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Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler: CHOKED While Singing

Gerard Butler hops on stage and sings his heart out while a mystery man playfully chokes him at a party at the Cinema nightclub on Monday night (May 10) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud has been in town to film his new movie, Coriolanus.

Last week, Gerry was spotted kissing a mystery blonde. He most certainly attracts a lot of attention from the women in Serbia!

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@Pictures?: on the kissing thread there is a link to facebook were there are some pics of Gerry…so check it out if you’re on facebook here—>

wow. I’m sad to hear that.

so in the last thread we talked about his lingering parade of ex-girlfriends and how he likes all types of girls, even short ones like Gina. In this thread, we’re talking about him having 3-somes and supposedly shagging older women, 20 years his senior (Anna Wintour, Donatella, etc). So what’s the bottom line with this guy? What’s what?

Do you mean Gina Philips?

no Gina Rubinette, G’s makeup artist and ex-girlfreind. In the previous post it was discussed that she is Jessica Simpson’s height (5’1”). Here is a picture of her with Evan Hart, her new boyfriend, if that’s to be believed.
who is Gina Philips and what’s her connection to the G-man?

he is so funny and crazy

@Old Mia:

Well if you decide to visit Egypt, let me know and I will tell you the best places to go and all the dos and don’ts. There are lots of don’ts in Egypt :)

please tell us about the don’ts – i want to visit Egypt this summer

THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN @ 05/12/2010 at 3:13 am


Did you walk like an Egyptian? Sorry, such a bad joke! All kidding aside, hope you did have fun.

justsayin' @ 05/12/2010 at 3:22 am

@Funny girl: There’s a distinction between shriveling up and dying and acting like you’re trying to be 20 when you long passed that point. It’s called having class.

You can have fun at 40 and act like you’re 40. George Clooney has proven that. Paul Newman proved it. 40 isn’t dead.

Acting like you’re 20 when you’re 40 makes you look like a fool. Anyone with an ounce of dignity and maturity in their own right can see from that video that he looks like a fool.

Grow up Gerry. If your gray hair and wrinkles aren’t enough of a hint, we JJers will tell you. You’re not a boy anymore.

highbloodpressure @ 05/12/2010 at 3:33 am

Look how red his head is. I think they’re right about his blood pressure.

Egypt is so close and I it’s not even an option for me to go visit.

Gerry probably does have high blood and it was discovered (again?) when he was in Belgrade. On another site a Serb wrote that there was a photo of him, right after he got out of the clinic, that showed a band-aid on his arm where an IV would have been. The photo was only published in a magazine, think it was ALO, and never made it online.
That story Gerry told his mom about going to the doctor because of breathing problems might be true but its probably not the whole story.

Jessica Simpson's Farts @ 05/12/2010 at 3:57 am

Remember when she farted at that event a few months ago and it was national news? Gerry’s would be INTERNATIONAL and the people who got to smell it would be interviewed by Larry King and awarded honorary plaques at the Butler Convention in Vegas.
I hear the GALS have planned a special tribute to the fug toss-aways Bianca Jasmine Kristi Alicia Laurie Beatrice Martina Shanna PigPorkerChops.
AND as a special bonus the “winner” (snickers) of the DatewGerard will be canonized as a saint on GALS.

Machine Gun Preacher, starring Gerard Butler, is also set to begin filming in Michigan in mid-July. Butler, who is currently filming Coriolanus in Serbia, will play Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soldiers.

Gerard’s just a big sweaty man who loves drinking and shagging
Posted by: 3am 11/05/10 05:32 pm Tags:

Our hopes for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler died a long time ago (well, a few weeks back, but we like being dramatic). He clearly isn’t ready to commit to our Jen. Ergh, we sound like a sycophantic ladies’ mag.

But it’s not just Jen he’s fobbing off by snuggling up to this neck-sniffing ginger lady, he’s letting down Martina Rajic – who was the love of his life last week. The blonde Serbian model said: “Gerard told me he did not expect Serbian girls to be like me.”

Hmm, he obviously didn’t look very far, because he found this lady in a different Serbian joint, just a few days later.

Look at the big drunken lout. If only we didn’t fancy him, we’d call him something like a big, sweaty drunken lout.


No Ivory not Gina Phillips – Jeannia/Gina Robinette – Gina Phillips is a whole other story ha ha . For those new to Gerry Gina was the white female he was spotted with in those gorgeous pics from the LA cafe in 2005?? white shirt/jeans – he is also photographed with a black female I think called Cassie?? – both are actresses – Gina was female lead in Jeepers Creepers. Can’t recall which one he had his hands down the back of their jeans when they were hugging. Never seen him with her much after 2005.

So Gerry has been farting loudly in the general direction of several fans? the brute!!

I am waiting for Martina to confirm what exactly his farts smell like because you know she wrote it in her diary under ‘how to milk every last drop of gerry juice’.

im so surprised he doesn’t have a baby momma crawling out of the woodwork . jeffrey dean morgan has 2 and he isn’t half as bad as gerry.

i cannot believe he slept with anna wintour – PLEASE! you think anna would put up with some philandering, bad karaoke-singing, farter? there’s no way that would happen. no. way.

@Manny: Gina – so she is still his makeup artist… so we have her to blame for the tangerine dream that Gerry is on the red carpet… bad Gina… hehe :)
* * *
You rock girl!! So we know why sometimes he’s orange… it’s when Gina is in a bad mood and wants to have a bit of revenge… *evil grin*
Beautiful post!! Good morning to you too!!
@Fritz the Cat: Leonida’s look isn’t my favorite but I have to admit.. wow, I breathed slowly looking at that picture…. ;-)

As far as Gina and GB holding hands in a video in 2009, I would really want to see the video first. I don’t doubt the sincerity of the person who saw it. I’m sure that’s their honest take on the video. The problem is I’ve heard things like this before. Someone said GB was holding hands with Laurie. I looked at the photo and it was clear to me they weren’t. Someone saw GB holding hands with Martina. I looked at the photo in question and they weren’t. I’ve written about his before, with two-dimensional images it can be very easy for some to see hand-holding and others to look at the same footage and not see any.
With regard to GB needing to get permission from a g/f to go clubbing. I take that one with a huge grain of salt. I’m sure that’s what GB told his friend, but I’ll bet anything it was just an excuse he made up so his friend wouldn’t be disappointed. He probably did something else that night and didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings. I think we’ve all told little white lies to get out of social engagements. There are photos of GB clubbing and partying all year round. It’s obvious he doesn’t get permission from anyone to go out.

THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN @ 05/12/2010 at 6:30 am

I think “girlfriend” is code for Alan. He’s the one G need permission from. he he

@THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: I know! With all the speculation about GB and his various long-term friendships, his relationship with Alan is the one I find the most intriguing. I don’t think there’s anything sexual. I don’t believe GB is gay for a second, but if he was I would think he would be with someone a lot prettier than Alan. I see Alan more as GB’s surrogate mother. I don’t know why but I’ve always had the feeling that Margaret and Alan get along really well.

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