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Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler hops on stage and sings his heart out while a mystery man playfully chokes him at a party at the Cinema nightclub on Monday night (May 10) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud has been in town to film his new movie, Coriolanus.

Last week, Gerry was spotted kissing a mystery blonde. He most certainly attracts a lot of attention from the women in Serbia!

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gerrad butler choked while singing 04

Credit: Srdjan Stevanovic; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Manny

    After hearing his vocals from this night… we all knew it was bound to happen. Rock on Butler. hehehehehe

  • Leia

    Oh.My.God. the man is 40 years old. He needs to grow up…

  • CJ

    Enough already..time to call it a day…♥

  • viewfrom

    choked for singing – not a moment too soon in my book! LOL

  • diana

    Butler’s a trip. I think he’s great.

  • sallyo

    they’re trying to get him to shut up. he’s affronting their poor Serbian ears.

  • daffodil

    I agree he is nearly 41 years old time to wake up smell coffee I like Gerard but he is not in his twenties anymore GROW UP.

  • Old Mia

    Even I’m getting sick of the Serbia stuff.

    JJ, where is Butler now? Surely you’ve got people at airports. What more can be said about the wrap party, Martina, Blondie, etc.? It’s all been rehashed to death; and hopefully, it’ve over and done with.

  • babou

    How old is this guy, 40 or 20??? Maybe he has a drinking problem? Sure seems like he likes to party a bit too much, he often looks like he’s out of it (and he’s done lots of weird, impulsive things). Think Hollywood thought he would be the next A-list actor (doesnt’ have the chops for that, but they were touting him as that). But he acts like a frat boy. Very unappealing actor.

    Plus he always looks in desperate need of a shower!! Yuck, likely smells of the party the night before.

  • New to JJ Posting

    @Old Mia:

    aha! This was the link I was trying to post when I got the “moderated” message on the last thread.

    Mystery solved.

    And, is he really still not drinking? Gerry, Gerry, Gerry. Why stand so close to the fire?

  • ugh

    What a stupid title for your “story” JJ.

    I’m tired of Butler and his clubbing.

  • How do I put this?…

    @Manny: After hearing his vocals from this night… we all knew it was bound to happen.


  • Stinkylouise

    THIS is the new thread?? The MGP news would have made more sense. Is that a red-head in one of the pics? He’s branching out.LOL!

  • midnight

    LOL he def knows how to have some fun. and who am I to judge him? looking good Gerry

  • yesssssss

    JJ stole my photos.LOL I’m just kidding.:))

  • bored with him

    If his antics in Serbia are the way he acts while filming a Shakespeare movie, can you imagine how he acted after a day at work filming “The Ugly Truth”?

  • gossiphound

    @New to JJ Posting: It is very basic if you are trying to link to a new bunch of goss on Gerry and you can’t you got the next thread topic. I mean JJ bought the story/photos.

  • yesssssss

    Andreja Kesić is a mystery man,he is the owner of the club.

  • anonymous

    It’s amazing to me how in just a short time Gerard Butler went from an attractive, likeable, on-his-way-up actor (300), to just unlikeable. He is overexposed and parties way too much. I find he often looks like an old, dirty drunk. You know, the guy you walk away from at the party because he is slurring and out of it and acting stupid, hugging woman and making an a** of himself. A major turn-off. The guy acts like he’s 21. If he wasn’t famous, people would stay away from him Yuck.

  • Butler’s chart

    @gossiphound: “There was an interesting blog entry by a friend of Gerry’s who owns Ciprainis Upstairs in NYC. He had a party summer of 2009 as the bar was closing down for a summer break and had invited Gerry and Gerry did not show. When he next ran into Gerry he asked why weren’t you there and Gerry gave his excuse in flamboyant fashion saying he had to ask permission and he said saying ” honey can I go for a few hours to do karoake with my buddies and a bunch of hot models” wasn’t going to cut it. And I thought wow who was the woman who held that kind of power over the Butler if even for a little while.”
    Your post from last thread. Where did you read that blog? That’s unbelievable. Maybe that’s one of the two relationships he said he kept quite in Men’s Health Mag. So now we know why he doesn’t want to get snagged, precisely because he can’t be a free agent and do what he likes, or f*ch what he wants. If the story is to be believed, that girl didn’t trust him under any circumstances. The question is, why didn’t he take her with him? Does he ever take his g/f anywhere with him? The only time he would do that was during his Bianca era and maybe Jasmine. I guess he knows he can’t flirt with a girlfriend around, so no party is worth anything to him without flirting. It’s bad enough without alcohol but without flirting, that’s no way to have a party. He needs to grow up fast. Again, we know for sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend now, because no girl would have sat quietly while he was “damaging” in Belgrade.

  • Lyonna

    So what’s the deal? Are we hanging out here now?! have we moved threads already?
    The lifespan of his threads on JJ seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to his hook-ups with women.. they have an expiry date of all about 2-3 days, but they’re ALWAYS intense!! hehehehe

  • jillyro

    I think rehab is just a matter of time for him. His party-boy behaviour is now more out of control and weird lately (kissing strange women, ect.) and he seems to get his party on a little too-too much lately. There’s fun and then there’s overdoing it. And he’s overdoing it. I sense an “exhaustion” story coming out soon from his reps aka rehab.

  • cubedweller

    Thank you, Striped Shirt Guy. If he’s bellowing Jim Morrison again, choking is too good for him. Make.It.Stop.

