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Aishwarya Rai: Film Festival Fierce

Aishwarya Rai: Film Festival Fierce

Aishwarya Rai sashays across the red carpet on the Martinez Terrace during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival on Thursday (May 13) in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old Indian actress wore a gorgeous Giorgio Armani Privé black evening dress with layered embroidery in lacquered black jet beads and multicolored crystals at the bust. She finished off her look with a Ferragamo black satin clutch

Earlier in the day, Aishwarya wore an Emilio Pucci dress and Christian Louboutin sandals to a photo call.

25+ pictures inside of film festival fierce Aishwarya Rai

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Credit: Dominique Charriau, Pascal Le Segretain, Ian Gavan, Sean Gallup, Venturelli; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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  • beautiful

    she’s so pretty

  • Donovan

    I don’t care what Oprah says. This is not “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD”.

  • xxxxxxx

    HOLLLLLLy, red carpet on fire, ASH IS TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS.

  • Gui

    Her hairdresser has a malignant plan to destroy her career.

  • AutumnM

    I don’t know, I used to think Aishwarya was so gorgeous, but now I think she looks okay. Yeah she’s pretty, but i’m not all that blown away by her looks anymore and I don’t like her look here. Not feeling it.

  • GPS

    Aishwarya is absolutely stunning!

  • Rita

    I agree #5, I think she’s not aging well… she’s only 36 yet Halle Berry and other Hollywood actresses are doing a better job in their 40s.

  • aly

    Gorgeous Aishwarya!

  • Lydia

    Has she started to lose her looks or is it the extra weight that is messing up her looks!

    She doesn’t look like she used to which was absolutely beautiful.

  • Dorothy

    Frankly Aishwarya is a big yawn now. I mean I see her posing & super posing at some event or the other. I have never sen a more self-indulgent, self-absorbed actress. How about doing some charity work or being at a charity event? Most hollywood actors & celebs are involved in some kind of charity or other. They atleast use their celeb status to raise money. Angelina has even adopted kids. Jeez so tired to see a narcicisst being termed the most beautiful, I wish everyone wud just see bigger picture! And she is not even that beautiful looks old & fat & what’s with that hairstyle???

  • Dave

    OMG, this is what you call real beauty, she is such a beautiful woman. Dang just look at her those eyes. I think she looks just perfect.

  • Josie

    She is beautiful but she needs to relax her left eyebrow.

  • andamentothat


  • Conando

    Flawless. It’s nice to see such beauty on someone who’s curvier and not a stick figure.

  • Mike

    I think she’s quite beautiful. As a white man, I’m tired of the skinny pale plastic blond women that are as dumb as a rock. Indian women are beautiful and exotic and aishwarya is one hell of a sexy woman.

  • M.I.A

    She is still beautiful but she needs to tone up. It suits and flatters her better. Just keeping it real, x

  • busted

    Her eyes are stunning no doubt.. but she is not as beautiful as she once was.. She just looks so much older.. Maybe it is the weight gain.. is she pregnant?

    but her eyes are epic.. like Liz Taylor.. stunning. but I don’t think she is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

  • ugly now

    her neck looks gross :(

  • D

    She is so beautiful it hurts. Perfect, classis beauty.

  • Lynn

    she is pretty, no doubt. But she is not gorgeous

  • whatever

    are her and Eva dating?

  • Ladyb

    The reason why she is not as beautiful she was once is the extra weight gain. It’s hiding her bone structure. She’s still beautiful. If she loses 5 pounds, you will see she’s still the same Aisharwa Rai. Her complexion is still good though

  • Gino

    my dreams have come true. Shes so beautiful. we lust over her in Europe.

  • Al

    I love how curvy and hot she looks. Not like the skinny bony bytches in hollywood.

  • happy girl

    With that face, that skin tone, those eyes, that smile, you can never go wrong. Doesn’t matter if she puts on weight, has bad hairdresser, has bad dress – she is always drop dead gorgeous. It’s genetic. She’s gorgeous. Yes, she needs a new stylist and hairdresser but she is too gorgeous for words really.

  • happy girl

    why is eva longoria at cannes?

  • rita

    most beautiful grl ……………

  • rin

    much better than yesterday’s disaster at the Robin Hood premiere. but, still not blown away. looks good though.

  • karen

    Yeah, I think the weight gain is dulling her features a little bit. They’re just not as distinct. But she’s still beautiful.

    But seriously, Eva – why are you there?

