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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: StarPics, Startraksphoto
Posted to: Ashley Olsen, Bar Refaeli, Chelsea Handler, Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, Leigh Lezark, Matthew Williamson

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518 Responses to “Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe”

  1. 1
    James Says:

    There should be a photo of this girl next to te definition of “beauty” in the Dictionary.

  2. 2
    Amy Says:

    I have an irrational hatred for Estelle.

  3. 3
    melanie Says:

    her eyes and skin are so beautiful

  4. 4
    Ryan Says:

    this was LEIGH and MATTHEW’S party yet there are more pictures of the guests…lame

  5. 5
    Free Says:

    Bar is really ugly.

  6. 6
    Aron Says:

    @James: she is perfect. skin glows healthy curves. godess

  7. 7

    @Free: From all the people that are actually ugly – Estelle, Ashley Olsen etc, you pick on the prettiest girl. Your jealousy is showing.

  8. 8
    JJ Says:

    Leigh is the prettiest girl here mate, I don’t give a crap about Leo either. Bar is rough

  9. 9
    Genn Says:

    Leigh is stunning but pompous, totally full of it. Annoying hipster.

  10. 10
    hannah Says:

    @JJ: i agree. she’s ignorant though

  11. 11
    jso Says:

    bar is sometimes cute and gorgeous but she looks like a dude in wig here :P

  12. 12
    Ryan Says:

    @Genn: not even, sweetest girl in the world.

  13. 13
    WTF Says:

    I hate all this crap JJ has on the page now, can we disable the toolbar at the bottom?

  14. 14
    Mirable Says:

    Ashley Olsen look very hot !

  15. 15
    Jaye Says:

    Leave Leo Bar. He’s going to use you up and then dump. You should think better of yourself. On again off again relationships, don’t work and don’t get better after marriage. Run while you can Boo Boo! lol like she will read this lmao. sheesh!

  16. 16

    Jared STOP calling her supermodel for crying out loud!!! she ain’t..its an insult to REAL superModels who do REAL Work, campaigns, COVERS, CATWALK blah blah blah…this chick is a model for nuthin!! grrrrrrrr! :-D people ‘jealous’, gimme a break, I give props where props are due..& she ain’t due no props!!! wish I could meet someone famous so I could prance about at openings without any real credentials! what a hard life! & no I’m not hating, just over this chick already! Leo should dump her & free himself to meet some one new!!B.O.R.I.N.G…he’s got no taste, she looks a state! a hot mess!!! sorry but its truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lol

  17. 17
    twilight Says:

    Man! Barf looks like broke down palace!!! No wonder she has no modeling gigs!!!

  18. 18
    twilight Says:

    @Jaye: she might read this because she’s lame like that!!!

  19. 19
    Bar Ref Says:


  20. 20
    just me Says:

    `Her skin is glowing.` Really? Of what? She looks rough and either she doesn`t have any style of fashion or any mirrors. Wasn`t she heading to the hideous boot convention? Yuck! Leo, seriously that`s all you need as a girlfriend?

  21. 21
    mad woman goes to party Says:

    Tell the truth guys..doesnt barfie look like a mad woman here?!?! She looks like a mad woman who got run over with a gold cart and got right back up just in time for the party! What a hot mess!!

  22. 22
    nope Says:

    I know girls way prettier than Bar, with more style, guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, she’s not sexy to me

  23. 23
    Sarah Says:

    @just me: no he needs more in a girlfriend which she isnt….that’s all he needs in a bedwarmer!!! Someone that you can drop and easily cut stings with if she steps out of line.

  24. 24
    Bar Ref Says:


    Supermodels have real campaigns for fashion labels we know or heard of..Bar models for labels no one ever heard high end fashion labels, her biggest was .Notorious cologne P She is never in any fashion weeks runway..sorry unless yu count Turkey which was an opening celeb personality basically cause they thought Leo would show up…and to be a supermodel you gotta make the SUPER MONEY…Which Bar clearly does not…This is from FORBES….

    Gisele raked in a massive $25 million in the past year. Heidi Klum $16 million and Kate Moss $9 million. Bar $500,000…not bad I agree. very respected for a girlfriend of Leo. that shows her underwear and bathing suit all over.. Check out the full list at!

    Read more:

  25. 25
    freshmen Says:

    wow, she looks absolutely horrible. no fashion sense, what so ever! ugh.

  26. 26
    brian Says:

    the girl is drop dead gorgeous in every way youre all jealous

  27. 27
    nope Says:

    dropdead gorgeous?? are you serious? she hasn’t got any sex appeal. whatsoever. Sexy women can pull off this ‘throw on whateva’ look. She doesnt look good here & she’s average looking, nothing striking or interesting. There isn’t anything to be jealous of. She’s supposed to be in fashion but she’s got no syle.

  28. 28
    oh well Says:

    Who cares?? she’s no gisele, I’m sure she AND leo know this hehehe

  29. 29
    happy girl Says:

    she is perfect this woman. just perfect.

  30. 30
    @29 Says:

    god…I bet you think lindsay lohans perfect too

  31. 31
    lol Says:

    Jared, 1,000+ guests and you made the post about the ( again ) underdressed, least interesting and roughest looking guest? Barf looks horrible. So this is what 24-year-old `supermodels` do nowadays? Hosting and showing up at parties? That`s all it takes? Leo lowered his standards way too much with her…

  32. 32
    POOCHIE Says:

    Where is Leo? He can’t be bothered with certain events I guess.

    She wore her pretend wedding ring and looks drunk here.

    If Leo has a heart he will end it with her instead of stringing her along. I am not a Bar fan but no one deserves to be srung along like that. He is not serious and should move the eff on so she can too.

  33. 33
    JT&T Says:

    @POOCHIE: Yes, Leo can’t be bothered to follow her ANYWHERE! Thats how its always been…she plays the puppy dog role…leo doesnt love her…just strings her along like a puppy on a leash

  34. 34
    JT&T Says:

    @POOCHIE: Yes, Leo can’t be bothered to follow her ANYWHERE! Thats how its always been…she plays the puppy dog role…leo doesnt love her…just strings her along like a puppy on a leash till

  35. 35
    JT&T Says:

    @POOCHIE: Yes, Leo can’t be bothered to follow her ANYWHERE! Thats how its always been…she plays the puppy dog role…leo doesnt love her…just strings her along like a puppy on a leash till she

  36. 36
    JT&T Says:

    gets dumped! wow jarred you must like what I have to say that you can’t wait till I’m finished typing! haha Ok I’m done now!

  37. 37
    Kite High Says:

    wow, she looks like she’s on something…she’s looking like she’s high as a kite or something….or drunk!

  38. 38
    proud Says:

    aww ‘ther’s an article prasing leo its called “leo doesn’t play while his lady is away” it is sooo true. leo is a good boyfriend.. plus there’s sightings of him with ridley scott, edward norton watching robin hood. also of him at boa steakhouse with norton. it’s good leo and bar support there friends.

    This party that bar went to was hosted by her designer friend matthew williamson she went to another of his get togethers last year in april for h&m. lol its good she could fit these appearances/ obigations all together she’s also presenting at the world music awards this tuesday in monte carlo. Also there was a sighting of bar at this party that said she was low key and was just talking to friends on the dance floor. she sounds just like leo lol.

  39. 39
    queenbee Says:

    i love bar’s shirt. its refreshing to see a model who looks like she eats and does not have a weight obsession, girls like that are anoying but she seems real cool.

  40. 40
    ienergy Says:

    bar look beatifull nice too see pictures

  41. 41
    mimi Says:

    Does Bar even have a job?
    Her main job seems to be trying to get into events and use Leo’s name to get into places.
    So who even hires her? She doesn’t seem to get any work at all. Unless Leo pays her…

  42. 42
    Barf Says:

    @proud: just because it wasnt printed doesnt mean that he wasnt playing. I’ve heard from people who actually know that leo has cheated on barf numerous times and it aint stopping there, one incident was at a club which will remain unnamed! lol But it doesnt even matter if he doesnt cheat on her or not! Because she’s just a bedwarmer not a real gf so it can’t be classified as cheating either way! Thats like saying he’s cheating on his mistress!!

  43. 43
    yippy Says:

    @proud: presenting awards in Monte Carlo! Wow, more great modeling work. Nice to see that she’s getting so much work lately! lol From hostest to presenter…what next??!? QVC?? Her life has like no meaning.

  44. 44
    freshmen Says:

    @Barf: true, you can’t cheat on a bedwarmer.

  45. 45
    Kelsee Says:

    I love her body

  46. 46
    brightside Says:

    Next to Bar, the Olsen looks like a gremlin! Some kind of space toad! Beautiful Bar and the weird kind of Olsen thing….I’ll be having nightmares about the Olsen thing!

  47. 47
    french Says:

    She looks horrible. She is a shame for Israel, for Leo and for herself

  48. 48
    GOSH Says:

    Gosh Bar sort it out, you should be more stylish than that by now

  49. 49
    wow Says:

    It does look like she is high as a kite… lol Just like `proud` it seems like Barf is on something.
    I saw a comment on a different site and the I couldn`t agree more with the first part.
    `It isn´t a big deal that Leo does ignore the ladys. He even ignored them last summer in London clubs sometimes, although he was single last summer, and the next day he was flirting with them. That means nothing.` Btw there was another Leo club sighting with Edward Norton the other night so he is definitely not sitting at home waiting for her to return…

  50. 50
    yippy Says:

    @wow: what a pathetic “relationship”! lol

  51. 51
    www Says:

    I found this news from Spain:

    It is said that Leo and friends, included Barbie, are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) this weekend.

    Do you believe this? Bar was in NY….. and Leo was in LA… but if Bar will be in Montecarlo next Tuesday….

  52. 52
    omg Says:

    omg shes average! and a little manly looking. rough. there are A list celebs and there are d list celebs. same goes for models. there are A list models, and there are d list models, just like bar.

  53. 53
    yippy Says:

    @www: wow, why am I NOT surprised this article said Leo and FRIENDS!! Do they ever go anywhere by themselves?!?! Its he needs his FRIENDS so he won’t drown in barfie’s boring a>> conversation. Friends for intellect and he has barfie for sex.

  54. 54
    bebee Says:

    What i find weird is that the report of leo/lukas together mentionned LAS PALMAS, but a LA club, not some place in Spain.
    Maybe it’s a misconception.

  55. 55
    tal Says:

    stuning bar!

  56. 56
    marriage rumors again...... Says:

    has anyone read this article, today:


  57. 57
    yippy Says:

    @bebee: maybe the article is wrong and it is some place in LA,not spain, it would be the fist time an article would be wrong! haha
    @marriage rumors again……: pure BS!!

  58. 58
    yippy Says:


  59. 59
    bebee Says:

    Have you seen that Leo joined twitter since yesterday ?It’s been verified. It’s not one of the fake accounts that had been around before.

  60. 60
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: post the link to his twitter. i can’t imagine him being on twitter. haha.

  61. 61
    bebee Says:


  62. 62
    bebee Says:

    Ooops (i’m not very good at posting links as you can see)
    This may be better;

  63. 63
    wow Says:

    The first article ( Spanish ) messed up things. I got it translated and it says Barf was going to join Leo in Spain after that tennis match. Too bad that first she went to Israel and then to NYC and not to Las Palmas… That`s a new club in LA.
    The second article about marriage sounds like the old one from a couple of weeks ago but it`s `recycled`. An insider confirming that he is going to marry her is not going to leak it to… showbizspy.
    Leo seems to be out a lot ever since Barf left. New club Las Palmas, then he was seen with Edward Norton at Boa nightclug ( LA ) and recent tweets put him in Encore ( in Vegas club or beach club ) celebrating a friends birthday with Kevin Connolly and another 20 friends…
    I wonder if he is really going to Istanbul for that concert on Tuesday.
    And it does seem like that`s his real twitter account it`s all about environmental issues. I guess it`s gonna be similar to his website or myspace page.

  64. 64
    wow Says:

    According to Norm Clarke the party in Vegas yesterday was a bachelor party.

  65. 65
    Candycotton Says:

    Ok First of all…these…..Freezer burned marriage rumors are pure BS…it’ s the same article different Date people….it’s a sidetrack to distract from Barfy’s IPAD shame….why lie about an IPAD..but this justs proves that she is the Fake Untrust worthy BI*CH we always knew she was!!And it’s just the beginning of her true Unmasking ….She Is NOT a Nice Person believe or NOT JOKER FANS. ….Barfy’s is as cheap as the clothes she wears!And speaking of style….these pics just show the TRASH She is..It’s obvious this BI*TCH can’t even afford make-up….and her hair looks like she washed it with laundry detergent…Barfy looks like a RECOVERING METH ADDICTED TR*CK!!!Supermodel NOT …more like Super LIAR!!!….NOT HATING…just Telling the TRUTH something this Idiot knows nothing about!!! LEO is just lonely right now and Barf is his only temporary leech FOR NOW!!lol So if LEO shows up in Israel this would be a shocker!!Since he never follows her ANYWHERE Its not like He’s been working…AS For Barfy I would NOT BE surprised if this desperate WH*re turned up at a DUNKEN DONUT Opening!!!But that would still be too Classy for her…Hmmm I think HOOTERS are hiring!!!!!

  66. 66
    freshmen Says:

    @Candycotton: @Candycotton: you are too funny. pretty much said it all.

    I can’t believe she actually came out looking so tacky. you figure Leo would give her enough of an allowance to buy some decent clothes. She should go back to pan handling in Israel and hopefully scrape together enough money to buy a decent outfit.

  67. 67
    Candycotton Says:

    @freshmen THANKS but the truth speaks volumes This is From Istanbul…. I THINK BARFY Looks like She’s going to a STRIPPER ‘s FUNERAL!!lol what do U think?

  68. 68
    good Says:

    yipee i’m so happy leo is settling down! there’s an article saying leo is ready to settle down with bar. but i’m sure we all knew that considering how close they are! i know the haters will say oh its not true but leo and bar are not a staple in the tabloids where people make stuff about them to sell magazines. To make it even better it comes from an inside source plus with what leo and bar have already said about kids and stuff it makes perfect sense. i’m so happy for them. ALSo there was a sighting of leo and kevin at a bachelor party in vegas it was most likely alex mace because he’s getting married to emily next month but it could be another friend who’s getting married. or it could be leo’s bachelor party lol but i think thats too soon lol!!


  69. 69
    @68 Says:

    Are you one of the Brothers Grimm or something? But most importantly are you on something? We all saw that article from showbizspy and of course they have an `inside source`! It`s so cute that you fall for these… Dummy just like Barf! Who is the source? Isn`t it interesting that all these engagement and settling down rumors are all over the internet but you cannot see them on any of the at least somewhat reliable sites like People or Us Weekly.
    Let`s see what Barf and Leo said about kids and stuff. Leo thinks more and more about family but said he needs 10 more years to get back to that topic and Barf recently said she is too young to get married. You are right, it does make sense. LOL! But hey, whatever makes you happy!
    Btw according to another tweet ( posted about an hour ago ) Leo is still in Vegas.

  70. 70
    Vegas Photo of Leo Says:

  71. 71
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Seems to me she’s becoming more of a socialite- hosting parties, and appearing on the red carpet at multiple events. It’s not working for her. She went to the Met Gala, and Gisele got the national coverage on E!. She can appear at as many events as she can get booked for, but the only attention she gets for it, is on this website, and the internet. This is the equivelent of a D-list celeb. I take back the socialite, that’s too much of a compliment for her.

  72. 72
    shame Says:

    you are so pathetic its a joke BRIGHTSIDE we know its you talking to yourself posting all these links we know its you how sick are you do you have a vendetta with this gorgeous girl tell us what are you going to do when they really get married jump from a highrise building well prepare yourself sick b—-

  73. 73
    yippy Says:

    @shame: it will never happen so maybe you’re the one who will want to jump off a bridge! they r goin to break up and its gonna be funny when it happens!! and wonderful..get ready!

  74. 74
    Candycotton Says:


  75. 75
    isobel Says:

    STUB CHUB! she cannot pull off effortless,just gott outta bd style. the only way she looks semi decent is when she is all sleazed up with tons of makeup,hair and cheap hot pink dresses.

  76. 76
    whatever Says:

    i ******* hate leo for putting himself in that low level.

  77. 77
    karen Says:

    where the heck ar leo and bar??

  78. 78
    mini Says:

    in vegas!

  79. 79
    well Says:

    Well, Leo was spotted in Vegas over the weekend ( the last tweet-sighting was posted 5 hours ago ) with Kevin Connolly and friends. Barf wasn`t seen or mentioned anywhere. Before her precious fans get all worked up I said ` wasn`t spotted` not the she wasn`t there even though I think she wasn`t.

  80. 80
    girls grow up Says:

    why are you so jealous of this girl??? oh yes shes gorgeous shes a model she has a great life she has a famous good looking boyfriend she doesnt sit around and bang on her computer all day shes not jelous of anybody doesnt have to now i understand well GET THE F–K OVER IT shes got it made and you are stinking JEALOUS what a shame you all have no life!!!!!!!!

  81. 81
    @80 Says:


  82. 82
    wow Says:

    Posted today from Ted Casablanca ( E! ). I`m not his biggest fan and this is his opinion but so far he has been right about Leo. So I was happy to read his answer today. :)

  83. 83
    aww Says:

    bar decided to go to israel for a few days instead of going to the cannes festival. apparently due to foot pain before she flies back to los angeles. she’s also due in monte carlo tomorrow for the world music awards. makes sense she didn’t go back to los angeles right away seeing as leo had to go to vegas to celebrate a friends bachelor party and she couldn’t go to that because its a guy only sort of thing and she’d have to leave soon anyways to go to monte carlo. hope bar’s feeling better for tomorrow!

  84. 84
    @83 Says:

    I saw that article from Israel. It forgets to mention this party in NYC. Barf was in Spain then flew to Israel for a couple of hours getting herself in iPad trouble and then she was seen at this party in NYC. Now the article claims she skipped Cannes ( was she even supposed to be there this year? ) because of her foot pain. So how does the NYC party fit into the article`s timeline? Or she simply flew from Israel to NYC to attend the party and in spite of her foot pain she flew back home to Israel again?
    It is just pathetic how you are trying to create a fairy tale about every single article posted about her/him/them. Are you for real?

