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Perfect Couples is the latest romantic comedy NBC has picked up, about the misadventures of three engaging couples as they struggle to find out what makes the ideal relationship.

Dave (Kyle Howard, My Boys) and Julia (Christine Woods, Flash Forward) are the relatable, normal couple, but Julia’s hope of remaining the cool, low-maintenance chick is tested by Dave’s attempts to keep both his wife and his needy best friend Vance (Dave Walton, NBC’s 100 Questions) equally happy. Vance, along with the neurotic Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), are the high-passion, high-drama couple who bring out the best and worst in each other.

The third duo features Rex (Hayes MacArthur, She’s Out of My League), a reformed party guy, and, and his wife, Leigh (Olivia Munn, Attack of the Show), who considers herself as the group’s mother hen. Believing that they are relationship experts, Rex and Leigh have attended every class and seminar on relationships — and regard themselves as the “perfect couple.”

Pictured: (l-r) Hayes MacArthur, Olivia Munn, Christine Woods, Kyle Howard (Lauren Conrad‘s boyfriend). Inset: David Walton, Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Executive producers: Jon Pollack (30 Rock), Scott Silveri (Friends).

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  • shaar

    Just one half Asian girl? The cast is just too white. They couldn’t even do a fully asian girl? IDK, nowadays I get tired of the blandness of things…

  • bryan

    well on her show today olivia said she was gonna do perfect couples and her attack of the show as well. how in the heck is she gonna do that? i agree with @shaar to bland. honestly if this show doesnt’ get cancelled i’ll be surprised.

  • sally

    first show to get canceled

  • Whatever…

    I will NOT watch this show just because Olivia Munn in on it. She is ugly, useless and a zit on society. And yes Sally, it WILL be the first show cancelled!!

  • Amy

    Whatever, are you an jilted ex-boyfriend of her’s or some girl that wanted to be her in highschool? The hate you have for her is not normal for someone who doesn’t know her or hasn’t met her. Jeez. I think you should stop posting here and spend some time with a therapist on your anger issues.

  • bryan


    or someone that is still pissed about the pine relationship.

  • bryan


    dont know about that but i wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t get renewed

  • Ethan

    I will check this out only for Christine Woods… she was really hot in Mad Men.

  • lol

    a time worn subject. The cast is also too white. It should go staright to cell phone.

  • Whatever…

    @Amy: Not at all; have dealt with her via the industry and she is a snooze, a bore, a pain, and will NEVER be famous. My issue is the B.S. here of WHY Jared posts on her all the time. He is not being honest.

  • valencia

    I agree w the blandness comments. the cast is too white

  • bryan

    wasn’t friends too white and aren’t most shows all white now. there is basically no diversity on tv. i would like to see more of it.

  • AMY

    @Whatever…: She already is famous. Not world famous but more famous than a lot of people and more than a lot of people that are featured here, and that’s not hate it’s truth, she actually has worked for her fame, with the show, the movie role’s, however small they are, and being really amazing to her fans, or so I hear. If you think she’s unattractive that is totally your right but from what I hear she is incredibly kind and loyal to her fans which is more than I can say for most celebrities.
    As for Why Jared posts on her, he is a fan, clearly. If you had your own site I’m sure you would talk about people who the rest of us could care less about, but it’s his right to do that. And maybe it is because they are both Asian, but so what. Showing some love and respect for your people is not a bad thing. Anyway, I’m sure no matter what I say I won’t convince you to stop being so hateful and I’m not sure why I am even trying as it has no real affect on me but from what I can see and from what I hear, she works really hard at what she does and she’s incredibly kind and generous with her fans and I think that speaks volumes about her.

  • mailey

    this has FAIL written all over it.

  • shaar


    Yeah Friends was, but I would think that nowadays the producers would take a clue from 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Glee, Flash Forward, The Good Wife. There’s definitely a bit more diversity because ppl are more open to it and come to kinda expect it because it reflects how diverse America is, which is why this cast surprises me so much :(

  • Matt

    The reason JJ keeps mentioning her is because she is repped by CAA and they are in cahoots with this site, hense the over promotion, a la other CAA clients like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson who get coverage on their every move.

  • Leslee

    I can’t wait to watch this

  • Rini

    I agree with what a lot of you are saying. I can’t see myself watching this cause I know I couldn’t begin to relate to this cast. NBC is full of FAIL.

  • James

    She already is famous. Not world famous but more famous than a lot of people and more than a lot of people that are featured here, and that’s not hate it’s truth, she actually has worked for her fame, with the show, the movie role’s.