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Robert Pattinson: Kristen Stewart is Pregnant! (Haha)

Robert Pattinson: Kristen Stewart is Pregnant! (Haha)

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner drop by The Oprah Winfrey Show to chat about Eclipse and Twilight mania!

Here are a few highlights:

  • Taylor talked about the process of bulking up for the films – including eating beef patties throughout the day!
  • Rob joked, “Kristen‘s pregnant” when Oprah asked if they were dating! Kristen said that Rob would be carrying the baby, though.
  • Rob drops in on some unsuspecting fans’ households and catches the attention of both the Twihards and their moms!
  • FYI: Rob celebrates his 24th birthday today! Happy birthday, Rob!!

    Click inside to watch the entire episode with the cast of Twilight

    Twilight Cast on Oprah, Part I

    Twilight Cast on Oprah, Part II

    Twilight Cast on Oprah, Part III

    Twilight Cast on Oprah, Part IV

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    • marebear


      Kristen was so sweet and endearing and Robert was HILARIOUS!

      Actually. the whole show was great – my favorite part was when they features “Twimom’s” and one of the Twimom’s kids admitted that his mom watches “Twilight” all the time…but “only the Edward parts!”


    • Diana

      the whole interview is amazing. i laughed so so hard. Rob is so funny. What would it be a interview without him? boring as oprah herself. But this show cracked me up. best part: rob visting these girl’s homes. LOL.

    • Diana

      and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! <3

    • Amy

      Kristen Stewart is adorable! :) The interview was hilarious, Rob never a dull moment.

    • Markus P.

      he’s so fcuking lame

    • ellie

      Painful. Footface has zero charisma.

    • E

      not funny
      and he’s soooooooo ugly

    • peaches

      the whole oprah show was sooo great, and Rob was so funny this time- like always- and Kristen was so sweet. The Behind the Scene Clip with them was funny too.

      Happy Birthday Rob!!

    • chris

      THe whole show was endless amounts of hilarity. I think Oprah and the audience had a fantastic time. I’m feeling so hyped for the movie!!

    • ugh

      stop trying to be funny rob, you’re NOT

    • Joshua

      These two are as awkward and talentless as each other LMAO

    • the truth

      Happy birthday rob hope you have a good one. none that it wasn’true about the preganat. funny!

    • SaraJ

      I find Kristen’s awkwardness more cold than I do endearing. And her whole “I’m too deep for you to understand” thing is getting really annoying.

      Robert’s just awkward and nasty as hell.

      Sharkboy’s very gay isn’t he. Come out Taylor. You’re actually the least annoying of the cast.

    • SHOWER

      why does rpattz always run his hands through his greasy hair like that? ALWAYS? he’s so vain and gross and now his gf is doing it repeatedly wtf is up with them

    • Melissa

      I love Kristin

    • Vessy

      Happy Birthday Rob

    • xHeart

      Its kinda of weird but I’ve just thought that Taylor and Dakota should date.. they’ll be so cute together :)

    • Bad Actress

      i’m watching the oprah show as we speak, and kristin is the WORST. she seriously needs a media coach (and a personality).

      taylor and rob are interesting, but she could honestly disappear right now and i wouldn’t even notice. talk about BORING. dakota fanning is younger than her and way more mature.

    • Lisa

      Haha…The joke is on the fans. The whole relationship is fake and hype so you will see the movie and buy all their junk to make them rich.

    • Lisa

      Haha…The joke is on the fans. The whole relationship is fake and hype so you will see the movie and buy all their junk to make them rich.

    • dorell86

      rob seems very not in his place
      i think he was more mature on the show the view with emilie de ravin than on oprah . he was like a kid.

    • Nick

      I think KS is nervous because she know the relationship is fake and she is scared of being busted. Rob don’t have a problem lying. I don’t think any of them can act.

    • ?

      I wish they would replace Kristen. Sick of her fumbling. Is she on drugs.

    • carol

      kristen always sad as usual.
      are you sure that rob is 24 years old today because he seems 15 or 14 years old on the show. taylor was more mature than him

    • Deedz

      Wasn’t expecting much; but I thought they were funny.

    • kiss

      Happy Bday Rob Pattinson

    • cc

      Haters an here just prove how young and stupid you lot are by wasting her time watching r/k, reading about them and posting about how stupid. DON’T like someone don’t waste time in thread about them ididiots, that also goes to ellie person going around posting cr@p about rob an every gossip site.

    • cheryl

      The Oprah Show was great! Love that Rob and Taylor suprised the fans. Rob is so funny and Taylor is very charming!
      But Kristen..OMG two words: media training!!
      Look at Dakota Fanning who is 4 years younger but does is so much better in interviews than Kristen. Kirsten was totally awkward. I know they are saying she is shy but this is not someone who is shy, it’s someone who needs seriously media training!

