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Jessica Biel: VIVALDI with Luke Evans!

Jessica Biel: VIVALDI with Luke Evans!

Jessica Biel and British rising star Luke Evans are set to star in the period romance Vivaldi, directed by Patricia Riggen.

Via THR, the flick centers on a forbidden romance that develops between composer, priest and violin virtuoso Antonio Vivaldi and his protege, singer Anna Tessieri Giro, leading him to write his enduring masterpiece “The Four Seasons.”

Jessica, 28, does well in period pieces. The Illusionist, anyone? She next stars in the action flick The A-Team.

Luke, 31, most recently generated buzz as Apollo in Clash of the Titan opposite Sam Worthington. He looks a bit like James McAvoy, yes?

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  • hmmmm

    how do this chick and her boyfriend continue to find work? neither of them can act. all they’re good for is getting their picture taken.

  • sam

    i guess keira knightly was unavailable ……..

  • nonymous

    If Orlando Bloom and James McAvoy had a lovechild.. his name would be Luke Evans.

  • shenanyginz

    hey hey hey jess. don’t get to comfy. luke is my new bf.

  • Conando

    Ugh keep her untalented ass away from this potentially good movie!

  • Cookie Cutter

    I like Jessica Biel. She was good in “Easy Virtue”. People give her so much sh*t because she doesn’t have the cookie cutter media emphasized beauty that everyone is so brain washed by.

  • Dreads

    I hope this movie will be great. As a classical music fan, I’d love to see a credible movie made out of this. Vivaldi is one of my favorite composers so they’d better not mess his story up! I don’t know about the cast….. That guy….well, looks okay. Jessica Biel? I’ve always babbled about her being wayy too muscular….. BUT her face could pass for a “period” piece. Lol.

  • ++Logan++

    @ Cookie Cutter, this has nothing to do with Jessica Biel’s looks. She is just a terrible actress, with a boring and biittchy personality.

  • Katsaridoula

    why does she have cocaine on her nose?

  • scrug

    was he in “clash of titans”? and was there yet plastic surgeon in the times?

  • Maria

    Sounds like another straight to dvd role for Jessica. Sorry Luke.

  • Maria

    @Cookie Cutter:

    She is cookie cutter. Mid west girl, acts goody goody, claims she doesn’t drink, smoke or party,. Has high cheek bones, fake wanna be Angelina Jolie lips, girl next door brunette, athletic/skinny build. “dating” the the pop star.

  • Lola

    she looks as manly as he does, if not even more. lol

  • hmmmm

    @Cookie Cutter:

    on the contrary, i actually think she is quite pretty. its the lack of talent and personality underneath her looks that make me dislike her.

  • aka

    Jessica Biel sucks in romantic movies, I hate her slimy overrated talking, this only works by her stupid boyfriend Justin.
    She is a aggressive dog and can only act good that way.
    Maybe they just needed a cheap actress, but this movies will flop with her overrated presence so this people werent clever to give her that part. She isnt feminine enough, she’s half man structured and her fat big face dont look attractive either.

  • mimi

    Who is the idiot that wanted to cast a plastic freak of too much work done Biel, who also cannot act to save her life?

  • Marieme

    I’m sorry but I find her nose job so distracting. I can’t even watch her without thinking, “actress, nose job.” Whoever performed it did her a terrible disservice. It’s far too shaved and unnatural looking.

  • anna

    I’m so not keen on watching any movie that shows Jessica Biels doggy face or see her stupid nonsense interviews in which she cant talk just present her ugly personality

  • alexa

    Can’t stand Jessicas fugly mouth, not at all when she tries to talk intelligent, this is something she is far away to be. She’s stupid as hell in her brain and you can see that it doesnt matter which character she plays her own character is always present.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Good for Jessica! Nice to see her getting some acting gigs!! Can’t wait for the A-team!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Good for Jessica! Nice to see her getting some acting work and can’t wait for the A-team!

  • Leslie

    Nice she’s really good in period piece like Easy Virtue and Illusionist. She will be amazing!!

  • tasha

    She just will suck it to the flop as everything else too

  • patrica

    Jessica is a man, I dont know why anyone gives her those feminine roles? This will just flop as Easy Virtue does ( she looked like a fake blonde tranny ) she isnt attractive or enough feminine or has enough acting abilities to land any hit.
    You must have the whole package or be very talented!
    I dont know how she can think she is to good looking as a woman to get jobs? Now she is getting roles that will flop, i wonder what kind of excuse she has for that? She is a to good actress to act? LOL

  • mouche

    I thought Jessica Biel was really good i Easy Virtue! She had great chemistry with Colin Firth!

  • mel

    hate to agree with the haters, but, its true, anything with jessica biel in it will turn to box office and/or critical poison.she was bad in 7th heaven and she’s bad now. stop hiring her!!!!

  • aka

    She looked like a manly dog in Easy Virtue especially as she daces with Colin Firth, the was the most unfeminine thing you have ever seen dancing.

  • hana

    Remeber as she said last year ”If you dont like the picture, dont hire me” What a joke, as if she would be such a good actress and has won any oscar. She is so immature and to overrated to even waste any cent for. I feel so bad for the other actors who has to work in that grade with her.

  • teen

    She has such a unnaturally gigantic big mouth and her fake lips even makes it more ridiculous

  • maria

    I will try not to be mean here, but I really find her strange looking. Her eyes are pretty, but her nose is pinched and those lips are just not normal. The top lip is WAY out of proportion. She just looks weird and unattractive. Put a bag over her head, and yeah, she’s got a great body. But it seems like that’s all Hollywood wants. Can you say Megan Fox?

  • aka

    Greate body? look her nacked on powder blue, the most big manly shoulders i have ever seen, even some guys i know are not so manly like she is, she looks so weird from the back when she is completely nacked, i would get scared to even stay near her, that isnt normal how weird she looks like. That definately isnt a great feminine Hollywood body, she is far far away to be a feminine sex symbol, who says something else they are blind or mistake her with man body.

  • juniper

    Jessica was good in the The Illusionist. This sounds like an interesting film, The Four Seasons is a beautiful piece of work.

  • kaltrina

    Good for Jessica she will get some more money to spend in her freaky lips

  • kaltrina

    Good for Jessica she will get some more money to spend on her freaky lips

  • mailey

    Jessica is not very good in period films. Well, she’s not good in anything at all. I dunno how she gets work. she’s not even that goodlooking.

  • woah

    I really thought that was James when I scrolled down!

  • marissa

    its not going to hit the box office. good luck with that

  • Jen

    He’s kinda does look like James McaVoy. Jessica was not that bad in the Illusionist. However, ugly and manly is the last thing id call her.

  • Sweden calling

    Sounds like an interesting film. Luke Evans is a man I wan´t to see more of.

    But why, oh why did they pick Jessica Biel? So wrong!
    Many other actresses could have done her role better. She does not have that classical look for these types of movies.

  • Sweden calling


    Just thought of something – remember when Jessica complained about not getting any roles? Remember what her reason was?

    She said herself that she didn´t get any parts because she is too beautiful!

    Hahah…. ha!

  • yo sista

    She’s BEYOND fugly and i’m not even a hater. She’s so fugly how can some people put her on “sexy ” or “beautiful” lists? O_o”

    Like? Am i the only one who sees that? DA F.U.C.K?

  • Adam Gardner

    She is so immature and to overrated to even waste any cent for. I feel so bad for the other actors who has to work in that grade with her.

  • Adam Gardner

    Maybe they just needed a cheap actress, but this movies will flop with her overrated presence so this people weren’t clever to give her that part.