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Lady Gaga: Tippy Toes!

Lady Gaga: Tippy Toes!

Lady Gaga steps out in yet another crazy outfit while attending the Almay Concert to Celebrate the Rainforest Fund on Thursday (May 13) in New York City.

The 24-year-old musician was dressed in an all-black custom lace Calvin Klein Collection dress and leggings. She also tried to defy gravity but walking on her tippy toes in very high platform shoes — with no heels!

Victoria Beckham wore similar heel-less boots almost two years ago.

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga walking on her tippy toes

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lady gaga tippy toes 01
lady gaga tippy toes 02
lady gaga tippy toes 03
lady gaga tippy toes 04
lady gaga tippy toes 05
lady gaga tippy toes 06
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115 Responses to “Lady Gaga: Tippy Toes!”

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  1. 1
    Ethan Says:

    Butt ugly… and I don’t mean the shoes.

  2. 2
    whatever Says:

    she looks like the “Drag Me To Hell” lady…

  3. 3
    Donovan Says:

    I like Lady Gaga’s craziness. But to be real, It is getting a little tired. I don’t know what I want her to wear, I just know I don’t care about these ugly outfits as I used to.

  4. 4
    sally Says:

    barf, no talent vvhore

  5. 5
    Lauren Says:

    This is so Stupid. I’ts not pretty in any way, it’s just a way of getting attention and she is not “making fun ” of the fame world anymore, she became a fame w**re.

  6. 6
    Kila Says:

    She is so awesome, love her new hair !!

  7. 7
    happy girl Says:

    THAT is how you do it! I love it. Looking like Miss Havisham from the book “Great Expectations” except in Black. Love the old lady hair color and just she gets fashion, she gets art, she gets shock, she gets authenticity. Love it Gaga! Luvs it! Je veux ton amour! lol. All the others follow – you call on Freddy Mercury, Bowie and Grace Jones and give it to us for this generation. Love it! You are our Bowie and Grace Jones. Gaga is the real deal.

  8. 8
    mickey Says:

    Her music is awful so I guess she has to dress like a fool to get attention.

  9. 9
    Carrey Says:

    How does one walk in those shoes? Gaga is like a pro, those runway models better watch out!! ahah

  10. 10
    li Says:

    no no no, please go to just plain old GAP and get somthing, plllllllllllllllllllllllease.

  11. 11
    yo sista Says:

    I don’t see what’s “awesome” or “great” about this! R I D I C I L O U S is the word.

  12. 12
    LongIslandKid Says:




  13. 13
    lux Says:

    These shoes do have heels. They have see-through heels! You can see the outline of them.

  14. 14
    LMAO Says:

    The look on everyone’s face is priceless, everyone is like “is she crazy?”

    i think she IS! What an attention w.h.ore

  15. 15
    bel Says:

    She looks like something out of a period peace or some haunted movie.
    She is getting creepier and creepier, that’s for sure. This is what having no soul or identity looks like. You constantly have to grab people’s attention with what you look like because no heart is beating inside. She’s all smoke and mirrors. Btw didn’t appreciate her half-assed and monotone way of complimenting that boy on ellen degeneres. Lady Gagus is the biggest hypocrite of all. She says follow your dreams, but the minute someone outshines her at her own song, she seems like she has to dredge up the energy to say something nice to him. A complete phony and a malignant narcissist at that.

  16. 16
    sandi Says:

    I don’t think she’s crazy. I think she has a personality disorder called NPD. look it up. narcissistic personality disorder. Although some people do consider it a mental illness. Basically she has no emotions inside and has no empathy for other people, and needs to constantly be praised and paid attention to, otherwise she literally feels like she’s gonna die. Hmm…didn’t she say in her concert, how people need to clap for her as if she’s Tinkerbell, otherwise without the attention she would die. She was describing her personality disorder with that one. It’s sad that such a disordered woman is a role-model for so many kids, teens and even adults. This is who we put on our pedestals. Mentally disturbed people.

  17. 17
    haha Says:


  18. 18
    LMAO Says:

    LMAO at mad “little monster” giving negative thumbs to all the real comments! LOOOOOOOOOOL

  19. 19
    LMAO Says:

    LMAO what a talentless devil worshiping Fugly puppet :D

  20. 20
    K Says:

    Xtina fans are right insecure bit.ches.

  21. 21
    yipee! Says:

    fierce! but, how can you seriously walk in those shoes?! anything to be labeled “fashionable” huh, gaga?

  22. 22
    Crapside Says:

    She is very talented. I will say that. She looks scary but, that is on her. I don’t see anyone complaining about Marilyn Manson who also dresses like a WHACKO.

  23. 23
    Jazmin Says:


  24. 24
    Cuthroat Says:

    Do people genuinely not know by now Gaga is and will continue to be in character? I know it can ‘get old’ but that’s what she wants to do. People are so uptight. Also, the no talent comments make me LAUGH. Her talent surpasses 98% of everyone else in today’s music world, but you’re so shallow you can’t see past her outfis. This bit-ch is so fierce. You know if any other chick had been accused of having a they’d be distraught, crying & embarrassed. She took it out and ran with it, standing up for all the people mid-transisiton – which, is a REAL topic. She’s not even afraid of looking dirty or ugly even though she is gorgeous Amazing performer and vocalist aside, she is an amazing woman.

  25. 25
    MJLOVE Says:

    How does she walk in those?!!! LOL I love her, she looks like my gran <3

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