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Gisele Bundchen: HOPE Lingerie Hottie!

Gisele Bundchen: HOPE Lingerie Hottie!

Gisele Bundchen gets camera shy as she leaves a gym with a female friend on Wednesday (May 12) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 29-year-old Brazilian supermodel is the current face of HOPE lingerie. The ad campaign is so hot! Check out the shots below…

If you understand Portuguese, you can check out this interview of Gisele talking about HOPE on the Brazilian TV show Fantástico!

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen donning HOPE lingerie…

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gisele bundchen hope 01
gisele bundchen hope 02
gisele bundchen hope 03
gisele bundchen hope 04
gisele bundchen hope 05
gisele bundchen hope 06
gisele bundchen hope 07
gisele bundchen hope 08
gisele bundchen hope 09
gisele bundchen hope 10
gisele bundchen hope 11
gisele bundchen hope 12
gisele bundchen hope 13
gisele bundchen hope 14
gisele bundchen hope 15
gisele bundchen hope 16

Credit: Kevin Perkins/Pedro Andrade; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • fin

    god damn , tom brady , i hate u so much u lucky basterd , not fair

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks great!!!

  • Adonis

    Healthy, athletic, fierce.

  • Carrey

    I love Gisele but can’t she do anything else besides pose in lingerie. We get it Gisele you have a great bod, enough already!!….

  • Kate


    umm I’m pretty sure she’s not doing campaigns like this to “prove” she has a good body….it’s her job and a way to earn an income. Of course someone with that figure would be booked for these type of jobs. She looks AMAZING by the way!

  • photoshop

    She looks awesome!

  • rose

    Tomorrow we will see Gisele, Tom, and Ben with Jack. Want to bet!!!!

  • T pain

    Her waste to hip ratio is not soo feminine..

    but whatever she makes the $$$

  • Dawn


    Um, that is what you do when you are the face of a lingerie company and are under contract with them.

  • OUCH
  • anonymous

    We most likely won’t because Brady is back in Boston since yesterday.

  • anonymous

    Wow!! She is beyond gorgeous! The backstage video is even better. I would hate her so much if she didn’t have a lovely personality.

  • lisali

    Her body is unbelievable. At 29 and after giving birth… She looks better than ever. Amazing.

  • giovanna


  • Dawn

    Speaking of Tom, he did an interview today and talked about balancing his family and getting ready for the new season.

  • Aline Florens

    No one compares to Gisele. She’s simply gorgeous!

  • http://giselebundchen rose

    Speaking of the interview Tom did today, it is sad that he is using his son as an excuse for west coast living. It is the life style he and Gisele want. But it is good PR. Who would criticize a phoney?

  • III

    Gisele’s an awesome model, fab at her job. She’s just cool.

  • HOPE

    Great campaign

  • Dawn


    So what if it is the life style they want? Tom grew up in California so why wouldn’t he want that same kind of life style for his family? When he signed on to the Patriots, he didn’t sign on to live on the East Coast all year round and the rest of his life.

  • Anya

    manly body, horse face

  • pinacolada

    she has the perfect bod and that booty,! it looks even better after baby!

  • kehaki

    Hot damn I am so jealous of her sometimes! lol if she wasnt such a sweet goofy gal, I too would hate her. lol her body looks better than ever, her A**! omg. plump and round as can be. motherhood did her well. her face is out of this world stunning and exotic. you people who call it names love plain jane average boring looks too much. she is so special!!!!!!! reason why she is #1 year after year. yep yep.
    and um did I hear all she does is pose in lingerie? ummm Vogue USA,Vogue Korea,Vogue Mexico,roberto cavalli campaign are what lingerie models get? hmm lol never seen it. gisele just does it all. she is not commercial, she is not high fashion. she is GISELE!

  • eyecandy


    no she has a cat face. love it! her body is insane. while it may not be perfect hip’ratio. its still a bod NO ONE has but gisele. her bod and face are so unique. thats why i love her. her booty and legs are insane. see peeps she can rock the couture one day and bikini and lingerie the next. TRUEEEEEEEE SUPERMDOEL. that is the reason why she is SO in demand forever. clients love that and its rare indeed!

  • jason

    milf alert! tom brady that lucky S.O.B

  • punchme

    Holy christ ! The pics are amazing …. her body. stunner

  • observer

    she’s flawless with a great personality plus a big heart to boot,
    she works hard just like anybody else and gives back.

