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Rachel Bilson: Hiking with the Gal Pals

Rachel Bilson: Hiking with the Gal Pals

Rachel Bilson hikes up a dirt trail with a few female friends on Thursday (May 13) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress recently shared how she got attached to her latest movie, Waiting For Forever, which premiered at the Gen Art Film Festival. Rachel shared, “I read the script and I was really drawn to the story and the character and how well-written it was. You don’t find that very often. I was lucky enough to meet with [director James Keach and producer Trevor Albert] initially. We hit it off and we went from there. I was very lucky.”

15+ pictures inside of hiking hottie Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson hiking 01
rachel bilson hiking 02
rachel bilson hiking 03
rachel bilson hiking 04
rachel bilson hiking 05
rachel bilson hiking 06
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rachel bilson hiking 08
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  • Andrew le

    Nice, we are waiting for the second post of Rachel today, common !.

  • Kelly


  • Robertson

    I like her style and she looks pretty but she’s not a person I would admire. I mean I loved her in The O.C, but now that the show’s over, unfortunately it’s like she gave up her job, she doesn’t work anymore, and really, when I get here to see Rachel’s pictures she’s always shopping – it’s ok to shop, I love it too, but hey I mean she does it all the time…

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a ‘hater’ or anything, it’s just my feelings about it and I always read negative comments so yeah. I’d really like to see Rachel do lots of movies, and good ones – and now I feel like she’s not an actress anymore, she’s just a ‘celeb’…

    Anyway, I have to say that I’ll never forget how truly good she was as Summer Roberts, and I guess that’s why I still love her, kind of :)

  • elle

    oh my god, we HAVE to STOP bothering telling Jared to stop… when we don’t make a fuss about it, maybe he’ll stop with this nonsense

  • kay

    jared has bills to pay……. if you don’t wanna see her here annymore, you’ve gotta pay jared more than miss bilson does.
    i don’t mind her posts tho.

  • Becky

    @ 3

    I agree with you. I’ll always like her because she was Summer. But she’s just like every other “celeb” walking around not wanting to do actual work and depending on paparazzi shots to keep them from disappearing. She’ll always have a special place in my pop culture heart. I don’t hate her at all. But enough already. Get a job or something. It’s ridiculous in a way

  • .


  • lexy hates bilson

    Isn’t this the “trail” we see all the celebs “hiking” on – the Kardashians, the Lorenzo Lamas and his daughter and other D-listers??
    JJ why don’t you ask her how she feels that the girl who robbed her house has a reality show and will probably spend about 90 seconds in jail?? Now that’s something people want to hear.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    why?? Jared.

  • frenchie

    lovely talented perfect, how can anyone hate this girl?

  • ytryru

    She does movies, just not big movies. She just premiered her film Waiting for forever, you don´t have to make big movies to be an actress, she does indie movies. I though wish she did more movies, it would be fun to see if she could handel something a little bit more seirous parts.
    I really like this girl, and not ONLY becuse she played Summer(i love summer though!!!:D:D)

  • c

    FYI jared gen art officially folded last week. after 16 years, gen art is no more

  • Pepto

    Three movies. In the course of her “career.” Whoop de do.

  • laura

    she looks fat. maybe she’s pregnat! OMFG!! hayden, you should have run before!!!

  • Jax

    So, her “fiance” was out playing soccer with a bunch of disadvantaged kids yesterday, so today, in order to show that she has “so much in common” with him, she’s “hiking.” Whatever. Just looks pathetic and WAY too much try to me.

  • oh,, brother

    @ # 15 You have got to be kidding me! Who in the world would even think to compare Hayden playing soccer in Brazil with Rachel hiking with her girlfriends in California? That is what looks pathetic! You sound rather obsessed with them, to nit pick about how they get their exercise!

  • carr

    Does Waiting for Forever have a distributor already?

