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Christina Aguilera Covers 'Latina' Magazine June 2010

Christina Aguilera Covers 'Latina' Magazine June 2010

Christina Aguilera sizzles on the cover of Latina magazine’s June 2010 issue!

The 29-year-old singer recently sat down to chat about her new record, Bionic, for interviews posted on!

In the first interview, Christina spoke about what “bionic” means to her and what it was like to collaborate with artists including Sia, Ladytron, Goldfrapp and more.

“I wanted to step into their world and then combine that with my sound and vision,” Christina shared, “and it was magic! It was pure magic.”

Christina Aguilera Talks ‘Bionic’

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Rokker25

    Christina looks incredible on the cover!! <333

  • Nina

    She looks awesome! OMG So chic, powerful, indie

    I’m ready for Bionictina!

  • OUCH

    wow she actually looks good in this.

  • Ana

    Wow, she’s so beautiful! Love that green dress! BIONIC HITS STORES JUNE 8TH EVERYONE!

  • Lara

    Looking great!!!

  • coco

    not hot. too much makeup.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Saw a video of her chiding someone on the crew in the background who coughed saying how dare he during her interview. She is a legend in her own mind. That hair gotta go.

  • JOSE


  • @nita

    WERK!! She looks fierce that’s all I have to say! BIONIC June 8th!!
    Haters coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

  • eddy

    christina looks fierce!!!! grate to see that she’s on the cover of latina, te amo christina!!<3

  • eddy

    christina looks fierce!!!! grate to see that she’s on the cover of latina, te amo christina!!<3

  • haha

    All the Floptina stans migrating to JJ again? Gaga > Floptina

  • july

    one word : WOAW!


    She looks like a tranny. At least Gaga does it right.

  • Dreads

    Gorgeous as usual. Can’t wait to hear more songs from Bionic. Haha ” Bionictina “, that’s cool. She’s one of a kind.

  • Perez

    Floptina, Floptina, we don’t need you here. Lord Gaga is here.

  • I n f a m o u s l y C o o l ..

    she looks horrible. she sounds pretentious. crawl back to your cave uglytina.

  • love

    She looks amazing. I think Christina is ready to take over again! Please no hate comment. We will respect your favorite artist if you guys respect ours.

  • happy girl
  • Jersey666

    She lost it after Gaga rose to the top. I don’t think she will ever be able to top the great gaga.

  • Perez

    @happy girl:
    That boy has more talent in his pinky toe than Floptina.

  • happy girl

    lol! That boy is genius! I love the girls in the background looking at him. You know he is going to be a heartbreaker. JJ should post his video on this site.

  • hate

    Take ur stupid little GaGa and get ur a** off away from here. You little monster are so obsessed with Christina that u guys constantly keep on staying up with updates and commenting nonstop. Just shows how obsessed u guys are. If u don’t like her, why even bother giving ur time of day to give her attention. GaGa has nothing on Christina, she’s one ugly copycat who tries to copy from the likes of Christina, Grace Jones, Madonna, Britney spears, David Bowie, Kylie, Gwen, and so much more. You little monster moron gagargoyles, f*** off if you know what’s good for you. Go to ur kettle GaGa and suck on her dike vertigo disco stick. Losers!!! Lmfao

  • Lady Gaygod

    HOR-RI-BLE. Clonetina can’t make up her mind.

  • Hoyt

    Are you Hurt? Like the WannabeGagatina song? Mad WannabeGagatina can’t get a #1 anymore? Haha ooh lala.

  • happy girl

    Great performance from the Queen that makes all very nervous:

  • sad girl

    @happy girl:
    Gaga = the queen of pop. Fauxtina = never.