  • Justme

    Lingerie,Swimwear,commercial,High fashion,gowns,couture,jeans,runway,covers,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,…. she can do it all. the ultimate modeling role model <3

  • frida

    she is so gorgoeus! her bod aint half bad either WOW

  • donutlover


    yes the donut lovers often think this way about supermodels, lol. its nothing new. they dont know what a lean body is because they’ve never seen one.

  • coconut

    I bet she has many more Vogue covers in the works. she always surprises, that is why she is interesting. no boring here!

  • coconut

    she is so stunning! face + body. girls are so jealous of gisele its not even funny! LOL. quit hatin on others who are prettier,taller,thinner,richer than you are. thats all there is too it. she has everything a little immature tween could want, but doesnt have. awwww. get off jj then.

  • jessica

    now she is the definition of a Bombshell!

  • abb


    some pats fans treat tom as if he is some kind of machine and un-human, as if he is not allowed to have a wife and kids like any other normal man in his 30s has. hope he leaves the pats! they do not support him. tom is not a machine. he is a human being with feelings and a life!

  • Jake

    Nice pins and booty!

  • http://www. bjorkson

    I love Gisele. She’s graceful yet sultry and strong, and her personality ROCKS. Thanks for the cute vid Jared :)

  • kelly

    I love this woman. she is so gorgeous! true pro at what-eva she does.

  • Chizzy

    Her belly button grosses me out. LOL

  • RJ

    looking better than ever wow her arse. I cant wait to see what other numerous fashion covers,editorials and ad campaigns she has, that work is what really excites me the most. this sexy work is all fine and dandy and gisele has mass sex appeal but fashion fashion fashion is where its at. she does rock it all though, very true. go GGG. (gorgeous goddess gisele)!

  • anonymous

    I know everyone has their own definition of what perfection is, but wow! Gisele’s body really is perfect! Long and lean legs that go on for miles, a totally flat but not too muscular stomach, big boobs, and a perfectly sized round cute booty. Oh, and of course she has a gorgeous face to top it all off, which is always surrounded by the most perfect effortless beach hair ever.
    She’s tall and thin but also has curves- that’s a rare combination. What I love most about her though is that even though she’s skinny she doesn’t look at all lanky or unhealthy. She’s very toned and fit.
    I know I sound weird, but I’m just in awe that a person can look like that!
    And I agree, with the others, she has such a fun and sweet personality its hard to hate her.

  • http://j ivanka

    wow big boobs now after being pregnant .. she looks amazing!

  • tiri

    Tom is only for a short tine in Boston. He will come back with his family end of may in Boston

  • Jasmine

    @Anya: If you think that’s bad, look at the pictures BEFORE her nose job. She’s absolutely average–face facts people. Just because you’re famous, does not mean you’re pretty. Look at Hollywood right now.

    She probably slept with a lot of people to get where she is. That, and knowing how to look at a camera and knowing what angles flatter her flat ass best. She doesn’t do anything impressive, she’s just another lame model. Personally, I can’t stand her. Then why am I writing this, you ask? Don’t know. It’s late and I’m rambling.

    And to end my ramble–Tom Brady downgraded. The mother of his first son is gorgeous, especially compared to plane jane here.

  • i love donuts too

    @donutlover: LOL hey, I like donuts but I’m fit. Don’t purport that everyone who dislikes her is fat and jealous, grow up sweetie. I’d rather look like myself, petite and fit with curves the way a woman’s supposed to be. I’d rather not be walking down the street and have people wonder whether I’m male or female, which is what I wonder when I see Gisele.

  • mara

    @ jasmine you are stupid. She slept not with a lot of guys . She is very shy.

  • laaqueel

    Seriously ppl?? She has no waist!! How is that handsome?

  • Abigail

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! SO GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Abigail

    GOODNESS!!!!! She looks gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Abigail

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • kiki

    wow she is out of this world stunning. her face. OMG. so beautiful. and yes it is a form of jealousy when you have to critique someone that you so called “dont like”. for example: in high school did you talk incessantly about the short fat average faced girl with pimples sitting in the back of the room that went unnoticed by ALL. or was it the tall,thin,popular,pretty rich girl with the nice clothes that everyone loved, whom you couldn’t get off your mind and quit calling names???? LMAO. theres your answer jealous hoes. jump off.