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Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!

Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!

Miranda Kerr has a new book coming out later this year called “TREASURE YOURSELF.”

The 27-year-old Aussie supermodel (and Victoria’s Secret beauty) tells the June issue of Elle, “It’s about encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.”

For a behind-the-scenes video of Miranda‘s fashion shoot, visit!

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Credit: Samuel Francois (styling); Photos: Mariano Vivanco
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  • LOL!

    Reading comprehension….it’s a good thing.
    And apparently something that you have trouble with.
    Go back and read it again. maybe that will help.
    And now you are claiming that she isn’t successful? I thought that you delphidiots gave up that little bit of denial fantasy a while back. I guess that you have run out of material, so you are resurrecting that little gem.
    Not successful? Top ten AGAIN in the Forbe’s list. Just landed the cover of i-D magazine (that’s high fashion, in case you have never heard of it), and an ed in Elle, and has signed for PRADA! This, in addition to her very lucrative VS contract.
    Now tell us. How can that NOT be considered successful?

  • @50

    If waking up, getting made up and standing around were all it took to become a successful model, how come there are so many UNsuccessful ones?
    Success in modelling takes hard work and ambition. Just like any other career.

  • @50

    She IS successful at what she does and modeling is a lot harder then you think. Just ask any successful/struggling model. If you’ve never experienced the profession, then don’t second guess it.

  • sukar


    I agree with you 100% on this. I’ve seen several of her interviews and while she does come across as a sweet person, she’s not eloquent at all. She repeats the same info over and over using a limited vocabulary. There is nothing wrong with that. There are many people like that. But then again, these people are not writing books.

  • VS

    If she is so sweet, kind and approachable, how comes her fellow angels don’t get along with her? Just look at her recent pics with candice, doutzen, rosie or alessandra, she is always out of the group. Let me guess, the other models are also fat jealous haters…

  • sukar


    hehe they don’t like her? I didn’t know lol

  • VS

    Just read some reports of fan who met them at TFS and Bellazon during the last appearance and also the one in march with candice and ambrosio. And the pics do tell, she is always out of the group.

  • @VS

    Alessandra was once asked in a Brazilian interview what angels she gets along with the most she answered: Adriana, Marisa and Miranda. Miranda was once asked what angel she gets along with the most she answered Alessandra. some fans have seen Miranda interacting with the girls, Adriana Lima’s biggest fan watched Adriana and Miranda both hugging and “catching up” while they were at fashions night out. I watched a video of Miranda with Candice, Rosie and Doutzen at the what is sexy list? red carpet, and the photographers were just calling Miranda’s name so she posed far from the girls, ain’t nothing wrong with that. In the same video you can see Miranda smiling at someone in the end, and it happened to be Doutzen she was smiling at. But go ahead and find fault/excuse with Miranda and how nasty she is.

  • VS

    As you wish, I just repeated what I read in HER threads in fashion boards. Take a look at them, I am not used to invent things.

  • @VS

    I’m just bringing on the facts. These girls only see each other when and if they have a shoot/event together, which is not often. They all have there own lives and friends, even Alessandra, said so herself. They’re not all “best friends” but they do get on with there job. If Miranda doesn’t want to join her hip to them, blowing kisses, and flirting with the camera, then good for her. Because behind the scenes, and from what is said by the girls them selves these girls get along well.

  • @60

    If you say so it must be true then.

  • @VS

    Here this is what one of Adriana Lima’s biggest fan said about Miranda and Adriana in a “private moment” during VS fashion’s night out signing, adriana was pregnant then:
    “Adriana had got there late (on purpose I am sure, so that she didn’t have to do press), but when she did Miranda was there to greet her with open arms. It was weird to watch such a private moment. They hugged, kissed, and Miranda rubbed her belly and they talked for awhile before the signing started. Since I was near the front of the line, I could hear Miranda asking her about the baby, how she was feeling, etc. It was cute! When it was my turn, I could really only give Adriana my attention. It happend when I met Adriana and Doutzen too, but since Adriana and I had talked for awhile, Miranda was kind of just left sitting there listening to our conversation.”

  • kerroverkill

    Hey Lol, you are truly obsessed, go and get yourself some help. And now I am going to say it: I don’t find Miranda Kerr attractive at all. Her face looks weird. Her eyes are too small and too close together. Her nose is strange, her head seems too big for that malnourished body. If she put on a few pounds she would probably look better. As for her personality: who knows what she is like in reality? She does come across as pretty sweet and there is nothing wrong with writing a book with a message that is close to ones heart. So and just to save myself from all the idiotic comments: I am neither ugly, nor overweighed. I just don’t find MK beautiful or even anywhere nere good looking. Just because someone has the label “supermodel” does not make them look good. Best examples: Agyness Deyn and Miranda Kerr!

