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Rachel Bilson to Marry at Hayden Christensen's Ranch?

Rachel Bilson to Marry at Hayden Christensen's Ranch?

Rachel Bilson gets a ride from a friend after shopping at the fashionable Phillip Lim boutique on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (May 11).

The 28-year-old actress will reportedly tie the knot at fiance Hayden Christenen‘s ranch outside Toronto this summer.

But Rachel says otherwise, telling People, “there are no [wedding] plans” as of yet.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a striped Etro sweater.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson shopping at Phillip Lim

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  • cami

    Umm, non story much??

  • Nadia

    ugh what does he see in her ?

  • Michelle

    Why is he bringing up old news? Both she and her publicist told People magazine this more than a week ago.

  • mickey

    If she gets married I guess she’ll have to take a break from her busy schedule of walking around Los Angeles getting snapped by paps while doing absolutely nothing.

  • max

    The story is that she went shopping at Philip Lim, fulfilling the agreement to guarantee the store gets press out of it. At least he didnt name drop that Louis Vuitton bag that already garnered 2-3 mentions since it was free.

  • Johan

    Rachel I know you read this ! I Hate you thanks to JJ

    PS this is so annoying !!

  • alex

    isn’t he gay? doesn’t everyone know he is gay and this is a cover?

  • bmb

    please hayden, don’t get merry with this b!tch

  • Viper

    God they have to press out the rumor from People Magazine ONLY to tell ppl that she declined the rumor to be false. So bottom line is she isn’t getting married this summer but, Jj and her press agent want ppl to think she will

  • Jax

    Dispicable. Hayden has been busy doing charitable work, even this supposed trip to Rio for LaCoste is for a literacy campaign they’re sponsoring, yet this non-news crap about Rachel gets more attention. I guess she can’t stand it that he’s getting attention for two movies about to come out, another one in the pipeline and all the attention last week for Red, which she was not included in. It’s almost like Hayden is having to compete with her, and he probably doesn’t even know it. He needs to get away from this attention addicted toxic little nobody.

  • graybeard


  • Crapside

    Sigh….Wasen’t this supposed to happen a couple of summers ago? Or, was it last year?? Gee….Losing count of so called wedding plans for nearly 3 1/2 years or so they have been together. Yawwwnnnnnn…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! Nothing like old news to put on jj now. I guess Rachel is running of reasons why she is being papped. LOL!

  • cleo

    This has been done to death summer, winter, spring, fall I think this woman lives to have the JJ report she is getting married. Hello does she know this isn’t the way to gain attention it’s only a way to piss people off. Who cares if she marries this dork or the man on the moon. And why JJ put it up as if she plans it now she stated she there wasn’t any wedding date or plans. She does all this to keep her name appearing in JJ sites so it gives her validation that she is some big name in HW which she isn’t.

  • Publicity Stunt

    *face palm* Dear, God, make him stop….

  • lexy hates bilson

    Rachel Bilson out shopping?? Surprise!! Surprise!!
    Oh please they probably planted that story in People. With everything going on in celeb world these 2 are not on People magazine’s radar!
    Next up – she’ll be denying she pregnant…again!

  • @15

    Actually that will be her next big JJ title page RB is pregnant and then when you read the article she will say that she was visiting the doctor for a nasty infection and she declines she is pregnant again.

  • Lake


  • gayle

    oh you ppl are so ridiculous dont you see that the ppl love her they lover her thaey want to see her and read about her this is why shes here deal with it and get over it i love it you go jj youre so smart!!!!!!

  • Marie

    How much did she pay you to print this, Jared?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Who are these people who love her and want to see her?? Why don’t they go see her movies?? She should be kissing HC’s butt so he can give her a role in his new movie.
    BTW when did the farm turn into a ranch?

  • the truth

    You all making me laugh at this. its so funny to think that some are you think the way i do.Was loking for them to air it but i guess it wasn’t important to air.You all kmow that jj printed are save stories i noted that he do that all the time.Since all the truth about it shouldn’t a big deal.She should told the truth in the first place to clear it up. About the rumors next i think another break-up rumors are in the works.And no.20 you can’t hired your girlfriend for a movie all the time.It don’t suppose to work that way or even got started.And if they don’t get anytime soon. She should give the ring back or takeit off so she can stop hiding it.If she has called it off.using it has gotten old. Just say its not going to happen that’s what others women say. its going lead to that anyway.

  • brightside

    So what’s the news? JJ, because this isn’t! The summer marriage has been a rumour for months now! This isn’t news to anyone, you know. Slow reporting day in the vacuum that is Rachel Bilson’s life, hmm?

