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Leo DiCaprio: Mother's Day with Bar Refaeli!

Leo DiCaprio: Mother's Day with Bar Refaeli!

Leonardo DiCaprio takes his girlfriend, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, to celebrate Mother’s Day at his mom Irmelin‘s house on Sunday (May 9) in Malibu, Calif.

Below is the new trailer for director Christopher Nolan‘s sci-fi actioner, Inception, out July 16. Leo plays skilled thief, Dom Cobb. (Spoiler: Leo breaks into people’s dreams and steals their secrets while they’re sleeping.)

Over the weekend, Leo enjoyed a good cigar and the Lakers game!

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Heart Necklace.

Leo DiCaprio: ‘Inception’ Trailer

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  • Asha

    Bar looks great. She is the perfect model. Not too big and not too thin.

  • Soph

    leo looks sooooo pissed at the papz!!! i bet its not fun visiting your mom and having strangers taking pictures….but they both look hawt

  • Abbie

    … and they ( especially Barf ) look so excited about it! LOL! They are the epitome of a `happy` couple! LMAO!

  • your mom

    is that a booger hanging out of his nose!?!

  • Damm

    i want bars boobs so bad!!!!i would kill for them, hate silicone want them real like hers!

  • wow

    Could these two look any more miserable around each other? Especially Ms SourFace… Leo would look great without her but she ruins it.

  • blah

    barf fateli. her new nickname

  • lame

    @blah: i wonder what your nickname is, loser, cant have a life on my own, fat, ugly, just saying i bet you have been called all of them

  • lol

    `perfect model` with not much work going on recently. Except for her full-time job as being a famous gf. Btw I would even like her outfit except for those ugly boots.
    #2 Leo does not look pissed at all. It`s just his usual miserable look around her.

  • Damm

    you know what i always think about when girls trash other girls they dont know, those girls that think so much off themself or that stand in a corner criticizing everydody in a party for fun, what a society

  • yay!

    inception! i would see that movie just for the cast

  • MB

    They are matching.


    Yall just hating on the girl. She has what yall don’t and want : Leo. They make is a cute pair. And wouldn’t yall be mad as well if the papz were in your face 24/7?? yeah I thought so.

  • Lisa rose

    Leo looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed by the paps. look at the face that he gives to them…
    its looks like he’s holding his breath…. lol

  • just me

    He doesn’t look pissed at all.
    24/7? Are you delusional? They look just as miserable when they are not aware of the paps. Leo should dump her already! She is simply not good enough for him!

  • huh

    haha omg he does look pissed like hes about to open a can ov whoop ass on those paps……..still looks hot tho!!

  • ……..

    jeez could thse to be spending anymore time together…….I MISS LUKAS HAAS!!!!!!! where the heck is he i hope him and leo havnt fallen out or anything!

  • kelly

    omg what is it with leo he gives off such an air of bad boy/ player/ i dont give a f uck/ id do u right now if their wasnt people watching atitude…….its so frickin sexy!!! he must be AMAZING in bed hehe!!

  • kelly

    barf isnt pissing me off as much lately still cant stand to see her by leos side with what seems to EVERY HOUR OFF EVERY FRICKIN DAY!!

  • pily

    Leo looks better and thinner. Happy for him!!

  • nina

    leo is hot! cant wait for inception he looked sooo dam good in that trailer! interesting that he was free from bars clutches while he was making that to!

  • lulu

    @ kelly haha agreed he looked esp bad boy ecs in those cigar pics…..HAWWWWWWT!!! hehe i also agree on that didnt he just get voted as having one of the biggst ahems in hollywood?! plus hes a scorpio plus hes half italian……dam what a combination that is!!

  • …….

    @ kelly lol lol lol lol lol AGREEEED!!!!

  • ginette

    LOL! Are we in first grade with this pissed/not pissed game?
    It looks like looking miserable is the new happy in Hollywood! It seems these two are very much into this trend. It would be so easy to end it. Someone should give Leo a reality check already so he can give her the boot!

  • …….

    @ your mom………hahahano thats not a booger its one off those sticks hes always chewing on, dont know what their for but i heard him talk about them in an interview before and iv seens lots off pics of him chewing them!

  • Catarina

    He’s been seen with her so often lately, that I’ve learned to ignore her even if she’s taking more than half of the picture. It’s like those sticks he’s chewing on: sometimes he has them and sometimes he doesn’t, but I really don’t let it spoil the picture. Sometimes I cannot even see it. haha! No, really, he looks VERY good here. I love those pants! =)

  • ginette

    I’m actually happy that they spend so much time together. It was different before they were together for a couple of days or weeks then break, break ups…etc. Now she is there all the time so he can see how it feels like having her around all the time. Based on her usual facial expression it can be like sitting on a lemon tree… I wonder how long he can take it!