  85. 85
    yup Says:

    i totally agree with the post on e online. ted casablanca said that leo’s relationship with bar is more serious than any of his other relationships. its good that they notice. ted used to report on gisele and leo so i guess he notices the difference between leo and bar that they are more serious than leo and gisele ever were.

    i also think they are not getting married soon but they are still a serious couple. more people choose to not get married plus bar said a couple does not need a contract to show they love eachother. look at brad and angie and johnny depp and vanessa paradis. both couples have been together for a long time and have kids etc and lasted alot longer than other couples. i think bar and leo will have kids one day but don’t see the point of marriage to show there love. which is cool.

  86. 86
    ginette Says:

    Barf and Leo more serious than Gisele and Leo were? I doubt. Barf sticks around to keep her title but Gisele walked away from the player. If that’s what serious means to you… What else would Barf say about marriage after all these years and still no ring on her finger? ( except for her pretend ones of course ) Ted was always right about Leo and Gisele’s status so it’s good to see he doesn’t think there’ll be a wedding.
    Do you seriously believe Barf would have skipped Cannes to go home to Israel? especially now that there’s nothing major going on in her ‘supermodel’ life? Awwww….

  87. 87
    french Says:


    “leo’s relationship with bar is more serious than any of his other relationships” = bullshits

  88. 88
    what?????????? Says:

    to 81 -87 same ppl look how sick you are?????? every move this girl makes you check it out thats pathetic and sick do you know when shes getting her period next????????LMAO get a life sicky

  89. 89
    @88 Says:

    Yawn! Why do you keep boring us with you pointless and unnecessary comments?

  90. 90
    Lisa rose Says:

    @what??????????: you are so right!! Its just crazy!!! but I’m so tired of saying this already, if they want to make their life even more sucks then what they already are….. then, Its their problem!!! good luck with it!!
    I’m just feeling sorry for Bar that she has these scary obsessed stalkers!! its just CREEPY!!!

  91. 91
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@88: its hard to hear the TRUTH ha???
    suddenly its pointless and unnecessary……

  92. 92
    @91 Says:

    For you it might be the truth, little dummy, but not for me. lol Your comments are just as boring and pointless than #88. Match made in heaven! lol

  93. 93
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@91: so DONT read them!!!!
    everytime when someone remind you what a little person you are (from what we can see from your comments, at least) and what a miserable life you probably have then you say that its pointless and boring of course!! but its only because you know that its true, and you know that we right about it, and you know that you have a problem. but who will told you the truth if not me?? hehe its NEVER to late to take care of your self honey!!

  94. 94
    @93 Says:


  95. 95
    truth Says:

    @Lisa rose: FREE PALESTINE!

  96. 96
    weird Says:

    lol its funny how people like to imply things. some guy with a personal blog found out leo and kevin went to tao and they tried to make gossip that leo and kevin went to bed together lol. they don’ realize that their trip to vegas was a guys weekend for a bachelor party lol. they don’t even have any real sightings of what they actually did in tao just that they were there its obvious he is just mocking the celebrity culture now adays lol. but i clicked the link thinking it was something serious lol.

  97. 97
    may Says:

    @weird: post the article!

  98. 98
    Lisa rose Says:

    @truth: “Palestine”??? I’ve never heard that thing!!!

  99. 99
    Astro Girl Says:

    Read Barf’s astrological profile and she and Leo will never have kids in this lifetime and I’m 99.999 percent right about these things. I’m seeing a strong connection that she and leo will never have kids. Their relationship isnt a starting a family one but it is a karmic one that isnt meant to last for the majority of Leo’s life. This is not the woman that Leo will settle with. Its is true that they will break up this year or next. But the probabilty of them breaking up this year is very very high. Ted C. even said that there will be NO WEDDING for these two. But you dont even have to read actro charts to see this is going nowhere! Leo has said he WANTS to get married but he has to find the RIGHT GIRL first and he said this when he was dating Barf. I see Leo with someone new next year for sure!

  100. 100
    wow Says:

    I doubt the blogger tried to start a gossip about Leo and Keving but clearly tried to bring more out of that sighting than it really was.

  101. 101
    OMG Says:

    @99 ASTRO GIRL are you kidding me with this???????? now you read her astrological sign oh you are beyond help beyond beyond help and you think youre right well good for you sicky what are you going to do when they get married????? LMAO

  102. 102
    @101 Says:

    you still don`t have anything interesting to say? why do you read comments here if you don`t like them? what does it bother you what others think or believe? why can`t you just deal with it already? it`s not like you are going to change anything…

  103. 103
    @101 Says:

    right back at ya!! cause i think youre sick i dont put ppl down you do and have no right to

  104. 104
    @101 CORRECTION @102 Says:


  105. 105
    Brasil Says:

    Gosh, everytime I came in this threads are worst and worst… it’s so disgusting have to see all the ridiculous comments and this annoying blogers making histories of their creative minds, every gossip this blogs put on irternet are all lies, wedding, living together, engagement, break ups, las vegas sighting… all BS… all lies! All I know is that I’am tired, I think I will give up on here because when are not the miserable rumors is this hate comments, I will not defend anyone here, I love Leo and will always love, but I will not say he’s a saint because he’s not, I know! And I will not say Bar is 100% a good person, but I also will not say she’s a bad person, far from that until because I don’t know her. All I feel is that this relation will end up unavoidably, it’s sad but it’s the truth, is not right, I don’t know how to explain but I feel this is going too far for don’t go anywhere. Anyway even that we know they are not mean to be, let’s stop with this discussions, people here are offending each other a lot with even know anyone, we don’t know anyone here, and anyone nor me are better than anyone. I came here in the hope to read something interesting and all I found it’s people showing hate and offense. I just know what are going to tell me, “if you don’t like don’t read”, but sometimes we can’t ignore because we are all curious human beings and we always want to know what other people think about something but this is becoming a sad conversation, sad is the word, people lost faith in everything. Everytime I read and see this thread I’am losing mine too. Hope you understnad what I mean!

  106. 106
    guest Says:

    gorgeous girl flawless face and amazing body hot girl lucky leo

  107. 107
    guest Says:

    it is because of BRIGHTSIDE and all her alias shes sickly obsessed with bar and leo she cannot stay away from bars threads and all she does is hate and bash and hate and bash all her posts you can see are the same mean cruel hate and bashing

  108. 108
    Ella Says:

    It’s funny that now suddenly Ted C said they’re serious. In Jan 2010, he wrote this

    Dear Ted:
    What’s up with Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli? Are they committed, or does he like to have his cake and eat it, too?
    Dear Cliché Lover:
    The second one.

    Dear Ted:
    Just wondering if the beards in show business know about each other? Faking a relationship for the long term would be pretty draining, and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the support of other girls in the same situation.
    Dear Bearded Brunch:
    I don’t think they’re meeting for tea and talking about how much sex they aren’t having. Ever heard of sick concepts like don’t ask, don’t tell? Think that ridiculous crap goes a lot further than just the military.

  109. 109
    guest Says:


  110. 110

    see how sick a person can become from being jealous of a gorgeous girl that never did anything to this person so she is sick

  111. 111
    Observer Says:

    #110 & #111 came from the same person !

  112. 112
    Astro Girl Says:

    Because I am RIGHT I’m going to repeat what I said. We can all have our opinion but you CAN’t run from your astrology. That was planned out before you were even born. No kids or marriage out of this relationship. That is not its purpose people! Have a nice day and treat each others well! I REPEAT:

    Read Barf’s astrological profile and she and Leo will never have kids in this lifetime and I’m 99.999 percent right about these things. I’m seeing a strong connection that she and leo will never have kids. Their relationship isnt a starting a family one but it is a karmic one that isnt meant to last for the majority of Leo’s life. This is not the woman that Leo will settle with. Its is true that they will break up this year or next. But the probabilty of them breaking up this year is very very high. Ted C. even said that there will be NO WEDDING for these two. But you dont even have to read actro charts to see this is going nowhere! Leo has said he WANTS to get married but he has to find the RIGHT GIRL first and he said this when he was dating Barf. I see Leo with someone new next year for sure!

  113. 113
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Astro Girl: I just dont believe it!! last year some people said the same, and the year before, and the year before…
    NO ONE can see the future!! its only up to god…. and you are NOT god!!

    I know that this hate for Bar will never stop, I am just feeling sorry for her that some people dont even give her a chance.

  114. 114
    aGREE Says:

    I’m with astro girl, they’ve got till next year at the most to resolve whatever this karmic friendship’s witten in the stars people*****************************************************

  115. 115
    Look Says:

    These are not the eyes of a man who’s happy with himself or in the right relationship:

    So anyone that thinks this is it for leo should think again, seriously.

  116. 116
    wow Says:

    @116 Like a sad little puppy. I just wanna hug him and make him smile! :) I saw some tweets that Leo was watching the Lakers game in a sports bar in LA last night and later he was seen in a club. Out and having fun before she gets back…

  117. 117
    Astro Girl Says:

    @Lisa rose: Thats ok honey, you dont have to believe,… you will eventually believe when the time comes. Just take your little time. This relationship has lots of karma tied up in it people. This isnt a relationship that is suppose to bring Leo happiness but it will make him a better man when he comes out alive from it. The man that we all see but Leo has yet to see that person INSIDE. The time is upon us for something new. The potential is there and it will be actualized. It will play itself out! I’m not the only one saying this and I havent met anyone else on this board either but it is really true and totally unavoidable! This isnt happenstance we’re all saying this. Leo will be with someone NEW next year and this will be his last girlfriend he will have if you catch me drift! hehe Bye everyone and love one another!

  118. 118
    Brasil Says:

    @Astro Girl: you are a light here, thanks for the amazing comments! I hope you are totally right, can’t wait to see Leo really happy again, this sentence: “she will be his last girlfriend” just give me hope that everything will come right, well last girlfriend, future wife and mother of his children, I guess! Make your words mine: everyone love one another, good words!

  119. 119
    Observer Says:

    Brasil, good to see you still here !
    It is indeed get a little crazy here (especially Bar’s fans)

    Next year,right ? I’m crossing my fingers !
    Can’t wait to see who’s the lady is

  120. 120


  121. 121
    Atlas Says:

    Just read an article yesterday that said that Barf is vacationing in Isreal! hahaha! isnt it so funny that Leo NEVER follows her to work or her vacation spots!?!? This “relaitonship” is so onesided its funny! lol I agree with Astro girl that it will end.

  122. 122
    karen Says:

    wtf wasnt barf meant to be at the world music awards? what the heck happend to that gig??

  123. 123
    wow Says:

    @122. apparently there was an article that listed all the people who were supposed to go the the WMA ( including barf ) but none of them showed up so i assume it was just a rumor. not that she was missed at all…
    yeah, vacation in Israel while Leo is in LA ( and Vegas ) going out a lot. I hope Astro girl is right. :)

  124. 124
    Candycotton Says:

    So..I thought Barfy was going to the World Music Awards…to show that FAKE engagment ring LOL ….. Maybe Leo’s gonna meet her in Israel… NOT well we will see??…. And a Vacation from what NOT Working…lol… She gave a mimi interview in Madrid saying that she that she wants a career like Hilary model swimwear but also do HIGH fashion…and this Idiot refused to talk about the LV show….probally cause she got that thanks to LEO…Barfy also claims that she is satishfied with her career???…What a LOOSER!!.. And she’s not Close friends with Brooklyn Decker Big Surprise….When U have a fame ticket(Leo)…it’s easy to BULLSH*T through life…but soon that ticket is going to exspire…and everyone will be saying BARFY WHO??

  125. 125
    Brasil Says:

    @119: I will not leave here because I can’t, it’s just sometimes all the bla, bla, bla sucks! but I have faith that things will get better in near future, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  126. 126
    wow Says:

    That`s how I like to see him. With friends and without what`s-her-name…

  127. 127
    Lisa rose Says:

    @wow: What movie Leo is filming??

  128. 128
    wow Says:

    @lisa rose: I don`t think he is filming anything right now so they got that part wrong I guess.
    PS: I don`t like his sunglasses.

  129. 129
    Atlas Says:

    @Candycotton: I agree, she is a loser… she hasnt had a high profile job since SI, she hasnt modeled anything of SUBSTANCE this year. She hasnt modeled in MONTHS!! I think people are running away from subway eat fresh girl! She might as well do playboy! Nice to see pics of leo and no barfella!

  130. 130
    Candycotton Says:

    @Atlas exactly…lol and apparently Barfy went back to Israel cause she’s sick… But I’m sure Lisa Rose will send her flowers….Barfy does NOT have enough class to do playboy ….more like Pe*thouse… Its good to see Leo with his friends…. He looks more relaxed…since Barfy’s not around to sponge up everything she can!!…..and what happened to the so-called Movie she’s in?? ….the producers must have seen her BAD acting….and gave!But expect Joker fans to…start spreading pregnancy rumors again….or make a lame excuse why Barfy’s not working… Their pathetic just like BARFY!!!

  131. 131
    Benny Says:

    @Candycotton: are you serious!?! That “movie” is never coming out. I can’t believe people actually thought this was a “movie” that was going to be shown in US movie houses. I always knew from day one that this so called movie will never see the light of day. I saw a part of it and the acting looks like one of those acting movies..its reeeaaally bad. All it needs is some cheesy p..orn music. I dont think this movie was ever going to come out. I ‘m not even sure if you can get this crap on DVD! You might have to write the director for a copy and he will have to run it off from the original. That is probably the only way anyone will see this “movie.”

  132. 132
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    So Wait Leo’s not with Barf??…she’s really back in Israel?…There is a God!! Lol..And these Sick rumors are pretty amusing…not to be mean but Barf’s selfish motives are catching up with her!!..Last Time she was supposedly sick in Israel Leo was NOT with her!!…but this could be her way of trying to get attention as always….and maybe next time she will try to smuggle some much needed personality!!!

  133. 133
    Atlas Says:

    @Meg@nFoxxF@n: For a “supermodel” the amount of money she made last year was pathetic! lol Go Gisele!! lol She had a baby last year and still was the top money maker! Talk about a multi-tasker!! And wasnt Barfie sick earlier this year?!? And now she’s “sick” again?? Hmmm thats what happens when you dont live right! I think Barfie needs to enroll in college cuz this modeling thing just isnt working for her. It just aint her thang!!

  134. 134
    Bar obsessed crazy stalker Says:

    Crazy French Candycotton; It’s obvious that you are “Atlas” “MeganFoxfan” etc.,etc. You are such a pyscho that you answer yourself. What made you so angry and miserable? Your parents must have really abused you for you to turn out so evil and crazy. Btw “loser” is not spelled “looser” and “they’re is not spelled “their.” Besides being a psycho you’re an idiot.

    You hate Bar so much that you just have to follow her every move. Heck you even stalk Bar’s mother and grandmother. You even stalk Lisa Rose. What do you do all day besides stalk Bar 24/7? It’s obvious that you never come out of your basement. You’re fat, ugly, stupid, have no friends and family, and are a RAGING PSYCHO! You’re PATHETIc! Get help crazy middle-aged loser!

  135. 135
    wow Says:

    well, I`m sure barf is not going to stay away from her `investment` for a long time but until then I just try to enjoy the fact that she is not around and Leo is having fun with his friends. that`s how I like him! :)

  136. 136
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    @134…if U don’t like the comments….TOO BAD!! You can’t change peoples minds…and since U love Barf so Much!!Find her Dumb A*S a Job!!!…Igore.

  137. 137
    Benny Says:

    @Meg@nFoxxF@n: haha!! lol

  138. 138
    Sharon Says:

    Well this was a short 15 mins. After SI everything went downhill…literally…sandwich shot!!! lol

  139. 139
    wow Says:

    talking about movies, there was an article posted by her fans ( bz – i know i`m gonna be called a `stalker` or `obsessed` for this but i don`t care lol ) that she auditioned – according to the article the director talked to her – for Transformers 3 ( megan fox is out ) and to some other models, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr… no offense but it seems he is just looking for looks and not talent.
    I couldn`t help but noticed that Brooklyn D. already have a movie in the works with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. apparently her SI cover helped her career while barf went to the sandwich direction
    @136 find her a job? LMAO!
    Leo is at the lakers game right now

  140. 140
    pic Says:

  141. 141
    Lisa rose Says:

    Dont worry guys! Leo is not gonna stay only with his friends for a long time, Bar is suppose to land in Los Angeles any day now.
    your dreamy break up didnt happened!! sorry!!

  142. 142
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Someone just posted this on twitter.
    I hope we get to see some happier pictures of leo at the game. It’d be nice to see the happy leo again.

  143. 143
    Astro Girl Says:

    @Lisa rose: the break up already happened where it counts. It is just waiting to play itself out on this plane. This is why I tell you there is literally no hope for them! They’re still going to break up this year. Don’t worry…it will happen.

  144. 144
    Lisa rose Says:

    @gimmeabreak: Guess that he miss Bar, he used to have her around a lot more lately. but she’ll be back soon.

  145. 145
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    @Lisa Rose …we all know that Leo always looks miserable and distant when Barf’s….around so he’s dreading her unwelcomed return!Cause if he really missed her ..Leo would be in Israel with her now!!..But we know Barf can’t wait to hop her jobless A*S on her broomstick and fly back to LA!!And she will be looking like the HOT MESS she’s funny how u have so much time to worship Barf since your allegedly serving in the Army???

  146. 146
    french Says:


    I agree

  147. 147
    Astro Girl Says:

    @Meg@nFoxxF@n: right , if he missed her so much he can afford a plane ticket to be with her! Leo misses his true love and that is what he’s attending to now. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for her being with Leo isnt providing her jobless @ss any more new work. Leo can only do so much for one’s career. I always knew she wasnt going to reach far as a model. Has she had anything great lately?Nope! No magazine covers! Nothing! Just nothing! I think she’s done for as far as modeling is concerned and her relationship if you can call it that is also pretty much done with Leo too. I’m seeing this year as the year they’re going to break up!

