. Straight bearding you’ve been trying to do the past few months. It’s a million times better than the showmance.

  • pickles

    If Jake was to play Joe Namath, he would have to wear his hair like Donnie Darko! Ewww! I am liking Jake right now with shorter hair. He is SO hot! Jake! Call me!

    Jared you need to fix your typos.

    I bet the Tom Hanks family were real happy to see Reese pimp their son’s wedding so she could get her picture in Us Weekly! Her PR people had to clean up the mess when the TV shows picked up the story, The TV spin was “celebs attended the wedding, like Reese and Lisa Milano” bcz originally Us Weekly’ said,” Reese and her man were PDAing at the wedding!” that was the story Reese really wants out there.

  • Please


    BECAUSE PERSIANS ARE WHITE. Go and thell them that they are not and see what happens. Don’t let brown skin fool you.

    Arabs are white as well.

  • LV.

    @JAKE: Because the people who make Hollywood movies do not want to portray A-rabs (do you love my unique American mispronunciation?) in a positive light — Beautiful Persian and super hot Middle Eastern working actors would destroy the media’s well crafted image of them as bomb throwing bearded slugs — which I’m sure you already know.

  • leila

    @Please: Um, lol. Gurl, I’m not Caucasian or “White”. We always check the box “Other” if there’s no “Middle Eastern” option.

  • Andrew

    Gyllenhaal has no charisma.
    He is by no means a bad actor, but he has no charisma. He needs to be doing smaller “internal” psychological dramas, not broad swashbuckling daring-do. That’s even ignoring the fact that he’s entirely too WHITE-bread to be the Prince of PERSIA.

  • Please

    Oh and the word Aryan so promoted by that a**hole from the Third Reich actually means Iranian. Aryans are Iranians but some stupid guy who took a trip to Perisa kept hearing the word and brought it to Europe.
    Somehow the word became associated with Nordic (wtf?) Then with that, you know who took that word to the nth degree and made it mean racial superiority.

  • O,

    Gyllenhaal is more likely to trip over his sword than actually wield it. He has no physical presence whatsoever.

    And historically, oriental roles were almost never cast with people from the Orient. Iranians are only allowed to play themselves if they are bad guys. Remember Rudolpho Valentino playing the Sheikh, or what’s his face playing the Arab in the 13th Warrior or Morgan Freeman playing the Arab in Robin Hood? Willem Dafoe playing Jesus? John Landis playing an Iranian terrorist?


    So Jake steals a role men for an openly gay actor in brokeback and he is stealing another role meant for an ethnic actor here.

    Hey Jake…why don’t you stick to roles made for CLOSETED GAY WHITE MALES

  • Please


    Middle Eastern is not a race…..But that’s ok you guys are like “hispanics” they check other also…Soon everyone will be checking other..

  • well

    I think this is a good casting. His story is of triumph and tragedy…I hope the script is good.

  • SOS

    Jared – From your headline, it sounds as if the project on joe namath is a go; reading the article, though, it sounds like JG would like to play namath if the story can be developed. Nothing is set yet so your headline is misleading.

  • .
  • A.

    Blue-eyed white guy with a horribly faked British accent coupled with an actual English actress playing quite noticeably non-white roles.

    Seems Disney is just trying to appeal to the mainsteam fu*kwads who will probably go nuts with glee if the threw a Miley Cyrus song into the soundtrack for good measure.

    Just to make sure to sell as many tickets as possible, we better remove all of the ethnic clothing and have the actors wear some Nike instead, with some Oakley’s to keep the hot Persian sun out of their eyes.

    The Prince of Persia is white, The Last Samurai is white. God help us if we make a movie that features reasonably accurate cultural depictions.

  • hmm
  • HUH

    @Please: Are you seriously trying to tell an Iranian girl she should consider herself white?! That’s as ignorant as telling a Chinese or African they should consider themselves white. Wtf is wrong with you.

  • hmm

    I’m sure he had a lot of Twigs and berries in his mouth

  • Toni

    @Sincerely curious: Who is Joe Namath? Are you serious? I hope you don’t either have an interest in football or that you plan to do anything in sports or football. If you don’t know who he is look it up. You have Google.

  • Persilla, Queen of Desserts!