    • mit
    • mandy

      I fcking love you RPattz! That is all.

    • ari

      whatever… I hate twicrap but i really love this guy. There is something about him. I dont know… I hope he never changes.
      Happy Birthday Rob!…

    • jane

      rob is so funny,hot ,adorable and down to earth
      kristen is gorgeous and really kind and shy
      the whole interview was really good <3

    • leele

      God! taylor is soooooooo boring…

    • nadine


      I agree with you…

      Don’t ever change ROB!!!

    • brooke

      Stop being so damn adorable RoB! You’re killing me!
      idgaf.. I love him sfm!
      Oh and Kstew looks cute too.

    • Love it!

      The Oprah show was amazing! They were all great. AND they all seemed VERY real. Something you don’t see much in Hollywood.

      Great job guys!

    • lila

      Luved it,
      the outtakes behind the scenes were cuter though…
      the Twimoms scare me however

    • tash

      @Bad Actress:

      bad Actress, Leave Kristen Alone!!!! God she could say the same thing about you!!!!!! Stop being so judgemental, she’s a real human being like the rest of us!!!!! Quit while you’re ahead!!!

    • Kelly

      I was this close to literally ROFL when I watched this, especially when Rob was so blunt as he said “Kristen’s pregnant” lolol

    • Alexa

      Ha! Love the look on Oprah’s face. “WTF is the big deal with these kids?!”

    • carol

      i saw the backstage. they seem more cold . she was like angry about something. rob was nice and cute but she was really angry about him and cold

    • eyeh8twilight

      And OK Magazine actually posted a cover story despite the fact that you can almost clearly see that he’s joking. God, he’s such a bad actor he can’t even joke right.

      Just when I thought there couldn’t be something more stupid than Robert Pattinson’s career choices, here comes OK Magazine!

    • yeahyah


      i don’t expect all actor’s have charisma, and my guess is Kristen is the type of personality that would be best interviewed one on one by Oprah in a non-studio setting (ie: her own home or someplace w/out all the fanfare & obsessive hoopla)

    • http://@Izzywuzhere Izzy


    • backstage

      wished she had more time w/the actors asking them more indepth questions and less of the Twi-moms and Rob knocking on doors.

      the backstage video of Kristen, Rob & Taylor is by far the most entertaining, Kristen is comfortable and really funny.

      Oprah (

    • moviekitten

      I pick up on that too. It’s understandable though, she gets guarded and defensive because every little comment and gesture gets scrutinized between her and Rob under a microscope – then, it’s like plastered in gifs and YouTube videos with cheesy songs, projecting the intent, declaring their love or their breakup. I’m not commenting on the love (that’s their private mater and my private opinion), but it really gets characterized in a way that appears to get her bristles up. Rob seems more amused by it all. It drives her underground and appears to take a painful toll. It’s painful for me to watch sometimes. I miss her former naturalness, personality and steezy strength a lot.

      I think Kristen values authenticity, but I guess she feels the public expression or disclosure and private feelings are mutually exclusive concepts? Whether or not that’s true. At any rate, falling on one side of the “confirmed or denied as” expression fence or the other has an impact on fans, and by being ambiguous about it all they capitalize on the audience projection either way, protect their relationship and solo careers going forward. Everybody wins it seems. Or, everybody pays for the responsibility of their own projection. If it’s true they are together and they say nothing – mucho happiness to them – it’s a personal and protective relationship choice! If it isn’t true and they stay coy without flat out saying jointly, “No, it is absolutely untrue that we are romantically involved off-screen,” knowing that people will infer it all the way to the box office and merchandising $$ – there will be a credibility and betrayal issue that would be unrecoverable. Nobody messes with a girl’s hopeful heart for profit and comes away unscathed. I personally don’t think they are capable of that passive deception or sociopathy in trade off for millions in funds. Therefore, I think refusal to confirm or deny is a confirmation – I’m not alone in that.

    • lyten

      Great ! now they’re dating …..I hope Kristen and Robert love together for ever like EDWARD and BELLA

    • Christy Burton

      I didn’t get to watch the Oprah show just the clips here. I think Rob and Kristen are great. Rob can call me anytime he is lonely. I have a facebook, twitter, and myspace.

    • linna

      this interview was soooooo funny.. i love rob he is amazing and so sarcastic.. love him.. i hope they do not date.. she so dont deserv him

    • Eva

      I see that their “relationship” is fake. The only evidence of them together is when they have pics taken on the set of the movies. The whole thing is just a publicitiy stunt and a promotional tool.