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Lea Michele Apologizes For Photographer Run-In

Lea Michele Apologizes For Photographer Run-In

Glee actress Lea Michele has taken to Twitter to address diva behavior she reportedly demonstrated at the Time 100 party May 3 in New York.

Photographer Patrick McMullan reportedly asked Lea for her name after taking her photo but she responded with blatantly wrong names (Sarah Palin, Taylor Swift).

Lea tweeted, “Big apology to @PatrickMcMullan. Totally didn’t expect you (or anyone) @ Time 100 to know who I was w/all the amazing people there… [I] made a silly joke that didn’t go over, so sorry. It was such an incredible night and I was beyond honored and thrilled to be there.”

FYI: Lea and her boyfriend, Broadway star Theo Stockman, were spotted kissing at the Time 100 party.

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  • lexy hates bilson

    That was nice of her to apologize. I don’t think she was being a diva. I’m sure she’s just tired of doing all this PR.

  • elle

    whatta bitch. an ugly one too.

  • dudette

    she’s awesome.

  • nice pr save..NOT

    A b.itch is a b.itch is a b.itch

  • Nic

    Nice of her to apologize, you want Patrick on your side, its better for your career honey.

  • whatever

    she was annoyed that he had no clue who she was; and that he had interrupted her makeout session

  • um

    She probably realized who he was. People practically strip to get photographed by Patrick. He’s that influential and can do wonders for and up and comer.

  • OOPS!

    You acted like a ninny in front of the wrong photographer and probably only apologized after someone told you who HE was.

  • maria

    This girl is tough and mean. And looks it too. She’s got a square, manly face and her attitude goes with it. What gives her the right to be such a diva? Because she’s on a stupid TV show? Give me a freakin’ break. Grow up, honey.

  • busted

    First off, she is covering up for what she did and it is obvious that she is a rude witch. Also just because she is famous doesn’t mean everyone in the world will know who you are. Her behavior was uncalled for. To be called one of Time’s 100 most influential is an honor. I think it is funny how she says that now on her twitter. She didn’t think it was an honor at the event. She also must have thought she was at prom and made out with her boyfriend while grossing everyone out at the table.

  • What?

    She tweeted her apology? What happened to actually apologizing in person, picking up the phone or a hand written note. That would probably do more for paving over the embarrassment and your career. After all, he’s used to taking pictures of high society and is probably used to that. Just giving a tip.

  • Liv

    I don’t get her attitude. She was at the White House Correspondent’s dinner, not a date at Koi or wherever these newly famous people hang out.

  • Alison

    If she meant her apology, she would have told him privately, not for all the world to see so that the bad press goes away

  • Jasmine

    Stuck up ugly cow!!! She has no right to be that rude – it was a simple question. Her fame will not last – plus she has a really annoying face!!!!

  • diana power:]

    i dont understand why you guys are all making such a big deal out of this. she apologized and saying things like “im taylor swift” or “sarah palin” isnt a big deal. its not like the photographer would have thought she was one of them. it was just a joke guys, really. shes actually a really nice person is you look at all her interviews and stuff.

  • Jules

    I totally get her joke and I also get that she came across as a bitch, but the photographer reacted equally silly, so: good for her to do some damage control.

  • denimday

    Diana Power: Patrick Mcmullan has commented on the event and said that this did happen. Lea really was rude. She is only apologizing now because he has spoken about it. Lea is bitch and deserves to be ridiculed for it.

  • charm

    Of course she would apologize to him publicly; It’s called saving face. don’t be surprise if she offers an exclusive photo shoot to McMullan. She’s just sorry that she didn’t know who she was dealing with in the first place or she would have put on her better attitude, in other words – she would have faked being nice. I guess at least we can’t blame her for putting a front then; she was just being her real self so to speak.

  • Adora

    well she is not even famous! that so silly

  • Ryan

    How do you NOT know PMM? What a stupid pig, good look getting photographed in new york by pmm you stupid twat

  • irritable

    @diana power:]: She comes across phony as hell to me in her interviews, especially once you watch them back to back.

  • get over it

    Oh please, so many “celebrities” have done SO much worse. She apologized so move on. Good grief, you guys act like she flipped off the pope or something. So she was a little sarcastic to some photographer. She’s very young and is learning. I guess none of you make mistakes.

  • liz

    I met this girl a few years ago. She’s not a nice person. This encounter doesn’t surprise me at all: an attitude like that will get you nowhere. I don’t think she’ll have much of a career after Glee.

  • ya right

    oh dear lord
    she was NOT joking
    r u kidding me?
    she was soooo serious

  • Cale

    Well free hugs and breakfast to you all… just a note all you hate filled tools why don’t you look into getting new parts for your heads…and by the way Lea Rocks !!!!