  • love

    Christina is not a flop, so stop calling her floptina. Let me give You some true facts about her. 5 Grammy awards, number 1 singles such as genie in the bottle, what a girl wants, come on over, lady marmalade, beautiful, ain’t no other man as well as international #1 hits such as nobody wants to be lonely, contigo a la distancia, Perot me cuerdo a ti, dirrty, fighter, etc. She was also name billboard top female artist under 30 3rd best performer on the Grammy. Top female vocalist. Christina is also known for her generous contribution for many relief foundation, and lets not forget that she was number 1 on many maxim hot 100, (your so called GaGa didn’t even make the cut, ha ha). And plus many more. Do ur research and get ur facts straight, clear?!

  • Jay

    Sorry. Christina is a flop. Floptina just isn’t herself tonight.

  • Ugh

    I see the Gaga trolls are hear as per usual. Why is it you feel the need to always come over to a Christina post and spout rubbish? Are you trying to convince us or yourselves?

    It’s obvious they BOTH have talent. I happen to like Christina; it’s called preference.

    Some of you need to grow up.

  • hate

    You have nothing on me silly ridiculous kid. Your mama needs to teach you a lesson and need to spank ur a** to bring some logical sense in ur mind. I think that GaGa must have knocked u unconscious, you’re so stupidly insane, you and ur GaGa need to go back to grammar school and learn some basic rule in English. I can tell u came from a low income family, ur mannerism is poorly develop. I pity you, anyways no need wasting my time from an illiterate kid like you who cannot comprehend anything! I wish you luck and I hope you will awake from your mental retardation stupidity! Roflmfao. :)

  • pradalicious

    that is fierce!!! shes so my make up trend nowadays! love it!

  • Anya

    haha at how this dog faced slut thinks she’s so different and edgy.

  • http://Twitter Antom

    Christina is the best!!!!!better than caca Britney madonna etc she has a voice that the athers will never have. I’m ven in all these stars concerts but xtina is always the best.

  • Lane

    Goldfrapp hates the song they GAVE Christina!
    They wished she never put it on her sorry little cd!
    I love Goldfrapp, but to work with a poptart like “Christina” is a huge step down for them! They lost major cool points!
    Christina is an A$$ hole

  • lol

    I see a lot of insecured jealous people!!!

  • Hotina

    She look gorgeous. she has that latino hotness. She looks great, can’t wait to hear the whole record on the 8.

  • Pam

    LOL @ all the Christna stains tring to promote the the cd to eachother!
    Haha! The Stains know when it’s coming out! And the rest of us don’t care!
    Haha!! I smell a huge FLOP!! just like her new single (whatever it’s called)

  • Latina Fever

    she is so pretty, I love the way she speaks. she is not using like , or awesome, cool .. like most dumb poptart use for in their interviews. she is intelligent , beautiful and a strong woman .

  • Brit,Xtina Fan

    Why can’t she get and American cover???Not feeling her new music. I guess I’ll have to wait other 5 Years..Christina will be 35 Years Old then.

  • slambang

    All I kept hearing in that interview was “uhh…uhh…” Boring. And that makeup has GOT to go.

  • tricky

    I miss Debutina and Strippedtina. Floptina needs to pack her bags.

  • xxx

    Sooooooooo HOT!

  • Lord

    I love it! So beautiful! <3

  • Simon


  • grace

    she looks stunning!!! i love her hair pulled back like that.

    christina is beautiful and sexy, no one can ever doubt that.

    gaga will never be described as beautiful or sexy.
    she looks like a try-hard hermaphrodite with a messed up face.

  • haha

    let me be honest with all those tranny ga2 hermaphroditz fanz.. gaga is UGLY as HELL… That things doesn’t appeal to the men’s sexy imagination, except for “you know”… christina is appeal to both men n women.. ’cause shes natural beauty n honesty.. ur gaga is fashion victim with hate n full of art-crap delusional mind.. christina already pass the britneys, avrils, beyonces, n now with gagas… I think that tranny gaga will end up like avril.. the weirder can’t go any weirder… but again tranny GAGA is UGLY.. without makeup n weird clothes.. I think the hermaphrodite gaga fans also as ugly as their idol cause they are full of hatred because they born ugly n hate the world … HAHAA

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  • happy girl

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  • settingUstr8

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