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Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!

Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!

Miranda Kerr has a new book coming out later this year called “TREASURE YOURSELF.”

The 27-year-old Aussie supermodel (and Victoria’s Secret beauty) tells the June issue of Elle, “It’s about encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.”

For a behind-the-scenes video of Miranda‘s fashion shoot, visit!

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163 Responses to “Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!”

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  1. 101
    sara Says:

    A model who is thin???????
    OH NO!!!
    Come on people, get over it.
    She is tall and thin, but OBVIOUSLY healthy.
    She eats right and exercises, and she is naturally slim. She has enough curves to satisy VF, and is slim enough for HF. She has a very versatile body for a model. Which may be one of the reasons that she is so successful.
    It really isn’t that hard to figure out.
    The day that you can see her sternum, is the day that you should worry about her.
    She looks GORGEOUS in the Elle editorial. I think THAT is the real reason that the haters have come out in force. They are very frustrated right now. She looks amazing in yet another HF shoot. That really ticks them off.

  2. 102
    @97 Says:

    She is 5’9″, not 5’8″.

  3. 103
    @ all Says:

    im sorry but shes to skinny and having a trainer is not somethink every one can have and miranda said i don’t eat any think bad now she saying she does.

  4. 104
    Dreamqueen69 Says:

    A naked and grungy Miranda Kerr in her latest editorial for i-D Summer 2010 magazine:

  5. 105
    @ all Says:

    Why miranda wow she just dont know when to stop just to get more money.

  6. 106
    sukar Says:


    Now she is selling her book too. You need to be able to write to do that.

    PS: when will Miranda fans stop doing the ‘gasp, a model who is thin” crap? It’s done on almost every thread.

  7. 107
    @103 Says:

    She has NEVER said that she never eats anything bad. She has ALWAYS said “everything in moderation”. She actually encourages people to splurge ONCE IN A WHILE so that they don’t feel deprived.
    And since “not everyone” can have a trainer, she shouldn’t have one? Lots of people have trainers. Just go to your local gym and they can hook you up with one.

  8. 108
    @104 Says:

    “naked and grungy”???
    If you don’t understand high fashion photography, you really shouldn’t comment on it. That just makes you sound stupid.
    She looks INCREDIBLE in that editorial.

  9. 109
    @106 Says:

    “PS: when will Miranda fans stop doing the ‘gasp, a model who is thin” crap? It’s done on almost every thread”
    We will stop when haters stop acting like they are surprised by her size just to insult her. THAT is on every thread too, didn’t you notice? No, I’m sure ignored those posts, right?
    Until the haters stop with that little bit of stupidity, they will continue to get the ‘DOH! models are thin’ response.
    Give it, get it.
    Simple, huh?

  10. 110
    sukar Says:


    I am a hater? Really? Just because I thought she was underweight? Wow you need to relax. Having a different opinion doesn’t mean that you are a hater.

  11. 111
    @110 Says:

    Saying that you believe that someone is underweight is having an opinion.
    Saying it a dozen times in one post is being a hater.
    That is indicative of someone who is unable to accept that people disagree with you, and you believe that if you say something enough times, it makes it true.
    And ONE MORE TIME….models are thin. Get over it.

  12. 112
    sukar Says:


    How old are you? 5? Repeating an opinion doesn’t make you a hater, it means that you are defending a point of view you have taken. I wasn’t insulting her, or sending death threats her way, I was simply expressing my opinion of her as both a fashion model and a role model for young girls.

    You need to learn how to accept that people have a different view than you, without insulting them and calling them “haters” etc.’

  13. 113
    @112 Says:

    I think that Miranda is a great role model for young girls.
    She is one of the most successful models in the world, yet she remains sweet and respectful of others.
    She promotes good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
    And encourages young women to be the best person they can be, instead of wishing they were like someone else.
    How is any of that bad advice for a young girl?