  • Amelle

    My brother worked with her back when she did Spring Awakening. He called her attitude “very daddy’s little princess”. I think the diva rumors are a bit over exaggerated, however he did say she was a little “annoying”. Still, I very much doubt she is as ‘bit.chy’ as some celebrities are.

  • janelle

    Betch please….next time be an adult and say sorry to him in person.

  • i-i

    Somehow I imagine a Katherine Heigl/Grey’s Anatomy situation to develop with Lea in the future. Just sayin’

  • Stupid bitch

    What an idiot she is….. stupid is as stupid does.

  • Nora

    She the skank who back peddles.

  • Mila

    I’ll give her a pass. At least she apologized, hopefully being a celebrity doesn’t get to her head. I do have to say Glee is a very addictive show though!

  • gig

    shes an idiot.unless you watch that show nobody would know who she is.get over yourself girl.You were the least famous person there and patrick deals with major stars all the time.

  • Amy

    Oh my god, you all are being so bitchy over someone being bitchy,

    What a riot.

    She made a mistake she apologized ( she may have done more than just a tweet for all we know).

    You are acting like she cheated on her spouse dozen of times of,, wait that was Tiger and he is forgiven.

    Get over it.

  • john


    Really ridiculed for a mistake. Since when are you perfect.

    Dislike her fine but really does she need to be hung by the nearest tree for this. Calm down and quit your bitching.

  • denimday

    John: I stand by my comment. She is portrayed in her interviews/media as a cute little broadway star who is nothing but a bitch. It’s false advertisement!


    Can she be any more fake? Saving face isn’t going to do her any good, and on Twitter of all places? What happened to calling or writing to someone to apologize? Diva much? Honey you don’t have much going for you after the Glee hype is over with.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …she’s a fcuking nobody who was feeling herself. cant wait till this glee fad is over so all these little brats can fade away. she could lick the dirt of sarah tardo palin or taylor swift.

  • karey

    Hey at least she apologized who knows maybe she apologized personally to him as well …lea’s usually a sweet girl in her interviews

  • Ginger

    It’s pretty sad how ya’ll resort to diminishing her looks etc. which have nothing to do with the situation. Haven’t you ever said some sarcastic shit to someone for some reason or just for fun? You probably have, except you may not remember it since it doesn’t get repeatedly discussed and analyzed by millions of people. She’s just being a human being, no one is perfect. Lea didn’t do anything horrible here, it’s not the end of the world.


    @Petergriffin: I am no Lea fan but you are an offensive ignorant imbecile!

  • Ginger

    Wow “Petergriffin” do you realize the hurt you cause people when you post hateful comments like that? How unfortunate that you must use events like that to get attention.

  • ++Logan++



  • Dee

    I love Lea Michele but she is covering her ass and maybe this will teach her not to be rude and unlady like lol. I think people are being harsh she said “I’m sorry” to him and he’ll either accept it or he won’t either way her part is done. Get over it people. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves. Calling her a HORRIBLE PERSON and ugly, blah, blah, blah is just really stupid.

  • blah

    Yes, she apologized. And it only took her A WEEK to do it. Just long enough for the bad press to really pile up and for her to realize the need for damage control. Had she apologized immediately afterward, I might have believed it, but at this point it seems purely calculated to try to repair her image. I’m not impressed.

  • cammie

    This girl doesn’t deserve fame, she thinks she all that, but when Glee is over…she is too. So because she realize that Patrick is a famous photographer..she apologizes..I hope he never works with her..

  • It is so over… pleading!!!

    What and Tigers 14 prostitutes and strippers were not included why
    not.. this issue again like last year .. is all about how to make it big
    time when you are a nobody.. Michele Lea is just that.. playing a nerd
    on Glee.

  • mickey

    NICE of her to apologize? It’s the only smart thing to do unless she wants to end her career before it begins by being labeled a diva. She isn’t tired of doing PR–she probably is a diva.

  • Karen

    Geez you guys really make a big deal out of something so small compared to other things. First of all like Amy said, we don’t know if she took other means of apologizing. Second, a lot of celebs apologize on Twitter so she isn’t the only one. Yes there are alot of rumors of her being a diva but do we personally know her? Also it’s rude to say that the way she looks (ugly, square face, etc) plays a factor into this. Finally, she was being sarcastic. She said in her tweet she didn’t expect anyone to know her and she used sarah palin and Taylor swift cause they are obviously more famous than she. It was one mistake, no one is perfect. I’m pretty sure this one incident isn’t gonna ruin her career.

  • Glenn Fabian

    That’s just how she always is. In her TV character and in real life. She’s just being true to herself.

  • Aruma

    FYI he knew she was Lea!! He has pics of her in his website since she was in Spring Awakening.
    I don’t get why did he had to ask her name? that’s dumb.

    You don’t what really happened, maybe he was just trying to make her look bad, and maybe she thought that he was joking too.