  148. 148
    @141 Says:

    and how exactly do you know that? we all know that she won`t leave her meal/fame ticket alone for a long time but i still would like to know how do you know that she is heading back to LA soon.

  149. 149
    Ronnie Says:

    This relationship is not going anywhere serious. It would have already. He like her but not for wife. Bye!

  150. 150
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Astro Girl: you can also say that you see an elephants in the sky if you want, I just dont believe in it!! its a buls*it!!! I dont believe in all this Astrology CRAP!! I believe that only god can see the future….. and all the people that sure that they knows everything are just STUPID!
    its a waste of time!!! you get it?? you need to respect it that not everyone are believing in the things that you believe!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

  151. 151
    @150 Says:

    who cares if you believe it or not? we get it you don`t believe it so move on already. you also have to respect that there are others who believe in it and they have the right to post about it. deal with it.

  152. 152
    www Says:

    Ted Casablanca:

    Caught! Is Leo Still on the Prowl?

  153. 153
    www Says:

    Ted Casabalnca wrote today an article called:

    Caught! Is Leo Still on the Prowl?

    Interesting to read. I can’t post it here.

  154. 154
    Brasil Says:

    @www: is he in the prowd? I don’t know, but is not in a nightclub he’s going to meet his sm. Anyway, his relationship with Bar is dead as we can see, I can’t imagine him loving Bar so much because this is not the way a committed man behaves, if he loves her he shoud be there with her in Israel, he’s not working and I’am sure he have money and free time to flight for Israel anytime soon, but no! He still in L.A flirting all the girl he can find out there, come on Leo grow up already! I think he likes her but is not love, and this is not going serious as I thought one time, but it fade so quickly of my mind because, again, he’s acting like a single man and is not right. I hope Leo will be quite honest and end up with Bar and she come back from her land, because even that I love Leo, that’s not the right way to act when you girlfriend is around, isn’t it? If he’s not happy? if he’s not in love? if he knows she’s not the one for him? why he doesn’t end this already? will be so hard for him this? and if she knows about all this why she doesn’t broke up? this two are not in a healthy relationship and this is not good.
    Just one more thing, did you just saw his last pics on the Lakers game? Leo doesn’t look happy at all, is not just Bar, he’s not happy, I don’t see any pic of him smiling, he looks he’s there but his mind is in another planet, I don’t know him and I can’t tell what he feels… but I feel looking for him, that he’s not happy with the direction of his life, I mean love life because his career is great. He’s missing something really meaningful in his life, I think he looks desesperatly lonely, what is sad! that’s just my impression.

  155. 155
    Brasil Says:

    I mean in the prowl.

  156. 156
    Cree Says:

    I love how Leo is on the prowl instead of flying to see his “girlfriend” he “loves” so much. Of course….oh yeah…that’s because he doesnt love her!!! That explains it!!

  157. 157
    karen Says:

    ya i agree he does look depressed lately even withh pics of him and his friends its not just bar….i wonder whats wrong?! i hate seeing leo like yhis its horrible…

  158. 158
    Hugh Says:

    First Ted C said they were getting serious not he sees Leo flirting up some woman and now they have an open relationship! LOL! Its obvious its not serious and will soon be over thank god!! Maybe Barf went back to Israel because she and Leo had a fight and claims she’s “sick”!

  159. 159
    Karen Says:

    @Brasil: his REAL sm is missing!

  160. 160
    wow Says:

    did Ted say they are serious or that this is more serious than the others? I don`t think it`s the same… I don`t understand how can a now open relationship lead to `serious in the future`. I doubt Ted is right about that it doesn`t really make sense to me. it seems like Leo is not sitting at home waiting for barf to return, he is out and he is having fun. :)
    I have to agree with those who said Leo looks depressed lately. I saw two more photos from the Lakers game last night and he did look really really sad. It seems it doesn`t matter whether barf is around or he is out with a friend ( like last night ) he looks miserable. what happened to him?

  161. 161
    Karen Says:

    can you post the link to those two other photos?!?

  162. 162
    pics Says:,0,0#1

  163. 163
    pics Says:

  164. 164
    wow Says:

    Yeah, popsugar has one ( with his friend in grey shirt ) that looks pretty sad and the first two photos on this site are from last night as well. Not looking good.
    I saw some photos of barf shopping in Israel. Typical sour ( even beyond sour ) face and a huge b*tch vibe…

  165. 165
    Brasil Says:

    @wow: that guy with gray shirt it’s Leo’s step brother! But I feel sorry for see him to seem so bored with life, I really don’t know what’s happening, but I miss see him more happy. The last time I saw him put a genuine smile on that pretty face, I didn’t remember… I hope things get better for him soon and we can see him fully happy!

  166. 166
    @166 Says:

    that`s not Leo`s stepbrother. that`s his friend and business partner ( Villa, Goal Sports Bar ) Chuck Pacheco. Other than that I agree with you. I hate to see him like this.

  167. 167
    Brasil Says:

    I will make just a supposition: someone there on popsugar said Leo is missing Gisele… did someone here think it is possible that he still loves her? I always had this doubt in my mind, I don’t know why? well, it is possible that after 5 years apart from each other he still feels something for her? because she in my opinion is really in love with her husband and she have a baby. But, instead Leo doesn’t seem all that happy in love life since him and Gisele broke up, don’t know if this have something to do with his current sitution and sadness. I saw a interview he gave to a Brazilian show and they asked him about Gisele, and he said that wishes the best for her, that she have a baby and this is wonderful and that he thinks she looks very happy right now, I know that comes from his heart, but I always think if he doesn’t want to be by her side yet. Also heard he gave gifts for her baby, which is really lovely of him. But I wonder if could be this that make him seems so upset, I have sure he have to accept how the things are nowadays with his ex, but always have this feeling that for him are not over at all. But I sincerely hope I’am wrong because this will never come back and is really sad love someone that is in another relationship or that doesn’t love you anymore.

  168. 168
    Brasil Says:

    I always think that guy is his brother!

  169. 169
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    @french thanks;)…@Astro Girl glad to know we are on the same page… u made alot of good points…don’t listen to Lisa Rose U can’t take anyone that worships Barf….serioulsly..she’s a joke just like her Idol!!…Keep posting your positive comments cause we are listening…Barfy is full of BS and I doubt if they are going to replace Megan Fox with Barf…I mean Megan’s not that great of actress…but she’s got spunk and charisma … And Doest look like A total HAG in her candids… Can’t say the same for Whats-Her-Face!!!…Photoshopping is all Joker face has going for her..and since she’s has NO jobs expect her to be up Leo’s a*s.. No one wants to hire her because..let’s see..No STyle,Bad skin, NO personality,Mushy body…She does not even have nice hair…it’s looks like brittle straw…so No wonder she’s out of work…lol and perhaps if she did Not act like a bratty,conceited,spoiled Fake BI*CH …we would feel a little sorry for her Pathetic A*S… And looking at her LV show …she could not even wear the clothes well!!…just borrring.. And To Barf fans …we are Not hating on BARF… her behavior speaks for itself!!

  170. 170
    Esau Says:

    Why Leo Might Be Having A Case of the Sads:

    1. If you were Leo, a man in your late thirties who has shown yourself to possess a passionate and romantic soul, wouldn’t you be a bit depressed at the state of your personal life? When you see him and Bar together, you want to scream “Send in the clowns! Someone, please!” or pitch a frigging Scrabble board at them–anything to liven shiz up. I mean, daaaamn. They both look miserable in general. I’ve never seen two people make being rich, famous, and good-looking seem like such a b!tch of a life. At least they’re proving that there’s more to life than the superficial.

    If he is indeed waiting on his “soul mate,” someone who will really challenge him, he must be getting tired of the waiting and wondering. I’m not sure how much astrology plays into it, but the male Scorpios I do know are pretty textbook. They always go after these voluptuous, sexy women who can match them in bed and nowhere else. It’s like they can’t bear the thought of anyone getting one over them where it really counts, and they’re such control freaks that they make sure anyone they’re with is someone they can dominate. They seem terrified by what they actually do want and need: Someone who can challenge and transform them. My male Scorpio friends have turbulent romantic lives, and they find it almost impossible to let someone they love go, even when the relationship is going to Hell. But try to make one see that and duck. Stubborn mofos.

    2. Tom Cruise stole his seats at the Laker’s game. That faux-fan midget in stilts. I kid, I kid. Tom has been through enough.

  171. 171
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Good point, someone who can challege and transorm them…
    He’s got all that damn Libra in his chart though- I think four planets in the first house Libra. And yeah, scorpios always go for the most visually sexed up looking girls, or even some on the trashy side. At any rate, there’s obvious physical sexiness. It’s sad that the thing that a person wants, is the one thing they fear. I hate to admit it, but I’m guilty of it too. I’m just not as superficial. (virgo) He needs to follow his heart, but I’m afraid he’ll have to get lonely to find it again. I don’t even know if that’s possible for a famous guy. Too many options available, ya know?

  172. 172
    Brasil Says:

    Leo needs to hear this music, I hope he finds his only exception!

  173. 173
    @brasil Says:

    Maybe he just misses having a real connection with someone, I don’t think he misses gisele, it’s been too long, he must be over that..but maybe he’d like to have a new experience with someone new, I bet when he does they’ll just click, like bread & butter!! I hope its love at first sight! he deserves to be happy in his personal life, he looks so sad, but at the same time you can’t wait for someone to make you happy, he might need to be happy on his own first, who knows?? @ Esau, reason no.2 lol!!

  174. 174
    Leo is gross Says:

    Leo’s is nothing but a big manw****! Leo Slutio should be his new name. He’s full of std’s. Yuck!

  175. 175
    wow Says:

    I`m sure barf loves this headline. :)
    Leo was seen leaving lax not so long ago ( twitter ) with a friend. I wonder where they`re going to end up…

  176. 176
    freshmen Says:

    @wow: not in israel. ha.

    I hope barfy is feeling better…

  177. 177
    wow Says:

    yeah, i assume it`s not gonna be Israel. Here`s the tweet:
    `Holy ****! Just saw Leonardo DiCaprio and Earl’s brother from my Name is Earl at LAX! Rumor has it, they’re heading to Bali which means.. ` ??? We`ll see. barf was seen shopping in Israel so I assume she is not all that sick

  178. 178
    POOCHIE Says:

    Bar is trying to get a part in Transformers 3 now that Megan Fox is not doing it.

  179. 179
    may Says:

    @POOCHIE: not gonna happen.

  180. 180
    wow Says:

    well, she is one of the contenders but as I heard the girl from the new movie, Prince of Persia is the front runner. not to mention that brooklyn decker is trying for it and she has some experience in acting.

  181. 181
    Brasil Says:

    Bali isn’t in Asia? his soulmate supposedly comes from there… maybe things happen or maybe Bar is going there to meet him, who knows? this just happen other times when we think they are apart from each other and they are travelling together!

  182. 182
    may Says:

    @Brasil: Bali is in Indonesia(southeast asia)

    Either way, what is he going to Bali for? Anyone know.

  183. 183
    may Says:

    Looks like Barfie lucked out on transformer 3. Not surprised.

  184. 184
    Atlas Says:

    @may: hahahahhahaha! Best news ever! No transformers for Barfie! I didnt think she was going to get it anyways! So she has no acting job and no modeling job! HA! Congrats to the VS model that did get it!!

  185. 185
    Candycotton Says:

    @Atlas…lolol i knew that Loser would Not get the part…her acting is just terrible and that’s a fact ..but Lisa Rose..will say she’s gonna be thé next Julia Roberts NOT…Maybe they Heard about how Barfy tried to smuggle an IPAD!!..thats not Good publicity..Leo’s going to Bali .,.maybe he’s going to vacation with Barfy for her Birthday soon??…..cause he’s never around her birthday…who can blame him even when they first started dating…She always goes back to Israel.. And since this Sl*t is jobless im sure we will see more random pics of her shopping in Israel….looking like the miserable B*TCH she is!!..I bet Leo’s friends are glad that leech is back in Israel..for now!!… Leo does look a little bummed out…But he’s not too bummed since he’s been going out lately….Does’t seem like he misses Barfy too if at all!!….last year almost around this time was the 6 month break up…and since then their relationship is still (lukewarm)…No progression ..cold chemistry blah blah!!But it’s obvious Barfy is going to keep her meal ticket as long as she can!!.Until DUMPED Like trash!!

  186. 186
    wow Says:

    according to Leo`s fan site the friend who was seen with Leo at the airport ( ethan suplee ) tweeted that he was heading to Bhutan not Bali… who knows?
    here`s a photo of Leo ( = `flirting machine` ) at the Maxim Hot 100 party on Wednesday

  187. 187
    Follow Leo and Ethan's Trip Says:

    by following Ethans VERIFIED twitter account. If he’s with leo and they went to Bhutan together they’re probably going to do lots of things together as friends! His last update said that he was visititing a santuary for TIGERS. Here’s his official twitter if you want to follow Ethan! Thanks for the pic of leo surrounded and chatting up the the ladies!

  188. 188
    Follow Leo and Ethan's Trip Says:

    He said he left Bhutan and is heading for Katmandu, wherever that is, but I think Leo is with him. Here is the tweet…………….

    Next stop Katmandu, on my way to visit a WWF tiger sanctuary, I had no idea they’d started letting animals wrestle.

  189. 189
    freshmen Says:

    @Follow Leo and Ethan’s Trip:

    Katmandu is in Nepal.

  190. 190
    Lisa rose Says:

    @freshmen: Who is that Ethan is an actor or something??

  191. 191
    Atlas Says:

    @Lisa rose: Yes he’s an actor and HE DOES SOMETHING unlike your hero loser Barfie who can’t get any kinda job to save her life!

  192. 192
    french Says:

  193. 193
    Brasil Says:

    well, well… this is going to end before I thought it was! this two should be together right now, and she is in Israel and he is traveling with his friend, this is wrong, will not last, this relationship will not turn in a marriage anytime soon. I can’t wait for this to end because will be better for them both, by the way Leo wants to be free bird as someone wrote in that arcticle french puts here, and Bar will get tired of wait for hi to pop the question. They both should be honest with each other and broke up for good!

  194. 194
    POOCHIE Says:

    Leo is so cute when he is flirting with other girls! Thanks for the pic!

  195. 195
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Isn’t bar’s birthday coming up? And what about her friends wedding?

  196. 196
    Brasil Says:

    yeah, gimmeabreak! I also heard that Leo’s friend and her friend Emily is going to get married in june, Bar’s birthday is in the beggining of june. I don’t know if Leo will be with Bar in her birthday, she probably choose to pass her birthday in Israel (I guess) with her family even in this way Leo should be there and also give her a very good gift. This (if he was really serious about her) which I think is not the case, I could be wrong but that’s what I feel…

  197. 197
    Candycotton Says:

    @Brazil.. @gimmeabreak Leo’s NOT serious about Barfy it’s obvious every time her birthday comes she’s always in Israel!Leo never spends it with her!He’s always celebrates his friends birthday…but Not Barfy…lol but who cares..she does’t deserve his time anyway!He’s just not that into her!!..she needs to get a clue!!But like I said before Leo’s her meal ticket…No one cares if what’s she doing when she’s not with Leo…and since she has so much free time …she should be participating in charity work or visiting sick children…instead of shopping for clothes that she Does’t need,and will Not know how to put together anyway!! Leo seems to be enjoying all his free time without Barfy…breathing over his back!!So this temporary break from Barfy needs to be permanant…so he can really find what makes him Happy…and not just wonder about it!! And We know it’s Not Barfy!!

  198. 198
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Okay, I feel like a stalker now… on twitter there’s alot of tweets in some other language, for atleast a few hours now. Can’t tell if it’s spanish or portuguese…. Agree candycotton, he’s really been enjoying himself now that she’s away. Good for him, he needs it. I think she’s way too demanding. I still can’t believe they would mention a marriage proposal in that article. I mean, the article was about his flirting. I’m sure this is just more spin, probably has more to do with their friends marriage than anything else. And your right, they really don’t do anything on their birthdays do they?

  199. 199
    bemused Says:

    @karen: Has anybody thought that maybe she has given him another ultimatum, commitment or else? and that’s why she is having such a long break in israel

  200. 200
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak more like on Barfy…birthdays lol like last year…Leo was at the Lakers game on Barfy’s birthday which says alot!!…but it’s been like that since they started dating…Leo always celebrates his birthdays with private parties…and friends!!..So I will be surprised if their together….He even made time to see Gisele on her birthday a few years ago…remember?lol and they had broken Up…Leo is the rare gem in the relationship…and Barfy is just the Dumb common rock…he kicks along until he finds a another gem…to appreciate!!

  201. 201
    jojojo Says:

    Heard these girls are the runners up for Transformers 3

    Funny all the model girls are ‘girlfriend of’…

    Miranda Kerr = Girlfriend of Orlando Bloom

    Bar Refaeli = Girlfriend of Leonardo Dicaprio

    Brooklyn Decker = Girlfriend of Andy Roddick

    So, I guess the question ‘Who must I blow in this town to get a role in a movie was answered above….’

  202. 202
    wow Says:

    well, Brooklyn is married to Andy and she actually has some experience in acting. She is shooting a movie right now in Hawaii with Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.
    You are right about barf and Miranda but I don`t think they are the runner ups. There are so many girls who are rumored to be considered but ( thanks to Leo I assume ) her name is all over the news when it comes to this movie.

  203. 203
    cheese cakes Says:

    Barfie did not get the role. This girl on the link got the role. Lots of non models like Zoe Salanda was up for the part too. Barfie could have NEVER have completed against Zoe Salanda! It’s laughabale!

  204. 204
    Team Bar Says:

    Bar was spotted in Israel during this weekend going to her parent´s house… has the pics… And yes.. i guess she will stay in Israel until her b-day in June 4 while Leo flirts whit every girl he has in front of him and that says a lot :( … All the haters can be happy because i guess this is the end… Like some previous comment said maybe she gave Leo an ultimatum and like always he said ” No”… I hope she will be ok and she can find “the one” for her soon… She deserves the best!!! Go luck B!!! I love you!!!