  14. 114
    sara Says:

    Someone in another thread (or was it this one) mentioned how Candice was always leaning over the other girls, or standing a bit in front of them to grab attention….
    Well this you tube video makes it hilariously obvious.
    All three of the other girls are standing together and delivering their lines, while Candice stands in front of Miranda posing her little heart out *head tilt/wet lips/head tilt*
    Sure Candice. Everyone is there to see you. Who cares about established angels like Doutzen or Miranda?
    It’s really quite funny.

  15. 115
    sara Says:

    ooops, forgot the link…

  16. 116
    sara Says:

    and this one shows the ladies on the red carpet….
    First Candice takes her arm from around Miranda’s waist to put her hand on her hip. This seperates Miranda fron the group. Then Candice takes her arm from around Rosie’s waist, and actually moves in front a bit. I guess that she thinks that she is the star there?!v=Svn1CTpL2YU&feature=related

  17. 117
    sara Says:

    well that didn’t work
    let’s try that again…

    If it doesn’t work this time, just search for Miranda or Doutzen on you tube

  18. 118
    sara Says:


  19. 119
    @ sara Says:

    Oh! I noticed that too! look how aggravated Candice looks when the photographers keep calling Miranda’s name. Ahhh, I really don’t like Candice for this… her head is getting a little too big. She acts like she’s too good for everyone.
    I also saw in another video of the same night Miranda and Doutzen sharing a smile before they were photographed! It was cute!

  20. 120
    teehee Says:

    There’s another video of Miranda and Candice on an LA talk show. Candice was so busy looking in the monitor and posing that she hardly paid any of the interviewers any attention.
    Miranda was charming and engaging. She spoke easily with the reporters and worked in the promo for the bra. Candice said maybe two or three things and then spent the rest of the interview flipping her hair, tilting her head and posing, all the.while looking at the camera, instead of the person asking the questions.
    Candice realy needs to tone it down. NONE of the other girls act like this.

  21. 121
    Green Eyed Monster Says:

    Wow I didnt think there could be anyone more obnoxious in front of cameras than Miranda, but Candice now stands out, not for being the most popular, just the most ridiculous. Congrats Miranda, youve been out done! She keeps looking over at Miranda like she is checking to make sure she is still out front. Now there are two VS models I dont like. All these girls need a reality check though. Very stuck up the lot of them.

  22. 122
    @121 Says:

    Actually, all of the angels (until now) have always been very friendly and personable. That’s one of the reasons that they get along so well when thrown together for photo shoots and commercials.
    Can you imagine how difficult it would be if you had a room full of divas?
    Candice better watch it, especially when the queen bees Adriana and Heidi get back full time. They will squash her like a bug. I just hope that there are cameras rolling when they do.

  23. 123
    LOVE DIOR Says:

    I really LOVE the name of her book. She is not too skinny, she has an exceptional figure.

  24. 124
    embarrassingly pathetic.... Says:

    The delphidiots are having another meltdown over Miranda….hehe….their
    trying to convince each other that she’s too skinny, not successful,
    that the other Angels don’t like her and of course the usual….Orlando
    doesn’t lover her……..the poor sad losers are so full of hatred and jealousy that they don’t have a clue they sound like complete wackos….lol.

  25. 125
    @124 Says:

    Oh, they’re just going insane because Miranda is making them look like the hateful fools that they are.
    They said that she wasn’t successful, yet she is ONCE AGAIN on the Forbes list of top ten earners.
    They said that she wasn’t popular at VS, and that they weren’t going to renew her contract, yet here she is with a shiny, new contract in hand.
    They said that she was a catalogue model, and that no one would ever want her for HF, yet here she is signed for PRADA.
    They said that she is too trashy looking to ever walk a high fashion runway, and there she was at Balenciaga (twice) and PRADA.
    They said that no one in HF would want to associate themselves with someone like her, yet here she pops up in Elle, and the cover of i-D.
    The delphites are desperate.
    They are so frustrated that they are near to imploding.
    This should be fun to watch.

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