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Lady Gaga: Tippy Toes!

Lady Gaga: Tippy Toes!

Lady Gaga steps out in yet another crazy outfit while attending the Almay Concert to Celebrate the Rainforest Fund on Thursday (May 13) in New York City.

The 24-year-old musician was dressed in an all-black custom lace Calvin Klein Collection dress and leggings. She also tried to defy gravity but walking on her tippy toes in very high platform shoes — with no heels!

Victoria Beckham wore similar heel-less boots almost two years ago.

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga walking on her tippy toes

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lady gaga tippy toes 01
lady gaga tippy toes 02
lady gaga tippy toes 03
lady gaga tippy toes 04
lady gaga tippy toes 05
lady gaga tippy toes 06
lady gaga tippy toes 07
lady gaga tippy toes 08
lady gaga tippy toes 09
lady gaga tippy toes 10

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  • Ethan

    Butt ugly… and I don’t mean the shoes.

  • whatever

    she looks like the “Drag Me To Hell” lady…

  • Donovan

    I like Lady Gaga’s craziness. But to be real, It is getting a little tired. I don’t know what I want her to wear, I just know I don’t care about these ugly outfits as I used to.

  • sally

    barf, no talent vvhore

  • Lauren

    This is so Stupid. I’ts not pretty in any way, it’s just a way of getting attention and she is not “making fun ” of the fame world anymore, she became a fame w**re.

  • Kila

    She is so awesome, love her new hair !!

  • happy girl

    THAT is how you do it! I love it. Looking like Miss Havisham from the book “Great Expectations” except in Black. Love the old lady hair color and just she gets fashion, she gets art, she gets shock, she gets authenticity. Love it Gaga! Luvs it! Je veux ton amour! lol. All the others follow – you call on Freddy Mercury, Bowie and Grace Jones and give it to us for this generation. Love it! You are our Bowie and Grace Jones. Gaga is the real deal.

  • mickey

    Her music is awful so I guess she has to dress like a fool to get attention.

  • Carrey

    How does one walk in those shoes? Gaga is like a pro, those runway models better watch out!! ahah

  • li

    no no no, please go to just plain old GAP and get somthing, plllllllllllllllllllllllease.

  • yo sista

    I don’t see what’s “awesome” or “great” about this! R I D I C I L O U S is the word.

  • LongIslandKid




  • lux

    These shoes do have heels. They have see-through heels! You can see the outline of them.

  • LMAO

    The look on everyone’s face is priceless, everyone is like “is she crazy?”

    i think she IS! What an attention w.h.ore

  • bel

    She looks like something out of a period peace or some haunted movie.
    She is getting creepier and creepier, that’s for sure. This is what having no soul or identity looks like. You constantly have to grab people’s attention with what you look like because no heart is beating inside. She’s all smoke and mirrors. Btw didn’t appreciate her half-assed and monotone way of complimenting that boy on ellen degeneres. Lady Gagus is the biggest hypocrite of all. She says follow your dreams, but the minute someone outshines her at her own song, she seems like she has to dredge up the energy to say something nice to him. A complete phony and a malignant narcissist at that.

  • sandi

    I don’t think she’s crazy. I think she has a personality disorder called NPD. look it up. narcissistic personality disorder. Although some people do consider it a mental illness. Basically she has no emotions inside and has no empathy for other people, and needs to constantly be praised and paid attention to, otherwise she literally feels like she’s gonna die. Hmm…didn’t she say in her concert, how people need to clap for her as if she’s Tinkerbell, otherwise without the attention she would die. She was describing her personality disorder with that one. It’s sad that such a disordered woman is a role-model for so many kids, teens and even adults. This is who we put on our pedestals. Mentally disturbed people.

  • haha


  • LMAO

    LMAO at mad “little monster” giving negative thumbs to all the real comments! LOOOOOOOOOOL

  • LMAO

    LMAO what a talentless devil worshiping Fugly puppet :D

  • K

    Xtina fans are right insecure bit.ches.

  • yipee!

    fierce! but, how can you seriously walk in those shoes?! anything to be labeled “fashionable” huh, gaga?

  • Crapside

    She is very talented. I will say that. She looks scary but, that is on her. I don’t see anyone complaining about Marilyn Manson who also dresses like a WHACKO.

  • Jazmin


  • Cuthroat

    Do people genuinely not know by now Gaga is and will continue to be in character? I know it can ‘get old’ but that’s what she wants to do. People are so uptight. Also, the no talent comments make me LAUGH. Her talent surpasses 98% of everyone else in today’s music world, but you’re so shallow you can’t see past her outfis. This bit-ch is so fierce. You know if any other chick had been accused of having a they’d be distraught, crying & embarrassed. She took it out and ran with it, standing up for all the people mid-transisiton – which, is a REAL topic. She’s not even afraid of looking dirty or ugly even though she is gorgeous Amazing performer and vocalist aside, she is an amazing woman.


    How does she walk in those?!!! LOL I love her, she looks like my gran <3

  • SIA

    She looks like a walking vintage doll. Love her music, projects, showomanship and voice so much.

