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Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Video Will Have Lots of Cameos!

Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Video Will Have Lots of Cameos!

Adam Lambert attends Paper Magazine‘s 13th Annual “Beautiful People” issue event at Hollywood’s Standard Hotel on Thursday (May 13).

Just yesterday, the 28-year-old American Idol vet finished shooting the video for his new single, “If I Had You.”

“Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video,” Adam tweeted. “It’s gonna be one big happy family!!”

He added, “That’s a wrap. Whew! Big thanks to the amazing cast and crew of the ‘If I Had You’ music video!!” Can’t wait!!!

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Credit: Angela Weiss, Craig Barritt; Photos: Wireimage, Getty, Wireimage
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81 Responses to “Adam Lambert: 'If I Had You' Video Will Have Lots of Cameos!”

  1. 1
    Sarah Says:


  2. 2
    chirka Says:

    I love Adam Lambert and his new haircut is so beautiful!

  3. 3
    Lucky Charm Says:

    I wonder who all the cameo appearances are by. Guess I’ll have to wait to see the video. Looking good there, Adam!

  4. 4 Says:

    Oh, yes, he’s been in the industry for so long now, that all his performer friends (ack!) are like family. Someone needs to give him a heads up, those people are not your family. And when his 15 minutes are up, those he referred to as “family” won’t be answering/returning his calls. I can’t stand this guy. He’s totally overrated in his ability and he’s just trying to shock people with his antics instead of focusing on being a gifted musician and becoming better. He’s bought into his own hype and he will be a nobody in a year or two. What would be shocking, these days, would be to have a musician who was talanted and cool and didn’t feel the need to create controversy just to be noticed. Like that Bowersox(sp?) woman on Idol right now, she’s truly talented and doesn’t need to shove her sexuality (or her tongue) down our throats to get noticed or respected for her abilities. Honestly, I would appreciate GaGa more if she wasn’t constantly wearing a frigging spaceship, or some other freakish thing, on her head just to go out to lunch. Totally cheapens her for me, and Lambert and Tokio Hotel are all in the same boat.

  5. 5
    rawr Says:

    Handomest and prettiest motherf*cker on the planet.

  6. 6
    TheSpindleshay Says:


    Aren’t you lovely? You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to Adam’s “family”.

  7. 7
    audrey rainford Says:

    adam lambert u r incredible, i love your music, i love u, u r amzing

  8. 8 about NO Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: Please do yourself a favor and STFU. The world is full of morons who just blab their mouths without actually knowing anything and although it may seem like you’re not THAT much of an idiot yet, I’d stop while there’s still hope. Thanks.

  9. 9
    CHRI Says:

    he’s sooo pretty!!!!

  10. 10
    Mandy Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely…. You must have a lot of time on your hands to seek out Adam articles just to bash him. Do you have that horrible of a life? You seem extremely cynical and don’t have any fun in life. I feel sorry for your significant other, if you even have one with your lousy outlook on life. Adam is doing great world-wide and his 40+ venue concert is selling out. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. I’m going to reserve judgement on Crystal until she is at the same point in her career. She probably doesn’t use sexuality because people don’t find her sexy.

  11. 11
    seia Says:

    dayum he’s pretty

  12. 12
    Moonlitatdawn Says:


    HA! His “family of performers” are people he’s known for years now (some from the . How about you educate yourself and do some research? Those friends have been raving about him on twitter lately (you wouldn’t know because you haven’t been paying attention). He’s way past his fifteen minutes. He’s going into a life-long career. You either hop on or the glitter wagon or go stick your head back in the dark corner. I pretty sure all of the famous people he’s impressed (Slash, Smokey Robinson, Jamie Foxx, Ellen, Kiss, Queen etc.) know talent when they see it. You’re allowed your opinion, but it isn’t going to slow him down. Good luck with trying though.

  13. 13
    buck Says:

    Oh Adam, How I love him.

    Can’t wait to see the video.

  14. 14
    Katie Says:

    So cool and handsome, muah!

  15. 15
    Nina Says:

    @Lucky Charm: His closest friends…Cheeks, Cassidy Haley, Lee and Scarlett Cherry, Alisan Porter, Rahab, etc, etc, etc. Adam’s circle of friends are all extraordinarily interesting, multi-talented people.

