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Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!

Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!

Miranda Kerr has a new book coming out later this year called “TREASURE YOURSELF.”

The 27-year-old Aussie supermodel (and Victoria’s Secret beauty) tells the June issue of Elle, “It’s about encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.”

For a behind-the-scenes video of Miranda‘s fashion shoot, visit!

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163 Responses to “Miranda Kerr's Book: TREASURE YOURSELF!”

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  1. 126
    @125 Says:

    Here a look at how desperate they really are:

    So much time spent mocking a person/couple they supposedly hate.

  2. 127
    @125 Says:

    Someone put A LOT of time on that. It’s funny, it’s like they are trying to convince themselves her insignificance. You know there is an interesting theories about haters, and how hating someone is the only way to make them selves feel superior and better. It’s interesting. I bet you if Orlando and her break up, and Orlando was with someone else, they would move all the hate and nonsense to the other girl. It all goes back to Orlando. It’s a sad and vicious cycle. Seriously, these girls need help. There is no way hate is healthy, not when you’ve been hating for this long and in complete denial.

  3. 128
    @126 Says:

    Oh, they have all the time in the world to spend on their unhealthy obsessions.
    You see, people like them always have a lot of time on their hands, since they have no lives of their own, no friends, and no one to love them. That’s what drives their hatred.
    Poor, pathetic creatures.

  4. 129
    Green Eyed Monster Says:

    Or 128 there’s you, spending so much time paying so much attention to what someone else thinks about someone you dont even know. Whats more pathetic? If they want to mock her, thats their right to do so. Why should it matter so much to you? You call them pathetic with no life. Ahem. At least they are mocking someone in the public eye. You are just mocking nobodies. Thats pathetic. Cant you just adore your precious Miranda and let others think what they want?

  5. 130
    Are you possessed? Says:

    Miranda lovers want to lick her ******* so bad, get a life

  6. 131
    @129..... Says:

    Oh the irony!……hehe…..poor thing….DEFENDING people who spend
    their life trashing a woman all because she’s Orlando girlfriend….now
    that’s what you call pathetic…

  7. 132
    @129 Says:

    Those idiots are on a public forum. They mock in public, we are simply returning the favor.
    If they are so willing to spew their venom at “someone that they don’t even know”, then they need to accept that they will get it right back from her fans.
    If they don’t like people laughing at their pathetic little lives, then they need to shut up.
    If they can’t take it, they shouldn’t dish it out.
    And if they kept their hatred and lies on their own board, we WOULD ignore them. But they insist on bringing their garbage to forums like this one.
    They lie and hurl insults, then try to play the victim when challenged.
    They are pathetic hypocrites with no lives. We have a right to our opinions, too.

  8. 133
    @Green eyed monster Says:

    Are you serious? Who are THEY (or should I say YOU??) to mock anyone? Public figure or not, who has the right to call a girl they don’t know personally a Sl*t, dehumanizing her, repeating lies and assuming the worst for her? Are you human? Why are you angry with people who defend the girl? I’m sorry but not everyone is cold hearted, not everyone wishes a girl the worst for dating Orlando. They should keep the nonsense in there forum, not go to EVERY single place on the web to take it out on Miranda. We wouldn’t care if they kept it on there hate filled forums and blogs. We don’t wish them the worst, do we? We are simply pointing out there ignorance. Nothing compared to what they do to her, so pleeeeeeease.
    Do you know what the funniest thing is? People who have left that forum, have later on confessed they are much happier people now that they are not obsessing with someones life?? There behavior is simply not healthy, especially since the longer Miranda and Orlando are together, the more hate they carry. It’s scary, and they really need to focus on there well being.

  9. 134
    Miranda kerr is so dumb! Says:

    Hi Miranda Lovers and Haters
    Look at this video of miranda kerr talking to kerry ann about australian fashion. It is so embarrassing I had to look away:

  10. 135
    mia Says:

    Why are you so thrilled with i-D photos? Her eyebrows are missing, her lips on the cover are doubled and the shape of her face is narrowed, she is spreading her legs like giving birth, and showing tits wherever she can. What naked tits have to do with HF? Maybe naked tits are just high fashion detail for this season – instead bracelets or necklaces. Now we know what to put on this summer according to this type of HF. Nothing is the best. Mirandas shippers will need additional effort to explain that it is very healthy when ribs are scarily protruding out of torso like on one photo. She is obviously too skinny. Two chapters in her book about how to treasure yourself can be: a) How to be too skinny and b) Make naked photos for money wherever and whenever you can. I am ok with naked photos, but just take in the consideration that a lot of people are thinking different. Making naked photos for money is not generally accepted as a proper way of treasuring yourself.