  • Lyonna

    JJ must be worshiping the ground Gerry walks on. How could he not?
    All the traffic and consequently ad revenue he brings to this site, Gerry is JJ’s biggest CASH COW and JJ is milking it ’till the cows come home…

  • Manny

    Does it only have to apply to Jim Morrison tunes? ;)

  • gossiphound
  • Lyonna

    Is he a tad obsessed with Jim Morrison? or it it my imagination?!
    Too bad Val Kilmer preceded him with his biopic, in between that was an awesome and may I say uncanny performance by Kilmer, he even sang all the songs in the movies..

  • Tonto

    How Do I put This,

    So she has to be:
    A wh*re in the bedroom (car, kitchen, living room, the bathroom at Koi, the sitting room at his mom’s house, etc)
    A lady in the streets
    A goddess on the red carpets
    A spiritual/cultural companion/guide in foreign lands
    A master chef/dietician in the kitchen
    A schmoozer in the HW network
    An acting coach on the sets
    A handler in the clubs
    A sharp cookie about business/prospects
    A warrior in the media
    An equal in the art/intellectual circles
    An AA sponsor, psychoanalyst, diplomat, & comedianne, at every turn.
    All without letting him know that she has more control than he thinks…
    Well damn!…If this woman exists, AND can manage to raise a SANE kid or twenty with this lug, I’d switch teams and marry her myself.

    I had to put this over here. I think this is one of the best posts on the last thread. If a woman like this can be found, they better clone her quick. She could retire his manager, agent and all his entourage/ assistants in one fell swoop. We women are great at multi tasking and often do it on a daily basis, but not only Butler needs a woman like this, I know a few men that can benefit from someone like this as well. In fact a lot of us can at least handle half of this now. The woman who gets Butler will also need a truck load of patience. Any takers? Form a line over here. ;)

  • cubedweller

    @Manny: At this point I’d say it applies to anything. Somebody take that mike away pronto.
    Where’s Martina – at home planning the wedding?

  • Lyonna


    she’s planning the wedding and will have all of Butler’s exes as her flower girls…

  • Get a Life

    some of you guys need to get a life and stop criticizing people who have one this site sux

  • Lyonna


    I almost forgot, the wedding procession song will be the TMZ song..

  • Sondra

    Gerard Butler is disgusting! Me and two friends of mine were at the after party for 300 (the LA premiere) and he actually FARTED right in front us! What a pig :(

  • Goodness!

    @ Butlers Chart @ gossiphound

    “Yes Gerry, you can look at other girls and talk to them, you just can’t be IN them at any point in the evening…”

  • oohh

    @bored with him: John Barrymore was one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of his day. His antics make Butler look like a choir boy.

  • cubedweller

    @Sondra: Did he yell “SPARRRRTAAA” to cover it up?

  • Miss Bosnia
  • Merlin

    @cubedweller: Cubie, I’m waiting for the call he did to his mum after the wrap party…..

  • gossiphound

    @Sondra: Gives a whole new meaning to Sex Bomb.

  • How do I put this?…



    He probably thought it would be funny to incorporate into the fart:
    Men are such boys.

  • a poster

    @Sondra: Don’t believe you were at any party with GB. And, it should be Two friends and I, not me and two friends. Learn to speaky the English.

  • Merlin

    @Tonto: We women are great at multi tasking and often do it on a daily basis,
    * * *
    Here you were not talking about a woman but a cyborg… maybe we can ask Arnold Schwarzenegger how we can make one for the Gman?
    Where’s Martina – at home planning the wedding?
    * * *
    Maybe… guess the txt she’s sending to the Butler.. Honey, would you like to have some roses in the church or maybe..sunflowers? I like white roses…
    GB reply: Do what you bloody want with the flowers, but the bridesmaids have to be sexy!!

  • cubedweller

    @Merlin: He couldn’t speak. Striped Shirt Guy accidentally crushed his vocal cords. All he could do was text: “AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH xoxo”

  • How do I put this?…

    Sondra’s post did not get moderated for the word F@RTED .
    But mine did. Twice.
    What the…?

  • Butler’s chart

    ““Yes Gerry, you can look at other girls and talk to them, you just can’t be IN them at any point in the evening…”
    This is one hell of a blog – it takes you to other entries and stories if you click his name. Oh my, how salacious can he get?

  • Miss Bosnia

    @Miss Bosnia:
    Something went wrong with my post. Oh well, I guess people understand what I was asking anyway :)

  • gossiphound

    @oohh: Mozart was a party boy.

  • Lyonna

    This is the reply Martina got from Butler’s mobile:

    Automatic Reply:

    Out of the country automatic reply:

    Thank you for your message, which has been added to an sms queueing system. You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply in approximately 19 weeks and 3 days.
    I’m currently out of Serbia and have joined a different circus..

  • daffodil

    Ralph was not working him hard enough anyone doing a hard days graft would not be able to burn the candle at both ends every night they would be to tired.

  • Merlin

    @cubedweller: He couldn’t speak. Striped Shirt Guy accidentally crushed his vocal cords. All he could do was text: “AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH xoxo”
    * * *
    Mum Meg’s answer: Are you drinking again?? Son, stop sending me this pointless txts… or it was for one of your sl/ts???
    * * *
    Margaret she’s probably wondering why she didn’t choke him when he was a wee bairn….