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Taylor Swift: Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee!

Taylor Swift: Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee!

Taylor Swift is the latest musician inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!

The 20-year-old country cutie will be awarded the Hal David Starlight Award on Thursday, June 17 in New York City! The award honors songwriters at a high point in their careers who are impacting the industry with songs they’ve written themselves.

Past award winners include Alicia Keys, John Mayer and Jason Mraz!

Earlier today, Taylor received three CMT Music Awards nominations.

Congrats, T!!

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  • Jennifer

    Okay, uhm… I like her and everything, I REALLY do. But what the H… is she doing in the Hall of Fame? The girl is 20 and has been around for… 3 years? Has released… 2 albums? This is a bit of a joke.

  • yo sista

    She’s very pretty.

  • Mark

    @Jennifer Taylor has been writing songs since she was 12, at age 18 she already wrote over 400 songs plus she also writes for other artists. Her songs are poetic and meaningful.

  • Sarah

    @Jennifer: i have to agree on that one, wayyyyy too early for “hall of fame” status


    She is NOT getting inducted into the Songwriter’s HOF.

    She is receiving an ANNUAL AWARD which spotlights a young singer/songwriter at the height of their game.



  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    definitely a joke. she hasn’t done nearly enough to be put into any hall of fame. i’m sure all hall of famers are laughing about this one. seriously? LOL.. you have people who have written multiple hit records and have yearsssssssssssssss under their belt.

  • lalala

    Way to go Tay Tay. She is only getting an award, not getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  • me

    Kanye did for Taylor what Mccain did for Palin lol!!!!

  • mickey

    What!?!?!? I guess the Songwriters Hall of Fame has VERY low standards. “She’s a cheerleader and I’m sitting in the bleachers” these are Hall of Fame lyrics? How embarrassing for the Hall of Fame.

  • mickey


    Yes, but they’re all bad songs.

  • universal republic artist

    she not in the hall of fame, damn people get your facts right, it even says on hall of fame that her and her duo partner are just getting an award
    see here for the real press release from hall of fame , taylor isnt on it

  • WoWZA

    i don’t the appeal of her music, there just whiny teenage girl love songs about loving a boy you can’t have, or him breaking your heart..blah blah blah.. BORING!

  • foxxwyld

    She’s an amazing songwriter.
    How many 20yo girls can write songs about princesses, teenage boys, and falling in and out of love?
    Oh wait, every single one.
    Awarding mediocrity is shameful.

  • missy


  • SouternBell

    Her lyrics strike a chord with a vast number of young people and that is what music is all about. The x-factor in music is how the song speaks to the listener. She’s a nice young lady who will mature with her music and an example of what a celebrity should be. If you want an example of what a singer should not be, check out LeAnn Rimes adulterous boozing lifestyle.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s a sweetheart! Nice to see some talented people on JJ!!

  • Halli

    This is obviously not a “real” Hall of Fame. I mean, look at their pass inductees. Alicia Keys? John Mayer? Folks like Ray Charles, John Lennon and Bob Dylan are true hall of famers.

  • Stan

    This is NOT an induction. This is just a separate award given out during the actual induction ceremony. Honestly, I don’t think she’ll ever actually be inducted.

    A poster above says that she started writing songs at 12 and had over 400 by the time she was 18, but there’s a difference between writing 400 songs and writing 400 good songs.

  • Emily

    She needs to send Kenya West a thank you card. If it was not for him she would not been able to prolong her 15 minutes of fame.
    Thank You Kenya you gave this lame act new life. She never would have pulled it off on her own.

  • Lori

    You know that’s right. Good going Kanye.

  • Marisa


    For the rock and roll hall of fame you have to be making music for 25 years….lets give her at least another 17 years and see where she is then, and if she can stand the true test of time…sheesh.

  • TS FAN

    WHY ARE YOU HATERS EVEN READING THIS!? JUST. GO. AWAY! Your just getting every taylor fan angry. fact is that taylor is extremely well liked with a very large audience of people. I love her songs, and they are not all the same. To be honest taylor appeals to a type of person, not to a specific demographic. just bcause haters dont think she should be in dosnt mean she shouldnt. Personally I dont think beyonce should have won any of her awards shes ever gotten from the begining of time but guess what, bitching about it on a comment box wont change anything. GET OVER IT! TAYLOR IS GREAT! WAY TO GO TAYLOR!

  • XYZ

    How much did she pay for that? Obviously she has no talent, but who cares nowadays? Its smth common and there are always legions of idiots worshipping another idiot. She has just popped on the scene and now shes inducted there… Mysterious ways, indeed!

  • GalPal

    I hope Taylor’s co-writer also gets recognized. Taylor does not write alone and she admitted that much.

  • KV

    @GalPal: Wow, she has co-writers and her lyrics are STILL that bad ? And godamn I can not stand that JMraz song. Who would award him.

  • Girlygirl2148

    This is The Best Birthday present ever couse its on my B dayyy!!!

  • mac

    @mickey: If you’re going to criticize someone, at least get what you’re criticizing right! And a lot of people happen to like Taylor, she’s an amazing songwriter. Let’s see you do better.

  • Adam Gardner

    A poster above says that she started writing songs at 12 and had over 400 by the time she was 18, but there’s a difference between writing 400 songs and writing 400 good songs.