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Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher Shoot Ivan Reitman Flick

Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher Shoot Ivan Reitman Flick

Natalie Portman covers up in a large blue jacket on the set of the new Untitled Ivan Reitman Project in Los Angeles on Monday (May 10).

Olivia Thirlby is reportedly being considered to play Nat‘s sister in the yet-untitled-film, which also stars Ashton Kutcher (pictured on set below). The film, formerly known as Friends With Benefits, is described as “an inverse When Harry Met Sally about two people whose no-strings-attached relationship is threatened when they begin to develop true romantic feelings for one another.”

FYI: Ivan directed Kindergarten Cop and the Ghost Busters franchise.

15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher shooting their Ivan Reitman flick…

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Credit: Andrew Shawaf; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • stacy

    Love Nat, and she really looks pretty, but is she poor? She can do so much better than a formulaic piece of drivel with Ashton frickin’ Kutcher. She should leave those roles to the girls who want to be her.

  • Tomo

    I agree with everything you just said Stacey.. She’s the actress that the bilsons biels and bosworths wish they were.. What will she be in next he’s just not that into you 2 .. Natalie cmon you just zigged when you shouldve zagged…

  • Wendy

    Weird casting, but I’m interested. It must be a good script for Natalie to sign on. I have high expectations of a Natalie Portman movie.

  • mimi

    I love what they do with her hair color. It’s subtle- still brown but very light.
    Natalie is wonderful. Smart and classy. She’s got it all: beauty, personality and talent.
    One of the few that is a class act in Hollywood.

  • Vanessa

    I agree with Wendy. I don’t think Natalie would sign on to some lame chick flick. She’s never disappointed before so I’m guessing this will be good.

  • Anon

    Her last couple of movies have flopped. Check IMDB out-she has made a few that have not been able to get a distribution deal.

    The Black Swan looks interesting though.Is she still dating the dancer guy that broke up wirth his long time girlfriend for Natalie?

  • delia

    her hair looks washed out with her complexion and please tell me what kind of a SMILE is that????? hate her

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think she likes to shake things up and do different things – which might explain why she’s doing a movie with Ashton. We all think of her as serious so perhaps she’s trying to lighten things up.
    I’m sure she knew when she was going into filming those independent films that might not get distributed. But when you’re as talented and successful as Natalie, you can afford to take acting jobs based on the quality of material as opposed to having to take any job offered to you!
    Say what you want about Biel but she did manage to do her time on Broadway and that’s a tough job!!!

  • MB

    wow that IS a large jacket.

  • Maybe….

    Maybe she just signed on so she could steal Ashton from Demi. She does seem to like OPP!

  • the truth

    Have to do different roles when you an actor. I agree with no.8 you have to grow as an actor.And avon you don’t have to bring up her lovelife. Rachel bilson dump adam for hayden as nothing was said about it. Natalie is not depending on that guy for nothing like rachel bilson is. No one wants to hire rachel are she just too lazy to get and audition for a role. She hang around hayden hoping that someone will noticed her. And it don’t get her no where.Natlie could careless about that man he’s the fool for doing that.Need to leave her lovelife. At least natalie didn’t lied and put out rumors that she was getting married this spring.And jessica biel is trying.She will. Avon she might not be dating him anymore.Seem like it going to be funny with Ashton kutcher.

  • padme

    @delia – that is a genuine smile of a very talented actress who gets to pick any role she wants b/c directors adore her, unlike Bilson who fakes a smile to the paps that she calls when she is out and about in hopes that she will attract the attention of a desperate director looking to hire.

  • Viper

    Natalie did 5 movies thus far that are already in the bag compared to many other actors out there she is doing damn good. Who says she has to make major hit after hit like anyone in HW she will have hits and misses. Fortunatly she can afford a few misses from time to time unlike many other D lister or no list actress’s who wish to be Natalie but, can’t measure up to her. She does diversity in her roles who wants to do the same type character all the time. The jacket is oversized to protect the studio costume she has on. Many actors do wear them.

  • Celia


    I think she’s just a small person. I love Natalie. She’s a talented actress and I hope this movie doesn’t suck. Ashton Kutcher doesn’t have a great track record.

    This is kind of random…but wouldn’t Natalie Portman and Daniel Radcliffe make the cutest couple ever? He’s short, she’s short. He likes older women. They’re both really talented. I think it could work. Their agents need to set that up.

  • Alias

    Poor Nat, it’s come down to this, working with the “Kutcher”. Bwhahahaha! And she’s even working with the wrong Reitman, maybe she’s angling for a spot in Ghostbusters 3?!

    And Nat is short in anyone’s book 5’3 is short as is 5’2 or even 5’4. Forget about this she’s a small person cr@p. A small person is an Oompa Loompa, unless you’re comparing Nat to an Oompa Loompa. LOL

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ashton is a goof ball and I like the idea of Natalie expanding her horizons. In terms of hiting them out of the ball park – again I don’t think anyone thinks her movies are going to make Will Smith/Tom Cruise money. The movies she does are not main stream enough. She does movies that require actually acting – not running around blowing up things or working the stripper pole!
    She’s been so busy and it looks like it’s really early in the process on this movie so hopefully she can have a lot of fun with Ashton!! He and Cameron Diaz seemed to have a lot of fun!

  • laura

    a movie with ashton stupid kutcher? agh….

  • Barbara

    I think it’s a good idea to do rom-coms and Ashton is very good in this genre so I’m pleased he is doing this with her.

    Natalie’s movies make money she has not had many flops really only Goya’s Ghosts and Freezone.

    Her films pay for themselves and make profits.
    Ashton’s movies also make profits especially this genre don’t underestimate them and their ability to deliver asses in the seats.
    You may not like him but a ton of people do and they will go to see this film along with me . But I’m a Nat fan all the way

    I would really love to see her do another film with Hayden I think they are great together.

  • ‘ello

    Lexy–think V and Closer she has blown things up and played a stripper. Not saying she was not great in either of them and she has lots of talent, sometimes a off beat movie can come from nothing so I will wait and watch the movie before making a judgement on it.

    Those making bilson comments–take it over to her thread/……..ssssssss take a pick she has many.



  • Lenne

    It pisses me off how effing pretty she is.
    Heck, they both are.

  • G

    How come people hate Ashton so much? o.0
    He’s not even that bad of an actor.
    Anyways I can’t hate him. He’s Michael Kelso.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Again, Natalie isn’t Julia Roberts or Will Smith – she doesn’t earn their kinds of salaries and therefore her movies are expected to make billions!

  • Crapside

    I love her smile! Her face lights up when she smiles. Natalie is working and deserves the love while, some d-lister talentless actress always gets threads on here. Of course! Natalie is busy with work while, some pay jj to media press it out to be on useless threads on them all the time. :)

    More of Natalie!

  • Susanne

    just wish they would fall in love and make babies.