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Jude Law: Soccer with Sons!

Jude Law: Soccer with Sons!

Jude Law takes his two sons, Rafferty, 13, and son Rudy, 7, to play soccer at London’s Primrose Hill Park on Monday afternoon (May 10).

Both of his sons are looking quite handsome! (Sorry, not pictured.)

Bidding for Christie’s online “Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth” auction closed last week, according to WWD. A date with Jude on the set of one of his new movies had a bid of $1,100 while a day for two with Hugh Jackman on the set of Real Steel went for $8,000.

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  • Does he ever see his most recent child? Or was that some “oopsie” mistake he’d like to think never happened? It’s only a child after all.

  • Rocky

    HUGH ALL THE WAY!!!! Sorry Jude!

  • Casie

    Jude has great style!
    His sockless look is fab!
    I love when he shows off his sexy ankles!

  • Celie

    I don’t believe he cares anything at all about his “accident” child in Florida. He’s to busy porking on his blond hobag girlfriend and taking extended vacations.

    What a worthless puke. Take care of ALL of your children you dirtbag!!!

    And the hairplugs don’t fool anyone, you aging dirty ould man

  • fits

    siennas hollywood collection:
    James Franco, Jude Law, Josh Hartnett, Daniel Craig, LeoC, Sean Penn, PDiddy, BalthazarG, Orlando Bloom, Hayden Christensen, Hugh Dancy, Rhys Ifans
    googe all if you have doubts

  • sheryl

    Good job not showing the kids, Jared.

    @Celie: Celie, Sophie lives in Florida. What do you suggest he do about that? Actually, there’s nothing dad’s can do when the moms and kids live in other cities except to have visitation times. Sophie isn’t old enough to fly off to London yet.

  • luisaonline

    #5 lol nice collection…. it’s so rare seeing Jude without SM these days……….

  • soleil

    Judesie needs his Duckie

  • luisaonline

    Slutienna has already started to dress Jude………….

  • @#5

    JJ only shows kids when he knows it will get extra comments. Like Adam Sandler’s little girl.

    @Fit, I think you forgot Diddy!

  • annieRich

    Oh, I d rather spend one minute with Jude than One week with Hugh.

  • Celie


    Ummm, I dunno, if he can spend weeks and weeks panting after that glorified prositute Sienna Miller, he could find a way to visit his child more than once in the first year of her life. But, all he cares about are his needs and when and where he can get his jimmy waxed in the next five minutes, so I guess that’s just asking too much. Maybe if Sophia had a cute nanny he’d consider it more.

  • Laura

    Jude’s looking so good just now! I think him and Sienna make a great couple!

  • Anon

    I’m surprised that he remembered he has children.Hasn’t he been whoring around in the States with SM for awhile now.

  • TBH

    fugly sleazebag

  • no opinion…

    I find him so boring.

  • sheryl

    @Celie: Yes, just as I thought, no real concern for any child, just finding an excuse to be hateful. Well, good job there, pat yourself on the back. But, Celia *or whatever you are calling yourself today*, you’re the silly one to presume to know how Jude is managing his time with Sophia, or to have any insight into it at all, just like a loyal brainwashed tabloid monger would. Or you’re Sadie LOL. Whatever. You say the same ridiculous thing every time.

  • dolorescraegt

    jude is looking great…’s good that you left the pics of the kids out. jude has seen his child in florida…do you suggest he notifies the world every time he sees his children….

  • Anon

    Sheryl-that was below the belt with that nasty comment about Sadie.

    She and Jude are good parents-they have raised adorable children together.Leave your nastiness at home.

  • Celie


    When you don’t agree, attack the speaker. Of course, anyone who doesn’t agree that Jude walks on water is evil, right?

    It might be nice if he spoke about her the way he does his other kids, with love and pride. It might be nice if he at least mentioned her or that he meant anything to him. But it seems like she’s always going to be his “oops”, that he will not take care off or do one thing more than he has too. And she can grow up seeing these pictures and wondering why she wasn’t good enough for him to love her the same way. What a gem. Men like that make me want to puke.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    Yes, I know Jude s two sons are very handsome and two daughters are so beautiful. I would love to see pictures of the boys but I understand Jude protects his own children no pictures taken. Yes Jude visits his baby daughter privately. it is none of people s business!!

  • suze

    does this deadbeat see his other kid?

  • Celie

    Nope…..Their relationship is “private” which mean she can go pump asphalt for all he cares.

  • m.

    I dont like him.

  • dolorescraegt

    he’s not too fond of you either…..

  • Lola

    $1100 for a “date” aka “meeting” with Jude and a good cause, what a steel!!

  • she shall remain nameless

    He’s looking good but seriously….why get back with Sienna?

  • dulce mirita

    JJ, thanks for not posting pics of Jude’s kids, our loss, but it’s better like that, they are spending quality time together and we have not been invited to witness it. Talking about quality time with children:I’m 100% that on due time he will spend some with baby Sophia, at the end she will be a very important little person in his life. No doubt about that. Time will tell.