  16. 16
    joliee Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: He is talking about the performers he hung out with from the Zodiac shows prior to Idol, he did not crawl out from under a rock one day to sing his face off on Idol, lol… he has been doing public performance since grammar school. Aside from the Zodiac performances, he was part of the cast of Wicked and Hair to name a few. Geeez, get a life, or at least research before you comment!!!!

  17. 17
    eyelinerandcigarettes Says:

    Adam is so incredibly beautiful! He looks absolutely gorgeous here and in Paper Magazine as one of their most beautiful people. He is such a sweetheart too. Love this fierce man!

  18. 18
    haaa Says:

    very douchey

  19. 19
    Shirley Says:

    Let’s see. Adam’s album debuted at #5 today in Germany and his single WWFM is #1 in airplay there. Quite awesome for someone whose 15 minutes is almost up wouldn’t you say. Get real.

  20. 20
    joliee Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: So, if in the future, Bowersox kisses a man on stage or in a video, then she isn’t she also shoving her sexuality? If I (straight women), kiss a man on the street, am I “shoving” my sexuality onto anyone who happens to walk by? Or is it that only gay people who act as themselves in public the ones who are shoving their sexuality? I’m curious, please enlighten me on what you mean by “shoving” sexuality.

  21. 21
    Georgia Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely…. It’s amazing that you can even comment on his “friends” that you know nothing about. He has had these friends from before idol, from the Zodiac show, other musicals he’s been in. He’s been in Hollywood for almost 10 years. You’re grasping at straws to make him look bad that you’re trying to make a comment on his friends? Notice you are the only hater on this whole article. I notice the hater comments on articles are becoming less and less. I think they know that whatever they say isn’t going to make Adam’s hoards of fans love him any less and isn’t going to stop his success. Even his critics admit that he did well both nights he was on idol.

  22. 22
    good make-up Says:

    -whoever is filling in his craters these days is doing an outstanding job! Bravo .

  23. 23 Says:

    tic..toc…tic…toc times running out Adam tic…toc…

  24. 24
    Random Medley Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: He is Lovely but obviously not your cup of tea. I promise I will not get as ugly as you and trash the performers that you like. Who you like is your business and you are entitled. Adam’s “family” have been friends for many years. My friends are also part of my “family”. I hope that you have friends included in your “family”.

    We are all trying to make a living with what we have. I hope that Adam is around for the rest of my life because I enjoy watching and listening to him. I wish I had that kind of talent and charisma.

    For the past year I have seen posts where people have said his 15 minutes are almost up. Its nice to see that in your mind its graduated to a year or two. However long he is out and working his ass off (I doubt if you or I work as hard as he does) I hope he makes bundles of money but mostly I hope he is happy. I hope you find happiness also and don’t need to spend anymore time being negative towards others.

    By the way your comments are a form of artistic expression so loosen up and use your imagination. It doesn’t need to be “Black or White”.

  25. 25 Says:

    Oh, I must be on JJ Jr. That’s why the kiddies are defending him. No adult finds his “performances” newsworthy or exciting. And, yes, gay men macking on each other on stage is for shock value. If you were an adult, you would know that.

  26. 26
    Ted Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….Kids aren’t even allowed in most of his 40+ venue concerts and they are selling out. How do you explain that no adult finds his “performances” newsworthy or exciting when it is mostly adults going to his concerts? First he gets bashed that his fans are older and you’re trying to say his fans are kids? His appearance on Idol had more viewers than Idol Gives Back with several superstars so obviously people like to see him perform. You seem really uneducated because you are making statements with no proof or logic.

  27. 27
    joliee Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: @Oh…how…lovely….: Please explain why a gay man “macking” on stage is anymore shock worthy than any one else “macking” on stage???? The only people it shocks are homophobic bible thumpers. I am certainly an adult, apparently a more mature one than you, lol.

  28. 28
    marlock276 Says:

    Beautiful man, inside and out. . . CANNOT WAIT to see the MV for IIHY. . . thank you Adam for all the joy you’ve brought to me and to so many all over the world. You ROCK!

  29. 29
    Laurie Says:

    Adam is the most gorgeous man on this planet, as well as the nicest! He so deserves to be in Paper Mag’s Most Beautiful Issue, as he did in People’s Mag’s Most Beautiful People 2010 Issue, too.

