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Alicia Keys & Chad Michael Murray: UN-THINKABLE!

Alicia Keys & Chad Michael Murray: UN-THINKABLE!

Chad Michael Murray makes a cameo in Alicia Keys‘ new “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)”” video, directed by Jake Nava.

The 28-year-old former One Tree Hill star plays Alicia‘s love interest in the vid, which you can watch below!

Un-Thinkable” is the fourth single off of Alicia‘s latest album, The Element of Freedom. It contains backing vocals by Canadian rapper Drake, but he’s not featured in the vid.

Alicia Keys & Chad Michael Murray: UN-THINKABLE!
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l.., that was actually a really good. video. not sure why chad left tree hill, don’t think he’s done a single thing since.. other than this.

  • Aubrey

    Such a beautiful song and the video is lovely. They both look gorge in the video.

  • um

    Alicia is a stunning woman. this was ok but why Chad? Somebody more fabu could have be cast! Next——>

  • ….

    I love this song and CMM looks good.

  • Luv it!

    Beautiful video and so true :).

  • jk

    I love this song ..

    But CMM is so unlovely …wrong choice…

  • Wise Man

    Stay in the car, brother is HUGE.

    I love her music and good video.

  • Saudia

    I love the video; Been waiting for the video since I heard the song 6 months ago. Alicia Keys can do no wrong. But why CMM? LOL

  • Winona

    Chad is handsome, but I can’t help but wonder how the video would’ve turned out with Channing…

  • miss infamous

    Channing Tatum wouldve been a better choice! However I love the video!

  • Shannon

    I love this video good message about interacial love told thorough the decades! watching this vid i cant help myself by missing Chad on One Tree Hill

  • Ehhh

    Video was good, Alicia Keys is always great. Not so much a fan of CMM in the vid though. He’ s a bit overrated and is looking old.

  • Ashley

    And there she goes, making me cry again.

  • jess

    Why chad i can awnser that because he is begging for work and this is all he can get after leaving one tree hill. Dont get me wrong i use to love him but after he F***** up with Sophia he has gone down hill. He has been working on a book that no one will read and i agree that channing would have been way better.

  • Lea

    OMG!! A video with no ass, no crotch, no tits showing…no wacky clothes!!! I cannot believe it.
    Thank God for artists like her. No gimmick, her talent speaks for itself…

  • Grisham2.0

    true pop artist. thank god she’s around while we’re flooded with all that lady gaga, rihanna, beyonce, kesha, christina crap.

  • yunae

    Very romantic. I like. If we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy? Or would it be so beautiful? Either way I’m saying, if you ask me I’m ready. Beautiful message.

  • cassie

    omg such a beautiful video! I just love it. and she’s definitely pretty and she has a beautiful voice! she’s talented ;D

  • fresh

    love the song

  • Kay

    Had the person who directed this music video gone with someone like Channing Tatum, it would have been hott as hell. But I felt absolutely NOTHINGGG when I saw this video. The song is amazing but the overall feel of the actually video sucked. And personally, I felt Chad looked really damn ugly throughout most of the video. All he does is squint and when he tries to show emotion, it comes of as so fake. Another guy for the part would have probably rocked it.

  • freckles

    From the comments I get the feeling that Channing Tatum is the new Chad Michael Murray… CMM used to be the big star …and look at him now… he`s still a handsome guy though…

  • mandy

    STILL?!?!? how f-ing pathetic! they divorced lifetimes ago.. He upgraded. end of story. to bring up sophia is pretty lame…

  • Mela

    He upgraded? LMAO!!!!
    Thank you for providing me with such a good laugh!!!!
    Especially seeing as how most people who know who he is including the media all say he DOWNGRADED big time and he has literally become a joke.
    Any ways, to #21, CMM was never a big star. He was only popular among teenage girls simply because of his looks(which have clearly faded) back in the day several years ago. No one gives a sh*t about him anymore. Especially since we have a whole new generation of hotties in Hollywood these days who all the girls are fawning over.
    And I agee with the people who say that Channing Tatum would have been perfect for this video instead. Channing is gorgeous and he definitely would have pulled it off.

  • SR

    Love, the song and the video. CMM is hot. I may have to test the swirl.

  • freckles


    I`m not saying CMM was the next Brad Pitt or something, but he was pretty famous. Now someone has replaced him – that`s how it works. One teen idol gets boring, the next one rises… I`m not saying I don`t like Channing Tatum, he has made some really good movies, but in a few years all are going to ask “Why is he in this music video, X is so much better than him” Think about that.

  • LALA

    for whatever reason the song and the video made me cry….it was so realistic between them two I dont see the problem with CMM doing it~?

  • Agreed


    It should have been Channing Tatum and he would have gotten out of the car too.

    Channing Tatum is required to star in a music video soon. Beyonce or Lady Gaga hear me.

  • claire

    The song is amazing, Alicia Keys is really talented but Chad ? SERIOUSLY ?!
    Just forgot how a terrible actor he was, I could’nt see any chemistry between them.
    ThanksGod Alicia rocks!

  • Why

    @freckles: STOP with the CMM and Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum has achieved much more 5 years ago than CMM could ever achieve.

    I know you don’t dislike Channing Tatum but Channing has offered much more in his short acting career and will have a long one working with the right directors and producing films. Whilst, who knows what CMM has been doing since he left One Tree Hill but Good Luck to both.

    I like CMM too but for this video CLEARLY Channing Tatum or someone else famous as EVERYONE else has stated would have been a better choice. Hey, REMIX with Channing Tatum.

