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Orlando Bloom: Enoteca Drago Dude

Orlando Bloom: Enoteca Drago Dude

Orlando Bloom lunches at Enoteca Drago restaurant on Wednesday afternoon (May 12) in Los Angeles.

Orly, 33, ALWAYS looks so happy!!! (: (: (:

In related news, reality TV star Alexis Neiers was recently sentenced to six months in prison and received three years probation for role in a crime spree, which included burglary of the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s home. She’ll begin her sentence on June 24.

20+ pictures inside of Enoteca Drago dude Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom enoteca drago 01
orlando bloom enoteca drago 02
orlando bloom enoteca drago 03
orlando bloom enoteca drago 04
orlando bloom enoteca drago 05
orlando bloom enoteca drago 06
orlando bloom enoteca drago 07
orlando bloom enoteca drago 08
orlando bloom enoteca drago 09
orlando bloom enoteca drago 10
orlando bloom enoteca drago 11
orlando bloom enoteca drago 12
orlando bloom enoteca drago 13
orlando bloom enoteca drago 14
orlando bloom enoteca drago 15
orlando bloom enoteca drago 16
orlando bloom enoteca drago 17
orlando bloom enoteca drago 18
orlando bloom enoteca drago 19
orlando bloom enoteca drago 20

Credit: Hector Vasquez; Photos: WENN, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • wow

    um, eww orlando

  • Jake

    dude did you lose your razor or what

  • Jayne

    I love seeing him smile.

  • Eliza

    @Jake: I’m thinking he lost his mirror and all. Wtf are you wearing boy lmao

  • >; /

  • JuBEE

    no work but still happy :D good for him.

  • lol

    @Eliza: And his shower by the looks of it

  • haha

    ” Orly, 33, ALWAYS looks so happy!!! (: (: (: ”

    Lmfao Jared do you have a team of writers or do you write everything yourself? x

  • ?

    may be Orlandos got it like that for a film.

  • http://WWW. SMILE

    lol he looks really happy

  • .

    his hair looks greasy and his facial hair is not kept well.

  • katie

    he looks TINY here! what’s his height?

  • OK

    Miranda needs to shave his face.

  • @12

    Just shy of 5’11″

  • ha

    Since he never gets this scruffy on his own, my guess is that it’s for a movie.
    Even with the scruff, he is still gorgeous!

  • shy not

    OMG Orlando hair does not look greasy give it up he looks HOT ALL THE TIME .

  • yay!

    You just can’t beat a gorgeous, happy Orlando.
    That smile can light up a room.

  • JEN


  • Jayne

    IS HOT

  • May

    Mr Kerr out for lunch…

  • shy not

    If you dont think Orlando hot why go on hes post and look at him because i not think some other are hot but i dont go on there post and say it why are you? to me ORLANDO COULD NEVER LOOK BAD but that why im on here to look him because HE IS HOT AND A NICE GUY .

  • JENN

    His skin really nice, so smooth .

  • @20

    And there’s a few million men who would trade places with him in a heartbeat.

  • Dana

    his smile makes me SMILE :] hot ! xx

  • KO

    I agree his facial hair not look good, but he’s still a good looking guy when he shave, Maybe he’s doing a film, that’s why he grown his facial hair.

  • may

    Mr Bloom out for lunch…

  • May

    Mrs Bloom working for VS and Mr Kerr out for lunch

  • callmewhatever

    He’s gorgeous but does look better on film and photo shoots vs real life. It would help if he would take better care of his appearance. Dont get me wrong, he’s one of my fave’s but I find myself dissapointed at times when I see him in pap pics.

  • Melody

    Hate the sunglasses, they’re hiding his gorgeous brown eyes. Its great to see something new on him for two days in a row instead of just once a month . I’m wondering when “Main Street” is going to be in theaters, its been at least a year since they filmed it in N.C last spring.

  • @28

    Everyone looks better when made up, but I think that he is just as gorgeous in real life. He doesn’t feel the need to dress to impress, he is just himself.
    But I do think that the beard is for a movie. As someone else said, he gets scruffy at times, but never THIS scruffy unless it is for a film.
    I love him, no matter what he looks like.

  • Melissa

    love him

  • may

    Mr Orlando Bloom and Mrs May Bloom out for lunch

  • may

    Mr Bloom works for Albert Nobbs next month and Mrs May Bloom just out for lunch

  • may

    May loves Mr Bloom forever, live together forever, make love have sex together forever, out for lunch together forever.

  • ?

    Mr Orlando bloom look good forever with Mrs ? forever.

  • @ all

    MIRANDA IS DOING IT AGAIN IN i-D MAG OFF COME THE TOP SHE DOESN’T NEED TO DO THIS WHY MIRANDA? ORLANDO i think he the best but i dont think young girls should look up to her all she does is sell herself out but im not saying she a bad person just dont know why she does some of the things she does?

  • @36

    Oh grow up.
    It’s high fashion, not pornography for goodness sake.
    That ed is GORGEOUS!

  • @ all

    No high fashion is somethink you wear and shes more coming like a page 3 model then a fashion model i mean she keeps doing this and she don’t need to. and i never said it was pornography what made you think of that? you need to grow up i was just having my say.