    For all you negative commenters, have you ever heard him sing, or listened to him in an interview???? NO ONE can match his vocal range, charisma, talent, intelligence, and creativity. His performances are out of this world, and he never sings a song the same way twice. Face it, he is the HOTTEST, most exciting star in the world, and will surely be around for years to come. So get used to it!

  30. 30
    joliee Says:

    @good make-up: What does a performers skin condition have to do with anything? Obviously your flaws run much deeper if that’s something you would actually bother to make a comment on.

  31. 31
    joliee Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: The kiddies are all in school today, if you had some intelligence, you would know that.

  32. 32
    III Says:

    RT @RobertKovacik GriffithPark: It was all-night shoot that ended early 2day — a new music video for Adam Lambert. Crew raves “he couldn’t have been nicer.”

  33. 33
    Joshua Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: Your comment is the most childish one here, funny that

  34. 34
    KA Says:

    “If I Had You” — and the “You” meaning Talent?

  35. 35
    Simon Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: “And, yes, gay men macking on each other on stage is for shock value.” go back to the hole you crawled out from you fcuking closet case

  36. 36
    awww Says:

    @KA: This isn’t a Kris Allen post

  37. 37
    OH Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely…. “gay men….” you are such a piece of ********

  38. 38
    California Dreaming Says:

    Wow, what a handsome gentlemen! :)

  39. 39
    California Dreaming Says:

    Oh crud… typo! What I was trying to say in the comment above was…

    What a handsome gentleman! :)

  40. 40
    ianaleah Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: voted #1Artist of Year by Rolling Stone. Sold out concerts.Jealous, bitter,resentful losers bash Adam trying to tear him down to their level !Yup .
    .An article about Adam gets attention:
    Adam’s fans are obsessed.
    Adam’s bashers are obsessed
    No one can ignore him
    Adam wins !

  41. 41
    TheZodiacShow Says:

    RT @LeoMoctezuma Excited for 2night! Getting errands done. No I’m at the barber shop getting my hair did. Bank… Then get my clothes ready for 2night shoot!

    3:05 PM Can’t wait to see ya 2night. @adamlambert @scarlett_cherry @leecherry @Mamazun @CountreBlack @alisanporter. I’m excited! Love u guys

    3:38 PM Its gonna b so much fun! I can feel it! RT @adamlambert: Gearing up for all night video shoot for “If I Had You”!!!

    3:41 PM See U in a few Hrs! B) RT: @adamlambert: Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video. It’s gonna be one big happy family!!

    11:14 PM First shot of @adamlambert video done. Its gonna be HOT! Were becoming one with Mother Nature. Thank God I don’t have allergies.

    3:03 AM Its 3am on @adamlambert ifihadyou video set. We gettin sexy dancin our butts off. I love improving with my love @alisanporter. So much fun!

    3:17 AM Chillin in the dirt on a break between shots w/ @mamazun Alan Luis & I. So much fun

    3:26 AM Holding my bottle of Cafe Patron. Its 3:30am. Party time.

    4:12 AM Its a wrap on @adamlambert ‘s friends dancers & our Cameo’s. Lol. But he’s still going. Gonna be a Hot video. Can’t wait till it comes out!

    5:00 AM Congratulations @adamlambert on Ur IfIHadYou Video.Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it. Im so proud of you. Its gonna B Amazing!<3

    22 hours ago Up & reflecting on such a Funtastic night on set last night w/ my friends @adamlambert @alisanporter @leecherry @scarlett_cherry @Mamazun @thezodiacshow. What a special group of creative Creatures. #blessed.

  42. 42
    TheZodiacShow Says:

    RT @Leecherry Gettin’ ready to go to the @adamlambert video shoot. Good times w/good friends!

    8:11 PM I haven’t played dress up in a while. Fun!! @Scarlett_cherry looks hot!! As do all the kids!

    4:51 AM Just got home from the @adamlambert video shoot. It was so lovely to see so much love and support. This video’s gonna be special. g’night!

  43. 43
    TheZodiacShow Says:

    RT @CountreBlack @adamlambert weeeerkkk gorgeous!!!

    RT @Mamazun It’s a beautiful wrap@adamlambert video shoot, love and light was shared tonight! What deliciousness! Shine Adam! we hear u!