  11. 136
    @mia Says:

    Do you know what i-D is? It’s a very respected high fashion magazine. Sure, it’s not as mainstream as say, Elle or Vogue. But it’s hugely respected in the industry and hugely sought out with fashion fans. The magazine features the top models, the top designers, top photographers, top stylists. So maybe that’s why her fans are excited.
    What does naked tits have to do with HF?? are you serious?? You have NO idea about HF. The human body is used enormously in HF editorials to portray art and a vision. Have you ever opened a French Vogue magazine? Maybe Italian Vogue? Do you have any fave models? VS models perhaps? Adriana, Doutzen or even Karolina K? all posed naked multiple times! Maybe you’re a fan of HF fans, maybe Lara Stone? Posed naked more then you can count with both of your hands.
    There models. It’s there job. Maybe you should pick up a HF magazine and see for yourself.

  12. 137
    mia Says:

    At the end of everything is money. HF and all other fashions exists for money. My question was hypothetical of course- I know that the easiest way to make money with or on clothing is to use naked body. It sounds stupid, but it is the truth. This is from the position of designers- be new, be provocative, catch attention. After attention, customers are coming and bringing money. From the position of models, they are trying to catch designers attention, specially HF designer. Models are ready to do (almost) everything for that. Big money, fame and job are coming this way. I don’t agree that their job is to make naked photos, although most of them do. The main idea of being fashion model is to present clothes that are on them, not themselves. I do not have anything against naked photos. Some of them are art, some of them are just vulgar and cheap. I was talking about the model who is going to publish the book about treasuring themselves for young girls. What is the message for them- girls, if they pay you a lot, take everything of and that’s it. Isn’t it a sentence about how one photo talks more then thousands words? It is very true.

  13. 138
    @137 Says:

    some of the things you said i agree with it is true. thank you

  14. 139
    @mia Says:

    I’m sorry.
    Having a debate about the fashion industry with someone who doesn’t understand ANYTHING about high fashion photography, or about fashion itself is pointless.
    Go take your fake, narrow minded sense of morality back to your JC Penney catalogues and order your “bracelets and necklaces” and leave the disection if this editorial to people who understand it.
    You complain about extreme poses, about her having no eyebrows, and the fact that she shows her breasts? That tells the world that you have never looked at a HF magazine.
    And too skinny because you can see her ribs? Well, if you bend back like she is doing in the picture, and you DON’T see ribs, you should loose some weight.
    Miranda is on the cover of an extremely well respected high fashion magazine.
    That’s what is killing you, isn’t it.
    You haters have run out of things to say about her, now you are trying to divert attention from her success.
    It ain’t gonna work.
    She has made it to the big time, and that is just eating you up inside, isn’t it?

  15. 140
    @mia Says:

    “Why are you so thrilled with i-D photos?”
    You’re kidding, right?
    Please tell me that you are kidding.
    No one on a MODEL’S thread could be THAT clueless about fashion, could they?
    Oh, but wait.
    This particular model is dating Orlando Bloom, so many of the people here have no interest in modelling or fashion, but are only interested in insulting the girl.
    You ARE clueless about fashion.
    Got it.

  16. 141
    Green Eyed Monster Says:

    @131 132 133 why so dramatic? Do you really think mockery and hatred are the same thing? Mockery is for entertainment, just like you are doing to the “haters”. Do you “hate” the haters? Sounds serious. Hahahahaha! Just get over it. She is a stupid, and I do mean STUPID model and as most models are, is deserving of mockery just by the profession she chose. I’ve watched ANTM, and OMG, those girls are just laughable. Miranda fits right in with them. Lighten up though. You sound as if you are having an anurism just because people dont like your precious icon. Maybe you are a stupid model too. Fashion is not art, and neither is modeling. Most of the world could give a $*%^ who she is, or who any of them are. And yes, she gets more mockery because she dates Orlando Bloom. After all, nobody in the world, besides a few people in Oz even knew who she was before she hooked up with him. She got noticed, but with that comes criticism for being exactly what she is. Stupid, mindless, and ridiculous. If she managed to speak like she had some brains, then maybe she would get less criticism. I cant wait for the good lolz I am going to get from her book!!!

  17. 142
    @Green eyed monster Says:

    You are a hundred percent hater- there is a world outside Orlando, you know?
    I love how you minimize your actions with excusing it as “mockery” all the hate that’s been dragged for almost THREE years to plain and simple “mockery”.
    “Can’t wait for the lolz I’m going to get once reading her book”
    I’m sure Miranda won’t be laughing when you are giving her more money. ;)
    “fashion is not art”
    THAT brought out the LOLZ. You do realize that fashion is one form of art, right?? Fashion is inspiration & recreation. How can you not call designers like Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz, Riccardo Tisci and Nicolas Ghesquiere artists is beyond me! Or what about fashion photographers and fashion stylists? all who use fashion to create a vision. Pure artists. And models are a muse to there inspiration, turning there vision into reality.
    Honestly, you’re the one sounding stupid.
    But your only reference to fashion is ANTM… explains a lot.

  18. 143
    @ YOU ALL Says:

    Models are the dumbest people on earth. They can’t use their brains so that use their perceived good looks to earn some bucks. I hope the virgin aeroplane with the angels on it crashes. The world will be a better place without them.

