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Daniel Craig: Cat On a Hot Tin Roof!

Daniel Craig steps out of a meeting in Hollywood on Tuesday (May 11) carrying a script.

The 42-year-old actor also carried a copy of Tennessee Williams‘ classic Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. Do you think this could be Daniel‘s newest project?

Last week, Daniel and longtime love Satsuki Mitchell spent time in New York City, attending the MET Ball and walking around the city together.

15+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig leaving a meeting…

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  • bobbi

    looks like my ex

  • Photos

    I said he was meeting with Movie Exc’s.
    in LA,

  • Daniel is Hot

    Hope he is working on a new movie deal. He does not look too happy the paps are taking his picture, but he looks good as usual. Time to go to the store and get some new clothes, Daniel. I will help you shop if you want, just call.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Hope he is working on a new movie deal. He looks great, but not happy that the paps are taking his picture. It is time you go shopping for some new clothes Daniel. I will help with the shopping, just call.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Sorry, did not mean to comment twice, having trouble with this site and my computer (they don’t like each other) He does look like a “cat” on a hot tin roof, doesn’t he?

  • Mendel

    Ah, there’s the new thread!

    Here’s my caption for pic no 13:

    “Dan, what do you think of British politics?”

    But Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Great play! Wonder if this script is for a play or a remake of the film?

    to DiH

    “I will help you shop if you want, just call.”

    Huh, I could…erm…iron your clothes!
    (Did I just say that? Lol)

  • kutjood

    don’t ruin a masterpiece of film pls, don’t remake that one

  • to 7


    I agree, some films are best left untouched and to portray a former Paul Newman role? No.
    I think the book was used a camoflage to what the script actually was.

    If anyone could zoom in on the last pic we would know.

  • the last pic

    The last pic is sadly ironic, there is a guy in the truck who probably earns less than $10 an hour doing lawns looking at a man who earns over $10 million a movie.

  • ring, where art thou?

    still no commitment ring on then!

  • the ring

    I think the ring went on a permanent vacation.

  • to 9

    @the last pic:

    Indeed, that’s a thought for the day rightly enough.

    Looks like he’s shouting “Oy, get off my car you f*cking paps”.

    Hope the man doesn’t touch a Newman re-make. I really do.
    But like anything else, the book is face up so you can tell what it is.
    Garnishes interest.
    PR in motion.
    Where’s Sats? Shopping?

  • to 11

    @the ring:

    Pity it didn’t go with Sats on the same trip.

  • PR!

    is in full swing!
    working overtime keeping him in the news, even if it’s just on the internet.

  • Holly Golightly

    I hope the copy of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof means he is considering an offer for a Broadway revival of the Tennessee Williams classic and that the script/meeting is for something else.

    I’d love to see Mr. Craig up close and on stage again. He was magnificent in Steady Rain.

  • Hotter than the Sun


    I agree and I hope his PR team realizes he looks so much sexier when Satsuki isn’t trailing behind him like toilet paper stuck on his shoe.

    @Holly Golightly:

    Could be but any role that Newman made his own I think Daniel would be crazy to touch.
    Like anything of McQueen or even portraying him. Same thing.
    No reflection on Daniel but even he would know better.

  • re: 14 PR

    the paps were tipped off.
    yes, it’s all pr because bond is on hold. he has to keep himself relevant.
    the met ball was the same thing.

  • guinness

    whew! I made it. thx friend for the directions here! I agree–it looks as if HOT on a roof with DAN was covering up something else. And man! he looks hot and bothered in his leather and t shirt. and I think you will have to ask him to remove his clothes in order to iron them Mendel–he travels light all over the world. He does look like he needs a guinness. damn. and i am going for wine! I love the caption info… I will try to use it… and doesn’t giving the “pointer finger” to people mean differently in UK than it does in the USA?? I like the Oiy! Get off my car idea. ah, is that the audi? that is a sweet car. Hi mendel–u still around?

  • guinness
  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “Hi mendel–u still around?”

    Just about, heading to bed soon. Politics wore me out…

    “I think you will have to ask him to remove his clothes in order to iron them Mendel”

    That’s great thinking! ‘Mr Craig, would you take your denims off for a little bit of smoothing. Oh, you are going commando! No I don’t mind that in the least…’ *grin*

    “and doesn’t giving the “pointer finger” to people mean differently in UK than it does in the USA??”

    I took a close look, and I don’t think it’s that rude gesture ;) I’d say though, that Dan’s look suggests that he would have loved to have used it, lol.

