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Shirtless Jason Momoa as Conan -- First Look!

Shirtless Jason Momoa as Conan -- First Look!

Here are the first pictures of Jason Momoa looking shirtless sexy as the infamous warrior Conan The Barbarian.

Rose McGowan and Rachel Nichols also star in the flick, which has Conan on a quest to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village.

FYI: The last two pictures below are from the wrap party of the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones (it took place at the Ouarzazate Museum of Cinema in Morocco.)

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  • Kristen

    God, he looks horrible!

  • ++Logan++

    really? i thought he looked hot

  • Kirsten

    I don’t know if he can act but he sure is sexy!

  • resa

    wow lisa bonet is so lucky!

  • Whatever…

    No one will see this movie. Ever.

  • ashton cruz

    Bleh, puke, , argh , yawn… snooze. (and Im gay)

  • ck_always

    They could have picked better.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Bad pick for the lead actor, it’ll bomb for sure.

  • Venom

    He is OK but no one can replace Arnold.
    The Rock would have been a better choice.

  • Ella

    what’s with the hatred ?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …that’s supposed to be conan?!? he is supposed to be that legendary character?!? c’mon.. look at thse pictures. he looks like a freak. he looks like the big ugly giant who’s the bad guy in any action movie.

  • Rocky

    @ashton cruz:

    Now, now. Just ’cause you don’t like him. LOL

  • Rocky


    I agree, but The Rock has already done ‘Scorpion King’. I do think Jason is hot and his hair is HIS HAIR and not a wig like Arnold wore in Conan movies. Oh, and let’s not forget Jason can speak English. Always laugh when I see one of the Conan movies and that Austrian accent comes out. This movie might turn out OK. I mean, Jason can act, Arnold never could.

  • kate

    to requote @Logan…Lisa Bonet is lucky!!!

    I don’t know what the bad comments are going on about but he is HOT!!!! I’d make love to him every day 5x a day!!

  • s

    He WAS HOT and STILL IS!!! Love him since BAYWATCH HAWAII…He’s THE HOTTEST!!!!


    *faux fainting*
    i haven’t seen a barbarian make me swoon like this since gerard butler played attila!
    oh you’re soooo lucky, lilakoi moon…you are a bonafied ‘g’, woman!

  • Andie

    I think he’s perfect for the part. He’s very raw and unique looking.

  • hmmm

    I used to think he was hot but he is starting to look more like a caveman

  • skaur

    hot man yummy

  • Dreads

    Oh Dear…..How can I put this? ….. JASON MOMOA IS THE SEXIEST MAN ON THIS PLANET. Like, seriously. He’s beyond gorgeous. No word can defines how hot he is. I’d love to be Lisa Bonet just to be in his bed XD …. C’mon, you can’t deny this! I’ve never seen such a man in my entire life. And I’m looking around me everywhere! No. Man. Like. This. He’s jaw-droppingly sexy.

  • laverdadduele

    I’m tired of all these crappy remakes. Can’t they come up with something new? Besides, Arnold IS Connan, no one can replace him.

  • chelsey

    oh its a crappy remake? I wasnt aware anyone has seen the movie yet…oh wait…no one has since they havent even finished filming! Stupid stupid people.

    Arnold is like 90 years old…sorry, hes NOT conan the barbarian anymore. Jason is sexy and a great actor and will do BETTER then arnold.

  • I’d watch him

    He will make an excellent Conan. He’s looking a little scruffy here in these photos, but let us not forget that overall, he is a very handsome man. He has great facial, different looking features, beautiful skin and a nice body. I think Jason and Lisa Bonet are a really cute couple. They seem like they have so much in common with each other. They are both multiracial and they’re of the same ilk.

  • Seren

    I think he’ll be terrific as Conan!

  • moira

    He’s not bad, great eye candy,and I think he’ll do a great job as Conan. Although for me there will be only one and that’s Arnie *sigh* The man has great abs.

  • Ginger

    Dayem!! I just wet myself! hahahahaha

    I CANNOT wait to see this remake and especially on this guy! I have never heard of him before until just recently and I searched him and he was HAWT back in the Baywatch days and still one of the hottest man alive!! OMG!! Lisa Bonet, how do you get all these good looking men!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • lilly

    met jason ages ago and he’s the sweetest guy ever. he’s also a great actor. he’s going to rock this. and god, is he beautiful.

  • sci fi chick

    hes a great actor and hes really nice met him in person at a convention unlike many other actors . i hope this movie is a hit.

  • RE Howard Conan

    NOOOOOOO!! This movie is going to SUCK!

  • Miguel

    More leaked pics of Momoa as Conan here:

  • snko3893

    another failure. The 90′s live action series probably will better than this. And is truly sad :(.

  • geehache

    looks wise he ain’t gonna be to everyone’s taste (personally i think he’s buff… yum) but dont forget he’s supposed to be a barbarian not a gigalow
    and conan has such a cult following that fans are bound to be critical of any replacement of arnold but people seem to be taking it so personal, isn’t it just entertainment?

  • arnoldfan

    Yes this guy looks nice for the ladies, I’m sure my wife will enjoy seeing him on the big screen, no problem with that. Conan was a ridiculously huge guy on a mission, a character that looks like nothing is gonna stand in his way. Can Momoa even pick up the big sword ? Maybe this one will be aluminum.

  • youaredumb


    Why do you laugh? Conan isn’t from America. Moron

  • tagstillads

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  • Smith P

    Been watching the boy since Baywatch. Underrated in Stargate. If he can pull this of then cudos,he deserves it .There is something there, I just hope he can find it. We’re behind you kid.

  • Adam Gardner

    He’s looking a little scruffy here in these photos, but let us not forget that overall, he is a very handsome man. He has great facial, different looking features, beautiful skin and a nice body. I think Jason and Lisa Bonet are a really cute couple.

  • Rouge

    @ashton cruz:
    well of course u dont like him …hes not skinny enough, not wearing a beret, and hes ruggedly handsome and just PLAIN HOT!

  • Diyah

    OMG, he’s so hotttttttttt

  • nuna