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Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise: Stunt Practice!

Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise: Stunt Practice!

Check out this video of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz hanging out between takes on Knight and Day!

Cameron, 37, practices her stunts and surprises Tom with her serious butt-kicking skills in this video that they hope will go viral. Just watch!

Knight and Day hits theaters June 25! If you want to keep up with the latest on the movie, follow the film’s official Twitter account at @kanddmovie!

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Stunt Practice
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  • troi

    Rehearsed photo op!

  • I love him……..

    I love him.

  • whatever

    can’t decide which of these two I hate more…

  • Mary

    Kick him a little harder, Cameron! Read the interview with Amy Scobee over at Popeater about Cruise. He needs a good swift kick.

  • Annika Hansen

    Hee hee. I enjoyed watching that. Yes it was clearly staged but still very funny. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • Dieter

    Cameron is always working so hard !!!! I love her tight little pooper !!! Still hottest buns in Hollywood. Second is Nicole Kidman and third is Gwyneth Paltrow who has amazing buns as well !!!!

  • Peaches


  • pj

    I still think Tom Cruise is a great actor despite the issues about his personal life.

  • DeeDee

    This is better than the Katie and Tom dance skit!

  • has beens

    Two old overrated has beens trying hard for a come back…… we have an old hag who don’t want to accept her old age and act as a teen, who change mans like her shoes, a slut who get out from a womanizer mans Rod’s appartement just to get f-cked for the night…and who looks like a wrinckled joker, we have the old has been control freak of Cruise who is getting worse each day who has lost his star statut while ago no one taking him seriously, the 2 put in a crappy stupid gadget movie wha a match lol.

  • AB

    Is that there PR thing lol?? so idiot hahaha and bet the rest coming will be promising!

  • …..

    Why does she act like that her manners like that to eat to fake she is so irritating.

  • oh boy

    was that fakeness supposed to be funny?

  • tim

    Her face is so ugly.

  • it’s robo-bride

    From Amy Scobee’s Pop Eater interview:* AOL

    Ex-Scientologist Reveals Details Behind ‘Dangerous Cult,’ Tom Cruise in New Book

    Tom Cruise is by far the most known Scientologist. What types of interaction did you have with him during your time there, and what can you say about him as a person?

    I met Tom Cruise and members of his family. I did a project to locate Scientologists for him to hire in order to fill specific positions in his household — such as executive housekeeper, maid, cook, nanny. Personally, I do not have much respect for Tom at all for a few very important reasons. First of all, I think he has abused his “power” as a well-known figure to gain special favors from Scientology. I know of several examples of this, including the fact that I was personally assigned to select his personal entourage, which had nothing to do with my job at the time. I was a full-time staff member in the Sea Organization. I did not get paid for that service, I did not get thanked for that service. I was at the International Management base in Hemet when he came to do Scientology services for an extended period of time. The staff members there were not set up to service a celebrity at that property. People were pulled off their own jobs to cater to him. I knew of people [Sea org members] doing his laundry, supervising him in the course room, supervising his counseling, the music studio conference room was converted to a course room for him, many staff members were utilized to establish audio-visual facilities in his home. Many staff members had to stay up day and night, because on the 500 acre property there were some brown patches on the lawns — it’s in the middle of the desert in Hemet. Those brown patches could be seen by helicopter per David Miscavige, and Cruise was going to arrive via helicopter, so we laid sod for days — night and day.

    The other factor is that Tom Cruise has proclaimed David Miscavige to be a “LEADER OF LEADERS” and announced to all Scientologists attending the International Association of Scientologists Event in 2004 that David Miscavige was the best leader and said that he should know “because I’ve met them ALL.” That’s an arrogant statement, plus David Miscavige viciously beats his staff members. So to give Miscavige all this praise puts in concrete to Scientology followers to listen to this “leader” who has NO BUSINESS being in that position because he’s DANGEROUS.

    Recently, reports surfaced claiming that David Miscavige played Tom Cruise’s confession tapes — which are meant to be private — to fellow church members for a laugh over drinks. Does that seem like something he’d do, or have you known this to be true?

    Yes — David Miscavige talked about people’s private confidential information. I witnessed this myself. I included some specifics of this in my book regarding another celebrity. He also did it to staff — snickering about things that came up in their confessionals and TELLING the specifics to whoever was at the meeting with him at the time. He did that to me. And he did that to many, many others. Including calling all-base staff briefings and reporting embarrassing details about supposed transgressions in order to intimidate people. One of my friends told me how Miscavige and he were standing outside when staff were walking between buildings — like for lunch break or something — and he pointed to random people giving “tid-bits” on each one as they passed, to “prove” how much “in the know” he is. It’s a complete violation of the priest-penitent privilege and a total invasion of privacy.

