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Rachel Bilson: Cru Cutie

Rachel Bilson: Cru Cutie

Rachel Bilson and her mom Janice head into the organic vegetarian cafe Cru to chow down on inspired vegan and raw cuisine on Tuesday afternoon (May 11).

Executive Chef Rachel Carr served up the freshest organic produce from Cru‘s entirely gluten-free menu.

Earlier in the day, the 28-year-old former O.C. actress was spotted shopping at the Phillip Lim store on Robertson Blvd.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a red plaid Madewell buttondown shirt and James “Twiggy” Jeans in Karma.

20+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson getting her Cru on…

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45 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Cru Cutie”

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  1. 1
    sally Says:

    The OC was last decade is this girl ever gonna work?

  2. 2
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    OMG JJ!! We know this loser helps keeps the lights on in your office but come on!! Can’t you at least wait 24 hrs before posting about this unemployed loser.
    BTW, another sign of how much she likes to get papped – she changes her clothes. A lot of the big celebs (like Aniston) wear the same clothes 2x b/c the paps can’t sell the photos. One of the things they LOVE about media wh0res like Bilson and Hilton is they go home and change their clothes throughout the day!!

  3. 3
    aberfitch Says:

    The fughag mom & the fughag spawn!

  4. 4
    max Says:

    youve GOT to be kidding…

    where are her PR reps? this overexposure is not helping! 30 comments or so about her daily will not land her any role or gig! every post pushes any chance of an acting future!!

  5. 5
    max Says:

    youve GOT to be kidding…

    where are her PR reps? this overexposure is not helping! 30 comments or so about her daily will not land her any role or gig! every post pushes any chance of an acting future!!

  6. 6
    Andrew Le Says:

    Wow, 2x a day for this lady …….that’s gotta stopped ….

  7. 7
    Jax Says:

    Ugh. It’s like a really bad virus. With no shot for a cure.

  8. 8
    a Says:

    so cute and cute clothes as usual

  9. 9
    Sandra Says:

    @ 5

    Sometimes celebrities do this on their own without running it by their reps. It’s kind of sad that she tries so hard. I do not believe for one second that the paps just follow her around all day. Way more relevant stars are running around LA in plain sight.

  10. 10
    Pepto Says:

    Isn’t there some kind of 911-intervention line you can call to turn in these insufferable and desperate fame wh*res? No? Well, there should be. This is ridiculous. She is apparently a REAL loser, because anyone else in HW that is so desperate for PR attention already has a reality show. Rachel Bilson, too talentless and unimaginative not to mention DUMB for MTV. That in itself is a feat.

  11. 11
    viper Says:

    Twice in one day gee she must really be desperate since her BF went out of town with another man to Rio. Reason we have the wedding rumors now each time this man travels away from her we get the same old story either wedding or pregnancy. Damn woman stop the presses knowone truly cares.

  12. 12
    Hey Says:

    She probably wishes she were 14 again so she could get knocked up and get on that MTV show, 16 and Pregnant or whatever it’s called. She would totally do that for the attention. And throw the baby away for someone else to take care of , just like her dog. She’s retarded.

  13. 13
    Rachel is an Airhead Says:

    Viper is right. She goes to designer of wedding dresses and brings back clothing bag while JJ publishes the pics of her doing it and reminding everyone of the rumor that she was getting married this summer– then writing that BS denied it. Then we get bride to be and mom at lunch so it looks like wedding planning. RB wants everyone thinking of her and speculating about her impending wedding so we forget that her fiance just went off with another man to Rio and left her in LA alone. We know she didn’t stay here because she has to work. She has no job that she can’t leave for a few days to go to Rio. She barely works at all. Clearly his male companion didn’t want 3rd wheel Rachel around bitching and yacking and babbling her stupid bullsh*t all day long. Maybe Hayden didn’t want her to come either. She was a major embarrassment in Paris and totally eclipsed the supposed purpose of that trip which was to pitch Lacoste. Rachel is an untalented desperate loser and everyone in HW knows it– if it even knows who she is.