  • @38

    If you are comparing this high fashion photography to the page 3 girls, then you know NOTHING about art.
    High Fashion is the art of the photograph, and not really what the girls are wearing (or not wearing).
    Flip through the pages of any HF magazine, and you will see photography like this. The human body is beautiful, and nothing to be ashamed of.
    And I thought that we Americans were the prudes of the world.
    Or does that only apply when you are trying to insult Miranda?

  • @39

    I was never trying to insult miranda i was just trying to say she does not need to do this i mean shes the one what didn’t want to be know as a sex thing. and i know the human body is nothing to be ashamed of but putting boobs in mag and saying is fashion ok you could call it high fashion man mags than. and i dont see it as prudes i just think why should a girl get her boobs out just to get some where.

  • @40

    She’s a model so she does need to do this, like all models. If you have a problem with it then you have a problem with the modelling profession and the whole fashion industry, not just with her. You should know the target of your complaints.
    And don’t say that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, because it’s obvious you see something indecent about it.

  • @41

    “like all models”

    I happen to agree with #40 – why does she have to do this type of work?

    You say all models are doing this.

    Which ones and how often compared to Miranda?

    Seems to me that she does it more than the rest of them recently.

    Is she the only one in demand for this type of work, or do the other models just rather not do too much of this type of work for fear of not being taken seriously in other projects they decide to pursue.

  • @40

    “i dont think young girls should look up to her all she does is sell herself”
    So that is something that you say when you AREN’T trying to insult someone? Gee, I’d hate to see what you say when you ARE being insulting.
    And not every topless photo has something to do with being “a sex thing”. Those photos are meant to be beautiful, not to titilate.
    Think about many of the most amazing sculptures and paintings that have been created by people celebrating the human form. Were they meant to inflame passion? Or to show beauty?
    And this magazine is not anywhere close to being a ‘men’s magazine’. By saying that it is, you ARE comparing it to pornography. That’s just silly, and yes, prudish.

  • @43

    no i said all she does is sell herself OUT when she dont need to and not all models do this. and i also agree with @42 she does this a lot.

  • @42

    i guess that you just don’t pay that much attention to the fashion industry then. or you are so focused on what Miranda does that you have blinders on.
    ALL of the top models do these types of pics. some do even more revealing work. remember the V magazine shoots fron a while back? the top models in the industry posing completely n*de. with close up shots of their most private areas? remember? and you are complaining about topless shots?

  • @42

    Yes, ALL of them. There’s no professional model who’s never posed nakd.
    How often doesn’t matter. This is part of a model’s work and the only model who will not be taken seriously is the one who is unprofessional enough to not do what she’s been hired for.
    If you really believe that other models don’t do it, it might be because she’s the only model you’re interested in.

  • @42

    Have you never seen America’s next top Model? Every season they have the girls do a n*de shoot. Some girls are confident, and have no trouble, because they understand that this is just part of the industry. The girls who are hesitant are warned that they just better get used to it. They are told that if they want to work, it wouldn’t be the last time they were asked to doff their clothes. I remember one runway show, where one of the contestants was worried about her blouse opening up during her walk. Another girl said, “if it shows, it shows, it’s part of the job”.
    That’s one reason runway models never worry about double-sided tape. Most would never dream of using it. It can throw off the lines of a garment, and if it’s meant to show, then so be it.
    These girls are professionals who are comfortable in their own skin. they aren’t posing for Playboy, they are posing for HF photographers. If you can’t see the difference then that is YOUR problem, not theirs.

  • @47

    might want to try decaff sweety.

    just a suggestion.

    I had no idea you were the modeling industry sacred defender.

    Fine they all do it. Well where are the links of all the others who are doing it?

    Have all the ones who were wearing the Bombshell t-shirts with Miranda been photographed in the buff recently?

    Can you answer that question for me? Recently….I never said at all.

    Where are the recent ones, that’s all I was asking.

    Or do the sites that post those photos not care about the others because none of them are dating Orlando?

    Yes it does matter how many times you do something.

    If your a celebrity and you have a tendancy to get angry at the paparazzi more often than others, people tend to notice and only think of that actor or actress as being a jerk.

    If a model poses in the nude or in a seductive manner more times than she or he should, yes it looks as though they are a, well I’ll let you fill in the blank.

    That’s just the perspective most people have of those in the industry.

  • @48

    Oh so your main concern is how recently have the other girls done it. Why is that so important?
    Do the sites post photos of her and not the others because she’s dating OB? It’s possible. Why don’t you ask them?
    And a model shouldn’t be called names for doing a model’s job, no matter how many times she poses. Are you very worried about the number of muffins a baker cooks?
    Are you going to call Botticelli’s Venus or Michelangelo’s David names too? They don’t wear any clothes LOL

  • @ 49

    “Are you going to call Botticelli’s Venus or Michelangelo’s David names too? They don’t wear any clothes LOL”

    That is a very different time period…..ever hear of the word, ‘sexist?’

    Some artists and professors consider them great yes, but at the same time that time period was extremely sexist.

    What I’m saying is that the general public have a certain perception of people. Especially those in the public eye.