  • Jokergurl

    I do not doubt that Cameron Diaz could kick Tom Cruises little butt that’s for sure, he’d need a ladder to hit her :)

  • Kate

    Cute, but fake,

  • cheap

    Any self respected woman wouldn’t get with the dog A Rod, just to think about it… i’ve already lost respect for this ho, but this last wh*rish thing of hers, is truly low and disgusting, but since they are both the same it’s not that suprising after all.

  • sara whrite

    Tom is so good looking a real charmer and one of the best action actors in Hollywood.Cameron is a very good actress I’ll go and see the movie

  • Meghan

    Both are so hot

  • ellen

    Very funny ! They are hot and cute !

  • carole

    Tom and Cameron will be on Oprah today, Friday, to talk about this movie if any one is interested.

  • phew.

    40-80 north america box office.

  • really?

    isn’t too early to start promotion? Tommy is gunna be on the loooose

  • Mark Stark

    Too bad she can’t kick the Sciloontology out of him. Tom promotes a criminal money-sucking scam, and he has no idea, because he’s sheltered in their “celebrity center” division.

  • YES

    Can’t wait to see this movie!

  • vespertaire

    The lobotomy I got did’nt take so I plan on watching this movie,who-wray.



  • pecantortes

    @vespertaire: Where in the world is that twerp Simonette Alanes? Because I notice that her tenth of nauseous compliments posted in rows seems to have disappeared. You think she’s still posting? I think it’s possible Jared has finally banned her from posting here. Because you know that besides her retarded adulation of Katie, she was all day long posting sickening vile insults, here on JJ, to those other more successful actresses as NK or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Or has the cretin‘s finally joined the hospital for mentally incompetents? Or maybe her family has forbid her the internet? Or you think that the dumbass is still here?

    Read more:

  • Diane

    people!…..i’m not a fan of these two either…….but this was done on purpose for promotion…… i don’t think they actually thought the public was going to buy this as real!……god !sometimes….we all have bad days….but jeez!!!…get over all the neagtivity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vespertaire


    I think the socks have started to use capitalized nicknames and/or proper names and the gushing compliments are so generic that it’s harder to pick her out now, that being intentionally so. Barring death,imprisonment,expulsion from the country I can’t think why it’d stop.
    It’s like PacMan’s manic tweakouts on people, it’d never stop.

  • pecantortes

    @vespertaire: Maybe you’re right, but I don’t know. You see I don’t think that she would be bright enough or educated enough to be capable of intentionally change her “writing style”. English was not her first language and her hundreds of posts were flooded with the same recognizable grammar/syntax errors. Also she was very easily recognizable because her posts were just oversimplistic claims and shallow grandiosities, over and over, that it could not have been from anybody else. I’m not sure though but I think maybe she was banned. Also, she didn’t seem to have ever been in control of herself, as she used to post frantically in rows, like 10 comments in 10 minutes, like in an uncontrollable, compulsive manner (neurotic). In anyways, she was an incapable, a total incompetent at sockpuppeting.

  • Poor Tom

    How sad for Tom. He appears on Oprah and very few blogs and even mainstream media capture his appearance and those that do either outright criticize him or have veiled criticism over his comments about Suri and her expensive wardrobe. Five to ten years ago, this appearance no matter how lowkey would have been in every blog and publication–because Tom was the man.

    I bet he is scratching his head about what went wrong. Still doesn’t realize that firing the greatest publicist, Pat Kingsley, in Hollywood and hiring his bird brain sister in her place did him in.

    Probably doesn’t realize that with each high ranking Xenu defector talking about the cult and the abuse in the cult, the special favors Tommy has gotten as the number one member, and Tom’s part and place in the cult is hurting him.

    Probably is too ego-oriented to realize that marrying Holmes did him no favors. For whatever reason their so called “love” seems off.

    Probably doesn’t realize that letting Holmes parade Suri around in costly designer clothes carrying thousand dollar purses and wearing lipstick etc. is a slap in the face to everyone who is hurting due to the economy. People are out of work Tommy girl, and here is your daughter wearing costly clothes daily that could feed and house their family for a few weeks or a month. We all know Hollywood kids get expensive things that are dreams for most of us–BUT you don’t have to throw that in our faces in an economy like this!

    Poor Tommy has lost touch with his roots. And he doesn’t realize why 80-85 percent of the public can’t stand him. Only the most fanatical of his fan base still worship at his tiny, mmm, xenu feet.

  • peach blossom

    Oprah really likes the guy.

  • stiger

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