  • Transparent

    There are no plans because shes a beard and is dragging it out for as long as possible until the inevitable break up because Hayden will get fed up of Rachel keeping him in the closet.

  • brightside

    He’s in the closet because that’s where he wants to be! Which is a crying shame really….I’d love to see him hook up with a loving, handsome fella!

  • galway girl

    you may not know when these two might tie the knot.I guess these two people especially Hayden is unpredictable.Imagine this one day you open jj and you find that they’ve tied the knot. “Its EMBARASSING” that’s what I would like to shout out standing on the roof top.I’ll never watch “HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN’S” movie.ha ha just joking sorry.

  • cash

    just jard tell rachel bilson to call of the wedding because it is not true she just doing that just to get attendtion . and she can not not marry my future husand . yes i am 15 years old and making this comment . so shut up and tell the true statement LOL JUST JARED TELL THE TRUE STORY.

  • C3

    This is all pretty funny. Rachel’s a pretty doll with huge brown eyes. That’s what I like about her. I don’t like the fact that she is starting to look like a skeleton though. She needs to eat. Let me tell you girls something guys don’t care much for the girls that look like sticks. If it wasn’t for her pretty brown eyes and pretty smile I don’t know what Christensen would see in her. Because I bet that babe is a real vixen. And I bet she can chew out Christensen pretty damn good. Oh I am with you girls that these two shouldn’t get married. But what can you do about it? Except maybe complain. We can bitch bitch bitch but it ain’t going to mean much is it? Even if they didn’t get hitched do you think Hayden would want you?

    And you know marriage isn’t always the coolest thing these days. People don’t stay together anymore. The track record for Hollywood is weak on long lasting marriages for a lot of celebrities. I don’t think Hayden would have too much faith in marriage because of his womanizing pop. I don’t see how marriage would even look good. Maybe he and Bilson are still toggling with the idea just sitting on it a little.

    Why else would there be all these mixed messages? Think about it. How long ago did they get engaged? Seems like a century now. Rachel does all the showy showy stuff with her ring on the finger for JJ. Rachel plays wedding gown dress up for a mag. Then what happens? You see a slew of Bilson/Christensen nowhere nothing photos which are compliments of JJ. You see maybe a trip or two to the hee haw farm in Toronto by Bilson – just enough to get a shot or two there. Then there’s a rumor that they are getting married at Christmas? What happened to that? It didn’t go down now did it?

    There was the Lacoste deal. That was a good effort but also went south with the fans. Another paid for promotion for two lazy actors trying to stage an engagement- at least that what the upset fans said. Now after all the crap about Hayden being lazy and not doing anything but papping around with Bilson then he finds something redeeming with the what he’s doing with these charities. He has to now. He’s played a funny media game for a while and has all of you guessing right? Has all of you furious. I see he’s taken a little bit of the light off of Bilson by doing some of that but the upset HC/RB fans still see what they want to see and the obsessed HC/RB still see what they wanna.

    Hayden maybe has something in the works with the Genesis thing. He’s already got Takers but not much hype for Christensen there. CB took care of that. The mystery on 7th street might make something or if it’s anything like Awake it may be to weak to pull much in for Christensen. He’s needing to get somewhere with these movies. The Genesis thing might or might not work. Who knows? Who really knows? Christensen has not been lucky. He’s got potential maybe. But he’s been incredibly foolish with movie selections and he’s not had the best performance. Desiring Hayden fans don’t see logic. They look for eye candy. You ought to see those obsessed women. I bet most of them are overweight women. Ok so that was wrong. But it is what I think about Hayden’s fans.

    I don’t know if Bilson and Christensen will get married. I don’t think it’s my place to say he’s an ass if he does or doesn’t marry her. It’s his fuquen choice. I won’t say anything about Bilson if she goes off with that kind of guy. Her choice.

    What’s left is this: This game they have played with the media, what Christensen allows you to know, what he doesn’t allow you to know, there is what he allows Bilson to do with his name attached to it, and there is Hayden’s dwindling career. Bilson’s career is no far better. It’s a game. Even if they get married or not. They have played you. All of you…even those of you who are for or against it.

  • Adam Gardner

    Its so funny to think that some are you think the way i do. Was looking for them to air it but i guess it wasn’t important to air. You all know that i printed are save stories i noted that he do that all the time.

  • James

    I guess she can’t stand it that he’s getting attention for two movies about to come out, another one in the pipeline and all the attention last week for Red, which she was not included in.

  • Ashley

    Oh Hell To the No Rachel Is just a copy of natalie haydens old love pshhh I hate rachel She should go die in a hole