  • snookie

    she is getting older and you can see that on her face, but still shes gorgeous. i think the clothes are making her look fat.

  • anna

    i agree, shes not fat, i think the clothes she chose to wear are too bulky for her.

  • Stunning

    She is absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen a movie of hers before. Not too big on Bollywood movies but some of the movies are very intense and often times very romantic. I would like to see her branch out and do American movies. I would love to see her on the big screens in the States.

  • callmewhatever


    Al, where is she so curvy? She has gained a few pounds which makes her body wider, it doesnt add curves. I dont get why extra body fat is considered curvy instead of waist to hip ratio? Dont get me wrong, she isnt fat still and looks fantastic but she’s not “curvier”. Her shape is the exact same, just with a few extra pounds. I do think she was more beautiful before though because like LadyB said, the weight does hide her bone structure a little bit. In the everyday world, this would still be considered a slender woman.

    Read more:

  • Christine

    @dollhouse: Why don’t you go back to the sewers where YOU came from dollhouse – your comments are not welcome. Ash btw looks stunning as always!!!!

  • yeah

    Yeah that’s been the talk all over as these pictures circle the world. It’s not so much the weight gain (she needed it frankly) but he’s looking just ok. Her eyes are wow but there are many other types of beauty that we are exposed to now and Ash is now in the middle of the pack…I dunno….

  • Mandy

    Totally agree with Christine – dollhouse is TRASH!

    Aishwarya looks great but you can tell she has aged slightly. Also the weight gain and her thinner eyebrows have aged her.

  • Becca

    Is that a hair net she is wearing??? It looks really awful!!!

  • karen

    She’s only 36!?! Now that’s surprising. I thought she was in her early forties.

  • Huh

    Wow, she used to be so beautiful… now she looks fat and ugly. :/

  • Al

    No wonder american women have so much image problems. They are so used to seen boney, platic looking, cocaine addicted women in hollywood. Step out of your country once and see what we consider beauty. Shes hardly fat at all. She looks healthy ,vibrant. and Gorgeous!


    Bitch looks chunky :X

  • longchamp

    used to be stunning, now she’s merely pretty
    sic transit gloria mundi, no doubt

  • Anon

    @Dorothy: For your information, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan does a lot of charitable work and has been given a number of national awards for her charitable contributions. Her foundation supports children especially girls, women and the poor in India focusing on education, health care and job training. She is also a UN Ambassador and the global ambassador for Smile Pinki.

    Aishwarya does not publicity her charitable to make herself look good in the press. She does her work quietly like most privately rich people and celebrities who are not media wh*res.

    Please get your facts correct before posting negative comments about someone.

  • Orchid

    44 Anon @ 05/13/2010 at 9:16 pm -1
    If you are referring to Angelina Jolie (you are, aren’t you!) maybe you don’t know that it’s part of her job as goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency to be photographed with the refugees.

    YOU should get your facts correct before posting negative comments.

  • Gigi


    I am so tired of people having such a stupid attitude about these things. There are celebs that do these charities etc for publicity, photographed or not. But like Anon was saying, many of them do it private, as opposed to seizing a photo op with some refugee. Angelina brings attention to issues because of her publicity. Not all celebs do it for the same reason. Also, a friend visited india, and she said how respectful people and paps are to the celebs there. The celebs dont throw tantrums because they understand that the paps are doing their jobs and enabling their careers longevity. So many celebs here are so ungrateful sometimes with the diva attitudes. And Dorothy, maybe you should do some research before you go judging someone.

  • Meghan

    She is pretty

  • Jaxx

    When will people understand that Angelina is photographed with refugees in order TO BRING ATTENTION TO THEIR PLIGHT! It is not because she is a fame whore, it is a requirement of her position. Why do you think they choose famous people to be ambassadores in the first place? Do you think anyone cares to see pictures of ME with refugees? No, they pay attention because it is ANGELINA JOLIE. Which is the point of the whole exercise.

  • ss

    she is beautiful! but like most ppl. here I agree she needs to maintain a better fitness regime and maybe not opt for a body hugging dress… nonetheless – she’s beautiful! :)

  • kj

    i’m not going to say much, but i just have to say that i genuinely felt bad for Aishwarya when i saw these pics. sorry :(.

  • kj


    ***whoops, my comment above was meant for Aish’s look at the Robin Hood Cannes Premiere yesterday in the blue dress and bouffant hair. she looks better/good here in this black number though.