  14. 14
    Ahari Says:

    You know, if Hayden Christensen was so smitten with me that he asked me to marry him, no one in the pap/gossip world would ever see me again unless I was on his arm at his insistence. I’d be on that farm making gorgeous little Christensen babies and that’s all. The hell with parading around for the low life paps all day every day. What a loser you are Rachel Bilson. A real loser.

  15. 15
    Ms. Anonymous Says:


    You’ve been reported, troll.

  16. 16
    guest Says:

    if you will all just listen and understand that jj knows hes doing this to get your attention and all the posts and she does and she is very well liked and loved so either deal with it or ignore it your choice

  17. 17
    Crapside Says:

    Just look at this cr$p! Trying so hard to be Natalie Portman b/c she is a vegan. The airhead Bilpoo does not realize she will never, and CAN be Natalie Portman in a million years! Next the pregnancy rumors will surface. You just watch!

  18. 18
    Ms. Anonymous Says:

    And to whoever voted my comment down, it’s wrong and immoral to wish death on ANYONE. So suck on it.

  19. 19
    searlus Says:

    So what have happened now to this “gremlin’s” numerous & pap reported casting office visits?!
    It’s now running half a year and she’s still striking a “zero”. Her frosty-looking fiance who’d hiding anywhere but LA for most of the year, could even scores one even if he partly/practically will produce it (his brother huh – duh?!).
    Talking about “her” being consistently “shameful & shameless”.

  20. 20
    brightside Says:

    Eating out….shopping….with her mom/friends….rumoured marriage! God, her life is less than impressive. Give it a rest JJ, this has-been isn’t news-worthy, you know. The KG thread is more note-worthy than this post, at least she’s actually doing something to report, pimping her kids. Yes I know it’s despicable but better than talentless Rachel’s endless pimping of nothing!

  21. 21
    trevise Says:


    Har Har Har… and she was left alone (again) by her imperceptible fiancé… why… is she’s so busy being as an “Eyewear Promo Girl” these days – NON!

  22. 22
    donna g Says:

    @18 crapside fyi do you think natalie portman is the only living vegan alive? half of the world is vegan and especially in LA and i dont think that rachel bilson wants to be a natalie portman looser she has no luck with men at all rb has been with hayden and happy for a long time and rb is so much more popular just look how many threads rb has and how many np has please take a pill

  23. 23
    Jax Says:

    @donna g: You’re so completely ridiculous, Natalie not more popular than Rachel? Are you what, 8? Natalie is as serious actress that works, she’s won a Golden Globe, she goes from one project to another, most of which are critically acclaimed, and she certainly isn’t having to resort to being a “Sunglass Ambassador” to make a buck. Go back to study hall. Or your babysitter.

  24. 24
    Crapside Says:

    Thank you Jax! @ Donna g: Who has made more movies and directed? Natalie or Rachel? I think Rachel is the LOSER. Who cares if she is engaged to Anakin Skywalker. Natalie wants a real career and does not need to hang on a man’s arm for popularity gain.

    Their is a host of vegetarians. I realize that. Do I need to make a list of all the vegans in the world to impress you? No. I think not. I don’t wish to bore the word with a list of Vegans. The truth is Rachel try’s to copy Natalie. Wearing Zac Posen is another one. NP is actually Zac Posen’s muse. HA! He did not ask Rachel to be his muse. Besides, Rachel is not a real vegetarian.
    I don’t need to take a pill. Do I sound like I’m spazzing out? I don’t think so. Suggesting someone should take their meds is rather rude. Especially a tweenager by the sound of you. Do you own a medical degree?? Yeah…NOTTT!!! I suggest you take your own advice and take your own pill. It is getting late child. Time to go night night. Their is school in the morning. Remeber to put on the Pull-ups for tonight so, you don’t pee in the bed. LOL!

  25. 25
    Jax Says:

    And, #25, wasn’t it Zac Posen during the last fashion week that said he didn’t want all the poser wannabe’s at his show? That he would have them removed if they showed up? I could be wrong, someone in the know correct me, but one of the designers did say that. Which is hilarious, considering that’s how Rachel Bilson gets through life, riding on someone else’s coattails. Loser. What is she going to do when all her contacts won’t have anything to do with her, and her “fiance” refuses to fund her ridiculous life style?

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