    CMM is good looking and hopefully this gives him more work but Channing Tatum would have made it that extra extra HOT special.

    Amazing how all the people making comments can see Channing Tatum but not the artist or director of this video.

    Good video and amazing song buy it but the video could have been WOW plus talked about even more.

  • Simple

    Alicia Keys read this next video Channing Tatum.

    Love the song……

  • freckles


    I absolutely agree with you, I was just irritated ( I guess) that everyone suggested CT for the video and no one mentioned anything about the really great idea of the video and the awesome lyrics.

  • Beau

    I feel like a lot of people are concentrating more on Chad being in the video rather than the context. Its about them doing the Unthinkable and trying to be together when no one wants them to be. I love it! I think it was well thought out and nicely executed. And regardless of the fact that Chad has nothing to do these days the guy is still hot and Alicia looks stunning.

  • waffle bowl

    Nice song and poignant video. I’m not always a fan of her music, but I do appreciate the fact that she never had to stoop to the level of acting like a video vixen like most of her peers, as someone else said. And finally, A VIDEO WITHOUT AN UNNECESSARY PIANO!!!

  • Context of Video = Brilliant

    The context of this music video is truly brilliant and yeah Chad is still hot but Channing Tatum would have been 100% better.

    However, the title of the video states Un-thinkable and obviously some people find Chad Un-thinkable and Channing is Thinkable for fans of this still moving video.

    Just thinking aloud Kelis, Channing Tatum is free though what a video that would make. Basically, Channing Tatum should be in somekind of a music vide, I see people’s objectives.

    Important: Let’s focus on the words of the song and message of the video, congrats another hit single. She is the best singer out there.

  • Michelle

    Does she know she has douche in her video? maybe she does know because she’s a douche herself. Wow cheaters giving other cheaters work. Their both skanks!!!

  • Ginger

    Wait… all her music videos that has a love interest for her are usually a black man… but now with a white man it’s about the race cards… And the white man still can’t get with Alicia… kekeke

    The song is very very good… I love Alicia Keys too… she’s gorgeous and stunning… chad actually looks decent in this video… I love the transformation through the years in this video…

    Great job whoever came up with the idea!!!!

  • jess

    @mandy: hahahaha upgraded what u think skeletor is an upgraded you have got to be kidding me she is fugly and a HUGE downgrade!!!!! you made my day with that one ROTFL!!!hahahahahahahaha

  • Alexa

    LOVE THIS SONG! And the video is beautiful. Alicia and CMM look great together.

  • mailey

    first, his name is RIDICULOUS. it’s the the most cheeseball name ever. dont know what he was thinkin with that one.

    odd choice for keys as love interest. out of all the men in hollywood.. really? well, her career is kinda stagnant so it fits.

  • callmewhatever

    CMM isnt even handsome. I NEVER thought he was even when he was really popular. I agree with everyone thats saying it shouldve been Channing. Even with the weight gain Channing Tatum makes CMM look ugly. Something also about Chad I just dont like. Seems like a superficial stuck up guy. I also can see Channing with a black girl and think they wouldve had more chemistry between the two.

  • Hugo

    Channing Tatum? Honestly, I don’t find him attractive at all, – so boring-whereas Chad is just so divine- definitely special looks and charisma-CHAD has something special-I can’t wait until he rocks our screens again-mark-paul gosselaar did!

  • Cam

    Thats too bad. Because Channing Tatum is unbelievably. HOTT. He for sure, would have added a little some thing extra had he been featured in the video instead.
    And Chad divine??? LOL Thats a good one. He is boring, lame, and unattractive. Period.
    I’d take any other guy in Hollywood over him any day.

  • Hugo

    @Cam: Great! I’ll have Chad all to myself then!!! LOL!

  • Carol

    Alicia rocks.
    Chad sucks.

  • BamBi

    @Wise Man: A Black Chick LMFAO :) It’s okay I’ll come to the car

  • mari

    Omg chad<3 gave me chills seeing him. He is great and so is alicia. her music is so good. Great song good video. who cares video is already done cant change it stop complaining about it could of been someone better cmm did a great job. Love them both. Alicia is a smart women she knows what shes doing and she chose him for a reason =]

  • bluesclueee

    Omg chad<3 gave me chills seeing him. He is great and so is alicia. her music is so good. Great song good video. who cares video is already done cant change it stop complaining about it could of been someone better cmm did a great job. Love them both. Alicia is a smart women she knows what shes doing and she chose him for a reason =]

    Read more:

  • sara

    i still like him but he’s not the hottest guy out-there (at least not anymore, he’s two years away from getting a bouble-chin)
    and leaving OTH to do movies, we’ll that was risky but he did it anyway and I admire him for that (if he did it to follow his dreams of course) and for the one person who said he wanted to be the next Brad Pitt or Leonardo Dicaprio *drools* that’s every actor’s dream I believe and how do you know what goes on his head?
    and to be honest the whole cast is GOING NOWHERE! I mean, come on… James has been in a couple of movies and they both sucked azz, I read the reviews on IMBD and they’re not pretty.
    Sophia did some movies too and they weren’t ALL that great, except I like John Tucker must Die :) because I think britney Snow is a cutie. :P
    Bethany whats-her-name, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER MUSIC CAREER?
    anyways, I don’t remember seeing any of the cast movies on the U.S Box Office, therefore they are not THAT famous/Successful. you can’t deny that and I don’t think any of them will be. not even Chad because his career depended on his looks and now they’re fading. my guess is that their names will soon be forgotten after the show gets cancelled.