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Hayden Christensen: SOCCER Stud!

Hayden Christensen: SOCCER Stud!

Hayden Christensen visits youth organization Gol de Letra Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Wednesday (May 12).

The 29-year-old Star Wars actor had a great time playing soccer with all the children. So adorable!

The non-profit org was established by the famous Brazilian soccer players Raí and Leonardo.

Later today, Hayden will attend Lacoste‘s fashion show at the Hotel Copacabana Palace in southern Rio.

FYI: Hayden is wearing AllSaints Military boots.

25+ pictures inside of soccer stud Hayden Christensen

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  • jae

    he’s adorable!

  • wow

    He looks waay younger than his age

  • Lucas

    Brazil is an adorable country.

  • Jax

    Awesome Hayden, doing so many good deeds lately. Keep going!

  • jamie

    Love Hayden! He’s really a good person, I’m so proud of him :D

  • http://deleted Jo

    He walks like David Archuleta in the second picture..

  • annab

    Seems like a very nice person.

  • lexy hates bilson

    That’s nice of him to take time away from Rachel & the pigs to go do some charity work! Hopefully he & his brother will give his future wife a part in his movie so she can actually do SOMETHING with her life!

  • Serena

    You see? Rachel is always out shopiing and eatting while Hayden has been working so hard lately, doing so many big things. I was shocked to find not one hate on Hayden comment in here:)

  • Jax

    Ya had to jinx it, eh?

  • Ahari

    Wow, thanks Jared for taking time away from the resident fame wh*re to post something worthwhile about someone actually doing good deeds.

  • http://amcarcamo jaja

    ohh that’s so sweet! I live in rio..I might go stalk him now! just kidding! haha

  • jillian

    Hayden is the PERFECT looking guy…even with his lil fishy eye :)

    and I want him to grow his hair longer….

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …dude’s like luke warm water. fcuking bland.

  • Jax

    Bite your tongue, Lexy #8, I’m actually looking forward to Genesis and it being a GOOD movie, not a complete waste of time because of Rachel and her total lack of talent, giggling, and batting her eyes. Ugh. Go Hayden!

  • Crapside

    @ Jaja,
    Go ahead and try to meet him. Save him from the Bilpoo!!!

  • Marie

    Looking good Hayden, so cute. You’re good with kids. Good job.

  • NY GAL

    It’s great to see Hayden happy and healthy! You go Hayden!

  • brightside

    I thought Andy Roddick was the new face of Lacoste? I guess HC still has contractual obligations……strange he didn’t take the fiancee with him….a few days in Rio, very romantic for two love birds (cough, cough)….

  • Jax

    @19 Apparently she wasn’t invited, in fact was exclusively excluded from the release that was circulating. Guess she must have really pissed off the powers that be either at that Coachella party she showed up to, or maybe something prior to that. Could be I suppose she imposed too many requirements on the brand at her exclusive showing in Paris? Would not surprise me, she thinks she’s all that after all. She being the only one that does, BTW. I hear she has quite the terrible temper tantrum every time she doesn’t get what she wants.

  • brightside

    More likely he wanted some quality time with his b/friend….just saying!

  • KrA ZE 8 0
  • funny people

    @Jax she was never going to go to Rio stop inventing words and thoughts.

    @brightside–quality time LOL Hayden is flying in and out and reports have him going straight to LA after…… just saying.

  • brightside

    @KrA ZE 8 0:
    Hmm….well, he certainly looks more relaxed hugging a fella than he has ever looked with little miss sunshine!

  • steph

    sexxxxxxxxxxxxy as
    bit sweaty tho

  • funny people

    @22 KrA ZE looked at your link-but the clues don’t fit Hayden and Rachel have been engaged for over a year, not after the blind was started. Also Hayden has had the same PA for the last few years, she is not new and “sunshine” has not made a movie in 12 months and the last movie with Rachel in it does not have a sex scene.

    But I do think you should be happy that you spent so much time posting as anon…………………………on the GB site.

  • the truth

    no.9 hayden is not going to give her a part in his movie ok.This about him and looks good over there having fun.The people must not know he doesn’t stay with her in la. She haven’t told him that he dosen’t.She didn’t need to go anyway.She don’t know how to act when she go somewhere.La is where she have fun at anyway and he don’t like la.He probably go home in Canada for a few weeks. This about him anyway enjoy it.I think he had enough are pictures taken for two weeks.Don’t think we are getting any pictures are him at the airport like she did.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Let’s get real here – Hayden or even Rachel (thanks to her new job at Sunglass Hut) could have foot the bill for her to go to Rio. But she’s enjoying being in LA with her fake photo opps (let’s not forget the mob scene at LAX). When Hayden’s around she has to scowl and act like she has no idea how the paps keep finding her.
    No paparazzi and no designer stores to waste money = no Rachel!

  • Marina

    Muito Lindo!

  • yeah

    I’ve had a thing for him ever since Star Wars

  • stacy

    Love him, but….the shoes….I just don’t understand those shoes….