  205. 205
    So be it Says:

    That is where she belongs in Isreal! :) I saw those pics of her driving her mini cooper! I don’t know if this is the end for them or another “break” or what!?!?!! But I hope it is!! :)))) I know they’re going to break up for sure, if not now then for SURE 100 percent later before the year is out!!! Maybe barfie fans will finally see not only does Leo not love Barfy, but he doesnt respect her at all. You would think if you were a fan of someone you would want them to be treated with respect but just like barf her fans are shallow!

  206. 206
    skittles Says:

    @Team Bar: if Bar gave Leo another ultimatum like the last time then she is stupider than I thought. Doesnt she know that she can’t cage a Lion?!?!

  207. 207
    wow Says:

    where did you see those new photos of her in Israel?
    ultimatums usually don`t work. that was the rumor about her alleged moving in: stop partying and commit or I walk. that wouldn`t work in general not only in Leo`s case IMO

  208. 208
    may Says:

    @So be it:

    can you link to the pics.

  209. 209
    So be it Says:

  210. 210
    wow Says:

    thanks for the link. it`s insane how sour her face looks… as usual

  211. 211
    Candycotton Says:

    Barfy looks at least 40 in those pics….Yuck seriously she looks like and old hag!!…her face is really aging five years every year!!…no wonder Leo ‘s MIA..can’t blame him…lol but not surprised she’s looking a HOT MESS!!…thats why she didt get the part..she looks like someone’s mom!!…Photoshopping can’t help that face!!…Not to mention the BI*CH vibe she sending to the camera..there’s a guy in the car with her…could be her brother??…and Barfy fans need to wake up and stop idolizing a LOSER!! I would’t be surprised if TeamBar is Zipi..herself since 90% of the people here don’t give a Sh*t about ..Barfy or her so-called fans lol..I’m sure Leo is having a really good time..traveling flirting…and just being’s obvious he Does Not trust her…she just does’t have what He’s looking for and never Will!So her Alone situation is playing itself out again..Time to for her to move on and get some independence!! NOTE:MY OPINION!!

  212. 212
    looking 40? Says:

    Halle Berry is 43 and is someone’s mom. I wouldn’t take that as an insult.

    Barfy is just unattractive to begin with at any age. She has no, taste, bad skin and a plain face.

  213. 213
    Barffbag Says:

    That is what I think too they had another fight and barfie ran to mama. On perehilton they are reporting that he’s been hitting on other women right and left for the last two months-once the publicity was over for shutter island was over he got bored.

    He HAS been looking bummed out and hemmed in-he can’t go out and play with all the paps watching him and all the stupid rumors the barf camp has been putting out- it makes him look bad even if he isn’t the one who ever proposed or even hinted at it. This strategy will only bacfkfire on her smug little ugly face. Anyway he has his FANS permission to cheat-go ahead Leo we’ll still respect you in the morning.

    As a matter of fact my address is……..;)

  214. 214
    Insanebarfposse Says:

    Why does she hide her face like she is some big celeb-she isn’t. Just a hair away from reality tv. How does she have the money for a car in israel she doesn’t drive that much

    Leo is in nepal honey without you…..actually one of my dream places to go with him….maybe ILL take the next flight out and meet him there. That ought to curdle your whey.

    Bet he wanted to be out of cell phone range when the maxim 100story broke- bad reception next to everest and k2!

  215. 215
    Yourloveisbadmedecine Says:

    Leo went home alone from maxim 100 but hooked up next day for a quickie with one of the 100- i won’t say who but she is amused by the whole thing-she said he is not over endowed but good with hands and tongue.

  216. 216
    naughtyLeo Says:

    @Yourloveisbadmedecine: So Leo’s been a naughty boy behind Barfie’s back!! Coool!!! :)

  217. 217
    nine Says:

    @Yourloveisbadmedecine: are you sure you’re not this “other person”?!?!

  218. 218
    Catarina Says:

    @215 That being true, it is extremely disappointing, but since anyone could make anything up I will just NOT take your word for it honey and no one in their right mind should.

    Speaking of right mind, in which planet is it ok to cheat on a girlfriend, even if it is Leonardo DiCaprio? That is just sick, no matter who it comes from. Maybe they have an open relationship, maybe they have some sort of arrangement where they only date during the winter, maybe they’re over, but to have a girlfriend and to sleep with other women is NOT ok. NOT!!!

    But I really don’t believe it anyway.

    I hope he finds a lil bit of peace in all those places he’s visiting now.

  219. 219
    Insanebarfposse Says:

    Girl is a friend of mine she doesn’t want her name out there because of negative repercussions-no one wants to offend or piss off the”king of the world” though- too much juice. She is model/actress type- a few minor tv and film things-she was just really curious and went for the thrill.

    I would go too—just out of curiosity… know?

  220. 220
    wow Says:

    @215 you must have good `sources`. If it`s true on one hand I`m happy about it since it means he doesn`t have much respect for barfy but the same thing ( cheating ) makes me sad because he is still a player. I really wanna see him happy and with a decent woman in a mature relationship but obviously he is not there ( yet? ). Maybe a better girlfriend would be able to change him…

  221. 221
    nine Says:

    @Insanebarfposse: thanks, I believe you. I think Leo’s “size” is average but its great to hear that he’s hooking up with other people. Did your friend ask him what the heck is he doing with Barfie? Like they have an open relationship or what because its clear that Leo isnt serious about Barfie is he’s still hooking up with other models! lol Serves barfie right though I will tell you that much. Can you tell us anything else without revealing too much about your friend?!?!?! THanks!!

  222. 222
    Catarina Says:

    Ok… I’m gonna go throw up now! Sick world this is with sick people.
    No matter how much I dislike a person, a human being is a human being. No one who does not respect others is able to even respect herself/himself.

    You can click on thumb down as many times as you wish now, that ain’t gonna make you a better person.


  223. 223
    @218 Says:

    Knowing Leo`s reputation it doesn`t sound very far fetched. It is NOT a good thing to cheat but if the girlfriend is barfy I`m sorry to say it is something to be happy about.
    Honestly I don`t blame anyone who `goes for the thrill` who wouldn`t? lol

  224. 224
    nine Says:

    @Catarina: yeah don’t come back, maybe Leo and barf have a relationship where Leo can sleep with other people and it wont bother the business fake “relationship” which is very fake to begin with. If this is true I’m personally happy too. Leo is still a big big FLIRT and more.

  225. 225
    Insanebarfposse Says:

    I was trying to say that she said little Leo has gotten bigger since those photos on the Internet but he has weird long nipples and a short torso. Funny thing is she said she liked talking to him he was personable for a random hook up.

  226. 226
    LeoOld Says:

    Isn’t Leo alittle to old to manwhoring his self around town? At what point does it become pathetic that he can’t find a decent woman and settle down to have a family? I think that point was a few years ago.

  227. 227
    hmmm Says:

    It doesn`t seem like Leo has `weird long nipples` on these photos

  228. 228
    may Says:


    I thought that story was bullsh!t and this proves it. I never believe any random rumor on the internet, especially when they don’t wanna name their source.

  229. 229
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    @Everyone Lolol…all your posts are amusing …interesting if Barf read these comments That WH*RE would run back to Israel in tears..Lol…I can Imagine the look on her SOUR PATCH face now! Priceless!! Those Barf fans don’t have a chance….notice Lisa Rose has been a Ghost lately she knows she will get put in her place!! And it’s funny how this is a Barf thread..but there’s only been a few of Barf fans posting …like I said they know we LEO FANS OWN!!lol …those pics from Israel just shows Barf’s Fuglyness in a new light…she even has jowls..gross!.. I mean has Leo been beating her with the Ugly stick?…cause we know she’s not getting the other STICK lol!..As for the new HookUp story..can’t say I really believe it..but who knows? I think Leo would be a little more careful than that!…And maybe Barf wanted Leo to come back to Israel for birthday??But he didt want to go..and this might be another disagreement of two people who don’t understand each other…She thought that all that spending time with him was gonna make him propose??Hah she thought wrong…Kate Winslet once said that if u pressure Leo to do something he will run further Away!!I’m sure this goes as well for his personal life..So Barf’s selfish motives are just backfiring..And seems like her only friend is Emily..there’s been no recent photos of her with Adi or other friends from Israel?..Guess they got sick of her too lol! No looks,No career,No personality,No friends and pretty soon No Leo!!..karma ‘s a B*tch just like Barf!! sorry for the novel :)

  230. 230
    Brasil Says:

    Sorry, but this story look totally made up for me! I know Leo isn’t an angel that don’t flirt or even cheat on Bar (which I think is not right) but this story seems big bullshit. If the girl don’t want to get exposed and make this a secret, why she would let her “friend” wright in an open blog that everyone have the opportunity to read, this don’t make sense. That Leo isn’t serious about Bar isn’t a mystery for anyone, but it doesn’t mean you have to believe in all the rumors about him with other women, and this one don’t convince me, if someone have a real proof… I believe in what I see.

  231. 231
    Brasil Says:

    well, you can’t disagree with me and believe in everything you want, it doesn’t have nothing with me your opinion, everyone have their own opinion and I also have mine, that’s all!

  232. 232
    Ella Says:

    I agree Brasil, it just seems way too random.
    A girl’s friend telling people in internet that her friend hooked up with him but she doesn’t want anyone to know. How lame is that ?

    And it just doesn’t make sense
    She said they hooked up the day after the MAXIM party (19 May), didn’t he fly to Bhutan in the morning that day according to that tweet (20 May) ?

  233. 233
    hmmm Says:

    that tweet was posted 05/21

  234. 234
    insanebarfposse Says:


    This chick: (from E Online, she swears its her but who knows)

    The poor man’s version of Bar, sporting an übertight, strapless dress and some serious sex hair, had Leo’s ear for quite some time at a table near the DJ booth.

    DiCaprio, dressed in his usual incognito ensemble of a blue baseball cap and a pullover, was all smiles as the brunette babe flirted him up.

    She claims she met him at his house AFTER the party -like round 5 am …you know El Leo likes to stay up late.

    But HEY! I am just the messenger LOL I dont really care what you think…. I just think El Leo is El SLutto…….man ***** !

    It’s just funny to me I’ve lived in LA 15 years and the stories you hear
    (I do hair/makeup professionally) whoooooo ! The **** I used to hear about Eddie Murphy was particularly funny. You gotta live here to really know how crazy these people are.

  235. 235
    cheese cakes Says:

    @insanebarfposse: well I hope what your saying is true because that would be saying a lot in a “nutshell” hehehe

  236. 236
    Brasil Says:

    and who know she’s telling the truth?

  237. 237
    insanebarfposse Says:

    @cheese cakes:

    Like I said I dont really care…BTW I am a gay male…I dont care who Leo is stumpfing……..I just think the sH** that goes on in El LAy is hysterique….

  238. 238
    insanebarfposse Says:

    @cheese cakes:

    in LA he is known Man *****… in that’s nice you screwed Di Caprio?
    Welcome to the ARMY babe !

    It’s just not that hard if you are a reasonably attractive straight woman…..
    all you need are tits and a smile. I’ve worked a lot of TV and movie sets….also have my own salon and do a lot of entertainment industry heads… hear things, you know ? Women talk. Gay men talk more.

  239. 239
    Brasil Says:

    the funny thing you claim you don’t care, so I’am curious… what you doing here? making gossip…

  240. 240
    insanebarfposse Says:


    Its like, O you screwed Di Caprio, hunh? Was that supposed to be DIFFICULT or something? ******* act like its a honor or something…’s aint like you won the lottery or something !

  241. 241
    insanebarfposse Says:


    bored. Sunday night.

  242. 242
    cheese cakes Says:

    @insanebarfposse: so basically if you’re not too ugly and you see Leo in a club setting you have a chance!?!? Hmmmm..very interesting…thanks for the scoop and NOTE TO SELF!! hehehe!

  243. 243
    Brasil Says:

    Gosh, this is becoming so ridiculous! I don’t believe in what I’am reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. 244
    cheese cakes Says:

    @insanebarfposse: yeah I agree,…its not a honor to screw dicap. It would be a honor if he made you his wife. I think its always easier for women than men to do that kinda stuff. You have to be in the right place and the right time because men pretty much will screw anything… My friend was “invited over” by a famous actor too so its definitely possible!

  245. 245
    Brasil Says:

    so basically is like Leo thinks about sex 24 hours in a day? is that what you saying? and all the actors are like this? you claim you know heard from a lot of them…

  246. 246
    insanebarfposse Says:

    @cheese cakes:

    I’m talking “Hollywood” standards—you know, they used to call them *starlets*…… so, “HOT” I guess but you dont have to be a young Elizabeth Taylor…. or even Megan Fox…..I mean look at this Bar chick….she’s OK but the first time I saw her on David Letterman for the SI cover I was like
    “where’s the rest of her?” Then I heard she was DiCrapio’s current bimbo… that was where it was. It’s hard to tell when you are not “bent” towards women….

  247. 247
    insanebarfposse Says:


    It really depends on who. Tom Hanks ? NOT. Tom CRUISE? WTF knows what he thinks about besides some crazy scientologist bullshit…..

    but DiCap has rep as horn dog, you know what I mean? Comes from being a late bloomer —-he got a big f***ky F**** card with Titanic. Come on ! You have the biggest grossing movie ever ? There are just some you dont mess with without IRON condom girrrllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………. most people in Hollywood know who.

  248. 248
    Brasil Says:

    @cheese cakes, in this I agree with you. It’s not a honor go to bed with a famous actor that you know in a night out there. But if all this is true, I’am quite disappointed with Leo, I always thought he was a womanizer, but not a man*****. this is so horrible! I hope I’am just in a nightmare, if not I lost my faith in everything in this world, this is so superficial, so he goes there f*** all the women he can find and is not even satisfied, did he can’t be happy with one woman?
    isn’t enough for him! dear lord, this is insane, I love him but if this @insanebarfposse say (I sincerely hope you are not kidding with us) because we are real Leo fans, at least I’am! but if what you saying is really true… I don’t know what to think anymore. Anyway, the people you heard could be lying too, you know someone people likes to got opportunities saying that date someone or f*** with someone famous, that’s not new too. This is making me really sad! Well, I will wait and see what happens to Leo, but I have to believe that he could change if he finds true love, that’s the last chance he could get in a decent love life!

  249. 249
    cheese cakes Says:

    @insanebarfposse: thanks for the heads up! Iron condom for Leo?!?!? He’s not THAT bad.. is he!?!?!lol

  250. 250
    cheese cakes Says:

    @Brasil: i agree… i hope leo finds true love too! we agree on the most important thing!

  251. 251
    Brasil Says:

    if this is true, I’am surprised that he don’t got any girl pregnant… what you mean @insanebarfposse, iron condom? that he have a lot of std?… I’am mad! I will not sleep tonight, this is the bad thing I could read anyday!!!

  252. 252
    cheese cakes Says:

    @Brasil: calm down,…you dont have to believe everything that you read online! :) I don’t think Leo is an angel but I dont think he’s a whhoorree either and even he admitted that he use to be a little wild but he’s nowhere near what he use to be though I still think occasionally he may get some from people other than Barfie once in awhile is all and I’m sure he wears a rubber all the time at least I hope so!

  253. 253
    insanebarfposse Says:


    Leo has a decent love life. He “loves” whomever he wants. And by giving him all this hoo haa, you just make him more self-centered.

    Anyway, he’ll probably settle down eventually. Just run out of steam !
    Be like Warren Beattie and marry Annette Bening when you are like to old to chase girlies anymore…….the funny thing I hear is if Warren hadnt dissed Tzipi back in like 1975 Bar wouldnt be running after Leo like she is now….it all so hilarious !

    Anyway, yes he’s fooling around. Yes, he flirts and YES he is actively cheating on Bar as far as I know. And I am sleepy now and good night all ! I consider this my PSA public service announcement of the week


  254. 254
    Brasil Says:

    it’s because all this make me sick, it’s so disgusting have to know something like this about someone you like for years! yeah, @cheesecakes, i hope you right, I don’t believe in everthing I see in internet like I said before, but all @insanebarfposse said really make me mad with Leo, (even that is not all true) I just can’t imagine this, I’am nervous right now, and I also hope he takes care of his healthy, it’s better him to use an iron condom. I’am done with Leo today! I’am going sleep too calm down, maybe tomorrow have good news here!!! good night!

  255. 255
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Okay, I’m not so sure this is the first time this person has posted. How does this person know her mother’s name or about Warren Beatty. Just seems a little suspicious to me, and this thread was posted may 14. This person just happened to come across this thread? Please. You have to enter Bar’s name, and click search. It’s obvious to me this person, whoever it is, is not new to this thread, and looks like someone who posts regularly. Even if some woman said she got with him, I wouldn’t put it past any unknown female in HW to say she got with him. They’d probably think it’d be good for their career. I doubt it’s true. I don’t even know how to spell her mother’s name. That last post @253 sounds more like a female to me. Why specify that your a gay male? And who abbreviates that much. Only one person on here that I know writes that way.

  256. 256
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I don’t mean abbreviates so much…I mean who starts a new paragraph so much. Read through the previous threads, this person hasn’t posted under the usual screen name lately, but that last post was very telling. Wasn’t there a rumor on here that bar was telling some man at a party that she gives great blow jobs?

  257. 257
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    @ insane barfposse- love you!
    If you work in/around tinsletown, then you know he’s a ho. He has the BEST PR person working for him to not let his fans know. Still very talented actor and give great PR for environmental issues. At least he didn’t go the Tiger Woods/David Boreanz route. I think he’ll end up like Warren Beatty too. Being a h*rndog and a talented actor aren’t mutually exclusive.

  258. 258
    sleepyinsanebarfposse Says:

    @loves insanebarfposse: @loves insanebarfposse:

    Is that Kenny Sunshine his PR flack? Whenever you see “someone close to Leo” on Gossip Cop or some other bullshit you assume its his flack. I mean is “kenny sunshine” the gayest, most made up PR
    name you have EVER heard?

    I mean OPEN SECRET. Got any examples you want to share with the kids? I am in the mood for a good laugh. They want to keep the myth of “Jack Dawson” alive.

  259. 259
    Brasil Says:

    @257, what you mean exactly?

