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Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler hops on stage and sings his heart out while a mystery man playfully chokes him at a party at the Cinema nightclub on Monday night (May 10) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud has been in town to film his new movie, Coriolanus.

Last week, Gerry was spotted kissing a mystery blonde. He most certainly attracts a lot of attention from the women in Serbia!

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gerrad butler choked while singing 01
gerrad butler choked while singing 02
gerrad butler choked while singing 03
gerrad butler choked while singing 04

Credit: Srdjan Stevanovic; Photos: Wireimage
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  • gotta be kidding

    thw word they are editing for some strange reason is fa/rt

  • Manny

    FartGate… ClubbingGate… SeductionGate… 40-is-too-oldGate…
    Another fine day in the Gerry Butler show. :)

  • yesssssss here is the article from Montenegrin press and it is true.They will be in Kotor for two days.I just send a message to a friend who studies in Kotor and told him to kidnap GB for me.LOL

  • yesssssss

    I think that maybe they didn’t inform the press that GB is in Montenegro because some reporters there are crazy.When Jolie-Pit came to Montenegro a month ago some reporters were following them and made Brad very mad.Here is the link if you would like to see it:

  • spanky


    a more indepth analysis maybe needed…. so enjoy

    now I am off to eat beans,drink beer and watch the hockey

  • spanky

    hahaha jumbled my link ….try again

  • spanky

    aaahhhh sh.ite sorry won’t link

    joke lost its thunder..shaking fist at jj….

    leaving now going back to grade 3….i laughed… :)

  • hellotheregb

    @Love the G-man: you must also be from the chi town area. I f you are lets get in the car and drive to mich this summer and stalk gman on set or be extras!
    @Cora: he was in the ER getting a band aid put on a Boo Boo.

  • @spanky

    if the word is in the link it won’t work…just type in sound board folks…funny

  • Manny
    put f@rt where the **** appear and it will work.

  • spanky

    @spanky….oops..had a “gerry “moment…thanks I forgot I can’t write or post the word

    now i really am hanging my head in shame and leaving

    .the Blackhawk fan has showed up anyway. and killed my *kidding hellothere*

  • spanky

    @Manny: ooooh manny…it would have been funny if it worked…hugs….i like the packing tape one…lol thanks babe….

  • redOctober


    Thanks yesssss! …really Montenegro is a must go …beautiful place.

  • !

    Hes purrrdy

  • cjr

    You either will give him a pass on it or not. I choose not to care… now if it was my ass… the story might be different

    Read more:
    You only care if a guy messes with you but give him a free pass if he acts like a dog with other women? That shows you have little empathy or care for others, and if you are a good nurse you should have those things in abundance.
    You have made it clear you hate women and don’t care if they are treated badly, as is evident in your endless b!tchery about Aniston and calling Martina a wh*re. You aren’t the only one but you are the most consistent.

  • hellotheregb

    @New to JJ Posting: LMAO “If his behavior in Serbia reflects the influence of a “Life Coach” right now. I think he needs a refund.” I would like that role, “life coach needed to party, have nookie and party more and late until the wee morning!”

  • Love the G-man


    Not from CHI town but it is one of my favorite cities. Saw POTO live at the Opera House there.

    My BF wouldn’t approve of my stalking the G-man. He thinks he is better looking and cleaner than the G-man. He does wear less jewelry than G-man!

  • spanky
  • Manny

    You can think whatever you want. It is funny as hell to me that the only time you show up is to snark at me. I have been a lot easier on the situation than other posters in this thread and I’m the only one you choose to target… just hate me only huh?
    As for caring about his extracurricular activities how he treats those activities and how they respond, not my business. I’m not that invested.
    Plus the “my ass” portion was a joke. No sense of humor tonight I see. :(
    BTW, have a nice evening. :)

