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Aishwarya Rai: Gucci Girl Takes Cannes

Aishwarya Rai: Gucci Girl Takes Cannes

Aishwarya Rai continues to kill it on the red carpet at the Il Gattopardo premiere at the Palais des Festivals during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 14) in Cannes, France.

The 36-year-old Indian actress wore a one-of-a-kind Gucci magenta pleated chiffon twisted halter neck gown open back and full floor length skirt. She was joined on the red carpet by her mom Vrinda Rai.

15+ pictures inside of Gucci girl Aishwarya Rai

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Credit: Dominique Charriau, Pascal Le Segretain, Ian Gavan, Sean Gallup; Photos: Getty
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102 Responses to “Aishwarya Rai: Gucci Girl Takes Cannes”

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  1. 26
    wow Says:

    Gorgeous eyes and dress!!

  2. 27
    Halli Says:


    Angelina Jolie looks like a crackhead now. She has seriously lost her looks and resembles a man in a wig lately. Even Johnny Depp is turned off by her. So Ash is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more beautiful than that buy-eyed big headed tool.

  3. 28
    busted Says:



    Angie has nothing to do with this post. And really why in the world would you fools assume she wants Depp.. Angie may loose a lot of things, but her looks are not one of them.

    Ash is a beautiful woman..not really known in the US.. beautiful eyes.

    And you can attack Angelina all you want.. You freaks seek out any means to say something nasty.. So really talk about the woman the thread is about.. Take your JOLIE hate and shove it high up your as*.

    Angie does not give a sh*t that you don’t like her looks..

  4. 29
    nirvanic Says:

    Ash more beautiful then Jolie? HAHA. Damn people are delusional.
    Boring face, no appeal. She seems very motherly to me. Woman is attractive, Beautiful? No, Good thing she got a set of eyes on her because if it werent for those shed be a yawn fest

  5. 30
    ... Says:

    @NOELIA: Nope, didn’t know that. I don’t sit here like a loser reading about every spectrum of the lives of Angelina Jolie or Aishwarya Rai. Get a life.
    If you’d like, I can break down my comment in small, small words to help you understand that I in no way insulted Angelina. Just freaks like yourself.
    By the way, is your caps lock key broken or do you prefer to come off as a screaming ****?

  6. 31
    Paul Says:

    She really IS the most beautiful woman in the world…she’s stunning. Those eyes!

  7. 32
    ... Says:

    @busted: I agree with you, which is why I made my initial post. i didn’t get why that raging lunatic was bringing in an unrelated individual onto a board for someone different. Angelina doesn’t care about comparisons or how people think she looks and I’m betting neither do many other celebrities. People need to stop comparing everything that moves to Angelina. She doesn’t walk on water, so I don’t understand why she’s brought into everything. I was merely wondering why someone STARTED to make comparisons *HERE*. Apparently noelia doesn’t understand words very well.

  8. 33
    Kelsee Says:

    She is pretty

  9. 34
    happy girl Says:

    she is gorgeous so i am convinced her hairdresser is a hater who wants ash to look bad cause why else would he or she do her hair like this every night at cannes????

  10. 35
    joe Says:

    she is so stunning . i love her dress and make up

  11. 36
    sam Says:

    yes she is looks ravishing. she is definately very beautiful than angelina

  12. 37
    xfan Says:

    hmmm…ms . anonymous?……..i guess aniston’s azzlicker?….fin, halli et al are name changing aniston’s azzlickers.Putting down jolie, WILL NEVER MAKE YOU LOOK PRETTY……… matter how you scream, Yo still Butt Ugly. You look like aniston’s azz, if you call that pretty,fne with me. You can call her any names, it will not help your face……. nor help you land a dreamy man. Btw have nothing again aishawa rai, she is what she is, pretty eyes and all good for her, but won’t compare her to jolie. These two are totally different, but i know when there a beauitiful coming out, they always compare them all to jolie from megan fox, jolie ,jolie look alikes to aishawa rai and then proclaim, they are all more beautiful than her. I guess the comparison just end there,because she is more fascinating beyond her beauty, i can’t say about the others. To somebody who said, jolie fans think she is a saint, well may i ask what do you think of yourself?….a devil or scorned woman? – who has done NOTHING to your fellow man but run your filthy mouth in hell?. Wait, i take it back, i think being nasty is your to your charity in hell.