  • dulce mirita

    Furthermore, having an (unexpected) child does not turn you into an instant FATHER (yes, in CAPS), as well as buying a piano doesn’t turn you on an instant piano player. He knows the kind of happyness that fatherhood can bring, so let’s give him some time to demonstrate. Don’t throw him to the lions before time¡¡¡¡

  • jazz

    Wow. Some people seem to have no life. And foul-mouthed too.our parents must be so proud of some of you,

  • kookabear

    he tries too hard ….

  • JudeLawSpain/Patry

    Oh! Thank u so much Jared!
    Jude is great :D

  • Good father, poor mate

    He’s always been an excellent parent. You can tell how much he loves his kids in all the photos we’ve seen of them together. An affectionate and caring daddy – but NOT so good at maintaining ‘marital bliss.’ Probably one of the NUMEROUS men populating this planet who’d be better off never committing themselves to a ‘mono’ relationship.

  • sheryl

    @Anon: You are absolutely right, Anon, they have raised beautiful children together and appear to be doing a fine job of it. But I didn’t make a nasty comment about Sadie; I was making a joke about the absurdity of some bored internet person who’s calling themselves “Celie” today making accusations about Jude as if they see him on a day-to-day basis and know his thoughts, feelings, and intentions about his daughter. No, I’m pretty much 99.99999% sure that the people close to Jude (including Sadie) don’t waste any time posting on JJ like you and I. I assume you agree that Celie’s comments are out of line, though, since it offends to think I blamed it Sadie.

  • Celie

    I don’t think my comments are out of line and I sure as crap don’t think they are incorrect, either. I think I hit home. He’s a great guy to people who serve some use to him, but obviously his daughter is just too inconvenient for his attention. He’s a charmer and a lothario and a snake. If a man isn’t willing to step up then they need to keep their willy in the holster. I think you are a big baby who has a tantrum any time anyone says anything nasty about your precious Jude.

  • dolorescraegt

    i assume you are a very close friend of jude to know him so well. you must see him on a day to day basis……how else could you be so certain to know everything about him…surely not from just reading the tabloids and internet…

  • Celie

    I would not choose to be a friend of this man. Perhaps you didn’t watch Letterman when he said I have THREE children. He in fact has four. He has never mentioned or her or beamed about her the way he does his other children. The doesn’t even really admit to her at all. That is not tabloid trash. That’s his own actions. For whatever stupid reasons his fans may asign to him how he didn’t really mean to have a baby and the mother made choices without him, he created a life and then abandoned her emotionally. He is s a total pig and a loser deadbeat. If he weren’t some famous pretty boy, no one wuld be defending him at all.

  • dolorescraegt

    celie, when you write this trash are you looking in the mirror.?

  • Kate

    Oh God, why Sienna has to be back with this MANWHORE
    She deserves hot man, not OLD man like Jude Law

  • meg

    Glad he spends a little time with some of his kids. I don’t think he sees or cares about his other child.

    Too busy being with Sienna and she doesn’t really seem to be the maternal type. I can see her being a bad influence on the kids.

    He seems to have a lot of free time. Hopefully, he uses it to see his kids.

  • Celie

    No, Delores, because I have never conceived and then abandoned a child. What an stupid comment. Nothing I posted was a lie about your precious baby Jude, but he’s a trash human being and so he deserves trash and trash is what he gets.

  • justin bieber

    @Fit, I think you forgot Diddy!

  • Liz

    @: No. It was a devious scheme on the part of the slut who had said accident who was trying to get knocked up by anyone famous who would pay her bills for the next 18 years. I hope he never has to see that little mistake.

  • Liz

    F**K every single one of you who’s slagging him off on account of the wh0re who purposely got knocked up so she wouldn’t have to work for the next 18 years. Especially you, Celie, you fukking troll. YOU’RE the piece of trash, bltch. You have no idea how much charity work this man does and HAS done for 15 years or more. Stop bagging on him for one or two insignificant little faux pas he’s had over the last 5-6 years. YOU should be as decent a human being, troll, instead of the wastes of space that you are. Jude’s a fantastic father. He even gets along with his suicidal ex-wife for the sake of his 3 kids. Yeah. I said THREE. He doesn’t owe this new little mistake anything but the extortion check its mother was lucky enough to squeeze out of him til this little mongrel mistake turns 18. Boo f’ing hoo. I hope he never feels guilted into doing anything where it comes to ever seeing this brat or its mother. He and this fat sow didn’t have a “relationship” and he didn’t “abandon” anyone. You can’t abandon someone you don’t have any relationship with beyond a 1 or 2 night stand. That’s not a “relationship”–it’s a fuque buddy. And not even that.

    This vile wh0re tried the same trick w/Jeremy Piven, Tyson, and an NFL football player before she scored big time with Jude. LUCKY BlTCH. Too bad it wasn’t Jeremy Piven who ended up being the sperm donor for this accident. Would have been even better if the BlTCH would have had a miscarriage instead of getting 18 years of extortion payments as a reward for her . I totally mean this. Just as much as you’re a poster child for abortion. Poor Jude. He’s the only one who deserves anyone’s sympathy, and he certainly has all of MINE. As far as I’m concerened, he only has THREE children. To hell with the rest of you.