  • curious cat

    Oh, my, I miss a day or two and there’s a new thread about nothing and 300 comments. Some witty, funny, thoughtful comments here as usual, many from regs, but a lot of wasted effort by all of us. A few replies. At Butler’s Chart #20. He made it all up about needing permission I am sure. You can’t take anything he says seriously except on a few occasions when he has responded seriously to serious questions by good interviewers, not gushing stupid questions from lamebrains about his sex life and trying to ingratiate themselves with him in hopes of a role in his next movie, etc. He has said in the past that he used to believe in his rock band days that he was the next Jim Morrrison. He mentioned that name so he must have been a fan of that star. Sondra at #59 You go girl. I reckon few people here can speak Danish. Why bash anyone for imperfect grammar as long as you understand what is said. And yes, we will miss those quaint Serbian translations, and South Africans do speak English as the official language (ever listen to Nelson Mandela’s speeches or study the history of the country?) so we will get English language stories. Any other language will be a bonus.
    Sukar you made me howl! “The Egyptian walk makes Aussies look way too fast.” After some time spent in Oz, I found languid Hawaii crackled and sizzled with energy in comparison. You give new meaning to the song “Walk Like an Egyptian.” ;) A favorite song of mine, btw. Clever beyond belief. One of those sly songs you can’t believe anyone thought up. With all those frieze poses.
    Manny, if GB had fingered my a** in public I probably would have slapped his. Also publicly. And got my 15 minutes of fame!
    One more thought. I enjoy comments, many repetitive, about this somehow intriguing if flawed pseudo-star, whether people agree with me or not, but could we have a moratorium on sappy defenses about let him live his life, get a life yourself, he isn’t hurting anyone, he has the right to date whom he wants, do what he wants, etc? Nobody’s denying that. But if he takes on the role of a public figure and behaves like a jerk, squanders his promise as an actor, disappointing his audience, we have every right to an opinion about that. Well, trivia rules here. Last thread it was a zit, and this thread it is a f***. and before that, uncut vs. cut. What next? What some of us wanted and still want from an actor we thought was talented, intelligent, well educated and passionate about his career, are important, breaktaking, thought-provoking, award winning, talk about it forever films. So far his own company has produced ONE film, Law Abiding Citizen, a weak, improbable, forgettable full-of-holes thriller, and he has spent his talent on romcoms and kids movies and another forgettable thriller. You walk out of the theater and you never think about that film again, let alone buy, rent or watch it. He defends his choices. Of course. He has to. He has to promote the films he chooses and the stars he works with are all the best and greatest. We know we will get that. Okay, say we expected too much, let him live his life and all that, but we also have the right to stop seeing his movies any time we choose. There is one actor on TV I dislike so much that I switch the channel whenever I see his face because I associate him with schlock I don’t want to watch. And he’s a good lookin’ guy and seems nice in interviews. But I have learned what to expect from his vehicles. From all the comments on these threads it’s clear GB can’t ride on sex appeal and celebrity gossip, nightbclubbing and snogging women on the street forever. Have a good week, posters. Oh, my, I wrote too long again.

  • Rotten Eggs

    Raise your hand if you wish MANNY would just stfu and go away for good

  • hellotheregb

    Interesting comments Martina noted in her interview>>>

    “but I noticed that he was delighted with the publication of these photos.”
    “Gerrard is a very unusual and unique in everyday communication.”
    “Is extremely penetrating, and has a specific color of eyes” here she mentions his “view” I think stare or what she notice about him first.
    /#comment-16918017″>spanky: Sorry who would have guessed about the Black Hawks!
    @Love the G-man: Maybe you could outfit him in some cheap jewelery and Gman’s style of clothing! Then you would have the whole package! Poorly dressed and better looking!

  • Blue, er…NOVEMBER

    @Rotten Eggs:

  • He’s is La La Land

    LA hoes are getting their hair and nails done right as we speak – their pimp has arrived over there in Hell-aye…

  • hellotheregb

    @Rotten Eggs: you STFU If you don’t like others posts don’t read them. It’s simple, simpleton!!!!!!

  • spanky

    @trying,@stinky and @get your facts straight…your still in it to win it wow..congratulations ….the Habs are alive!!!

    ..wink and frantic wave @…Blackhawks aside….i will look for the Prophet and Mother at the vid store…the trailers look interesting, thanks for the tips.