  19. 144
    @141 Says:

    Here you are claiming a girl to be stupid, mindless and ridiculous– but what I want to know is– how does it matter and how does it affect you and your daily life? I’d rather be stupid then blinded by hate and ignorance. Miranda’s never done any harm to you, and though you treat her as if she meant more then harm. Grow up.
    a.) you don’t know her to make assumptions like that.
    b.) “ridiculous”, hmm? says the person who uses hate as a shield against insecurity.
    c.) You keep going on about her, on and on. She really is getting under your skin. Can’t be because she’s “stupid, mindless, ridiculous”, because a lot of girls in the public eye can take the cake for that with 4 rehab trips, and public meltdowns. But yes– you said so yourself– Orlando. Everything “increased” once Orlando came by. And with her fame increased, so does your hatred, it’s a shame that self assurance and a healthy well being is not increased nor strengthened the same way as your insecurities. -_-
    Look at the bigger picture. Not whether she’s stupid, or whether Orlando gave her public benefits and mockery. But the bigger picture being you and your state of mind. Sad, really.

  20. 145
    Green Eyed Monster Says:

    ++I hope the virgin aeroplane with the angels on it crashes++

    That sounds like hatred. See the difference?

    Fashion is retarded. Stuck up people with vision ONLY for making stupid models look more stupid. Do you actually BUY the ridiculous getups those girls wear on the runway? lol!!!! I bet you dont, but please keep trying to defend it. Its a ridiculous industry that just keeps getting worse with less and less palatible “works of art” they keep drumming up.

    Oh, and you just sound like a broken record when its YOU that keeps making this be about Orlando. She is stupid and ridiculous all on her own. Her and her dumb VS co-workers. Except “work” shouldnt really be used to describe them ever. I doubt they even know what a hard days work entails. And spare me the “modeling is really hard work” bs. My grandparents were all farmers. They know what a hard days work is.

  21. 146
    @143 Says:

    You’re claiming models to be the “dumbest people on earth”, and later on wish them death– for what exactly? Because they’re “dumb”? So they should die because YOU think they’re dumb?
    Funny, you call them dumb, and yet you are generalizing and stereotyping a bunch of people you don’t know and hoping they die brutally. How humane. Karma bites.

  22. 147
    @green eyed monster Says:

    That’s an extreme example of hate. You ARE hating as well. You wouldn’t be here insulting her if you didn’t care about her. But here you are reacting to a harsh feeling you feel for her– it’s hate. I call it as I see it.
    Fashion is “retarded” to you. For some people it’s a strong passion. It’s a way of expressing themselves. I admit, I don’t buy the getup’s on the runway– much too expensive. But I do admire it, appreciate the talent, passion and wonderful detail and inspiration the designer has put into his creation. You don’t know anything about the business, or modeling for that fact (go watch some documentaries and see how much the models truly do suffer- it’s not all glitz and glamor, there is a lot of struggling models constantly being rejected and criticized by the industry and going against the natural state of there bodies to make a decent income) you obviously have NO clue, whatsoever about the industry. Just as I have no clue about the farming industry, I wouldn’t dare comment on it- because I don’t understand anything about it. So just with you, you don’t understand a thing with this industry, so don’t assume. Simple.

  23. 148
    . Says:

    Sorry gals, I don’t buy it. I don’t believe you are so clueless about fashion that you didn’t know all models pose n*de. I don’t even believe you’re prudes, I don’t believe you give a damn if a person is pictured nakd or not. I believe you’re pretending to be clueless about fashion and pretending you’re scandalized about n*dity just for the sake of insulting Miranda Kerr. You don’t go to whine to every model’s thread, just to hers and that proves my point.
    And of course everyone works for money. Only slaves work for free.
    @Green Eyed Monster: One thing is going to a gossip site and pick on a celebrity from time to time, which is silly but many people do it, and another to know every single detail in the life of a celebrity including the names of their relatives and everything they do every day just to insult them.
    BTW, labeling a whole group of thousands of people as “dumb” is a fundamentalist statement. And nothing is a bigger sign of ignorance and stupidity than fundamentalism.

  24. 149
    @148 Says:

    Well said!
    I think that you hit the nail on the head.
    as #139 said…
    “Miranda is on the cover of an extremely well respected high fashion magazine.
    That’s what is killing you, isn’t it.
    You haters have run out of things to say about her, now you are trying to divert attention from her success.
    It ain’t gonna work.
    She has made it to the big time, and that is just eating you up inside, isn’t it?
    This is just their latest, desperate ploy.
    That, and they are following the old, tired standby of accusing people that disagree with them of flying off the handle, or being “dramatic”, when everyone answered calmly and intelligently.
    They are so predictable its funny.

  25. 150
    lol Says:

    “Why are you so thrilled with i-D photos? ”
    And you have the nerve to call MIRANDA dumb??
    That’s rich.

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