  260. 260
    sleepyinsanebarfposse Says:

    @loves insanebarfposse:

    Agreed, as long you arent dating him or making the mistake of being in love with him, who cares? He’s a decent actor, easy on the eyes, and manages to do things that are public spirited, like giving a million dollars to those poor folks in Haiti. Otherwise who gives a ****?

    We can enjoy the films. Just don’t fall in love.

    Tiger Woods was gross. I mean the FREAKING I-HOP waitress????
    And he says over 120 women. I would put Leo in the 150- 200 range… you see, ladies, you really want to go out with someone with that many tire tracks????

    And who cares about David Boreanz. Too hot to settle down I think, the wife wasnt all that. These guyz have adulation and love thrown at them (and panties too) all the time. You think they are going to pick out the china and be happy with it…nooooohooooooooooooooo

  261. 261
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Look at posts #214, #215, and #219. Same person. #214 says she wants to go to Nepal with leo. Even the last two posts, (253 &257) I think are the same person. I know he cares about the environment too. Interesting that you should mention that. Somebody here said somthing about Bamboo not being as environmentally friendly as once thought. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?

  262. 262
    darling get a grip Says:

    are you the Queen of Denial or what? You KNOW in your heart of hearts he’s a *****. That only makes you like him MORE !!!!!

    Seriously, that makes him more attractive to some people….we really want to think our pretend movie friends are better than they are…..but ***** ***** ***** ***** *****.

    It’s not really BAR who is the ***** is it? Not compared to HIM Its not !
    You don’t have to like her, just dont fall victim to the flack.

  263. 263
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    @gimmeabreak- that (#257) was the first post I’ve ever made here, but admittedly, I’ve been reading these posts for the past few months. THis is the first time I’ve written something. I mainlt read for entertainment and procrastination. Leo’s fans and Barf (lol!) haters are really entertaining. Plus it’s the only thread where psychics make guest comments. Very interesting….which is why I keep checking on these threads, for the psychics.
    I wonder why people want Leo to meet his soulmate so bad, but not George Clooney or Justine Timberlake or Orlando Bloom or Jaime Fox. (Been to there boards too to read) Just very interesting and entertaining when you’re avoiding doing some work-lol! Or when can’t sleep.
    Don’t know who insanebarfposse is but would love to check out his salon!

  264. 264
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    @257, what you mean exactly?

    what do you mean exactly? Unclear.

  265. 265
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    Don’t know what you are talking about with the Bamboo, however, I did see on the news that breaking down Bamboo takes more energy to break down and use than synthetic materials. I like Leo because of the awareness he puts on these issues. I think he was a big part of the Prius becoming a household name here in America. I’m into the environment stuff.
    @Brasil- not sure what you are asking
    @sleepyinsanebarfposse- I don’t hang with celebs, not as interesting in person, I, like many on here I guess, try to keep the ‘dream’ of the celeb in mind, if I can. Some of my exfriends try to ‘meet’ bands and, yes, get asked to hotels at all hours of the night/morning. male celebs are gross and a waste of time, I avoid them.
    Watching LOST and typing during commercials-lol

  266. 266
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Interesting. Goldie03 was the one that said Bamboo takes more energy to break down and use than synthetic materials. Haven’t seen her post much lately.

  267. 267
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    I don’t remember reading that post but if it was in the past few months, I probably did. I also saw it on the news.
    Lisa Rose hasn’t posted in a bit either! lol!
    gimmeabreak, aren’t you a regular detective, I like you. Sorry but this truly is the FIRST time I’ve commented. You don’t have to believe me. It’s just a message board!: )
    Just wasting time and waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on and talk about LOST finale.

  268. 268
    ichi Says:

    hey everyone calm down, is just the opinion of someone about Leo’s sex life, common is not a secret that he is a womanizer, of course he get the chick that he wants, but the point is that maybe he star to figural someday or maybe that’s the reason of his sad face recently , well I hope him the best not matter what, hey Brasil take it easy right?

  269. 269
    Bar obssessed psycho monster Says:

    Psychotic Candycotton, Megan Fox fan, wow, etc.; Talking to yourslef again psycho biotch? Making up stories and pretending to be different people shows how isane you are. You’re probably been institutionalized many times.
    It’s hysterical that you actually call Bar ugly when you’re a dog face. You’re the one that has no family, friends, looks, boyfriend, career or money. You’re nothing but an angry 300 lb. middle-aged psychotic agoraphobic who never leaves your basement. You’re a miserable and evil person. Mommy and daddy must have really abused horribly.

    I’m no Bar fan but you are a sick individual who needs help. You are obssessed with Bar and stalk her every momment. You claim to hate her but you just have to see every picture of her. You have a hate crush on Bar. Part of you hates Bar but another part worships and idolizes her. That is why you can’t get enough of Bar. BAR BAR BAR! You can’t live without Bar! You are madly in love with BAR! You are a Crazy sick monster!

  270. 270
    Bar obssessed psycho monster Says:

    #267; You’re an f****** liar! You’re candycotton etc.etc. You don’t fool anyone. Take your meds psycho! You are beyond sick. Get help.

  271. 271
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    lol #270!
    I’m new. Love Cotton Candy though. The candy as well as the poster. They are really entertaining posts. You’re fun too!

    Again, don’t have to believe me. If you want to believe that he’s this perfect, sensitive, romantic guy pining for his sm, then be my guest. It’s a free world. Believe me, I’d want to believe that too if I didn’t live/work in this town.

  272. 272
    loves insanebarfposse Says:

    I just want to be clear that I’m not a Leo hater. I think he is talented and glad that he does the environmental stuff. There are quite a few celebs who do that but he gets- and brings- the most attention.
    I’m also not a Bar hater or lover. I think she’s cute enough (please don’t bash me), don’t see much more going on with her though.
    Anyways, watching Jimmy Kimmel, getting my LOST answers on.

  273. 273
    Nobody Cares Says:

    Nobody cares if Leo scewss 2 million people or 2 people he will always, ALWAYS be a great wonderful smart guy with a beautiful soul and way too good for his current and hopefully soon to be ex Barfie bedwarming a**. Leo is top of the line. Leo fans stand tall!

  274. 274
    Astro Girl Says:

    It doesnt matter if Bar is beautiful or not she and Leo just simply arent a match and will break up. Yes there is someone else out there for Leo and I’m sensing a non model too. I see it in their charts(Leo’s/Bar’s) that they will break up this year. We are shortly moving into a period where looks won’t matter and will be secondary. And there is NOTHING wrong with dating an Ihop waitress, is it any harder than reading words of a piece of paper and repeating it for the camera or is it harder than walking down a runway??! No it isnt. People are much more than what they have as an occupation and for heavens love one another people!!!!!! We are going to need it in the future!

  275. 275
    Non-sense Says:

    Now I know what Reality from the previous threads meant, when he said that there are too many people in Hollywood draining his energy. Hey, whoever you are, that started this bull****, are you saying that a Top100 model/actress whatever, went to his place the next day for the ‘thrill’. I’m sure that when the story broke loose that he went home , the girl just wanted another story…that she did manage to go to bed with him..thats all.

    Also, a man who cares so much for the environment, is a philanthropist , the least he can do personally is not sleep with too many women and prevent STDs. Also, if a woman claims to sleep with him, and then tells everyone in the world about it, I think she the HO who wants attention and would do anything for her career.

  276. 276
    wow Says:

    I couldn`t agree more with #273. It`s been known for years that Leo is a womanizer / modelizer so I don`t really understand why some of you are so `shocked`. I`m not saying I believe the story but Leo has a reputation in Hollywood as a player ( he likes to have his cake and eat it, too ) so I don`t think it is impossible that it might be true. After all NONE of you know him or know what`s going on behind closed doors…

  277. 277
    sanebarfposse Says:

    The moral of the story is, Leo and Bar will break up soon. Leo is a dog but we love him anyway. We dont feel bad for Bar because we ‘ve all been there and we got over it and set our dogs free to bark around the yard or end up in the pound. I guess we just want Bar to wise up and grow up and be the women that we are….loving but not necessarily stupidly romantic. All women go through this life training roughly 25-30. I think Bar and Leo embody a lot of issues for a lot of people-Leo is the handsome stud who is unattainable really but we love him anyway. Bar is the lovestruck girl next door who hasnt had reality hit her upside the head yet.
    So in some ways, Tinseltown, these two are EVERY BIT AS interesting as a reality TV show….in fact it has me tuning in every day to the soap.
    You wouldnt catch me DEAD watching a real soap, and I actually hate reality TV except for the Most Dangerous Catch and Next Top Model, but these two are JUST LIKE A TV SHOW OF THEIR OWN.

    Nowadays with omnipresent media, cameraphones, paparazzi, online blogs, twitter done by the stars themselves, the female star actually calling the paparazzi for coverage, the male star tweeting and getting his flack to put out more PR, the fat mother and the model agent braying fake engagement stories, this is a NOVEL in itself. I am reading Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue, face it its a lot like that.
    Bushnell is an underrated writer—she has been compared to Edith Wharton and she is not far off—its social commentary.

    Someone should write a novel based on these two. Joan Collins is like 100 but she always put out good trash. Where is she when you need her? I am in the mood for some good Hollywood GARBAGE.

  278. 278
    insanebarfposse Says:

    The salon is in West Hollywood and darling I couldnt get up in the morning if there wasnt some dish to be had. People come in and say the most outrageous things……its just in front of the hairdresser who cares.
    I dont own the salon, some day I will have one. I am not Francesco Scavullo or nothing honey doll, but I dont get out of bed for less than $150 a haircut (peanuts for some) so I do OK. Love to have you come by, but for reasons stated I’ll stay a pseudonym. Beats West Texas (where I am from) by a light year.

    you’re wearing but it is more like a dye job and you need to touch it up more often. I would anyway. Otherwise color job is nice. I think Leo still lightens just a shade…he still has WONDERFUL hair love to run my fingers through it. THe blond mop in Titanic made his career though…my boyfriend loves it and watches it in full every time.

    Also dont appear in public with your mother. I know she’s your dear mama but she looks so much like you it invites comparison. Not a GOOD comparison either dear. Like this is the BLIMPIE you will become.

    I’m sure Bar and I could be friend if we met there is so much comisseration to be had, girlfiend.


    Insane Aaron Possee

  279. 279
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    @269 aka Barf lover freak…Keep saying the same thing over again…time to take your bitter pills!! You can’t accept the fact that no one here likes Barf…but u and that pathetic Lisa Rose!!So it’s probally u posting all this nonsense..about Leo just trying to get Leo fans to think negative about him!Well NOT gonna Happen..IGOR…U talk about stalkers that’s hilarious..why would any one stalk Barf?Get serious!It’s obvious our comments really F*CK with your head.. Lol…looks like your stalking Leo Fans …candycotton,wow,me etc….Your just Bitter cause you and SOUR PATCH face are JOBLESS!! please get off your Psych doctor’s computer…and go back to the Ward!! Leo fans Own ….Deal with it!!

  280. 280
    marmaduke Says:

    and LEO If you havent got the message by now, your FANS will be HAPPY if you dump her. Not the opposite. She can put out all that “we’re getting engaged crap” and make you look bad when you dont live up to it, but WE DON’T CARE. YOUR FAN BASE WILL BE HAPPY IF YOU DUMP HER, DIG? Of course if you like having her around for any reason..comfort or familiarity whatever we cant really blame you either. Just YUCK on her.

    Put it this way, the people that have been watching since the Basketball Diaries and have seen the Departed six time are not the kind to fall in love with Barf…or maybe some of the morons who thought Jack Dawson was the real you will be upset but they are usually busy watching Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Anniston pap.

    Go ahead why not go for Megan Fox next? She is infinitely prettier than Bar and reportedly such a ***** she could be interesting.

  281. 281
    marmaduke Says:


    actually never heard of the girl but you are totally right. But see she is not a dyed blond like Barf so not a status symbol. And she appears creative on her own, so no go. Just easily manipulative dumb ass models.

    Although honestly, if Gisele is stupid at 30 million year, I WANT TO BE DUMB LIKE THAT PLEASE MAKE ME ABSOLUTELY RETARDED LIKE HER.

  282. 282
    marmaduke Says:

    @Bar Ref:

    If this really is Bar Ref why don’t you mosey on over to EOline and Perez Hilton for a nice case of the downers. Your man is out and partying, and folks are saying he has been ******** around and flirting around town
    -that he has already cheated on you a LOT and has been HITTING on other women for the last two months when you have supposedly been
    getting so much closer to engagement. That would really like, bum me out.

    He’s also in Nepal right now to get the HELL away from you. Why dont you just stay in Israel and not come back? Oh that’s right they hate you there too, and you cant get work. And you will eventually have to join the army and pay your back taxes like everyone else.

  283. 283
    Lisa rose Says:

    its just SICK people!! how you say that its ok that Leo slept with other woman, cus he need to hook up with other woman and find someone better….
    its doesnt matter if you hate Bar or not! there’s away to do things! if he want to try someone else, then he need to break it off with Bar FIRST!!
    I am sorry, but its just DISGUSTING!! no matter if you feels like the “king of the world” cus you are a good looking guy with a lot of money and fame, you need to be a human first! if he really did that (which I just dont believe) that he is just an heartless jerk!!
    how you can adore like that a “man”, who as no respect for a human been?! and especially a woman (must of you are woman too, no?)?!
    for all his “fans” that said that they are happy with what he did, I wish that your man would do the same to you….

    I really doubt that its true… but if it is true, Bar just need someone better!! I really thought that he changed. Bar need a better man, even if he wouldn’t be as good looking, rich and fames like Leo. he need to be mature and with a good heart.

  284. 284
    iheartcomments Says:

    (changed my name from loves insanebarfposse)

    @insanebarfposse- stay incognito! I’ve seen them track Lisa Rose down, these people are fierce! If you do a mean blowdry, I’ll eventually run into you! lol!

    @astrogirl- are you a professional psychic or do you do this on the side? One of my friends does it as a hobby but her mom did it as a job for awhile. Just curious. Interested in this stuff. And do you do other celebrities and comment on other boards?

  285. 285
    iheartcomments Says:

    I think sanebarfposse summed it all up nicely.

    Leo’s fans are are sensitive, passionate, romantic, defensive, and sweet. I think he is lucky to have such passionate fans who are rooting for his spiritual and emotional well being. (not being sarcastic). maybe all your energy helps him out.

    Hopefully he is smart and secure enough find someone who loves him for him, and never lets her go because everyone deserves that (including Bar). But Hollyweird is a strange town. Girls who ‘go after’ celebrities don’t have much substance or have an ulterior motive. And most guy celebs know this, which is why, the smart ones, don’t take them too seriously.

  286. 286
    Brasil Says:

    Hi real Leo fans, glad you don’t take all this too seriously, still think Leo’s a womanizer and need to grow up, but yesterday I was really nervous and said a lot of crap. But I sleep very well and today my head is clean! Lisa rose, he have a great heart even that he’s a womanizer. But in one thing I agree with you, Bar deserve someone who respect her (because is clear Leo’s not) even that I hate to addmit this, Leo is palying with her and by the way she’s accepting, that’s her fault too, she could end with him for her good if she knows about this. I just have one advice for Leo: “sleep” with a lot of women out there will not make him happy, will only satisfy his insatiable appetite and make him happy at the moment but than after all that, he’s going to be sad again, because this don’t full fill anyone, sex is not everything and in this way is really empty. Just a thought of someone who really likes him.

  287. 287
    iheartcomments Says:

    Brasil, are you the one that kept in touch with REALITY poster?

  288. 288
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Brasil: of course that its Bar’s fault too. its absolutely her problem if she’s accepting that. she’s really stupid if she’s letting him do that to her. BUT its doesn’t makes Leo any better, he is playing with her like a sh*t, and using the fact that she’s accepting that cus she probably (as I believe) really loves him. I have a feeling that Leo knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he just knows that no matter what, I’ll never be alone cus he is “Leonardo Dicaprio” and any girl would like to be his girlfriend, no matter how he’ll treat her. as I know, he cheated in all the rest of the girlfriends that he had in the past too….
    and its SAD! I’m sad not only for what he is doing to Bar, but mast of all for what he is doing to himself…. he probably has no control in it, but it will makes him stay never serious with anyone.

  289. 289
    may Says:

    @Lisa rose:

    “as I know, he cheated in all the rest of the girlfriends that he had in the past too…”

    How do you know that. I never heard that he cheated on his past girlfriends.

  290. 290
    Brasil Says:

    @287: what? Reality poster? don’t understand what you mean?

    you make a good point, Lisa rose and it’s sad! but I have faith that he could found true love one day and change his behavior, I’am crossing my fingers but still will not be too happy before something really happens to don’t get disappointed again.

  291. 291
    Lisa rose Says:

    @may: there was A LOT of rumours that he cheated on Gisele with Siena Miler! and more models and staff that I dont remember now.

    I dont know if to believe these twits, cus anyone can twit that her friend slept with Leo…. but with Leo I will never be surprised if it really happened!

  292. 292
    iheartcomments Says:

    he’s always stepped out, was better at hiding it before. Sorry. I think like Brasil said, if he finds someone with substance he’ll stop.
    Smart guys don’t take these girls seriously, models or no, if they can tell you want PR, they won’t take you or relationship that serious.
    @Brasil- I’m talking about the psychic who posted under the name ‘Reality’. Did you keep in touch with that person when they gave out their email or was it someone else?

  293. 293
    Catarina Says:

    @previous poster How do you even know Reality kept in touch with anyone to start with? And what’s with this morbid curiosity, if you’re not even a Leo fan? I think you’re a trouble maker and also that you’re trying to manipulate people, but I see you, darling. I see you!

  294. 294
    Lisa rose Says:

    @iheartcomments: I think that its pretty PATHETIC to keep dating with models and not taking them seriously when you are almost 36-years-old!!!! but any way, he is f*cking Leonardo Dicaprio!! he can do what ever he want to, even if it means to hurts some people on the way…

  295. 295
    iheartcomments Says:

    Catarina! Love your comments too! Like I’ve said before, I’ve been reading these comments for the past few months. I don’t even care about the JJ posts anymore, I come here to read all your comments, especially since the psychics come here and no where else. I read comments from everywhere, including Yahoo! articles about whatever. I’m a big procrastinator so this is how I’ve been choosing to waste time for the past few months.