    @manny…just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… PINEAPPLE!!!!

  • Fritz the Cat

    *heavy sigh*

    I see the haters are out in full force tonight.

  • Lyonna

    There’s probably something out there, because I just went over on IMDB and the s**t going on over there is crazier than here:

    I have no idea what this poster Gerryscoolwhateverthehell is going on about:

    She may just need a google translator of her own.. The woman sounds out of her f*****g mind. It sounds like she’s talking to herself..LMAO

    Sometimes this man’s fandom crosses borders beyond anyone’s lucid imagination…

  • Trying to figure it out

    Waves and hugs to you girlie. Great game tonight – there is other entertainment out there other than gbutt. I wonder who’ll be in the next round?

    Waves and hugs to you too Fritz. Poor old Manny is always getting it from someone, sending hugs your way girlie. Anyone know where Mr. Giggles went?

  • Manny

    LMAO. Thanks for posting that. Makes our nutters here seem so sane.
    Can I have some of what she is smoking? hehehehehe :)

  • Get your facts straight

    @spanky: *celebrating my Habs’ win* Anyone want some chocolate cookies? LOL :)

  • Manny
  • Cora

    @hellotheregb: In the Croatian translation I read Martina said that Gerard was NOT happy about the publication of the photos:
    “Having appeared our shared photos, avoid coming out because it was made problem. I assume that he considers it to monitor virtually every turn. I do not know what it all used to and what plans there, but I noticed that he was not thrilled with the publication of these photographs. Commented something like: “Well, a girl you can not even go out to the ordinary meeting.”

  • Love the G-man


    Uh, he would never wear a c@ck hat or button fly jeans. There is a reason why….

  • Lyonna


    She’s clearly insane… I’ve read some of her posts.. the woman must be suffering from some sort of mental condition.. that and she’s always Nailing something!! maybe she will actually get nailed for once and put us all out of our misery! LOL

    some of the comments over there make this place seem juvenile in comparison..

    Like this for example, some of this name-calling is unbelievably uncalled for: on behalf of Martina and every girl pictured with him, I PROTEST! It’s pretty disgusting…

    by GerrysCoolCatChick 2 hours ago (Wed May 12 2010 17:38:03)
    Ignore this User | Report Abuse Reply
    Thanks for the summarized translation, and your English is great. Film of the woman Gerry fcked in Belgrade, charming. Spotted in a restaurant so he invited her over to his table where he did the math (just from that) she was an easy target for a Belgrade lay made easy for the film shoot.

    From reading her I could see lots of lies. Won’t say how. Think he singled her out as a easy conquest but for whatever reasons they are his. He does have a great body. She did not go to Greece cos he asked her not to? Interesting that. Next “date” in his rented house? Wow. Suspect that is where her night of unforgettable passion took place. Natural blond? My bus fare is on no, but shaved I suspect that doesn’t matter so who care. He’s poor taste in junk food. He does.

    Good kisser? Who would not know this. Luck for her he loves to kiss as many men aren’t that into it. Here is where he excels along with his lovemaking techniques honed from loving women and travels. Luck girl her. Not woman, girl. Stupid fame-whore girl. This fuels his ego and hers. Sad. Hate this. Bad for his I’m not what they say I am image he was trying to correct a few months ago. Interesting she didn’t tell the world he doesn’t snore but guess by then that was old news and that they slept embraced throughout the night… cos he was so into her?

    Seeing her here makes me wonder what extraordinary beauty he saw, as I see… none. Suspect that is a workable, profitable… line.

  • Fill In Name Here

    I promised myself I wouldn’t post again. But oh well. It would seem that people posting are being hard on some of the women he has encountered (Martina, etc). That is not to say that these same people are not equal opportunity (namely, GB himself) – they are. There’s no hypocrisy or secret misogynistic conspiracy going on here.

    @Lyonna: And I thought Faulker’s novels were hard to follow.