  • helen

    “Even at the last launch in the NYC, Skippy looked really constipated and looked like she wanted to just get the whole thing over with and get the hell out. Of course, she smiles for the cameras….but is there a bit of hatred behind that smile? I think not. Maybe Orlando is cheating on her. Or maybe she’s pregnant. Or maybe none of those things. I don’t know!”
    “Definitely something passed between them, miranda always is so removed the group, this is the same thing happened to Selita”.
    “She is always posing away from them which looks a bit strange”
    ” I wonder why Miranda never seems like ‘part of the group’ for these VS stuff. even during the one with Candice and Ale. “

  • Frankie

    Hi guys,
    My name is Frankie, and I am Miranda Kerr’s dog. I wrote the book treasure yourself, not miranda. So stop giving her all the bloody credit. she isn’t smart enough to write a book. I saw her and Orlando having sex and he has a really small penis.

    P.S. Can someone please send me a schmacko or something coz miranda doesn’t feed me. She thinks i should be malnourished like she is. She told me to put ‘Eating is cheating’ in the book, but i didn’t think it was the right message. Geez, what a bitch!!!

  • @kerroverkill

    I need to get some help? You just wasted time writing a whole paragraph finding flaws and insulting a girl. “Her nose is strange”, “her face is weird”, “her head seems to big for her malnourished body”. Do you not understand how sad that sounds? Imagine someone picking each flaw of yours in such a degrading manner for there own satisfactory. I wouldn’t say you are jealous, ugly or overweight. Just insecure. Sad.

  • Go Frankie!

    Frankie! what are you doing out? Get back into that case miranda is always carrying you around in. How does that feel BTW? do you want me to call the RSPCA?

  • @helen/VS

    That is someones opinion from what they are observing from a picture (you can get different impressions from a quick moment) or a quick glance of her posing for the camera’s. Not something they seen with there eyes, right in front of them.

  • The Truth

    Do you want to know why Miranda (or Skippy, ha ha) is such a loser?

    It is not that she doesn’t do hard or difficult work (she might, I’m sure buleamia isn’t easy). The reason she is a loser and the reason that so many people hate/dislike her (including myself) is because she is not adding anything to the world.

    When she is an old, ugly and forgotten lady is she going to be able to say ‘yes i contributed to society. I made the world a better place’? No, she is not.

    And before LOL starts saying that she does contribute. Just think does it make sense that this book comes from someone who typifies the things that are wrong with this world! No it doesn’t

  • message to miranda fans

    dea, ruby, Blair, whitequeen are the same person. im a big fan of orlando and miranda together especially orlando and follow both of there work and i noticed a trend in the one user with different names its so obvious. its sad that miranda fans have not a idea that this girl has an agenda. i want to let miranda’s biggest fans know this so they know the lies of the haters. and this is just one form of their shadiness. i know that miranda’s most biggest fans dont post here because they are too worried with her work but i hope it gets to at least one!!!

  • @68

    Actually those comments came from people who went to Vs launch.

  • @The Truth

    That’s the “truth”? Okay, then, answer me honestly, would you care if Miranda didn’t contribute anything to the world if she wasn’t dating Orlando? If she was just any other model, would you CARE?
    Bulimia is a serious mental illness, you can’t assume someone has it because they are thin. It’s a serious illness. Whether it was a joke or not, you can’t go around saying something like that. And what are you exactly “contributing” to the world? Aren’t we all contributing to the world by just breathing and effecting those lives that matter to us?
    Who will Miranda be “forgotten” too? She is someones child, blood, heart, joy. And in that very important sense, she will never be “forgotten”. She is a human, in case you’ve forgotten.
    People may hate her for who she is dating, but “the truth” is just a disguise for your blind hate.

  • @70

    blair? the blair who constantly send pics to my miranda’s website is a hater? Oh please…bellazon is a place for people who love miranda, not for haters.

  • message to miranda fans

    yes i have very big proof see for yourself. are you miranda fan? its lies of haters. agenda. do you know mirandas biggest fans? the one in fashion spot ? can’t sign up in fashion spot. i just want to warn you so they be careful… she uses them and there quotes in a place full of hate for miranda. be careful

  • @ all

    I dont think miranda is healthy yes she eats healthy food but not as much as she should. Telling young girl to not eat for 3 days is not good. And miranda does not act like she has bits wrong with her self when you see pics, she comes a cross as if she loves her self but may be im wrong and she has some one to help her keep skinny. One min she say she does not eat any bad food and then the next min she does?

  • @74

    I think you should focus yourself on something else… why some haters of miranda would be member of her threads?that’s foolish!

  • ???

    No need to be signed in in those sites to read and ‘quote’ what members say.

  • @74

    You’ve just confirmed my suspicions. Thanks.

  • message to miranda fans

    why you make fun of mayfrayn in the beginning of bellazon why you say very obvious hateful stuff about miranda in the beining? you are two-face. you make hate comment about miranda with the delpi poeple and you then go to miranda places and try to be nice to miranda fan but you post same information at the same time in all the places. we all know dea/bliar/whitequeen watever else you are. why you do this? stop lies and be true

  • susan

    This place is getting crazier and crazier…

  • wtf?

