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Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood Top CMT Music Award Nominations

Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood Top CMT Music Award Nominations

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are up for three CMT Music Awards each!

The country cuties tied with Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum with three nods. Other nominees this year include Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire and Tim McGraw.

The CMT Music Awards, hosted by Kid Rock, will take place June 9 at 9/8c. Fans can vote at to determine the winners!

FYI: Laura Bell Bundy and Evan Farmer announced the nominees at earlier today!

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  • kizbit

    And don’t forget Keith Urban! When Summer Comes Around is one of the most heart-wrenching songs ever written! Love him!

  • mailey

    im over both of these tards. they’re played out. next.

  • N

    One’s a phony snotty princess-wannabe who earns a living by singing about fairy tales and humiliating her exes saying how they broke her heart and how much better she is than them. The other’s a self-centered bland d-i-v-a bimbo who gets men to buy her country music by flashing her pins and wearing skirts so tiny you a see her knickers.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Taylor is not a snotty wannabe, everyone does break-up songs so LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carrie is not a bimbo or a diva so get your head out of your ass.

  • Ms. Anonymous

    I’m not ashamed to say I love both Taylor and Carrie! brilliant women in their own right!

  • http://www. Jonson

    @Ms. Anonymous: Carrie IS conceited and arrogant and has one of the most bland personalities I have ever seen in a performer. Her outer plastic barbie appearance matches her soul and attitude. Can’t stand Taylor Swift either.

  • Blah

    Neither would be anywhere without their looks that’s the truth-
    Carrie would still be singing to attract the men at Car Sales like she used to and Taylor would still be at school writing the same 3rd grader poems she is now

  • Meg

    Wow Jonson, so you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Carrie in person? Cause I have an she wasn’t conceited or arrogant or bland! She was very sweet, kind and gracious to her fans that she met that day. I have met many of people who are conceited and arrogant and Carrie was definitely not one of them. This site is turning into another TMZ where people come on and complain about celebs because of jealousy. It’s pathetic.

  • gabs

    At least Carrie can actually sing. Taylor gets by on hype and image. Carrie gets my vote

  • ii

    I hope either Carrie Taylor or Miranda do win they are all have very good voices and besides the old dudes have had their day

  • Marty DeLavergne

    Tired of the flavor’s of the month – give me Alan Jackson anytime, ALL THE TIME!!!!! And he’s not even mentioned. And Kid Rock – you’ve got to be “kidding” – he’s a joke and about as country as Beyonce!!!!!

  • sue

    Wow the pepe on here haing on Carrie, i met het in columbia,south carolina and she is the nicest person i’ve met. To all who say she can’t sing are tone deaf. I’m not a Taylor fan but i don’t hate her. Her songs have to get older enough with this high school crap. Carrie or Miranda have my vote.

  • sue

    Sorry for the typo’s. lol

  • lu

    i hope carrie wins big!!!

  • sel

    taylor rocks and we all know it.

  • JessicaMac

    Woah you guys can’t say Carrie’s looks got her where she is when her voice is outstanding. Yes, she is absolutely stunning, but her voice is a true gift from God. One of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Listen to anything she sings and you would know that. Look up “I know you won’t” at last year’s PCAs on youtube. It is truly amazing, and Carrie is definitely here to stay. Also, even though I don’t think Taylor can sing that great, she does have a talent for writing. All you country haters need to go away. You don’t know either of them personally so you have no right to judge.

  • kris

    Wow haters towards Carrie are seriously just jealous!
    Arrogant and conceited? are you kidding me!? the girl is the farthest thing from that, not only was she a sweetheart when I met her 2 times both from her tours. She was so sweet and gracious to ALL her fans so anyone who says she’s a diva clearly hasn’t even met her.
    She’s beautiful! So there shouldn’t even be an argument there.
    And she has the BEST voice of country music today. You can be a hater but don’t even deny the talent the girl has. Listen to her live and listen to her CD and she practically sounds the same it’s incredible. Her voice is one of the best in music today and the fact that she can actually sing LIVE unlike Miss Taylor Swift who sounds like a dying cat when she sings proves just how much she deserves these nominations.
    Swift songs are incredibly overplayed and she’s not even country more so pop. Her lyrics are in the likes of Justin Bieber’s teeny bopper crap. It’s a shame she’s a part of country music. She can’t sing to save her life. Girl needs to go.

  • Emily

    Country music world is a joke with Taylor Swift there.

  • wildcats

    both of these ladies seem like wonderful people…Taylor swift is an amazing performer..i’ve seen her in concert twice and she’s such a nice person…Carrie Underwood might seem “bland” but that’s because, like she’s said before, she’s shy..when she goes onstage, she’s a totally different person….like beyonce and sasha feirce kind of thing….no matter what, I will always love these classy, well-deserving ladies!!!

  • GalPal

    Carrie is a wonderful singer-Taylor not so much. As far as Taylor being an amazing performer, somehow jumping on a bed and swinging her hair in her video doesn’t make her a performer. She has to actually sing and entertain and not sing speak. The poor girl needs a vocal coach!

  • wildcats

    ummm you obviously haven’t seen her at her concert, because she doesn’t just jump on beds and swing her hair…she’s matter what….

  • GalPal

    Wildcats-I was referring to her video-you did see it right? Swinging her hair and jumping up and down on the stage as she did during the ACM’s proves my point. Get the girl to a vocal coach. She cannot sing and Carrie can. Get over it-

  • honeybear

    GalPal- at least taylor is having fun up there! some of the performers at the ACMS just stand there and do nothing…its so boring to watch…i’m sure if Taylor were to just sit there and sing, it would sound alot better. Carrie sure can sing!! I never said she couldn’t. you said Taylor can’t…in my opinion, I think she can- get over that.

  • Adam Gardner

    She’s beautiful! So there shouldn’t even be an argument there.