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Ke$ha: YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG Video Premiere!

Ke$ha: YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG Video Premiere!

Ke$ha premieres the video for her third single Your Love Is My Drug, directed by Honey.

The vid was shot last month near Joshua Tree in the California desert and features both live action and animation. K$ frolicks through the sand, rides an elephant, and dances with a python while covered with head-to-toe glow-in-the-dark paint. Watch the video below!!!!!

Last week, it was announced that Ke$ha will be performing a Nashville Flood Benefit Concert on June 16.

Ke$ha: YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG Video Premiere!
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  • Stephany

    its awesome, i like the elephant and headdress!! love the song too. good job kesha!

  • anna
  • TheGirlYouNeverNew

    not a big fan is the animation but other than that LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she’s soooo hot i’d switch teams for this girl. HAHA love you Ke$ha

  • tante augustine

    Totally ripped off Patrick Wolf’s vid! How original.

  • tal

    stuning =))

  • Ron

    Yes, your love is my drug.

    Joy to you, Rose.

  • TaylorSwiftsNo.1Fan

    I Cant See It Coz I’m In Englandd. Crying Now. Jokin’ But I Did Really Wanna Watch It. It Sounds Really Good. i Lovee Her Album… :)

  • Phoebee

    that made no sense at all lmao

  • Donovan

    As much as she annoys me, I like the song.

  • ka-blamo

    That guy is an ugly hippie wannabe. Oh wait, just like her, so they go well together.

  • !$#@^&%?

    This video is made for people who do drugs. When you’re high watch this video. Haha!

  • Leslee

    Great Song, she is hot

  • Callie

    I’m not a fan of Kesha’s, but for some reason I love this song. It’s different from the rest of the stuff I’ve heard from her.

  • mimi

    She is white trash.

  • Josh

    Hate this obnoxious bimbo

  • LMAO

    she is so ugly and talentless. ZERO sex appeal no matter how hard she tries

  • http://www. mugwump

    The parts where she speaks are even worse than the her autotuned singing. Damn.

  • M.I.A

    worst performer in the game

  • jj

    AMAZING!!! <3


    Her voice is so fkn annoying, even moreso in the talking/slurring parts. Those inflections she does are SO fkn jarrin

  • Kloe, 23

    This is her best single but that’s not saying much. She is as annoying as Iglu & Hartly, 3OH!3, and as disposable as Diana Vickers.
    Go back to waitressing & kindly get off my radio and TV pointless

  • Jermaine

    lol kesha is so damn asexual to me. she tries too hard to be sexy and i’m not feelin it

    the hand movements, stop child. i think she looks like john travolta in a wig. she’s unoriginal and repetitive too which gets on your nerves after a while

  • Beatson

    Ke$ha, I know you follow JJ on Twitter. If you’re reading this, I’m not going to flat out hate on you but please just listen to this, & don’t take it the wrong way. Constructive criticism girl.

    You would REALLY benefit if you got some vocal lessons. There are artists who aren’t great vocalists but are genius songwriters. There are artists who are incredible performers or musicians. You don’t always have to have pipes to back up your work. Since you’re not an expert in any of the above, the least YOU could do is work on your voice, your diction, control, breath. You’re in the MUSIC biz, it’s a tough field hon. Drinking your way through it with the aid of autotune is not gonna work out for you in the longrun.

    The whole trashy hipster look is not workin. You could look like a babe if you showered, plucked your brows and just got a side fringe to cover that mole.

    Don’t be a stubborn brat and actually listen to someone for once ;)
    This song is ear-wormy. All the best.


    Not as gross as her Taio Cruz video where she looked really disgusting but still embarrassing, especially the parts where she attempts to string a sentence together. The fact that she dropped out of school and kills her braincells by binge drinking really shows. If I want to listen to get-high-crack-music, I’d listen to real artists. She’s become a total parody of herself in this male-controlled corporate music world, and frankly I feel a little sorry for her. Oh and way to rip off 3 talented artists in one go.

  • cc

    that animations is such a copy of the yellow submarine movie with the beatles.

  • cc

    that animations is such a copy of the yellow submarine movie with the beatles.

  • erin

    WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!
    why is jesus in this first off. and just… oh lord.

  • jenna

    Love her. She doesn’t claim to be some ground breaking artist (Gaga), her music is just fun party pop with a couple of ballads (Animal) thrown in. She’s always herself. Her songs are catchy and radio friendly. AND she is actually hilarious and FUN, Kesha doesn’t take herself as seriously as most of you do. She’ll be around for longer than people think. Love the vid, esp the glow nin the dark body paint, heeee.

  • meh

    2nd-rate Uffie.


    Her and Katy Perry sound the same.

  • Jokergurl

    Hmm, I too am reminded of yellow submarine, and also these old glow in the dark 80′s light games for some reason. I hear this song on the radio all the time, not sure if that’s a good thing.

  • sara

    she’s better than rihanna but not katy perry who is a better live performer theatrically than she is. all 3 lack talent though.

    still, i can’t hate kesha, she is so……harmless. and she really is the girl you see, she really likes to get drunk and party.

    she looks prettiest in this video than all her other vids. bye

  • :)

    love it !

  • leticia

    shes all played out, ALL HER SONGS SOUND THE SAME!!! NEXT….

  • sucker


  • kelsey

    well that was really cheap-looking and embarrassingly amateur.

  • s@nt!

    dont like it!!!!!

  • jeremycanrana

    she is absolut perfection!!!!!
    please keep talking trash about her ! it makes me love her more and more everytime ! SHE IS FANTASTIC

  • blue

    damn. 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back

  • alan

    That picture of her in glowing paint was ripped from the artwork from Bjork’s Volta singles.

    The cartoons in the video look like they were ripped from a Hunx and His Punx video.

  • Tommy

    This girl and her product are unfortunate in every way. I’m ashamed that i actually clicked on this link and lost around 4 minutes that I will never get back. i don’t understand why “the biz” pushes this out when there is plenty of true talent and far more interesting people out there. I am further confused as to why folks eat it up. I guess tacky, mindless, trashy, pointless and no real talent must make big money and entertain the masses. Again, unfortunate. To each his/her own.

  • bustaddawg

    @Beatson: Her singing is working. Her look is working. Whatever she is doing is working. If she wasn’t she would be nobody, like you. Your so called constructive criticism is not working. You are just trying to turn her into every other singer out there. It’s called oringinality. She has it.

  • Ron

    I love the ending. Alone, without the guy, on an elephant, waiting. What does the elephant symbolize? I went looking for a small sculpture of an elephant the other day, thinking it symbolized wisdom. I was told by the clerk that it was not wisdom, but good luck, that was embodied by the elephant, in her culture. Are we left to imagine poor Ke$ha waiting on good luck to bring her true love?

    Joy to you, Rose.

  • Tanisha

    I think that I’m the only no 1 fan of Ke$ha in this page.I love all her songs especially Tick Tock…………………..Ke$ha,I LOVE YOUR HAIR STYLE and I always try to imitate your hair style but get scoldings from my mom………………………..

  • Jessa

    I live in the area where they shot the music video! Just over the hill! Its called Joshua Tree. Its such a small and boring town. I feel like its somewhat important now!

  • http://N/A Jessa

    I live right by where they shot this music video! Right over the hill there! its called Joshua Tree and it is such a boring and small town. I kinda feel like the town is somewhat important now! hehe

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  • golden shower

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