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Jake Gyllenhaal Takes LEGO Form

Jake Gyllenhaal Takes LEGO Form

Jake Gyllenhaal gets the LEGO treatment for his upcoming role in Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

How cute is the LEGO Prince of Persia?? Minifigures of all the characters can be purchased including Dastan, Tamina and Hassanssin Leader!

Prince of Persia opens everywhere on May 28. Jake last premiered the movie in Moscow with co-star Gemma Arterton.

For more on Jake Gyllenhaal in minifigure form, visit!

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  • blondie

    I wanna buy one Jake to me and don´t reveal what I´ll do with it!

  • pickles

    I’m too old to play with LEGOS, but I’m old enough to play with Jake.

  • http://www. LOL

    Butterface like him

  • Martin

    I saw Gyllenhaal’s premiere interviews for the film………….WTF is wrong with him? He’s real awkward these days or has he always been this way?

  • Abby

    @pickles: I agree. I’m too old to be playing with LEGO’s but I’m for sure old enough to play with Jake himself lmfao.

    It doesn’t really look like him but then again it’s a LEGO.

  • Gav

    He has the same fcuking expression in every still

  • Meghan

    He looks really masculine

  • : |

    @Martin: Lately for some reason he has been trying to come across all funny and it’s just fallen flat, so cringe worthy. Trying TOO hard Jake, honestly

  • Deedz

    I’ll take the life size version please. Erm, the real one. Forever.

  • Anon

    @: |:

    I agree. I think he is trying too hard. He thinks he is being like George Clooney, but I don’t like when Clooney does it either. His smart a$$ “humor” seems almost like he’s making fun of the reporter. They are just interviewing him for their job. He isn’t as nice as he used to be.

  • Emily

    @Martin: I don’t like the new arrogant Jake. He has become really full of himself and tries to make every answer into a jokey one but it’s just painful to watch. I miss the old Jake.

  • $$$

    goes to your head. gone to his.

  • ugh

    he’s annoying now : [

  • Abby

    I don’t think he’s being annoying I think he’s just trying to have fun with the interviews. After all he’s most likely tired of being asked how to bulked up 25 times a day. He’s just trying to have some fun with it.

  • Jelly

    They made his doll sooo ugly, it’s quite sad, I think he doesn’t look that good in this movie either.

  • keith

    He looks ridiculous in the movie with his fake hair and accent

  • Brian

    @Abby: Whatever he is trying to do, he is coming across phony / awkward / unfunny / arrogant rather than fun / funny / charming / charismatic. He needs to go back to his relaxed self, what is he so on edge about suddenly?

  • Leila, 23 London

    something is sooo off with him these days. but i would still hug him if i met him :)

  • Anon

    I think he’s still working out his anger about the mess with Reese. It will take time. He obviously cared about her and she obviously just used him. She is always getting her pictures out with her new man. Jake was more respectful of the relationship than she was. Her new man looks like a jerk. Jake is lucky to be away from her. She was too selfish for him.

  • Pattycake

    If Jake is angry, it ain’t at Reese. He might be angry at how poorly they both pulled off their showmance, and how little he benefitted. Reese, on the other hand, is like teflon. Nothing sticks to her. He was no more personally attached to her than she was to him. It was all for show, thus the term “showmance.”

    But Jake does seem deeply unhappy. I agree that his humor has lost its boyish charm and has assumed a bitter edge. As for being tired of being asked the same questions over and over, that’s the job of promotion. He knows that.

  • Sheigh

    This guy is charming, but definitively not nice at all. How cast’s guys was convicted by his beauty, and Jake doesn’t look like a persian with his pale blue eyes, God! I want a Prince of Persia looks like more a Persian / Arabic whatever but not a WASP.
    A black heroin was the one and only step in republican Disneykind.
    Sucks. Don’t want to see a movie with this ridiculous heroe with a ridiculous hairdo and fake biceps. I was a really fan of the video game.
    Anyway, this Lego looks uglier than Jake…sucks, sucks, sucks!

  • Matt

    Where are toys for adults?

  • Jimmy

    Jake is probably sweet on the outside and rather acid inside. I suspect he doesn’t really know why he is doing what he does. He doesn’t seem money greedy. so what does he get out of acting? He isn’t eager to be an “artist” in the profession. He has sold out his integrity with PoP. Attention perhaps is his main motivation. If not that, then what?

  • Abby

    @Anon: I agree, I truly would like to know why the broke up. Jake seemed like he really loved her and was ready to get married and have kids with her………guess Reese didn’t feel the sameway. :( Poor guy!

  • jaye

    Jake was ready to get marry? Really? I didn’t hear that they were even engaged. Ooh, there were tabloid reports of this source of that, but no confirmation from Reese or Jake that I have heard. Since nobody knows, I’ll just give a guess.; my two cents has now been devalued to one.
    He was probably more interested in spending time with her than her kids. She puts her kids first, as it should be, so that wasn’t going to happened. Don’t think he was interested in being a step dad just yet. .
    As for his movie I think I’ll pass. Something about his face is creepy to me. I don’t get the appeal. lol@ the Lego figure, it’s an ugly little devil lol.

  • Mary

    @Abby: Jake seemed like he didn’t care about the beard Reese Witherspoon, he looked much more happy with his real friends.
    I’m sure Jake is happy that shownace with b!tchy Reese is over.

  • tubykariark

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