  13. 38
    ... Says:

    @xfan: Looks like noelia changed its name and turned off the caps. What a convoluted fool. Learn to write in English properly!

  14. 39
    xfan Says:

    Thumb my post all you want, you are still butt ugly, that’s a reality. Unless you change , your ugliness won’t save you from hell and you won’t go nowhere but here. Internet is the best place to hide, when you have nothing better going on in real life.

  15. 40
    sharin Says:

    Ok y is everyone asking why she is there? U think the only ppl who are ther are ppl who are promoting something?? Obviously the festival invites a number of celebrities and ex jury member Aishwarya would be a regular attendee.

  16. 41
    xfan Says:

    period , idiot i am not noela, learn also to be human and not a hypocrite period.

  17. 42
    xfan Says:

    …. so i guess your ms. anonymous, fin,halli , … , et al?……… responded?…hmmmm. You insulted my english, you know what mine maybe not perfect but i am not NASTY and butt ugly like You. I didn’t write all in caps in case you have a full blown cataract. Also if you think few caps means screaming how about you screaming your nastiness under different names? Here’s a news for you, putting down jolie or calling her all the nasty names, will not MAKE YOU PRETTY………..NEVER.

  18. 43
    um Says:

    why people comparing her to Jolie? Jolie has nothing to do with any of this. Why not compare Ash with Halle Berry or Queen RAmnia of Jordan or Freida Pinto? I think Pinto is a beauty.

  19. 44
    again? Says:

    she has Nicole Richie features

  20. 45
    xfan Says:

    everybody who people thought is very beautiful into their eyes will always be compared to jolie, that means she is the gold standard for beauty.

  21. 46
    utkarsh Says:

    ash iss loking gorgeus stunning ……………….angelina jolie is nothing compare to her she looks so bitchy

  22. 47
    happy girl Says:

    ash and angie are both two of THE most beautiful women in the world. i was wondering why her eyes were red too. again, this is a faux pas on the side of her stylists: the hair and the red eyes should have been checked before red carpet. she is still breathtaking though, you don’t even look at anything but that face. is that her mom? amazing how plain looking women can have drop dead gorgeous daughters. amazing.

  23. 48
    I speak the truth. Says:


    i agree completely. the fact that everyone is compared to Angelina is a reflection of the fact that Ms. Jolie is truly the “gold standard” for beauty.

    Aishwarya is beautiful…no doubt but it requires a lot for her to look good (she doesn’t step outside without makeup; i’ve even seen pictures of her with makeup on at funerals -a “no, no” in Indian culture). Angelina on the other hand is naturally stunning as can been seen by her many many candid shots without any makeup or pomp.

    In India, the media even recently ran with a story trying to link Aishwarya to Angelina…again desperately trying to compare Ash to the globally accepted standard of beauty, Angelina. funny little story to add to this: my cousin in India, who has had the Indian media shove “Ash is most beautiful” down her throat the last several years, named her daughter after Angelina because of her beauty and global appeal.

    also, Angelina’s title of “most beautiful” was never created by her -this was given to her by most people who met her and by most who have seen her in photographs. whereas, for Aishwarya, this was created (although, i’m sure many find her to truly be) by her savy American PR team who started a rumor that Julia Roberts (America’s sweetheart no less) said she was the “most beautiful.” a quote that never happened (Ash herself even admitted this in an interview i’ve seen of hers). but, it is true that Ash won the Miss World competition in ’94. however, she was never referred to as “most beautiful” in her early career (which followed her winning the pageant) until this “quote” came out -i’m a fan of hers and have followed her career.

    lastly, although i find Aishwarya very beautiful, you just can’t compare the two: Angelina is a rare beauty (granted this has declined in recent years and especially when she is super thin)…something that has no comparison.

  24. 49
    R Says:

    @happy girl:

    WOW, you’re really obsessed with Aishwarya. no wonder you profess your love for her in every post about her on JJ. i’m sure you even change user names and post under that to hype her up.

  25. 50
    Nugget Says:

    @I speak the truth.:

    ya i totally agree with u. Angelina is a rare beauty that will never be reproduced. she truly has no comparison. so people will always try to compare Ash TO Angie (not the other way around). but i admit Ash is gorgeous too but not on the same level as Angie.

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