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Jennifer Aniston Considers 'Horrible Bosses'

Jennifer Aniston Considers 'Horrible Bosses'

Jennifer Aniston continues to film scenes for Just Go With It on Tuesday (May 11) in Maui, Hawaii.

The 41-year-old actress, Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Charlie Day are all in negotiations to star in Horrible Bosses, a workplace murder comedy currently in development.

According to THR, Horrible Bosses centers on three best friends who, frustrated by their jobs, come to the conclusion that the only solution is to kill one another’s bosses. Jen would play one of the bosses, a sexually aggressive dentist.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston considering Horrible Bosses

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jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 02
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 03
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 04
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 05
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 06
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 07
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 08
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 09
jennifer aniston considers horrible bosses 10

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  • Anna

    The sad thing is Jennifer Aniston always get offered intresting or different roles, but instead of taking the risk she always resorts to playing ‘Rachel’ in every film she does.Ten years ago she got a way with it, but now at 41 it just sad.She will probably turn down Horrible Bosses and star in another film playing ‘Rachel’ again.

  • JJ

    YAY! sounds like a cool movie! i LOVE her movies!

  • anna

    Jen you are great, I love you and your movies

  • nicole

    where’re the hayters?

  • Neorules2112

    I would love to do her Laundry

  • jillyro

    Oh no, LOVE Colin Farrell, he’s too good to be in a lame Jennifer Aniston movie! And then her PR will start all the dating rumors between them, so sick of her, her movies and her PR stunts. Colin, don’t do this movie!!

  • omg

    Botox all over

  • lil

    ugly ugly ugly

  • Lisa

    She is so old and gross.

  • Kelly

    Who let the dog out????

  • George

    Farrell, friends with Angelina, will be sitting there the entire time knowing why Pitt left this aging cow for the super Angelina.

  • Helene

    Why doesn’t she do us all a favour and take a break from making this horrid movies.

  • Jenny

    I am not a hater, but I am certainly not an Aniston fan. I totally don’t get the attraction – she is aging, makes horrid movies and uses her relationships to promote movies/perfume, etc. I also totally HATE the fact that she sells bottled water when it is so bad for the environment.

  • Jim

    Bark. Bark. Barf!

  • Isla

    She is looking so old and UGLY.

  • Rachel Aniston



  • ann

    sounds cool, interesting and funny!!! colin farrell is great (and cute)!!! bateman is nice (can’t wait to see the switch)!!! jen is such a incredible actress!!! I love her soooo much!!! she is gorgeous and adorable!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    why is Aniston always grabbing her crotch in photos lately? It’s gross.

  • jaye

    Somewhere along the line this will end up a romantic comedy. I had such high hopes that The Bounty Hunter wouldn’t be when I first heard about it. Maybe she’ll get killed off early in the movie and the rest of the movie will be about the other people’s half-hearted attempts to kill their bosses. It would be kind of a ‘throw Jennifer form the train’ thing ala Throw Mama From the Train. .
    Anna @ 05/12/2010 at 8:06 am

    The sad thing is Jennifer Aniston always get offered interesting or different roles, but instead of taking the risk she always resorts to playing ‘Rachel’ in every film she does.Ten years ago she got a way with it, but now at 41 it just sad.She will probably turn down Horrible Bosses and star in another film playing ‘Rachel’ again.

    What roles has she turned down? I don’t doubt that she would turn them down, but I didn’t think anyone had any faith in her ability to carry off anything but a Rom Com with very few exceptions.

  • go Away Please

    I would rather see Betty White in a film then this woman.

  • Jones

    I’d advise her to pass. She doesn’t “die” very convincingly. Her death in Derailed was laughable to say the least. Although, since this is a comedy, it just might work to her advantage.

  • ii

    I hope Jen does take the part in Horrible Bosses she is a very good actress and with Colin Farrell in the movie It’s sure to be a hit

  • aseret64

    @ii: a very good actress? cmon, she is not an actress…she is a starlet…actress to me are meryl streep, nicole kidman, sandra bullock,kate winslet, cate blanchet, and angelina jolie ALL ACADEMY WINNERS. A hit! Cmon, most of her movies bombed! Dont get angry, im just saying the truth and being objective.

  • 100mph

    Colin!!! baby don’t do it, Pleeeeeeeeease!!!!!! Maybe they will knock her off at the beginning of the film, now ..that.. would save the movie..