    This place is indeed getting crazier. Who cares if one girl is posting under different names, it’s her (creepy) problem not yours. Ah, jj, the home of the crazies.

  • @79

    Well it’s extremely obvious dea and ruby are the same person but I didn’t know she posted on Miranda boards as well. A new low.

  • Outrageous

    You people are outrageous… Just kidding. I love you all. This is so entertaining.
    Now…Miranda Kerr is a ho. I’m gonna eat Frankie for dinner. Yummy.
    …Are you ready? Coz, I am xxx

  • @79

    Many hate Miranda? Miranda is indeed hated in the Orlando fandom (and they flood JJ, btw) but she is in no way hated to the general public, far from it actually. Her fan base is quite big for a model too.

  • stew

    So now some people stalk not only miranda and orlando but also the people who write around the net to see who they are and what they think…yes, very entartaining!

  • @64

    Those comments were from the same little group of instigators on TFS that claimed that Miranda was on the outs with VS, too, And that they weren’t going to renew her contract last year. The girls claimed that they had “reliable insider information”.
    Well, we now know how wrong they were about THAT little bit of info, now don’t we.

  • sukar

    I just need to be clear that I am not an Orlando fan and never will be. I think he is boyish and not attractive at all. Despite all I said about her, I think with her profile she can do better.

  • @69

    She donates to charities, and encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle.
    I bet that’s a lot more than YOU do,
    Unless you consider devoting your life to hatred of a total stranger “adding something to the world”?
    Oh, and do you expect all models/actors/musicians/dancers to make the world a better place? Or are you just leaving that on Miranda’s shoulders.
    And “so many people hate/dislike” her?
    Really? If that’s the case, how did she rise to the top so quickly?
    She is well loved by MANY.
    It’s funny. her fans never claim that the whole world loves her. But her haters sure like to clain that everyone dislikes her.

  • @75

    Yes, Miranda has “someone to help her keep skinny”. He is called a trainer.
    She eats healthy and exercises. It really isn’t that mysterious.
    And she has ALWAYS said that you don’t have to eat healthy 100% of the time. Treating yourself once in a while is just fine.

  • hmmm

    After observing the videos, I think that most all of the girls get along very well.
    But I also saw during the red carpet video, that it was after all of the shouts of “Miranda!”, “Miranda!” by the photogs, that candice took her arm from around Miranda’s waist, and put her hand on her own hip, creating a gap between herself and Miranda. Candice also leans or steps forward a bit, to be in front of the other girls. In pics from the fragrance launch, and the last store appearance, she is literally hanging all over other girls to be more in the shots.
    I thnk that Candice was jealous of the attention that Miranda was getting, and wanted everyone to focus on her, instead.
    IMO, it’s Candice, and not Miranda, that will have problems with the other Angels.

  • sukar


    Sorry but you are in denial. Look at her legs in this photo. You actually think this girl is healthy?

  • @91…sukar

    Yes Miranda is slim but she is also perfectly proportioned
    with a 34 24 34 figure, supertoned legs AND she’s incredibly beautiful…..this is why she can model both high fashion AND lingerie/swimsuit for VS…….you can say as many nasty things about
    her as you like but the simple fact is Miranda is hugely successful
    and in high demand for a reason.

  • sukar


    no way in hell she is 34 24 34. I repeat, look at the photo, she is not slim, she is UNDERweight.

  • mia


    She said once that she started modeling business at the age of 13. Her education was obviously parallel with her job and suffered because of that. She is not eloquent. She is repeating the same sentences and thoughts in every interview. She is using “you know” too often. But she is not selling her eloquence or her smartness. She is selling her look for big money. You don’t have to be highly educated or very smart to put on bra and panties and make photos. You need body and face that will satisfy fashion industry.

  • @certain sop

    She may not be very educated, not eloquent, etc. but you, who are so intelligent and bright, how come you weren’t able to understand what someone so stupid said? Most of you talk of this book as if she wanted to teach people how to look like her, get her career, teach them moral values and save the world. And it’s OBVIOUS by her words that she only wants to share her lifestyle tips, nothing else. If you want to know them, buy the book and if you don’t, just don’t. But don’t come saying that the lives of young girls are going to be destroyed by her book because it’s ridiculous.

  • @sukar

    You can suspect that someone is not following healthy eating habits when you see their weight change very often and suddenly from one extreme to another, like in LiLo’s case.
    But Miranda has always been very slim.
    Some people are very thin, some even have to go through special diets -hypercaloric diets- to grow fatter.

  • nessa

    she is not 5”10 she is only 5”8.

  • pinkangel

    stunning ! whaouh ! love the pics she looks almost surreal !

  • mickey

    Miranda seems like a nice, somewhat intelligent person (well, for a model anyway) and has a pretty face. Although her body is frighteningly thin. It’s funny that she talks about body health yet she looks like she has gone through a famine.

  • yoyo

    Im not a miranda fan or hater, but wow this place is sad. dont you haters have lives? lol quit torturing yourselves and go look at someone you do like or respect. jj needs shut down. every celeb topic here is a disgrace.