  • boo

    loving all these leo pics keep them coming jared!!

  • jena

    Both of them could show some respect for his mom on mother’s day by taking a bath and putting on some decent threads.

  • Pot

    I wasn’t sure what this movie was about until this trailer. It looks pretty good. I love Leo’s acting. His body is looking very nice here!!

  • hater

    Hands are so close – they could be holding hands – but no they never hold hands. Not in the U.S. Such a bull$^it relationship!

  • french


    She is always with him now because she has no jobs

  • hertimewillcome

    It was the same with Gisele, they seemed perfect together.
    The great model and the hot hy actor but after 6 years it was over.
    I think he will never settle.

  • minnie

    leo seems to only date models. hmm time to hit that thread mill

  • jenny

    hmm this looks like its very serious between these two. Leo took Bar to his mom’s house for mother’s day? looks like irmelin will be bar’s mother in law soon lol. i’ve never seen leo and bar spend so much time together i think its cuz bar took a break from modeling to spend more time with leo. you gotta admit that is so sweet!

  • french


    ” bar took a break from modeling ” i think it ‘s the modeling which took a break from her

  • lol

    @35 Yeah, because she tagged along for Mother`s Day it means that they are going to get married. Last time when they showed up at the Lakers game it meant they were going to get married. What`s next?
    Taking a break from modeling? Or maybe she just doesn`t have any jobs? I just love how Barf fans can twist anything just to prove how well it goes… LOL!
    @33 It was the same with Gisele but the difference is that they did look perfect together. Leo and her? Not so much!
    I would say Leo looks perfect on these photos if it wasn`t for his unfortunate girlfriend. Hopefully he is going to correct this mistake soon. I can`t wait!

  • french

    Who knows if she was with him when he was at his mom’s house? i don’t think it’s a coincidence if it’s an israeli site which first released this news

  • Audrey

    moment of astonishment : I thought they were holding hands…

  • cindy

    @lol: True, she has no jobs, what kind of model is she? He is great guy!

  • mimi

    Her job is to alert the paparazzi that she will be seen with him.
    She is known for using men as publicity props and contacting photogs and gossip sites about photo ops.
    If Leo has no prblem with hanging with a media who-re- than he shouldn’t be surprised that paparazzi always know when he goes and where.

  • ginette

    good one, french! modeling took a break from her! lmao It’s time for Leo to take a final break from her!

  • mrs.depp

    They make a gorgeous couple. they’ll have cute kids for sure

  • Lisa rose

    @mrs.depp: you right, no matter how ugly some people will call her, if she and Leo will ever have a baby, he is going to be suppppeeerrr cute and very beautiful! (:
    he is going to be a blond, blue eyed baby, like both of his parents!! lol

  • hater

    If it was so serious, there would be a ring. No ring = not serious.

  • @44

    IF it happens ( I doubt )… If it was for Leo and a decent woman the babies would be super cute but with her sour face? Not so much. But why wasting time talking about something that is nowhere near in sight???
    hertimewillcome I think you are right he is never going to settle. Gisele didn`t have it what it takes to make him commit so I highly doubt Barf would succeed.

  • onlyme

    a lot of haters on here…what a shame…..u people can’t be happy for this beautiful couple??? why don’t u’all just wish them love and happiness……..stop the hate already!! she’s gorgeous….he’s handsome……and they are together…..because they want to be……get over it…..and be happy for people in love…geez………..

  • karina

    she is the most plain dog smashed face “model” ive ever seen. love curvy models. but not curvy models who are stubby looking. if u gonna be curvy at least be long and lean and graceful. she looks like a stuffed pepper

  • nicki

    With a different woman I would wish them love and happiness but definitely not with her. Hopefully he`ll get out of the twilight zone soon and he will upgrade.

  • whatsup?

    Mann he never smiles with her, they are never in conversation, never flirty, never laughing, never anything except for this..this constant air of ..I don’t know what..I can’t even describe it…why do people think he’s happy with this chick just because you see more pics of them?…there is no change whatsoever in how they interact..and if this is what they agree on..well thats just sad..and leo…you are missing out…somewhere theres a sexy, beautiful, intelligent chick just waiting to meet you, the reeal future muther of your babies..and guys this ain’t love, this is just THE saddest most played out story I’ve EVer! have to laugh.I’m not even hatin on her, don’t care what she does..but this man has lost his glow…I can’t even say she’s to blame..I can’t say anything, whatta