  • jolene

    WOW! how lovely!!! how can he be so adorable??? I definitely looooove him!!! good job hayden!!! he’s so beautiful inside and out!!! Rio seems to be such a amazing place!!! have fun hayden!!! love your boots!!! you look so hot!!!

  • jolene

    @jillian: his eyes are completely beautiful! he’s totally perfect!! but he really looks awesome with a long hair!!!

  • brightside

    I will go and see Vanishing when it’s out as the story sounds very intriguing. Post apocalyptic genre films are a favorite of mine. I don’t hold out any hopes that his acting will have improved…..but hopefully the film will be exciting enough for me not to be irritated too much by his deficiencies that were so evident in Jumper, Awake and that tiresome load of shite that was Virgin Territory. More like virgin on a disaster, the last one. I want Vanishing to be good, it’s got a good story and Thandie, (I wanted Jumper to be good too but his acting was just too bad) so I really pray he doesn’t give it the kiss of death. Please. Pretty please.
    Do wish they had chosen someone else though, like, I don’t know, Thomas Jane or Tim Olyphant…someone I can ogle!

  • jj

    lol i like him

  • CL

    YAY Hayden! He’s so delicious!

  • He’s Just Nasty

    Oh don’t worry there will be many pics of the love birds in LA pimping out their relationship as soon as he gets back later today. Look for photos on JJ of him arriving at the airport and her picking him up and giving him a great big wet kiss. Or maybe Thurman Murman will give him a great big wet kiss while Rachel pouts because he didn’t insist that she go along to enjoy his special spa package at the hotel Michael Lacoste booked for him. I wonder if they got a couple’s massage. And Michael Lacoste is the one supporting the charity, not Hayden. Michael is showing his new friend his charity project. What a lovely male bonding opportunity! Just sayin…

    They are both huge losers in HW. No one knows who they are and both are not seen as talents in any way. Can’t wait for them to get married and have babies because they will be cute and stupid.

  • padme

    OMG….a sexy jedi playing soccer (my fave sport)…LOVE it!!! Thx, JJ. :)

  • Melissa

    he is hot

  • Jokergurl

    This is cool, he looks like he’s really enjoying himself and he’s smiling! He’s got athletic ability there’s no disputing that . He was the junior tennis champion for Canada several years running, and could have played pro tennis. You can say what you want about his acting and I am not knocking it (I think he’s a good actor just watch Life As a House and Shattered Glass) but he is a very handsome man, there’s no disputing that either.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Brightside are you really going to see that movie?? The cast is bad and it’s not just him. Paul Walker is HOT but he’s much better in those Fast and Furious movies where he and Vin don’t do much acting – just drive fast cars, say clever 1 liners and look hot! And that poster – HC looks AWFUL in it. I’ll wait for DVD.
    Honestly I saw Virgin Territories…I love Matthew Rhys from Brothers & Sisters. The movie was awful but I can’t blame HC – talk about crazy writing. I thought the storyline with him & Barton was cute but the rest was..I’ll be nice and just say bad. I thought he was good in Life As a House and Shattered Glass. SW – I think they were all bad b/c GL is a lousy writer – he’s more into special effects. Jumper…well the only good actor was Diane Lane…

  • ann

    seems that he can’t play soccer, but it’s okay… he’s awesome anyway!

  • aimee

    He’s so adorable!!!

  • brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Jamie Bell, gasp, he was great in Jumper!
    Actually I think you mean Takers which I don’t think I’ll be bothered about seeing even though it has Zoe in it. It’s beginning to sound like a bad ‘Oceans 11′ genre film + I’ve not heard much that’s good about it.
    There was a reason that VT went straight to DVD…and it was a good one. That one was bad on so many different levels.
    It’s Vanishing I’m looking forward to….I try to be optimistic but I know the guy is no great shakes as an actor so….fingers crossed that the film is good enough to gloss over his mediocre acting ability.

  • lexy hates bilson

    You’re right…the name of that Takers film has changed so many times I got confused.

  • brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    That’s actually not a good sign…

  • Ida

    i just love him! he is so adorable with his messy hair and the sweat in his shirt…*_*
    he seems to be enjoying himself….i believe he would make a very good daddy! his child would never stop playing!! could you just stop dragging rachel’s name in every Hayden’s picture?

  • Dena

    This is really great. I use to follow HC cause I think he’s a good actor and a nice person, and now I see he visited this fabulous foundation,
    managed by 2 fantastic ex soccer players ( Rai at the pic with HC and Leonardo (Milan coach) that does an excellent job with poor kids and teens from Rio and Sao Paulo . Go Hayden and Go Rai and Leonardo!

  • chris

    I live in brazil I love hayden I´m happy because he´s here. he´s play soccer, this is great. he married?

  • lisa

    @lexy hates bilson:

    “You’re right…the name of that Takers film has changed so many times I got confused.”

    You must get confused easily. It only changed once (Bone Deep to Takers) which isn’t unusual since a lot of movies have a shooting title different than the theatrical tile.