  • qball611

    This what being molested as a child looks like. She needs some serious mental help!!!

  • Ariel

    She’s not that original… A lot of her strange things can be found in Japan.

  • dream

    that’s just so stupid

  • Amelle

    @sandi: If Gaga was remotely narcissistic, she wouldn’t write for others let alone give away her own songs she spends hours and hours on. You know when one of her ADORABLE little fans who had travelled from another country to meet her, said to her at a signing that she loved her glasses, Gaga took her glasses off her face, and GAVE them to the girl saying “a present from me to you, you freaking cutie” making the girl sob out of overcome shock. They were really, really expensive as well! The video is on youtube, there are so many adorable videos out there where you really see her personality underneath the jetlagged voice and outfits. She is a New York girl through and through, tough but hilarious and just bubbly and funloving, she never stops dancing. She is such a truly giving person, and at the heart of her life, exists her family. No matter how ‘ridiculous’ her outfits are, she will always have talent to back it up, that’s why she works. And no matter how devoted she is to her music and art, she is a traditional Italian girl who adores her dad and family at the end of the day. I adore everything she does, and am so thankful she exists in my generation.

  • B. J. S.

    Granny Aguilera!!Put the veil back on Please…My Eyes,My Eyes.

  • lena

    God, it must’ve taken HOURS for her to learn to walk in those.
    But…I’ll admit she looks pretty in some of the pictures.
    I think the silver hair suits her here too. She looks like an adorable grandma xD

  • Brit,Xtina Fan

    Why do her videos gets so many views on You Tube…She’s Ugly the videos are strange…Is ugly the new trend?Put away your pimple cream kids ugly in…You will never see photos of Britney and Christina with pimples on there A**..CHECK-OUT DANA’S DIRT.

  • oh my

    Awww, she looks like a granny.
    A very, crazy fashioned granny who is working those ridiculous shoes.
    Seriously, HOW does she walk in those?

  • Jennyfer

    Anyway, I kind of like how she’s always in chracter.
    It kind of shows how devoted she is, and I appreciate that.

  • rachel

    @LMAO: It’s not a “real” comment. It’s an opinion. Everybody has them.
    And of course, when you come into a post about LADY GAGA, a person whom you seem to hate, they’ll get irritated.
    It’s like that for every artist.

  • Lezlie

    @Brit,Xtina Fan: gee…maybe because her videos aren’t just about looking sexy and actually have, GASP, a story behind them? Which makes them entertaining?
    And just for the record, I love Christina, Britney, AND Gaga.
    Stop being so shallow. Looks aren’t everything.

  • Morgan


  • Damien

    Ohhhh, God forbid somebody decides to go against the “norm” nowadays.
    It’s like people who even THINK about being out of the box get scolded at.
    That’s why music has been so damn boring lately, because nobody dares anymore.
    Believe it or not, Gaga’s challenging some pop stars right now.

  • A

    She looks kind of cute when you see her from the side.

  • :|

    my feet hurt just by looking at them.
    I’m surprised that she doesn’t look like she’s in pain or anything

  • lmfao

    lol, anybody seeing the expression on the lady with the polka dot shirt?

  • omg

    I want to try those on just to see what it’s like.

  • Julian

    It’s not as shocking as it was before…but it’s entertaining.
    I’d rather see this than seeing some stars just wearing normal clothes.
    That’s all too boring. I kinda like her for not being boring.

  • Toamelle


    she is “just bubbly and funloving” Umm…have you SEEN her in interviews, or even in THESE pictures? She looks like the living dead half the time, with NO freakin expression on her face. Yes you can be a narcissist and give a pair of glasses to someone. Heck Madonna gave a whole school and we all know she’s a narcissist. By the way narcissists don’t give away things out of the goodness of their heart. They do it so they can look good.

  • mike

    those shoes are insane.

  • wtf?

    She should stop wearing her stage costumes out in public. Leave them for the stage. If she’s about “fashion” like so many clueless people claim, then wear fashionable clothes in public not stage costumes. She can’t touch Dita or even Gwen Stefani…

  • Tim

    Gagag has copied everyone now Grandma Moses,The Mom from Psycho movie and rocking John Lennon Glasses..What Kylie Minogue doing with her new Cd is what Gagag will be doing in a few years.

  • biz

    She can definitely sing. No one is taking that away from her. Her songs are also very catchy and nice to listen to. Still it doesn’t erase the fact that something is clearly mentally wrong with her.

  • happy girl

    Gaga is a feminist revolution. It shows that a woman can be talented and not rely on stripping to make a living. Instead, people are forced to concentrate on the art when watching her perform. She gives art. She is not a pop tart, she is an artist. And because we live in a sexist society if a woman is not some kind of object then she is not given value. But Gaga changed the game on them quickly. You are forced to look at the art with her because she is beautiful, artful, her sets are art, her songs are art, her clothes are art, she speaks like an artist not like a twit. And she stands up for human rights. Gaga: you are a blessing. A Goddess. We love you! The proof is in the numbers, youtube, album sales, etc. Nuff said.