    Don’t mean to start trouble…didn’t know that this would be the reaction, but whatever. I love you guys anyway!

  296. 296
    iheartcomments Says:

    Lisa Rose- just think for a moment. Imagine you are a young lad wanting to connect with a young lady, truly connect because you are soulful, smart,…etc. but none will give you the time of day because you are awkward or don’t know what you’re doing, what have you.
    Then you star in two movies that make you a move star and now girls, women are throwing themselves at your feet, still not caring to connect with you but willing to do almost anything to be near you. How would you feel? If I were a dude in that situation, I would be a kid in a candy store as well and have as much fun as possible. It’s not evil…it’s human nature.

    If he is as soulful and smart as you guys believe him to be, it WILL get old and feel more and more empty and he will want (and prob get) more. So don’t worry your pretty little heads.

  297. 297
    iheartcomments Says:

    And Bar is not innocent in all this either. It takes two to be in an unhealthy relationship.

    All I know of Bar is what I’ve learned here from you guys! And she doesn’t seem like the most upstanding person. She has ALOT of growing up to do.

    I’ve said this before, I am a fan of his WORK (movies and environmentalism) but not really of his personal life.

    Leo lovers seem to be flummoxed by this relationship because if he is stringing her along (whether he’s cheating or not) then he’s kinda a douche. And if he needs her for companionship, then he’s this lonely desperate guy who can’t be alone. Who wants to believe either one of those choices about their idol? Either way, he has some commitment issues, but again, if he’s as soulful and smart as you say, he will figure it out and have a happy ending. (Which I know is what you want to hear; it could be true.)

    I just thought that you guys wanted to know the deal, but I guess you just want to trash Barf (lol) and blame her for this weird hookup.

    I know in the end, you guys will believe what you want, and accept the info that you like, and that’s cool too. That’s what movie stars are for!

    sorry for the novel, as you say!

  298. 298
    Catarina Says:

    Well, if you’re looking for the psychics, this is not the place to find them. I’m sure you can find a lot of other places on the internet, where you can learn about your own soul purpose, though I can give you a headstart: karma’s a *****!

    So, before Leo was on the 150/200 number for hook-ups, but now he’s soulful and smart and romantic, looking for his soulmate… *wipes tear*

    Me thinks you should spend your time reading a book. I’m doing it. Better yet, write one, you’re good at it.

    I’ve written on these boards half a dozen times and you act like you recognise me, now. But not yesterday when I said I don’t buy your bull. It’s this new persona today, huh? Yeah right! I think most people see you, anyway.

  299. 299
    iheartcomments Says:

    Catarina calm down. I suppose I could find more fulfilling ways to waste my time, you are definitely right about that! lol! When you attacked my post yesterday it was under a different name, how would I know that person was also the infamous Catarina-lol! I know there are other places to find psychic stuff, it’s just interesting that it pops up here, only with Leo.

    I think you are reading my comments as bashing Leo and getting his fans riled up, and I’m sorry if that’s what you see.

    The reason why I posted yesterday was because insanebarfposse brought up the proverbial elephant in the room. When other people have mentioned it, everyone ignores it. Now I see why!

    I started calling Leo a soulful, smart person after reading the reactions to my posts yesterday. I’m writing under the assumption that you, the fans, believe so that I can have a convo. Is that so wrong?

    Hollywood is a weird, dirty place. A heirarchy definitely exists and people get off on it. You guys still picked a good guy. If Leo’s only alleged (I say alleged because I love you guys; want to make it clear for Catarina why I am now switching to alleged) vice is that he cheats and loves to get laid, believe me he is an ANGEL out here. He is one of the more levelheaded and ‘normal’ celebs, especially for an A-lister. Normal guys do this in high school and college. Sure he’s getting old, but he’s allegedly a late bloomer, so maybe it’s just taking him a little longer.

    I still love you Catarina, no matter what you say about me or how many times you attack me in whichever name you choose! My karma is just fine lmao!!!

    xoxo all- I am truly a fan of your posts, an interesting and unique group indeed. I’ll stop commenting now and return to just reading.
    looking forward to reading your comments about his next girlfriend…or possible wife

  300. 300
    iheartcomments Says:

    BTW Catarina
    insanebarfposse and loves insanebarfposse are two different people. I was the latter. The hairdresser was the former. he’s the one that speculated Leo’s 200 conquests.

    Thanks for the writing compliment!

  301. 301
    Catarina Says:

    Darling, I don’t use any other name. Your message tells me you’re not even reading the comments as you claim, since the comment I referred to was posted under my birthname: Catarina – the only one I use. I am not stressed out at all, I’m as calm as can be. Calmly reading my book before going to bed.
    Also I know all about the rumours that Leo is a ladies’man but it mostly bothers me to think he’s a cheater, because that doesn’t say much about a person to me, whoever this person may be and regardless of any social status. So, no, I don’t believe in fairy-tales, including your tall tale from yesterday that I’ve learned was also posted on twitter. Way to go! Nice way to start a filthy rumour!

    You know, you could definitely use some reading, because it will help you with the interpretation of people’s messages, before you (again) start claiming something which just isn’t true. You’re not even good at it. Page 9. Says: Catarina “ME NO BUY YOUR BULLSH!!!T”

    Good night now!

  302. 302
    www Says:

    Web Pure People has Barf’s pics in New York. Maybe she is there now.

  303. 303
    Catarina Says:

    @iheartcomments Ugh! Well, I wasn’t writing to you, then, I was writing to the other person. You people keep changing your usernames so often that one just can’t keep track, dammit!

  304. 304
    Catarina Says:

    Well, then I was not writing to you, but to the hairdresser, so-called Aaron.

    ANYWAYS… www, that picture is weeks old (from when they went shopping together and with Lukas Haas’s brother).
    I read somewhere else he was in Russia today. Hope he’s having a good time!

  305. 305
    Team Bar Says:

    @302: those pics are old… one of them are from N.Y but were taken after the MET Gala (the day after the MET and before she went to L.A) and the other pics are from L.A but were taken the day she and Leo went to buy that table whit Lucas´s brother… Bar is in Israel now.. on other note, i just read Leo is in Russia… is that true? Anyone has some info about it?

  306. 306
    wow Says:

    right, last week Leo was supposed to be in Turkey at some event according to articles but he was in LA and now in Russia for an event organized by Naomi Campbell ( one of his exes ) for charity… Who knows where he is right now?
    According to her thread ( the infamous bz one ) there was a tweet about Leo`s latest conquest after the Maxim party… I missed that one.

  307. 307
    Team Bar Says:

    hehe Catarina.. i guess we wrote at the same time and almost the same thing :)

  308. 308
    Catarina Says:

    Looks like it, Team Bar, but I don’t really have the source. Leo was supposed to be travelling all over Asia, last week, with a friend, but who knows, really! Looking forward to his Inception promotion. Should be starting now, since new movie posters are coming out. Can’t wait! =) We always have lots of Leo to “digest” before/during his premieres. Should be less than a month now…

  309. 309
    nine Says:

    here it is

  310. 310
    loser Says:

    Newsflash. Leo is no longer a late bloomer. It is not the 90s anymore. The Titanic sunk a long time ago. He got more t, a, and p than most guys ever will. He has been with so many actresses, models, playboy bunnies, randoms, threesomes, foursomes, etc. He could write a sex book that would make Madonna’s raunchy metal cover sex book seem like a children’s book. He will not stop until he hits 4 digits. Go Leo.

  311. 311
    Catarina Says:

    Oh, for god’s sake! This is nauseating…

  312. 312
    newgirl Says:

    Leo is so hot! I love him.

  313. 313
    Brasil Says:

    @Iheartcomments, no! I’am not in contact with Reality, I just ask her when she was online in that thread, don’t talk to her anymore, but I found really interesting that conversation.

  314. 314
    Marmeduke Says:

    Hey loser any truly inside dope? Names? I think bar is his beard of normalcy. So do others. Leo is in Cannes partying around models bar is in Israel does it feel like the cookie is crumbling? Catarina are you Barry by any chance?

  315. 315
    Catarina Says:

    No, I don’t know any Barry. I’m female. My name is Catarina, that’s it.

  316. 316
    Brasil Says:

    Oi Catarina, você como eu deve ter um ficado um pouco desapontada com tudo isso, também não acho certo alguém trair a namorada ou vice-versa desse jeito. Acho também que já passou da hora de Leo amadurecer quando se trata de relacionamento, ou então fique solteiro e aí ele pode fazer o que quiser e não magoar ninguém. Mas não é por causa disso que eu vou deixar de admirá-lo como ator, ambientalista e como pessoa também, tenho certeza de que ele é uma ótima pessoa, só não aprendeu que não é desse jeito que ele vai ser uma pessoa totalmente feliz na vida amorosa, espero que um dia ele consiga enxergar o que realmente importa. Mas como tu dissestes também estou anciosa para ver Inception. Como vai chamar aí em Portugal? aqui no Brasil é “A Origem”. E meu estado se chama Santa Catarina.

  317. 317
    Brasil Says:

    @314: how Leo is in Cannes, isn’t he in Russia? And as I know Cannes is just finished…

  318. 318
    Marmeduke Says:

    I Meant barfy.

    She has posted here and on the superficial so she does read this

  319. 319
    Catarina Says:

    Olá, Brasil!
    Pois, a mim também me parece que se vai chamar A Origem, embora frequentemente eles não traduzam os títulos, aqui. Nunca presto muita atenção às traduções, porque normalmente muito antes de traduzirem o filme, já eu estou farta de conhecer e decorar o nome em inglês, pelo que o Português passa-me ao lado. lol Sei é que vai estrear a 22 de Julho. Era bom que ele fizesse uma ante-estreia em Portugal, mas nunca aconteceu, nem acho que vá acontecer. O filme parece interessantíssimo. A julgar pelo que vi em Memento, do mesmo realizador, deve ser muito bom. E gosto de não conhecer muito acerca do filme antes dele sair.
    Bem, em relação ao tema em debate, sim, é bastante decepcionante. Mais do que ficar decepcionada com o Leonardo DiCaprio, fico decepcionada com as pessoas, como elas dão aval a um comportamento completamente inaceitável, a meu ver. Eu já ouvi muitos rumores acerca de histórias como estas, mas espanta-me ver que estas histórias agradam às pessoas e, mais do que isso, incitam-nas a enveredar pelo mesmo tipo de comportamento!!! Há pessoas aqui a agradeceram a “tip”, e que faria exactamente o mesmo, tendo a oportunidade. Espero sinceramente que não seja verdade, e acredito que grande parte não seja. Fui recentemente operada e vê lá que as pessoas à minha volta (conhecidos, mas não muito próximos) já diziam que eu tinha cancro. Isto prova que a curiosidade mórbida e a necessidade de falar da vida dos outros, leva as pessoas a inventarem todo o tipo de coisas. Imagina isto exponenciado ao nível de celebridade do Leonardo DiCaprio… Deve ser de doidos! Por tudo isto, prefiro acreditar só no que vejo e até lá acho que o melhor mesmo é afastar-me deste site, que já tresanda com o tipo de comentários que são publicados.

    Bem, são mais do que horas de descansar aqui.
    Beijinhos e boa noite! =)

  320. 320
    Catarina Says:

    LOL@marmeduke You can’t be serious! Now that does it! You’ve lost it!!!

  321. 321
    Catarina Says:

    It’s impressive how people have so lost their morals, that just because I don’t find it acceptable to cheat on girlfriends, I suddenly have to be the girlfriend herself. That tells me a lot about the kind of principles you lead your life on.
    Well, darling, I couldn’t care less about Bar. The one I care about not being a douche is Leo, otherwise I’m wasting my time.

  322. 322
    BarfItookyourMan Says:

    Im glad Leo ain’t wit that Dog face bi*atch she needs to stay in Israel. And this Lisa Rose person is twisted!Barf face deserves what she gets she’s not innocent.She’s not inlove with Leo either, stop being a fool Lisa Rose,you keep defending her why?She has no job to pay you! I read most of your comments and lets just say I could’t stomach the rest!Every comment you post it never makes sens girl!They are right you are pathe-tic.I guess im hating too!Brazil your getting way to emotional you dont seem confident ?Since you claim to be a Leo fan?No offense but come on! The rest of you are cool!The true Leo fans they stick wit what they belive and dont give a f+ck haha!Leo is gonna dump that h+e soon.I saw those pics of her dumb a** in Israel she looks just like her fat a** mother haha,but worse!I feel sorry for Leo to have look at that f+ked up face of hers!That car of hers,looks almost as ugly as she is! Im mot jealous of dog face in any way trust! But I will take her man.! Holllllla

  323. 323
    Catarina Says:

    Que gente tão irritante, pá! É por estas e por outras que odeio clubes de fãs e coisas do género. Gente fanática, não é capaz de aceitar opiniões distintas! Enfim… adiante!

  324. 324
    Catarina Says:


  325. 325
    Catarina Says:

    Faster than a speeding bullet! Does it make you feel powerful? No other kind of power in your life? Pity, pity… Well, I will say a prayer for you.

  326. 326
    BarfItookyourMan Says:

    @Catrina I can see why they may think your Bar cuz you kind of give off that snotty, cold b+tchy stuck up vibe!NO offense but at first glance that’s what comes to mind! Just sayin!!

  327. 327
    Catarina Says:

    Eh! You’re losing your touch! Challenge: can you make it count twice? I know a trick. That ought to keep you busy now. 1, 2, 3 Go! Idiot!

  328. 328
    Catarina Says:

    Anyone who thinks that is too stupid to think, BarfItookyourMan.
    There’s no Bar nor Leo or any other celebrity on Just freaking Jared. Also, you’re not a very good judge of character. No offense.

    1, 2, 3 GO!

  329. 329
    Catarina Says:

    Oh, you missed a couple of posts on the other page. Be sure to click on those too. You wouldn’t wanna miss them. See, I’m a friend! =)

  330. 330
    @326 Says:

    Very well said I couldn`t agree more.

  331. 331
    Catarina Says:

    You’re pathetic! Kicking and clicking on “thumbs down” ain’t gonna make reality change. You have to face it. I think I’ve wasted enough of my time. You can go about your business now.


  332. 332
    BarfItookyourMan Says:

    @330..thanks not sure who you are??Just stating MY opinions!I’ll come back when the REAL Leo fans are posting!! Yawn!

  333. 333
    nine Says:

    @Catarina: I think you’ve wasted enough time on here too!

  334. 334
    may Says:

    wow, people turned on Cat fast. I never knew cheating was so idolized. Ugh.

  335. 335
    gimmeabreak Says:

    This rumor is not true. It’s a rumor that was started on this thread. There was no after party, and he did not cheat. And from a gay hairdresser? Please. How stereotypical can you get? Very hollywood. Obviously someone here is a bit obsessed, and has nothing better to do than to start rumors about him cheating. No different than when people say it’s a known fact that he’s gay. Please. This is the kind of stuff you only see on threads like this. It’s all a bunch of crap. He’s not gay, and he’s not cheated on her. I bet this person would love it if she was able to break them up. Obsessed fan. I wish people wouldn’t start this crap. It’s very low, very disgusting, if your not a fan, what would you be doing on this thread with the rest of us? This person just keeps posting the same crap, just under different screen names.

  336. 336
    Brasil Says:

    good point, also that the she/him says that don’t care and isn’t fan but at the same time and suddenly, she/him knows everything about Leo and Bar, quite interesting, isn’t it?

  337. 337
    gisele Says:

    Leo and Bar are not that close like anymore, it’s more a business.
    Bar needs Leo because of her career. Leo wants a good image so he gets photographed with bar walking to his moms house.
    But hes still young, successful and handsome. he travels with his pals and gets any chick he wants. I think hes def not ready to give all this up- not yet. i saw him clubbing some time in la but didn’t get close to him. but it’s obvious, i wouldn’t call it cheating. but he does what he wants-hes leonardo dicaprio.
    Bar comes from a very simple back in israel, shes very naive and wannabe american. if he needs her shes there for him-and his reputation.

  338. 338
    yuk Says:

    Is Bar is going to replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3?
    What is that for a movie? Casting supermodels?!

  339. 339
    337! Says:

    gisele knows the dealio!

  340. 340
    ichi Says:

    @Brasil: hola Brasil, puedo entender lo que escribiste porque hablo español, y es muy parecido al portugues, estoy de acuerdo con vos; Leo es una gran persona, algo perdida en sus desiciones amorosas, pero eso es superable, y no te preocupes acerca de ciertas opiniones que no vienen al caso y que solo son producto de gente envidiosa, me alegra mucho que Leo tenga verdaderas Fans como vos, es divertido ver como tantas culturas se unen, me gustaria que encontrara a alguien que lo hiciera feliz, pero lo mas importante es que el centre sus pensamientos, nada llega por si solo del cielo hay que buscarlo, por cierto Brasil es un pais hermoso felicidades.

  341. 341
    nine Says:

    @gimmeabreak: How are you so sure Leo hasnt cheated on Bar? Are you with him 24/7? I’m pretty sure he HAS. I dont think hes slept with 200 people but I think he has cheated on Barfie. Some rumoros actually turn out to be true. Everything is getting exposed nowadays and celebrities are NOT perfect.

  342. 342
    wow Says:

    I pretty much agree with gisele except for one thing. I do not think that barf is `very naive`. I honestly doubt that with a mother like hers. She is not naive she knows what she wants.

  343. 343
    Candycotton Says:

    Found This Video of Plain- Face Barfy!!!Check out this video on YouTube:

  344. 344
    Candycotton Says:

    Barfy’s Future she’s almost there!!!lolCheck out this video on YouTube:

  345. 345
    gimmeabreak Says:

    No one here can be certain that he has cheated. No one here is with him 24/7. He just doesn’t seem like the type, but who knows. I definately think he’s keeping his options open. If he was happy with her, then maybe he wouldn’t go out to the clubs while she was away. Then again, he may still have single friends. I don’t know much about the love lives of his friends. He could just be bored, and doesn’t want to stay home alone, better to go out and have some fun. Who the hell knows. I just hope he’s better than that. I don’t like her much, but I’d really be disappointed if he was one of those types of guys. Part of his likeability to me is the fact that he seems like such a nice guy. Anyways, they’ve been back together for about 5 months now. I’m sure they’re right back where they left off. Bored and lonely.