  • Lyonna

    @Fill In Name Here:

    LMAO! I don’t know what language this woman is speaking… but clearly she can’t write one coherent sentence…

  • cubedweller

    @curious cat: “What next? What some of us wanted and still want from an actor we thought was talented, intelligent, well educated and passionate about his career, are important, breaktaking, thought-provoking, award winning, talk about it forever films. So far his own company has produced ONE film, Law Abiding Citizen, a weak, improbable, forgettable full-of-holes thriller, and he has spent his talent on romcoms and kids movies and another forgettable thriller. You walk out of the theater and you never think about that film again, let alone buy, rent or watch it.”
    Well said, CC.
    @hellothregb: He called her “Baby”? He probably can’t remember any of the names of his encounters. LOL! Short-term memory is just one of the many things that start to degrade after 40.
    Nite-nite JJrs.

  • G’s women

    Is this report about JA and Hudson believable? So JA actually had a relationship with the GB and then he has been lying about it for almost a year and said there is nothing going on between them?
    Is anything he says ever the truth? Where does the guy get the energy to romance all of these ladies? He is such a busy bee, pollinating anything in sight.

  • curious cat

    Thanks, Cube. I did mean breathtaking of course. Hey hey, we all type badly sometimes.

  • Stinkylouise

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!Onto the next round!!!!!!

    So my memory maybe a little fuzzy,but didn’t Martina say they met in a nightclub? Now it’s a restaurant. Hmmmmm……………………………

    And as for the JA cr*p.I called this.She has another stinker out this summer.Since her co-star is married,guess how she’s going to promote it?

  • Fill In Name Here

    That conversation is far more entertaining the GB is.

  • spanky
  • Lyonna

    OMFG, I have just about seen it all.. I need a mental cleanse..

    Another post on IMDB- Read with Caution:

    “Did you open the link and scroll down? There is a man holding a pineapple, well, there. He’s scaped and posing which makes him unattractive like some of Gerry’s poses with Jen.

    Think if Gerry did this people would faint. They would.

    A close up of yours
    a long shot of mine
    superimposed forever.
    ~10 cc

    In my (naughty story-telling) mind this man has a beautiful penis. I imagine him proud (of it) but shy which makes him sexier, and this does not include his shout outs to it… they are for public reactions and ego building. But the real him is very in love with is penis… as often (I suspect) it is BFF and lover as well. LOL Think he reserves his penis for those lucky enough to handle it with “junk food sex” meant to stroke his ego, which was Martina. If he reveal it they’d need to reprint the magazine several times to meet demand. (winks)”

    Good night all, I think I’m going to watch the cartoon network now to rid my brain cells of all phannie erotica/delusion.. BLECH!!!!

  • sukar

    @curious cat:

    Heheh by the way I actually find Egyptians to be more lively than Australians, however we definitely walk slower. I drive my husband nuts :)

    RedOctober, thanks and I hope you enjoy your visit and let me know if you need any info.

    As for Gerry, I am not sure what is going on with Martina. We all know that once a girl blabs he ditches her. Yet this girl is going on and on abou their relationship, including intimate details like he doesn’t snore (which is BS by the way, there is a cute YouTube video with Gerry in Japan and he falls asleep as the interviewer is getting ready for the interview and the camera catches him snoring lol) and he is stil seeing her? WTF?

  • Fill In Name Here

    BTW, if there are any body language experts lurking . . . can you watch that video and tell us when Martina is lying and when she is telling the truth?

  • Lyonna
  • G’s women

    @Love the G-man:
    “My BF wouldn’t approve of my stalking the G-man. He thinks he is better looking and cleaner than the G-man. He does wear less jewelry than G-man!”
    Well, I’m sure in his mind if you have a boyfriend why are you interested in another man even if he’s not attainable. If he lusted after an actress you would have felt insecure also.

  • Henry

    @Lyonna: Love him on the Tudors. He is a gorgeous man.

  • reality check

    It’s a known fact that Manny is atrocious and likes to pick fights with people. She just came back to the thread about a week ago and right away there were vicious comments made against Gossiphound and Carry. When she wants to send someone a nasty comment, she hides behind another moniker. Yes, she has been merciless with her comments against JA, which shows her nasty character.