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'Kate Plus 8' Premieres June 6!

'Kate Plus 8' Premieres June 6!

Kate Gosselin‘s new reality show spin-off, Kate Plus 8, will premiere on Sunday (June 6) @ 9PM on TLC.

The show is a series of specials featuring Kate and her eight kids on new adventures, beginning with “an exciting surprise trip to celebrate the sextuplets’ 6th birthday.” (Their birthday was yesterday and Kate threw a pool party for them.)

FYI: Kate also stars in TLC’s new show Twist of Kate, debuting later this year.

ARE YOU GOING TO tune in to watch Kate’s new adventures??

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  • Katra

    Skip this!

  • marla

    YUP! I miss seeing the kids.. excited to see them on the new show!

  • Whamo

    Can we possibly hate this woman anymore than we do? How many shows can she do while “looking” after the kids? “All I want to do is look after my kids..” bla bla bla what a crock!

  • releka


  • Flairfive

    Yes I will watch. I started watching the first show cause the kids are so cute and funny. (the little kids) I don’t blame Kate for wanting to earn a living doing a show that will pay her more then any normal job and lets he be with her kids while she does it. She will be stalked no matter what she does so she might as well get paid.

  • kategoaway

    Who effing cares about this twit? Enough already.

  • Janell

    I must say not the biggest Kate fan either. But then again I don’t think she deserves all the hate either. I so think she may not be going about this the best way, but at the end if the day she has 8 kids to care for and a ex husband who’s bouncing around from one 20yo to the next. She’s got mouths to feed and bills to pay and these shows do make good money, again not 100% a fan of hers but i can understand why she may keep wanting to make these shows

  • http://justjared sjeuibfbaj

    I will NOT watch Khatezilla Gro$$elin’s new $how. America is SO sick of this money-grubbing, fame-whoring, narcissistic, child-exploiting, poor excuse of a Mother. Her douche-bag ex-husband Jon is *NO* better either! These two disgust me to no end!

  • http://justjared sjeuibfbaj

    Will not watch it.

  • kizbit

    Why, when there are so many people in this country with REAL talent, does this woman continue to get tv shows? Not one, but two! Crazy. Her latest book barely sold any copies. Enough of her already. And let those kids live in peace.

  • Neorules2112

    Awesome ! !
    Can’t wait to see more of her gorgeous body

  • eyeh8twilight

    No matter how you view this women, y ou have to admit, at least she’s making money for these kids. She’s not dead-a$$ poor and she’s not not doing anything to make money. So she’s putting her kids on camera. It’s not like she’s making them work in sweat shops. She’s not going to make them quit school at 16 to get jobs.

    There are tons of untalented people on TV, why only pick on her. The cast of Jersey Shore (what do they do other than drink and exercise), Those real housewives people, they don’t showcase talent, the girls on Pretty Wild, now that show’s USELESS!

  • say what?

    Pool party? Was it at her house or at indoor pool? It is rather cold now to be having a pool party for 6 year olds. Hopefully people will not watch the Gosselin 8 be exploited as some of the children do not want to be filmed and their mother is FORCING them to film so she can “try and be a star” herself. The children only split a measly 15% of the profits among all 8 after Kate and TLC got caught with their pants down not following the law, then they scrambled for damage control doing only the bare minimum. Bottom line….Kate Gosselin comes first before her children, TLC’s profits off of exploiting Kate’s narcissism and the children come above all….The Leeching Channel.

  • Betsy

    I absolutely will watch. This woman needs to work to support her family. God knows, her ex-husband won’t.

  • Pat

    No I will not!!!!!!!!

  • Morgan

    This will fail.
    Her kids aren’t little or cute anymore.

  • C-FUNK


  • Ms. Anonymous


    Jon CAN’T work because of TLC, they’ve muzzled him! Get your facts straight. SO you’ll watch Kate exploit her kids because she’s a famew**** and wants to ruin her kids childhood?

  • sunaqua

    1000% NO—-why would I want to see all those little Jon lookalikes???? Not to mention the biatch~

  • sunaqua

    The word I used was B I A T C H !!!!

  • TLC blows

    So what will we learn this time, (minus one parent).?The same F-ing thing; If you dump a sh*t load of money and freebies on a family they will buy lots of stuff, big stuff and fancy stuff and it will eventually destroy them all, …….especially when you have a fame-ho nut in charge.

  • Shelly

    Notice how the once young face is hardening.
    She won’t stop until she destroys what’s left of her family.

  • Cindy

    Nah, not going to be one of those people who would contribute to the continued exploitation of these precious children. Sad that these ones who say oh they miss the kids and how precious they are, only cares about them for the entertainment value

  • Hate Her

    On Mother’s Day a poll of who is the worst mom, in peoples opinion, out of six known bad mothers in the entertainment industry, gave Kate the win. She got 43% of the vote and won by a landslide.

  • KC

    TLC really needs to come up with better programming. Anything that includes the Gosselins lacks appeal – I have better things to do with my time than waste it watching this garbage.