  346. 346
    wow Says:

    It seems Leo is indeed in Bhutan with Ethan Suplee. Here is a photo I assume on his way there with a flight attendant (?). Ethan tweeted that he was still in Bhutan ( Tiger sanctuary ) so I assume Leo wasn`t in Russia.

  347. 347
    toCandycotton Says:

    why are you posting this bar crap videos of this average girl turned model because of big boobs and leonardo dicaprio?!!

  348. 348
    french Says:

    I think there is a deal between them but they are not a couple, so he didn’t cheated on her.

  349. 349
    marmeduke Says:


    thanks for the picture. He looks tired like he’s been in transit for over 24 hours…. but I guess if you are leaving from LAX then you are already on the Pacific Rim its not that bad. Looks like his contacts are bothering him. But I love it !

    Quick Astro Girl this might be his soul mate she comes from Asia ! ;)
    I ‘m not laughing at ya I read Sally Brompton every day.

    He’s not de-gorgeous in this but I like the honesty and warmth that comes out… the pix. Glad he went somewhere interesing with a real friend not the much hated Barf. All I know is that if I had a chance to go to Bhutan or Nepal I couldnt turn around on a dime and go back to Cannes to hang with the glitzy. I’d have to stay for at least a month digging the top of the world. Or maybe he didnt go to Cannes, no pix there that I saw.

  350. 350
    Reality Says:


    I think there is a friendship/relationship there but as we have talked about in this thread part of the glue is PR. I thought it was one way (for Bar) but I think now it is both ways. I hope they both make changes. Sad.

    Money is always part of male/female relationships…..Bar would not be with him at all if he was a plumber. So just remember that. Also, he
    wouldnt be with her if she wasnt some kind of status symbol, a SI model, although reportedly he pulled strings to put her on the cover.

    I dont think anyone is going to even try to refute THOSE motivations…
    its sickeningly obvious. I just want him to know the fan support is out there for going solo or at least dumping this one.

    She can marry some rich jerk like her mother did and live in Israel.
    Apparently she has an apartment and car there…..why does she have all that if she will be in NYC or LA forever? Know how hard it is to get a
    CAR across the water?

  351. 351
    wow Says:

    According to Ethan`s tweet they spent 3 days in the jungle in a tiger sanctuary.
    `Spent the last 3 days in the jungle learning how successfully elusive tigers can be.`
    He mentioned entering Buthan like 10 hours ago. It must have been a long journey and a lot to discover there. You are right Leo looks tired but I`m sure he enjoys it. It sounds like a very interesting trip.
    Well, even though Candycotton posted those videos it`s clear that she is not a big fan of hers.

  352. 352
    Lisa rose Says:

    @marmeduke: “with a real friend not the much hated Barf..” you made her so HATED, she not that bad, but you just makes her looks like that… you are the worst “fans” that Leo can ever had!! you hate so much a person that he decided to have around him. YOU makes it that bad! you made her almost worst then the devil already! I wish that someone will do the same to you one day, just to let you know how its feels. you just need to clam down a little! you dont know her!!!
    bet leave it, never mind. I know that you’ll tell me not to read the comments if I dont like it, cus anyone can say whatever they want and blah, blah, blah….
    but I just want to remains you that you DONT REALLY KNOWS HER!! so stop makes Leo the saint and Bar the devil! they are BOTH not devils and not saints!!! even if he is f*cking “the king of the world Leonardo Dicaprio”!!

  353. 353
    Candycotton Says:

    @347 I can post what i want ,GOT IT? Your the newcomer so please shut your mouth……Thanks! Leno looks really drained in that photo ,he definatly not getting enough rest! Scorpios have to be carfeful because they show signs of aging more than any other sign! Smoking,drinking can really affect their looks… age them beyond their years.but notice his appearance is not the typical scorpian sterotype…. this due to his Libra rising tall light hair and eyes..more libran appearance.. the eyes are intense and magnetic!!

  354. 354
    Candycotton Says:

    I meant LEO……Hah…my mistake!

  355. 355
    Candycotton Says:

    I meant LEO not LENO dam computers……Is Lisa Rose talking to herself or the DEVIL??lol…..Guess she”s jobless too!!!

  356. 356
    @355 Says:

    I don`t even bother to read her comments. Thumb down and that`s all.
    You are right. No matter how tired he looks his eyes are always amazing! :)

  357. 357
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@355: You just the meanest girls that I’ve ever met!!! and I’m not saying it because its insulting me or something, it definitely not, I’m never insulting from people that are not important to me, but get over your self girls!!! you are bashing here all day long 24/7 on people that have nothing to do with your life. (and then you call me jobless… LOL)
    you are talking about Bar 24/7 because you have nothing better to do or its just that you are sick girls who likes to be mean to other people (that dont even know you) cus it makes you feels better with your own miserable life- ANYWAY, its PATHETIC girls!!!

    and I know that you do read my comments….

  358. 358
    Brasil Says:

    Brigada @ichi, e espanhol também é fácil de entender pra nós Brasileiros, Obrigada por concordar comigo. Você fala Espanhol, mas você é de onde? só curiosidade, porque em tantos países se fala Espanhol…

  359. 359
    Brasil Says:

    I think he looks so cute in that pic, he just look tired like he doesn’t sleep too much, but he looks pretty for me, I agree his eyes are always amazing, and how I’am envying that girl, she’s pretty too. I’am glad his traveling with his friend that should be good for him, Leo seems to enjoy to know other cultures. I remember when came to Brazil, he also pass few days with the indian and also passed one night in the middle rainforest in amazon. he in a Brazilian interview he loved it because it doens’t havy any sound!

  360. 360
    Brasil Says:

    Let’s keep the good thoughts for him: maybe he comes renewed of this trip and change the way his life is now, maybe he wants to start another phase in his life and end the old ones. Maybe something chance in his mind, hope he should be able to see what’s really important for him. Anyway, we have to expect not just the best things but also be prepared to accept the not so good ones… or the old one?I think you understand what I mean?

  361. 361
    Brasil Says:

    Maybe destiny took him to Asia to meet his soul mate, it is not a sin to dream, isn’t? who knows?

  362. 362
    @357 Says:

    blah blah blah blah. Thumb down again and that’s it.

  363. 363
    ichi Says:

    @Brasil: Nicaragua, es un pais pequeño, pero es interesante, esa tal Lisa Rose habla de mal gastar el tiempo hablando de ellos, pero ella tambien esta aqui, eso es ser doble cara, y por lo general es muy grocera, no acepta otras opiniones, y la foto de Leo es natural su cara de cansancio, no es su mejor pose, pero que importa todos tenemos dias malos

  364. 364
    Barfie on Israelie Beach Says:

    Update for those who care but I guess that’s one idiot!ahahahahahaha!,7340,L-3893785,00.html

  365. 365
    Barfie on Israelie Beach Says:

    google translation, its funny but they’re called her an EX girlfriend of Leo’s!?!?! hhhhhmmm!?!?!?!?

    International model caught the eye lens coastal beach on her body when she wears a bikini, T-shirt and jeans brief
    Eli Levy Posted: 25.05.10, 09:21

    Sunday evening, just before sunset, Bar Refaeli Herself appeared on the northern coast, coastal, inAshkelon. Betty Barr shirt arrived wearing a whitish and jeans brief armed with a towel and sunglasses to hide. What did Leo’s ex-girlfriend in the city of Samson and Delilah? TV matters and stuff, and it was actually on the sand.

    If this visit was famous in the streets of Ashkelon, a city half was stabilized there. Even so, it identified several dozen youths who wanted to take a picture near Talent

    Bikini popped under T shirt suggested the first lady of the Zohar also got into the water, but that we have no evidence.

  366. 366
    wow Says:

    she looks pretty rough, old(er than her age ) and sour on these photos so everything is normal around her. it is funny that they call her his ex. I wish…

  367. 367
    Candycotton Says:

    @Lisa Rose YAWN…dont make me show everyone your FB…profile pic!! just because your a Barfy worshipper does’t mean we have to be!Mean My as* …most Of the comments i make are about Barfy!!…And this is an american Website …Your a wannabe just like your idol!!Go post your pathetic comments on Bellezon…where other losers might actually listen to your nonsense!!…can’t believe your in the army cause they teach u how to have your own mind and NOTcrumble from Words…!!Im sure your parents are proud!!NOT!!,………Barfy looks homeless as usual..Beach bum for sure!!Notice she’s not hiding that fugly face from the Paps..She will never get a high fashion Job looking like that…but we all know she’s at the beach to get attension not to relax!!..if she did buy an apartment in Israel…what’s the point Its NOT like LEO’s gonna……Visit!! Haha!!

  368. 368
    Marmeduke Says:


    I think I would infinitely prefer to be in bhutan in a tiger preserve than sitting on a rather ugly beach in Israel if iwas the gf I would insist that this is one trip I go on. Forget shopping for pool tables take me to the Himalayas.

    I don’t know about you but for leis next girlfriend I see someone dark and Latin, a real gorgeous beauty but also multitalented and creative i think that is wifey for Leo…..remember gents prefer blondes but they marry brunettes. Actually ms.Bhutan is really hot….happened to see on Twitter

    But I would bet on another brazilian….he likes brazil a lot. Talented gorgeous brunette is who he’ll get serious about

  369. 369
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Candycotton: you parents are probably ashamed on you!! what a loser child they have!! that all day long stalking Bar Refaeli, some model from Israel to makes her feels better with her self!!! GET OVER YOUR SELF!!! your situation the WAY worst then main!!!
    you can keep say you CRAP as much as you want, your words means NOTHING to me…….. and just prove me what a LOSER you are!!
    I am feeling sorry for your parents that they grow a child like you, but its probably their fault too!!

  370. 370
    Ella Says:

    I’m not on anyone’s side here
    But blaming someone parents, isn’t that just extremely out of line ?
    You barely know Candycotton, unless his/her screen name

    Maybe you’re the one who’s a loser, shame on you

  371. 371
    Brasil Says:

    @368: I agree, i would love if Leo dates another fellow of mine, but this time not with a famous model. I would love if he dates a beautiful Brazilian curvy brunette (that is the real Brazilian beauty type), but also an interesting, intelligent woman that really loves him as the person he is and not his status of mega star in Hollywood.

  372. 372
    Candycotton Says:

    @Lisa Rosa …wow that’s great your mom CAN really spell…To bad her daughter is a Barfy Worshipping as* kissing moron…that’s obsessed with American Blogs…instead of serving in the army…yeah but im The Loser OK??…I feel sorry for your parents cause their (child) is a maniac that worships a Fame Wh*re…because she’s a fellow Israeli!!thats It.Your as fake as Barfy …but that’s No surprise !! It’s time to take your bitter pills..and stop idolizing a DUMB B*TCH..Cause guess what? no one else Is!! since my comments mean nothing…then IGNORE THEM..just like we Ignore U!!…I’m a good BS Detector and you are…dripping in it!!But Dont worry when Leo breaks up With Barfy….u can Propose!!Till then…keep being the loser U are!!!!………..@Ella thanks…your a doll but She will never get it!!

  373. 373
    GermanGirl Says:

    LISAROSE just shut up and let it go!! YOu are the looser for coming here over and over posting your aggressions, because you love someone who looks better than you and you could look up to-barfie
    bar looks very bad for a model, her skin is bad, her hair, her body is her only plus- i think.

  374. 374
    Bar obssessed psycho monster Says:

    Lisa Rose; Don’t let the psycho evil biotch get to you. This weirdo is as crazy as they come. This psycho is responsible for 90% of the comments here. She even replies to herself pretending to be other people. The other crazy here is French, she’s “German girl.” Looser? What an idiot. Most of the Leo and Bar comments are from these two insane, ugly, fat, middle-aged women obssessed with them.

    As you can see you can’t talk logically to psychos. All she does is repeat what you write. I’ve accused her of idolizing and worshipping Bar so now she repeats the same thing to you. Her mind is a raging cesspool of incoherent thoughts and voices. That is why she absolutely makes no sense. She’s a very angry person who lost her sanity years ago. She has no job, friends, boyfriend, family. LOSER. That is why she’s so hateful and evil. She’s a ranting, miserable crazy person who spends all day on her? computer stalking Bar.

    Her comments are contradictory and hypocritical. She monitors Bar every move but she claims not to care about her. Please! She googles Bar hundreds of times a day and then posts video and articles about her. She’s the one that is OBSESSED with Bar’s every move. She hates for Bar but is also memorized by everything that she does. She seretly worships Bar but is also very jealous. She has a weird love/hate thing for Bar because she’s psychotic.

    Her parents obviously severly abused her and that is why she’s such a psycho. I think she’s a danger to society and that is why she’s probably been locked up several times. You have to feel sorry for her because she’s so pathetic. Can you imagine being a raging psycho and spending all your time stalking celebrities and writing hateful vicious comments. What a miserable existance to have. That’s very sad!

  375. 375
    french Says:

    @Bar obssessed psycho monster:

    I didn’t come here since a long time and stop telling that i’m all the Bar’s haters because it’s not true and you don’t know me.

  376. 376
    to374 Says:

    I am GERMANGIRL and i’m rarely here! I’m from Germany. I am 16 years old and not middle-aged, ugly and fat!
    I would like to sue you for this allegation!
    You and LISA ROSE are the crazy ones here. Trying to penalize some leo fans for dissing his girlfriend.
    And even if! It’s no shame to be middle-aged and overweight.
    If you continue to write “hateful and vicious” comments about useres here, like you know everyone i message the board or get against you for allegation and mobbing on the internet.

  377. 377
    @346 Says:

    why do you keep coming here and reading comments if you can`t take it? you have the right to do so and to have your opinion but honestly I don`t think anyone could care less about it and you are not going to change anything so why bother? I don`t read your comments because they are always the same just like lisa rose`s

  378. 378
    @346 Says:

    Ok, it`s still early. My previous comment ( #377 ) was obviously for #374 and not #346.

  379. 379
    Reality Says:

    @@346: ‘

    How bout them mets?

  380. 380
    marmeduke Says:


    “There should be a photo of this girl next to the definition of “beauty” in the Dictionary.”

    How ’bout next to “**** puppet” instead. Just thought of that one last night. heh heh heh heh heh heh Just give up BAR!

  381. 381
    bemused Says:

    there are some seriously nasty and unstable people here, if you don’t like someone you really don’t need to criticize thier appearance, Bar is a lingerie model no more, no less, she’s a pretty girl who Leo obviously enjoys to be with (sometimes) what is your obssession with whether they’re still together? just enjoy his movies if you are a true fan , if not, just keep on with the bitter and twisted comments about someone you’ve
    probably never met, until your hatred devours you entirely, just my opinion,
    Incidentally I’m a Leo fan not a Bar one

  382. 382
    wow Says:

    well, I consider myself a `true fan` for a very long time and still I do care who he is with or whether they are still together. Interestingly it wasn`t an issue before ( Barf ) but now it is and I don`t think it makes me less of his fan.

  383. 383
    marmeduke Says:

    This is a TOTALLY guilty pleasure for me. I mean people chat on line all the time about their favorite show or some other crap. In reality these folks dont care about us “little people” at all- we might as be another species. But I dont like the barf bag. It isnt her appearance which is pretty, but not stunning, it is the crap she and her mother do…and the insistence on “committment” and “marriage” and “engagement”–that that is all a woman can do or look forward to. It’s like all those stupid romantic comedies where the women obsess about engagement rings and babies that make me sick. Or “chick lit”—obsessed with weight, appearance, money, status, marriageability, men, shoes, etc.

    Quite a few of us ladies just dont care, we are too busy being somebody
    to worry about this. (and many of us actually have good, stable, healthy men in our lives as husbands and partners)

    “Sex and the City” does not represent me, I hate the show AND the characters- and I LOATHE Manolo Blahniks. Most uncomfortable UGLY shoes I have ever seen. I do not like the way we women (and I am a New Yorker for the last 20 years) are portrayed on that show (although I love Candace Bushnell in book form, too, Reality) and this little ***** seems to encapsulate everything I PERSONALLY HATE.

    I work in a cancer staging area in a big hospital, I do life and death stuff all day…literally….I like the people AND the women I work with, I have a great deal of respect for the female MDs and technicians I work with. The girl who cuts up organs looking for cancer here is JUST AS PRETTY as Bar Refaeli…but she just happened to go to Duke Univeristy and is a trained professional making 90K a year. She’s just busy doing something with her brain…about 10,000 people a year depend on her skills for their very lives. She’s getting married to a true sweetheart of a guy too this summer. The girl who does ALL the PAP smear and cervical cancer screening is not all that pretty but happily married with a little boy and a house…and she’s NICE.

    This is why I dont like Bar. Sorry, I spent my whole life learning, studying and working towards doing something useful to others. The Bars of the world can kiss my ass. I dont have any respect for her…you have to get off your bum and make something of yourself for me to respect you.

  384. 384
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Candycotton: STOP acting like the poor girl who got attacked suddenly with no fault!!! you started to talk about my parents, so I just continue… I wouldn’t let you attack me with out attacking back (this is what I learn in the Army!). I really DONT care if you believe that I’m in the Army or not, you obviously dont know how its works here! honey.
    as about my spelling, which any other language can you talk and write instead of English?? I would like to see how you spell in Hebrew!!
    and what the f*cking problem with my FB profile pic (I just changed her by the way), I like how I’m looks like, I think that I’m beautiful and people in my life are loves me with the way I look! I dont need to changed myself for ANYONE!!! and IF YOU DONT LIKE, JUST DONT LOOK!!!!

    and now, I’m really gonna ignore your stupid comments……

  385. 385
    marmeduke Says:

    sorry for the novel, but I hate seeing women in the media represented as useless,selfish, frivolous dumbasses, aka sex in the city. And I hate seeing useless, selfish frivolous dumbasses get all the money and attention for being just that…..I do have issues ;) but honey I have too much work to do. I have to go help a doctor who has devoted her life to helping women understand why they lost their babies or were born with birth defects this afternoon. SHE just got a 400 K grant to study autism spectrum disorders…although her personal life is less than perfect.