    Look, in the story, Dastan is an street orphan. No one knows where he comes from. He’s ADOPTED by the king. That’s how he becomes a Prince of Persia. And BTW: the Persian Empire had lots of smaller countries and tribes scattered from end to end of two continents, Europe and Asia, at one time. After Alexander the Great conquered them, in 300 BC, there was a lot of intermarrying and there were lots of blue-eyed Persians. Alexander was Macedonian. But why bother with a history lesson. This is a fantasy based on a video game. The fact is some of you are just negative haters who will trash anything. Especially Jake. You have a pretty rotten attitude.

  • what?


    I know some Persians, that’s what they liked to be called, are they African?

    I think the situaton is that in most parts of the world people are not asked what race they are (I think). Everyone just is what they are. But when people come to the US, it seems like everything is about what are you? You are forced to choose. Interesting…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …hahahahahahahahaha.. bubble boy play broadway joe?!? hahahahahaha.. gyllenhaal has no star power. he’s no leading man. watch this new movie of his bomb and prove he’s no leading man. seriously, dude has no star power.

  • Selena

    @what?: Lol, it’s all good, I do know what you’re talking about :) I’m a British-born Iranian (btw, no one uses the term “Persian” anymore…..) and a lot of my Iranians friends and relatives ~ especially the ones who live in Iran, think the more pale you are, the more beautiful you are. You should see my Aunt’s wedding photos, her foundation is about 10 X too light for her complexion, she looks like a porcelain doll lol.

  • Petergriffin

    Fuk that kikee joo!

  • Jimmy

    Poor Jakey is having difficulty explaining why he has sold out his integrity for money and why he will take anything that is offered to him: money and more money. Come clean Jakey and just admit it: I am in it only for the money and I’ll take any job they offer me as long as I get paid. Ask me to show my “junk” and I’ll do it.

  • Jonae

    @Selena: lol sounds just like my black people thinking the paler you are the hotter you are. same with my indian friends who think darker skinned actresses = ugly. stupid world we live in lol

  • jen

    He did Donnie Darko and Jack Twist and certainly he´ll be a wonderful Prince of Persia.

  • Morocco

    They want Jake because of his name. He’s loved in Hollywood, is not the best actor but is above decent. His name will bring in $$$. Yes, they could have gotten a more suitable actor but the reality is a lot of people who wouldn’t have otherwise, will watch the movie because Jake stars in it.

  • June bug

    I can’t see any reason to watch anything he’s in. He and his sister are both ugly.

  • Just my opinion

    This fop playing Namath? That as bad of old slob Russell Crowe taking on Robin Hood.

  • Sarah

    Listen I can understand why this may be demeaning and offensive to a lot of people mainly seeing as white people have always been ‘privileged’ and whatnot so it’s as if they are disrespecting ethnic people, but I love Jake. He’s gorgeous and loveable and a great actor. He will pull it off.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    no Jude Law and Joe have same dimpled chins. Jude should play Joe, blue eyes.

  • Marieme

    Uh Rowr! #23 You provide no context though.

    If I could wave a magic wand I’d like to see Jake with Elin Woods. He seems to prefer blondes and obviously does extremely well with kids, so…

  • Vera

    @Marieme: Jake doesn’t like blondes,
    Jake likes men.
    Showmance with Reese Witherspoon was a really bad idea.


    Looks like Jakes PR people have told him to be less serious image, in all his interviews, all his interviews come off now as trying to be funny.

  • UMM

    it’s PRINCE* OF PERSIA, jared.

  • Jaye

    Oh, h*ell to the no! Dang, it was silly enough for him to be Prince of Persia, now he want to be Joe Namath. Do we even need another football movie? I guess they’re trying to Capitalize on the success of The Blind Side.

  • Jimmy

    Well some time ago he was going to be the bicycle guy and that came to naught. This might easily go the same way. Just a rumor I suspect.

  • Rachel

    LOL Why do you guys hate so much on Jake Gylegend? Jealousy is such an evil thing.

    Go get a life!

  • Jen

    @ 32. I don’t agree, people do still refer to themselves as Persian, I have a couple of college friends who do and all of them are around the age 20-23 and have lived in the US for most of their life, but when I initially met them the said they were Persian.

  • Mezhgan

    @Jen: An Iranian who still calls themselves Persian will only sound common and slightly uneducated to other Iranians. It’s a rural farm/country side term in this Century. Now that we no longer have a King who rules the country, the term Persian is only used for Persian cats and Persian rugs lol. I don’t know how to explain it…’s like saying “I’m Englandian”. Iran is no longer called Persia. These days, you will only hear the term used by Americans and Iranians ho have lived in America or are not too fluent in English.