  • blech

    the only thing cute about her is her bum. she has a great bum. the rest coupled with her whiny difficult personality – notsomuch. her thin lips are so unfortunate

  • T

    Bowel problems Jen?

  • David Peet

    the only part of her body that i’m not tired of looking at is her feet!

  • Bobbie

    Jen is also in talks to star with Paul Rudd in “WanderLust” produced by Judd Apatow. Jen is really a hot property right now! Go Jen!!!!!!!

  • Bobbie

    If all you haters think Jen is old and ugly looking why does she keep getting cast in movies? She’s hot, she comedically talented and seems like a great person. She’s the one with the fantastic career and not all you haters…….LOL! Jealous much?? :)

  • L

    @Anna: Jennifer will probably take this film and turn the role into a ‘Rachel’ character because, let’s face it, “Rachel” was Jennifer Aniston….

  • thats_right

    sexually aggressive role? hahah once again she is just playing herself no acting, presenting once again her true colors lol

  • bet

    Lovely women, and super star. love her, I can wait for all her moives.

  • LOL

    I read that The Bounty Hunter made $130,000,000 so far worldwide. She must be pleased about that.

  • Lucky Charm

    Well, Colin & Jason are both in relationships, so no PR fauxmance with them, plus the added bonus she gets to be killed off in this movie! Perhaps this is the “rebirth” she’s been talking about – killing off Rachel Green once and for all.

  • bet

    Lucky Charm

    well jen work with many married men before , work perfeclty. The problem is you and the media do not have anything to talk about or to create story out of nothing, even the people told you we do not date. What are you going to do? , i am sure there is other way you going to start the bashing. The evil always have something to complain. The main part is she is a super star, and you will be a complainer. That is the fact.

  • ROJA

    Poor woman, she so wanted to have big lips!!

  • bet

    Lucky charm


    The problem is not about fauxdate , It is you and the media what are you going to complain about? that is the qeustion. I am sure all of you plan thing to complain about her. always evil have something to complian. If even they told you million time we do not date.

  • JANE

    She is awesome, and if people think she plays the same role, you haven’t seen all her movies…….this site should have a minimum age to be allowed to post here.

    “Either these people are kids or really screwed up grown-ups”

  • bet

    One is super star and the other is complainer.The complainer are the loosers.

  • x works for the money

    I think aniston is so insecure about not having enough money but also so insecure about not being in the limelight or out of work so she accepts everything offered to her. she is cheap, she accept movies from US$ 2 m – US$ 8 million. Those new movies are not big studio movies, so i think she will only get paid US$ 4 million each, just like what Universal paid her for Love happens.

    She gets offered these movies because she is cheap and she doesnt mind being paired with B-C list actors, like Bateman and Paul Rudd.

    As for Colin Farrel, he needs a hit, and his career is going nowhere, so he doesnt mind to be in the same movie with aniston, and im sure he gets paid well to be in that movie.

    I think now its proven that aniston only cared about her fortune and fame, her career and not into having a family. Lucky Brad found out before its too late and had the guts to dump her and move with Angelina.

  • bet

    x works for money

    who does not ? some even paid money more than they worth.

  • Anne

    @x works for the money

    I wish I was as cheap as her and get and get 2 million for a job…..and at least she got to be with Brad for a while…so what’s your point “jealous”.

  • bet

    comparing to what Jennifer bring to the table in the industry , she get paid very littel. It not about money , it about of loveing your job.

  • Lucky Charm


    First, nothing I said was a complaint, so I’m not sure why think so. Secondly, she has over $110 million, she doesn’t need to work at all but she continues to take these low paying, generic movies just to keep attention on her. She can more than afford to be picky and doesn’t have to choose every role offered to her.

  • Belle de Jour

    Jennifer ‘s recent fame is only due to her marriage to Brad Pitt . She used it smartly and as long there are people to love and hate her, the film industry will give her roles.

    She is a good comedian, but not good for a big screen.



  • Bobbie

    @Belle de Jour:
    LOL! She hasn’t been married to Brad for 5 years now and she is still in the public eye with film after film and with many more to come. She is now her own woman and a terrific success.

  • annie

    Love her or hate her, she sells…..

  • bet

    belle de Jour

    They use her to stay on the spotlight. do not forget without Jennifer Aniston there is no talk of branglina. The

  • bet

    belle de Jour

    They use her to stay on the spotlight. do not forget without Jennifer Aniston there is no talk of branglina. They get boring with out Jennifer Aniston mix to spice up thier spotlight. J