  44. 44
    Draaayk Says:

    He’s the hottest little fancy pants out there…secret – (shhhhh…he’s a bright ginger south of the equator)

  45. 45
    TheZodiacShow Says:

    RT @scarlett_cherry RT: @adamlambert Invited a bunch of my performer friends to cameo in the video. It’s gonna be one big happy family!!

    4:00 PM …Can’t wait…yayayaaya!!!

    4:04 PM …Feathers, and corsets, and stones..oh my……

    16 hours ago …had an amazing time @adamlambert’s shoot last night…lots of love…lots of family…& lots of fierceness….

    12 hours ago ..Love you @adamlambert…thank you for inviting us to be a part of such a special moment in were wonderful..couldn’t b prouder..x

  46. 46
    TheZodiacShow Says:

    RT @alisanporter My feeey were made for dancing. Bring it silver boots and forest floor.

    RT @alisanporter Can i just say i have the most talented beautiful friends in the world.

  47. 47
    Brad Says:

    @Draaayk: Not a secret; he as asked and he confirmed the curtains match the drapes ;)

  48. 48
    Reg Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: Hey lol you just made yourself sound really dumb, but I guess for you that is not hard. Let me tell u something. You should do your research first or shut up because you sound very ignorant. Do you know that most of ADAM fans are adults 30 and up? My mom and my grandma that is in her late 60′s love him before and after the so called raunchy performance and find him very exciting that they jump for joy when they here he is on the tele performing or just holding an articulate conversation with other people. They are both intelligent college educated women and so I am. This is jut in my house hold alone and I can only imagine that are many others out there just like us. So don’t make your self sound more stupid than you are, but then again you just did. OOPs!

  49. 49
    Reg Says:

    @ Oh…how…lovely…. :Hey lol you just made yourself sound really dumb, but I guess for you that is not hard. Let me tell u something. You should do your research first or shut up because you sound very ignorant. Do you know that most of ADAM fans are adults 30 and up? My mom and my grandma that is in her late 60′s love him before and after the so called raunchy performance and find him very exciting that they jump for joy when they here he is on the tele performing or just holding an articulate conversation with other people. They are both intelligent college educated women and so I am. This is jut in my house hold alone and I can only imagine that are many others out there just like us. So don’t make your self sound more stupid than you are, but then again you just did. OOPs!

  50. 50
    NEWYORK Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: You don’t know the fist thing about Adam, do you? I’m just going to ignore and not waste energy on your homophobic comment, it’s your personal issue you need to sort out.

    Adam Lambert has 3 extremely close friends he’s known forever, one best friend (Danielle Stori) he’s known since chidhood, a circle of close friends that consist of his band and dancers, and a huge, huge circle of friends. Of over 300 people (Bday attendance) he’s known from working for a Decade Underground in LA, from Wicked, from Hair, from his Vintage & Alt club days, from travelling the world, from Idol, from post Idol, from his Citizen Vein band days, from Upright Cabaret, from Burning Man……….He also has his family from The Zodiac Show. These people are one of the most inspiring, creative, confident, beautiful, colorful people you will ever meet. Zodiac was the main stage Adam could spread his wings and be fkn fabulous, his larger than life onstage persona really shone here. Adam is the baby of the group: they absolutely adore him & are so proud of him. This is the family he was talking about “Oh…how…lovely”.

  51. 51 about NO Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: I was wrong. You are that much of an idiot. I’m sorry…about your life.

  52. 52
    Colleen Says:

    Wow, love Adam’s outfit there….he is SOOOO incredibly gorgeous not to mention super talented and just a nice, decent, wonderful human being….love him sooo much, thank you for reporting on him!!

  53. 53
    Sandy Says:

    I have to put it out there…..Brigadoon…try it! Ever hear a voice like that before?

  54. 54
    Jory Says:

    God He’s so f*cking Gorgeous I Love him <3

  55. 55
    Ali Says:

    he always looks so constipated in his clothing/style choices. he’s trying to be out there, but he just winds up looking over-processed.