  • guinness

    the only one I could find with the sunglasses–come on, it reminds me of The Fonz when he wears this ensamble, but damn–he is 400 times HOTTER!!! . the leather, the t-shirt-black, blue or white…. yeah, I am from the same generation as Dan… can ya tell?

    i guess i missed every one. Photobucket won’ t let me copy these pics…. see yaz tomorrow!!! (yaz was awesome!)

  • re: 18

    look it’s another game for the press so people will talk about him.
    “is he redoing Cat?” is now the hot topic like when he was seen walking with the ring on. it got into the press and it mentioned that he was filming Dream House or about too.
    some people think you are washed up if you are not mentioned in one form or another in the media.

    daniel knows the score with publicity and will play the wh*ore, no skin off his back.

  • guinness–oops
  • guinness

    ah, ya have to drink cocktails or get guinness (i love this stuff) or the hairspray concoction of DIH to really get thru some debates these days.. and know your audience if you do start putting out ideas–scary people out there-and you may learn something not-so-good about the people who surround you daily if you do start talking politics… especially if there is a minority running for office!!!!! AND never get deep and emotional–you loose your credibility and thou temper!!! then ask for “another one” please!!

    cheers. oh, yeah! Dan rocks! Even if he does dress like The Fonz!!
    And he didnt’ just exit a local book store or something? This is hilarious–he should use a book to cover all the scripts he reads… maybe just use one book, like: Crime and Punishment for geeks… or Wuthering Heights… or The Day in the Life of Ivan Stanchavich…. I would f*k so bad with paps!!


  • to 8

    i think that it would be the script for cowboys and aliens.

  • to last pic

    The last pic is sadly ironic, there is a guy in the truck who probably earns less than $10 an hour doing lawns looking at a man who earns over $10 million a movie

    here in hollywood and over in beverly hills people who do lawns are paid much more than 10.00 an hour. these are not small properties; in many cases there is a lot of grass and other yard work. as for the purpose of your comment; you’ve lost me.

  • re: 25

    not it wasn’t a meeting to do with that.

  • to 26

    I thought it would.
    If you didn’t get the gist of the point then it’s not worth pointing out the ever growing vast gap in-between the economic classes.

  • to 28

    oh, i see, sorry if you want to get into a great and wonderful discussion abut the “vast gap” between economic classes then may i suggest you got to one of the many political blog sites that are out there. because i, for one, am only interested in talking about daniel and his work. anything other than that is not fun at all.

  • to 29

    @to 28:

    Now now, the original poster was making a comment and as this is a free board, please allow them to do so as you are commenting freely.
    Same rules for both.

    Remember it was your choice to address that particular post in the first place as because you don’t like the answer you post a snotty reply.

    In furture exercise your right to ignore the posts that you don’t like therefore not inflaming. Yes the same applies to whomever answered you on 28.

    Let’s not start getting into this sh*t again on here.

    For pity’s sake people, scroll through the psots that offend you, it not that hard.

  • ??

    Who is that actor who was coming out? Anyone know who it is?

  • to 31

    um what actor?

  • Project

    Film? Broadway?

  • to 32

    @to 31:
    Apparently an actor was going to declare he was gay. A poster stated this on the last Daniel Craig thread.

  • fried chicken

    The “celebrity” that was coming out was a woman and a country singer. Her name is C h e l.y W.r i g. ht. I tried posting this twice, but for some reason JJ is blocking the name as well as any links about it. But google yourself and you will see the news.

  • to 35

    LOVE Chely

  • to 33

    it was a film script

  • re: 35

    @fried chicken:

    She wasn’t an actor. Well that was an anti climax.

  • re: 25

    @to 8:

    Yes apparently rehearsals for C & A took place or are taking place according to Twitter.
    According to the report, it’s “going to be a good one’.

  • to 37

    Thank you. Then another question…
    Does MGM have money/power to produce a movie?

  • re: 40

    they could find the money if they wanted too

  • to 41

    I hope so too.

  • re: 42

    all studios work on a deficit, it’s all a turnaround business, mgm just want to get bailed out

  • fried chicken

    @re: 35: Original blog as posted on JJ:

  • to fried chicken

    @fried chicken:
    Thanks for finding that original ‘source’ for this blind. I don’t really follow country music, I was just curious as to who it was. thanks for posting!

  • Fiona


  • Daniel is Hot

    Yes, it could be the script for Cowboys and Aliens. And yes, he dresses like the Fonz, did not think about that. So Dan, lets go shopping – let’s not be Fonz. Thought it is always “Happy Days” when we see new pictures of Danny Boy!

  • hmmmm

    Hottest man walking on earth.

  • to Daniel is Hot

    He bulkbought T-shirt in Gap. :)

  • to bobbi

    What? WHY did you dump him?

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