  • monday

    yes, very useful of MP3 to iPhone Ringtone

  • Jax

    @16, because she NEVER does this kind of thing. She shops and has lunch. Anyone that comes here even once a week knows this. She’s a pathetic Z list never was, she’s so desperate for attention there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to get it. Well, except get a real job. Don’t make excuses for her, she’s a pap tipping fame wh*re. I think Paris Hilton leads a more productive useful life. Period.

  • fitzroy


  • Lake

    So Hayden was supposedly coming back to LA from Rio, why don’t we have “candids” from the airport?

  • reidell

    I HATE this freaking little poser. She singlehandedly represents everything that is more wrong with the media-wh0ring industry today LOL!

  • Rachel is a Moron

    Just wait we’ll get pix of her picking him up from the airport or them going to breakfast/lunch/dinner soon because they called the papparazzi to take the pictures. She is desperate to get a film or TV job she’ll never be satisfield pushing sunglasses and writing about style. She loves the fame and the press and loves the image of herself so much its like she doesn’t exist unless she can see pictures of herself in magazines or on the web or on TV or film. She’s a spoiled tantrum-throwing self-centered bitch who always wants more more more. Hayden needed a beard and was willing to give her money and more celebrity/media visibility and since that’s all she wants, she was happy to take the deal. You see her exploiting her relationship with him literally every day on JJ or a gossip site or rag. That’s the only reason she consistently gets press notice and she will cling to him like a starving python until she forces him to carry on with the charade to its conclusion. But don’t feel sorry for him. We’re only hearing about him now because he’s trying to generate some interest in his work and you can’t do that easily when all your work the last 5 years has sucked. He does interviews and says the first garbage that comes into his head, usually verbal diahrea. But he’s been lying + talking shayt in interviews for years. They are soooo perfect together. LOSERS

  • kelli

    Um…this is looking quite desperate. She’s risen to like three posts per day. Even Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt don’t get that much exposure! And they’re actually working not doing mundane things like hiking and having lunch. Seriously? Maybe I wouldn’t mind if her style hadn’t gone out the window, but since it has, there’s no reason she should be getting THIS much attention.

  • Meghan

    she is pretty

  • brightside

    All I can say is that at least she’s doing something different to shopping and lunching and hanging on to mommy. Hiking’s good exercise and will help to tone up her thighs…which can’t be a bad thing.

  • Pepto

    You’re blind.

  • fitzroy

    Well how about being papped holding a book or visiting library or a museum… you know just to check out that this Lil’ Moe’s brain cells are still even functioning.

  • Ahari

    Well, hiking on a regular basis is good. But just once to offset what the “fiance” is doing doesn’t matter. She’ll be back to the regular by tomorrow.

  • blunder

    gee jared i was begining to think that she was dead since you last posted about her like…. less than 24 hours!!!!!

  • helen

    There are a gazillion pap pics of Bilson but the funny thing is I can’t recall seeing one of her going to a bookstore, a library or simple plain ol reading. She refers to the bf as a walking dictionary so that should give you an idea of her (low) level of intelligence.

  • brightside

    I can only assume that JJ doesn’t like to report on the far more interesting careers of the A-listers and, instead, prefers to post numerous blogs on the mundane minutiae of mediocrity that is the life of the average D-lister. Why? I don’t have a clue?
    Except, perhaps, those who have careers don’t need to pay for bland publicity while those who don’t will do anything to remain somewhere in the public eye….even if it’s only an internet gossip blog site. There a quite a few featured on JJ who aren’t particularly news-worthy anywhere else!

  • max

    Next post in probably an hour:

    Rachel Bilson: Hiking down the mountain with the Gal Pals

    Rachel Bilson hikes down a dirt trail with a few female friends on Thursday (May 13) in Los Angeles.

    Looks like the actress got some dirt on her shoe! OOPS!

    The 28-year-old actress recently shared how she got attached to her only job offer/latest movie, Waiting For Forever, which premiered at the Gen Art Film Festival. Rachel shared, “I wasnt doing anything, so I said ok fine.”

    135+ pictures inside of hiking hottie Rachel Bilson…

  • the truth

    Look hayden just didn’t come to LA . He went home ok.And rachel be with different guys other than him.She need to call the engagement off.