  56. 56
    J. Says:

    @Ali: Trying to be out there? LMAO. If this is out there to you, you must be really dam.n sheltered. He always looks hot and is ALWAYS charming and ALWAYS spirited, and hilarious. And you’re always on his posts and talkin about him. WIN/WIN

  57. 57
    Ben Says:

    That’s an awesome haircut

  58. 58
    Mishghan Says:

    I’m a 24 year old practicing Muslim girl and I love this guy so much, I would be so proud of him if he were my son, my God. I can’t, just…don’t understand how there are so many backwards and horrible people in the world, it’s unreal. He is all about love, so beautiful. Forget how crazy amazing his voice is, HE is just so special in every way. You’re such a little legend Adam, xo

  59. 59
    adamluv1000 Says:

    Beautiful, talented, wonderful, considerate person. Haters go away. We love Adam and all he stands for.

  60. 60
    LMAO Says:

    Hey @oh…how about NO: suck on that

  61. 61
    LMAO Says:

    THAT was meant for @Oh…how…lovely

  62. 62
    Anya Says:

    why does this homo wear eyeshadow? stupid talentless idiot

  63. 63
    Luna Says:

    He wears his collar so tight! But he’s so nice and hot and talented <3

  64. 64
    Kelsee Says:

    He is attractive

  65. 65
    tracy Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: jealous ? bitter ? resentful ? you or your relative not doing so well-look in the mirror- that is the person to blame .

  66. 66
    tracy Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: eat some sugar, maybe you’ll feel better.

  67. 67
    tracy Says:

    @good make-up: Feel better, loser, YOU came to an article on Adam-he owns you. Adam’s fans are obsessed., Adam’s bashers are obsessed. No one can ignore him-he OWNS Y.O.U. ha!

  68. 68
    tmd Says:

    @ Anya: What’s the matter? Get tired of getting SLAMMED as @ Oh_how_lovely? So you came back on under a couple other aliases … i.e. .. Ali … who else you gonna send? LOLOLOLOL
    How foolish you are.

  69. 69
    Deb Says:

    @Oh…how…lovely….: Why are you wasting your time commenting on someone you don’t like? Do you have nothing better to do? You may be an “adult” by age, but you sure sound like an ignorant and hateful child to me. BTW, a lot of his fans, including me, are probably older than you.

  70. 70
    SLA$H Says:

    @Anya: LMAO. This ‘homo’ has friends and fans in these LEGENDS > He is SMART, he is mad TALENTED and he is NICE. You on the other hand, seemingly have NOOO life, and are very clearly completely closeted. Everyone knows people who can’t stop thinking and talking about gay men are dealing with feelings of their own.

  71. 71
    Anya Says:


    lol whatever helps you sleet at night fruitcake, and since im a straight woman I really doubt that I have closeted feelings for this guyliner wearing talentless fool. now go cry yourself to sleep.

  72. 72
    Anya Says:


    lol idiot I only have one SN, sorry to burst your bubble but more than one person finds this homo a complete douchebag. get a life.

  73. 73
    Beatka Says:

    @random medley
    Love conquers hate

  74. 74
    erin Says:

    @Anya:Keep crying and trolling sick, bigoted, backwards KrisCook TARD. Your douchy, mentally stunted kind haven’t achieve ANYthing by joining together forming hysterically immature FB groups titled “Homosexuals need to Die!” full of hphobic slurs against Adam & gays. Krissypoo is already forgotten and it hasn’t even been 2 YEARS, and DC is even less relevant. Your Krissy called Adam “Hands down and honest to God, one of the most amazing people you will ever meet.” What a horrible person lol! No wonder ex-bigot Sarver became a changed man after meeting him. No wonder the House said it was Adam they all leaned on and went to for hugs and advice. What a douche. No wonder they all said he held the group together. Such a douchebag! Makeup = douche, obviously lol! NO WONDER EVERYONE who meets him falls in love or reports what a fkn NICE guy he is. You type are so hilarious. How do you even survive in society? Do you live in a little cave with other bigoted jerks like yourself? You actually do, don’t you?

  75. 75
    lovely AND talented. Says:


  76. 76
    mary Says:

    I saw Kesha & Allison Ireheta in the IIHY video.

  77. 77
    Stilladsudlejning Says:

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  79. 79
    CNA Says:

    He looks absolutely gorgeous here and in Paper Magazine as one of their most beautiful people.

  80. 80
    SMS Says:

    Have you ever regarded as adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers much more entertained? I mean I just read via the whole write-up of yours and it was quite great but because I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be much more helpful nicely let me know how it turns out. This is good…thanks for sharing

  81. 81
    build a pc kit Says:

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