  • laverdadduele

    the only reason she’s still around it’s beacuse of all the idiots who support her and will watch this crap – people these days have really low standards

  • disgusting

    TLC is da Man
    Khate is da pimp
    an the kids are the victims

  • this is a joke?

    TLC = Trailertrash Lernin Channel

  • brightside


    Do wish there was a universal cr*p filter that smothered these hideous reality shows at the point of conception. Or maybe a new commandment….


  • Diane

    …..and here I though this disaster of a family reality show had run it’s course. I can’t believe she has anyone left who buys her BS and is willing to watch.
    I am astonished that she will continue to exploit her children after the public outcry of the past few years.

  • truthbetold

    NO!!!!!! Totally agree with (disgusting) and (laverddaduele) The book isn’t selling so now she and TLC need to go back and sell the kids. What money will do to you and your morals. Kate and Jon should really be ashamed of themselves. There’s a saying that you reap what you sow. This is not about the kids this is about Kate and Jon’s greed.They created this for there childeren and there marriage. What a shame……

  • pp

    I do believe that TLC is banking on the intense dislike people have for her, which in the end will victimize her children due to the fact that it’s negative attention.
    and of course Kate, who doesn’t give a crap, is blinded by $$$$ and fame.

  • jen

    It is long over due that this whole family fade away. Kate keeps talking about “working” —give me a break! She is a nurse, if she wants to work then she needs to go to hospitals–it’s true that she wouldn’t be able to keep her million dollar house, but that would just make her……normal. I think that her and Jon’s behavior over the last year and her miserable failure on DWS are proof enough that they are not entertainment material.

  • Paula

    No! I would rather go to the zoo on Sunday nights. At least, the animals are genuine. Will Kate ever go away???


    Please, No.

  • troi

    NO. NO WAY IN HE!!


  • Pure Fiction

    If “K plus 8″ was indeed a “reality show” we would see Kate’s team of nannies who are the children’s real caretakers. I will not watch Kate’s fantasy commercial.

  • Liz

    I won’t be watching because I’m sick of seeing the “dollar signs” flashing in her eyes.

  • Anony

    Of course, the show won’t show the nannies taking care of the kids, because that would make TLC’s little “Katie Watie” look bad, so it will basically be a fraud. She’s nothing short of a media whore and she loves to hear herself talk, and watch herself on tv, and to hell with the kids. It’s the truth, and anybody who watches her show is just getting sucked in to the life of a narcissist.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Kate would not be “stalked” if she had not whored out her children in the first place. This is all about Kate’s narcissism, not her need to make a living.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    The kids don’t exist for your enjoyment. They deserve a normal childhood. Too bad the time for that has long passed.


    i miss seeing the babies (even tho they’re 6); love them so much; i never cared for the way kate treated jon, but there are things/reasons for everything, and jon’s behavior since the split has revealed a side to him that i never would’ve thought existed.

  • Mammie

    No I will not watch, kids are bigger, not as cute and watching privileged
    people getting all the freebies they can grab is sickening. Lots of people are out of work, struggling to get food on their table & TLC thinks that they will watch, come on TLC wake up. Khate is not reality,
    she is in a fantasy world & you are fanning the flames of her neurosis
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, that’s one way to get her off the air.

  • Lindsey Masters

    yes i will be watching the show most def. i was so sad when the show ended and will be glad to see it back on tlc i watched u kate on dancing with the stars and was ruoting for you the whole time and was upset when u went home

  • Lindsey Masters

    yes i will be watching the show i was so sad when it went off the air and im so glad to hear it will be back on cant wait to see it and i watch u kate on dancing with the stars and i was routing for u the whole time and was upset to see u go

  • Victoria

    There is nothing interesting left to show. More free trips in matching outfits and the family receiving even more freebies aside, what else will they feature? That will not hold people’s interests past a few episodes at the most. It won’t be a true picture of their lives as the nannies and assistants, etc will not be featured and also as they have no contact with any family or old friend’s who helped make the show interesting before, this seems like it will be even more contrived garbage than it was the last couple of seasons. TLC obviously believes that the viewing public are total idiots who will accept any crap they throw at us. This goes for many other of the boring, fake “reality” programs they have been spewing out for the last few years. They certainly will not be winning any awards for their work as childrens advocates.

  • T Pain

    Her and Aniston should be tanning buddies!!

  • Sandy

    How is she even able to do this? I thought the original show was cancelled because Jon said he didnt want his kids on it anymore…. so he has no say now or what??

  • Paul E. Stanley

    I would really love to see this show fail. But I know it will be a hit because there are too many loser people in this country that will tune “just to watch the kids.” There is nothing on TLC that has any redeeming value. And now that they have two shows with Kate is had become even worse.

  • Paul E. Stanley

    You have to understand something. The people who watch her program are “total idiots” and that is what TLC is banking on. That is the only way we can explain how a no talent individual like Kate can become popular. There is nothing remotely interesting about her. We all know she is a complete phony and there is nothing “real about her..

    And I completely agree with everything you said.