    Take that ! MF!

  386. 386
    iheartcomments Says:

    right on bemused! Finally some sanity. This board can get scary, but it’s part of the entertainment!
    I also liked what wow and marmeduke (especially your 383 post) had to say in the past few posts.
    Heart you!

  387. 387
    stop Says:


    stop responding to yourself.


  388. 388
    iheartcomments Says:

    @stop- two different people, sorry, I was just giving some shout out love.

    I don’t understand why people are always attacking commenters and coming up with conspiracy theories on this board. Especially when we’re all in agreement that Leo should not be with Bar and their relationship seems off. It’s just opinions people. No one’s on the verge of dying. Geez. Can’t we all just get along? Agree to disagree?

    But I guess it’s still fun to read the craziness sometimes…
    So how about those Mets…?

  389. 389
    Marmeduke Says:

    @iheartcomments:Its aight honey the people that are attacking each other are all of16 yrs old and unable to separate self from issue

  390. 390
    Candycotton Says:

    @Lisa Rose…your comments Mean Nothing…I’m not a weak a*S moron like you…and never will be!! No one cares that u speak Hebrew Big many times are u gonna repeat yourself…and don’t Give Fu*ck about you serving in the army ..your just wasting their time anyway…Just face the fact That NO one likes u or Your beloved Barfy!!U obviously don’t Get it HUN… or whatever u are!!…Your just mad cuz U got …Owned by everyone…on this board so keep…on whinning like the pathetic Barfy loving Puppet u Are!!!..WANNA-BE!!

  391. 391
    Catarina Says:

    I believe that 90% of the people posting here are teenagers. I also believe that a good percentage is the same people writing under different names (which relates to the previous assumption). And finally, I am pretty sure someone else is writing under Reality’s name since she said she wouldn’t comment on Leo’s life anymore.

  392. 392
    Catarina Says:

    Also, marmeduke, I think I know you from imdb, from the content of your posts.

  393. 393
    Candycotton Says:

    @388…the Mets??Nooooooooo Lakers….lol!!Hmmm looks like Catrina a ghost….serves her right …Faker!!!

  394. 394
    Candycotton Says:

    Ok it’s funny how a certain person claims they won’t be back to comment and that their wasting their time …but talk Sh*t about who’s posting…and assume their all teenagers….what difference does it make its a public Blog so that means its the open to the public…dont assume anything!!…And if u dont like the comments…start your own Blog …Know IT ALL!!!

  395. 395
    Catarina Says:


    I am afraid to tell you that you do not own this gossip site, therefore you cannot ban anybody. Also, the name is Catarina. You had mispelled it before, when you wrote under the name of… what was it… barfytookyourman.

    You should really try and read back your own posts, before you call anyone a know-it-all. You have serious anger issues. I don’t know the origin of the problem, but the symptoms are showing.

    Also, I’d like to add that the frequency of posting and “antiquity” on the site does not give you any extra credit or right to be the little bully you are. Guess you’re trying to get back at all the kids that were mean to you in school.

    I’m sorry for you.

  396. 396
    itchybishi Says:

    @Catarina: can you say bbbiiiaaaattchhh!!!!! Cotton I love you girl, dont go anywhere!!! Someone one needs to chill big time!

  397. 397
    Marmeduke Says:

    I @Candycotton: I don’t post on imdb barely have tiime to get on internet

    let’s get back on topic when will our two lovebirds meet again and how disgusting will it be……do you sense a growing distance between them and do you think Leo is happier out in nature doing his Eco thing and barf is maybe happier or at least more together back in israel where she belongs……I meanif she didn’t meet Leo at 20 years of age shewould mever had much of a career anyways and would have gone back to Israel anyways

  398. 398
    itchybishi Says:

    @Marmeduke: she will end up the same place that she started gettying married to an israelie and not doing much model work. I love your post and totally agree.

  399. 399
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I think it’s interesting that they supposedly live together, but now that he is off doing eco things, she’s not back home in LA, ya know, at her new home. She’s back home in Israel. I’m starting to think they don’t actually live together. Seems like they don’t stay in LA at the same time. Wierd. Thanks for getting back on topic: Leo.

  400. 400
    wow Says:

    well, it seems like their usual pattern, together for a while ( it was quite a long while recently ) then some time separately and then together again. unfortunately it can even be good after being with her for a couple of months now he has/had some time for himself and then back together again. i guess it`s gonna be different soon when the Inception promo starts…

  401. 401
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Inception comes out in July right? They’ve only been back together a few months now. I think the honeymoon is definately over. I’m sure they’ll reunite for some birthday sex, and maybe make it to the next premier- I’m always there for him, engagement rumors, etc. Her friends don’t seem to be commenting anymore on these threads. What a shock. Oh yea, there’s a Laker game in LA tomorrow night, on TNT.

  402. 402
    Candycotton Says:

    Catrina…look who’s talking..your accusing people of posting under ..other screen names..and talking sh*t about teenagers please take your own advice…miss know it all!!….and I know how to spell your name but why .. dont think Its worth the effort…The first post was a joke …about you but guess the truth HURTS…And lets not talk about your 35 Posts a day!!Funny how no one else has problems with my posts..??only u and Lisa Rose!!…and your almost as annoying as she is!!but actually your comments are cold and blander Notice all the thumbs down??.. I did’t ban anyone from posting??…thats hilarious!!…your the one who’s always complaining about …and comparing posts!!its not a competition its a Blog were people stat THEIR opinions….Angry or not….I dont talk down to people on here.. Just the idiots like Lisa Rose …so think What U WANT! Im Not Here to Impress U!!……@397..I did’t say u did that was the Know it all ..she asked u that!!….she’s always jumps to conclusions!!..@397..Thanks I m not going ANYWHERE!!YAWN!

  403. 403
    bemused Says:


    I have to admit also that some of the comments here amuse me, but seriously, Candy Cotton (such a soft, sweet pseudonym) does seem such an angry, abrasive person, anyone think she should change her name to sand paper? Just a thought.

  404. 404
    Candycotton Says:

    @403…Your Funny NOT… IM not angry or abrasive…I JUST SPEAK BLUNTLY!!!…and Honestly…so perhaps u should change your name To BLAND!!Just a thought! YAWN!!

  405. 405
    nine Says:

    @gimmeabreak: yeah , the barfy fans have been real quite lately! lololololololol!!!

  406. 406
    closed bar Says:

    wow, talk about a girl that knows how to dress!! lol this is at the hotel Levant according to google translation.

    Catastrophe: Bar Rafaeli is not trying to dress properly when she is staying in the Levant, and the result is Luke Cheepy encourages sweating at the end of the training session. Makiag ‘texture patches, backwardness Aaotfiahas divine being wasted on competing Absnkel, Vahsuzte not related.

  407. 407
    Bhutan Says:

    Bhutan Is The New Celebrity Eco Getaway Desintation

  408. 408
    Bhutan Says:

    “DiCaprio receives audience with His Majesty, moves to Punakha 2:16 AM May 26th via web”

    Read more:

  409. 409
    wow Says:

    @406 are you sure you posted the right link?

  410. 410
    bemused Says:

    @Candycotton: @Candycotton maybe you should try and speak bluntly with less aggression, and you obviously need more sleep you yawn an awful lot

  411. 411
    closed bar Says:


    Thank you!! Hey everybody check out barf’s wonderful sense of fashion at some hotel in Israel!!! haha!

  412. 412
    wow Says:

    Thanks for the link. I didn`t like her look the first time I saw those photos and not much changed. For a `supermodel` it`s a pretty cheap and unflattering look.

  413. 413
    Candycotton Says:

    @410…. ahhhhhhh….Perhaps U need to mind your OWN business And NOT make my comments the topic of discussion!!!…Reading your comments just keeps … Yawning…….So NOTE to The..Know it -ALL,Barfy Lovers,and Trouble makers…..Im NOT Here to Impress any of YOU!!ITalk to The TRUE LEO fans….not the FAKERS!! So Please DON’T waste my Time!!!

  414. 414
    marmeduke Says:

    Just found this which is quite funny, photoshop disaster of Bar Refeali.

  415. 415
    marmeduke Says:


    1. Hair is stringy and greasy looking, not even combed
    2. Dress is too short, I understand she wants to show her legs but this one makes the world her gynecologist
    3. Green ruffle is ridiculous
    4. The black material looks sloppy and makes her look fat
    5. Definitely makes her look more chunky around the middle and she cant afford that
    6. I thought at first it was the older woman in the plaid shirt you were talking about because that looks like a Barfie outfit!

    Agreed, sad. Why is she staying at this hotel by herself, I thought she was visiting family? Are you sure it is her, face isnt that clear.

  416. 416
    Candycotton Says:

    @marmeduke….lolol! Whats wrong with ..her neck..its pretty manly in that photo…….maybe she should try out for the Lakers…instead..!!!

  417. 417
    Bebee Says:

    I remember this (cheap) outfit. Bar posted a link to pics of that event in the previous thread (the one about the lexus party hosting).
    So i suppose this pics aren’t that recent (aka they’re not from yesterday , since french posted on 05/13.
    Heres her post (thay may be more pics ):

    I’m sure soon she will go at an event in underwears ( her clothes are more and more smaller, she looks vulgar)

    Read more:

    By the way do you think iy’s posible that they have split or take a break.
    Because we were used to see her following him everywhere for both private and professional travels. And suddenly she’s back to Israel, and he travels with a friend : i mean, if he wanted he could have taken her with him since she doesnt’ have anything special to do.
    (I suppose that Ethan didn’t take his family-wife and daughter- but they must have job and school obligations unlike Bar who isn’t working at the moment).
    Plus their relationship was always about traveling together around the world .
    what do you think?

  418. 418
    Bebee Says:

    Sorry i meant french posted a link, not bar obviously.
    And to be clearer the second half of the post (since “by the way”) is mine , not the following of the french post .

  419. 419
    wow Says:

    yeah, those photos from Israel are not new. she had that promo just before this NYC Belvedere party.
    that photoshopped picture looks really weird and not just her neck. some of the comments were funny.
    I wish you were right about them, Bebee but somehow I doubt… It is unusual that he travels only with a friend and not her you are right about that. I somehow doubt that she would be interested in a place like Bhutan or a tiger sanctuary. Ethan tweeted about their next destination a couple of hours ago so they are still there it`s like a week now. I guess we`ll see what`s going on with them soon enough…

  420. 420
    Bebee Says:

    Yeah we’ll see, you never know with them . You hear about engagement, and then they split, and when you thin it’s over it starts again .
    By the way, apparently Bhutan is quite “trendy” with eco-friendly celebrities: Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz , Keanu Reeves and even J.LO went there.Bar went to Galapagos with Leo which is also a place for “green”or environment tourism (she was picture with turtles i think). Maybe she was bored with those types of travels, and that she prefered to go to the beach in her country.
    She always said that she was a “beach girl”.But then , she grew up in a farm, she must be ok with animals .

  421. 421
    french Says:


    She only goes to the places where she can be photographed

  422. 422
    Bebee Says:


    Haha good point. It’s true that we don”t have pictures of Lep and Ethan In Bhutan.

  423. 423
    Bebee Says:

    Ha ha good point french. It’s true that we didnt have pics of Ethan and Leo in Bhutan. But the best thing Bar can do to be photographed is to follow Leo , isn’t it?

  424. 424
    Bebee Says:

    I tought that i didn’t worked the first time ,sorry for the double post .

  425. 425
    Brasil Says:

    this trip is being too long, I’am missing Leo… But I have sure he’s enjoying and having a great time.

  426. 426
    wow Says:

    Brasil, the way I see it the longer this trip is the longer he is away from barf and that`s good. even if it`s only temporary it is good. not to mention that according to recent posts Leo is in Bhutan for a good cause so I think he should take his time

  427. 427
    Bar obssessed psycho monster Says:

    Psychotic Candycotton etc; Of course you’re not going anywhere because you never leave your house and your OBSSESSED WITH BAR! You have no social skills because you have no friends. You are a totally insane loser. You are an evil angry person because your papa abused you. Get help before you hurt yourself or others.

    LIsa Rose; You can’t talk logically to a nutcase. Her ranting and raving are rooted in psychosis. I reported her to Just Jared for making threats against Bar. They deleted the comments but have not banned her. They should. I have reported her to the FBI and to Leo’s and Bar’s managment. I hope that her arrest is immenient. This crazy has also threatened Bar on other sites. I’m no fan of Bar but threatening her should not be allowed.

    Hey psycho get ready to be arrested soon. I hope the camera doesn’t break when the police shoot your mugshot. It will be hard in jail because you can’t see your beloved Bar. It’s obvious you can’t live without Bar, psycho stalker!

  428. 428
    kettle pot Says:

    @Bar obsessed psycho monster: look at the pot calling the kettle black!! ha! You wish you knew someone in the FBI! You’re full of talk just like stupid Barfie! I can’t wait for the day for Leo to dump his sometimes fck buddy!! That is the only thing that is imminent at this point!!! And it is already starting to happen! Honey moon is over for sure!! yay! I’m just besides myself with JOY!!!: )

  429. 429
    kettle pot Says:

    @wow: yes, I’m so happy Leo is away from Froggy!

  430. 430
    Brasil Says:

    @wow, Also read Leo’s there for a good cause and I admire this too much. I read that Leo is making a partnership with WWF to protect the tigers of extinction, and this project is to collect money for this and is also helping the people’s community that live in that area, which is also really nice, I’am glad for him that he’s doing something good. About I’am not really worried, I just said that because I’am missing see him a little more, just this…
    Leo is such a great guy, isn’t he? he could be a womanizer but he have a big heart, and I’am sure he’s a sweet person who cares for important things, and this is why I love him so much, besides his acting, off course!

  431. 431
    Brasil Says:

    I mean about Bar I’am not really worried!

  432. 432
    marmeduke Says:

    OK you noticed in the Belvedere event picture she is wearing a tee shirt with a tiger……we all thought it was her miserable fashion sense againbut maybe she is showing “support for her man” maybe she knew he was going on this long trip and said “screw it” and went back to Israel to rest—-but to rest from what, its not like she does anything.

    Anywho, interesting how THIS site was one of the first on the internet to
    post the new “Leo and the WWF” article —-did it get the release FIRST because we are so naughty on this thread or did JJ post it first because
    Leo – Bar get so much traffic on his site? I meet JJ beat Access Hollywodd by a half a day you know? Kenny Sunshine, is THAT YOU?
    I heart comments….what do you think?

  433. 433
    wow Says:

    So it seems Barf is back in the US. According to Page Six she went to a party hosted by Russell Simmons on Wednesday in NYC. So I assume soon they are gonna be back together.
    On the bright side this post ( LAST QUESTION to Ted ) made my whole long weekend… :)

  434. 434
    nine Says:

    @wow: or she could be going back to Israel again, this is her “work” now,…going to parties. We will just have to wait to see what happens but I know they might not break up quite just yet but soon they will though. Leo is still in Asia and it doesnt look like he’s slowing down.

  435. 435
    marmeduke Says:


    Yeah, I’ll post several that made my day this week in my next post.

    For fun try googling bar+sucks or better yet bar+ugly, bar+**** etc etc
    I found some good foreign posts that said her lexus party dress was ugly and she looks bad without makeup, etc, but I was prohibited from posting.

  436. 436
    marmeduke Says:

  437. 437
    marmeduke Says:

  438. 438
    marmeduke Says:

    Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Bar Refaeli might be new hostess of …
    Jan 30, 2009 … Israeli model Bar Refaeli has been unveiled as the ‘body’ for a …. bar is nothing she has an ugly face and an ugly body with false boobs ……/bar_refaeli_might_be_new_hostess_of_house_of_style/ – Cached – Similar

    Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Bar Refaeli might be new hostess of …
    Jan 30, 2009 … Israeli model Bar Refaeli has been unveiled as the ‘body’ for a …. bar is nothing she has an ugly face and an ugly body with false boobs ……/bar_refaeli_might_be_new_hostess_of_house_of_style/ – Cached – Similar

    WATCH: Bar Refaeli models French underwear – Haaretz Daily …
    Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has made another mark on the international lingerie map, …. Ugly is as Ugly does. Reply to this talkback; Rate: top bt ……/watch-bar-refaeli-models-french-underwear-1.261322 – 11 hours ago – Cached

    Birthday ***** | Dlisted
    Jun 4, 2009 … Bar Refaeli isn’t even pretty, how is she a model? I hate her ugly name as well. Russell Brand is an annoying twat but that pic made me … – Cached

    Sneak Peek! Bar Refaeli For Rampage
    Jul 22, 2009 … Bar Refaeli commented, “The Rampage line is comfortable and the cuts are very … but the face is the imp thing she has an ugly face …

    Profile of Bar Refaeli – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Israeli Model …
    Oct 19, 2007 … Bar is fat,ugly and fugly. R. Wilforth Kensington. 11/02/2007. Refaeli sounds like an interesting character. This was a good read! ……/profile_of_bar_refaeli_leonardo_dicaprios.html – Cached – Similar

    Profile of Bar Refaeli – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Israeli Model …
    Oct 19, 2007 … Bar is fat,ugly and fugly. R. Wilforth Kensington. 11/02/2007. Refaeli sounds like an interesting character. This was a good read! ……/profile_of_bar_refaeli_leonardo_dicaprios.html – Cached – Similar

    Bar Refaeli « Fashion Israel אופנה ישראלית
    Ynet reported that American-wannabe model Bar Refaeli and Israel Survivor … she’s wearing ugly purple peep toes, and somehow she went overboard on the … – Cached

  439. 439
    Brasil Says:

    did we could talk about Leo?

  440. 440
    ginette Says:

    Ted’s answer to that question is priceless! LMAO! Spot on! :)

  441. 441
    wow Says:

    @nine: Leo tweeted ( 4 hours ago ) that he was back from his trip from Asia. 2 days ago barf was seen at a party in NYC so I doubt she is heading back to Israel but I hope I`m wrong.

  442. 442
    Brasil Says:

    well, I agree on what Ted said about Leo and Bar don’t fit, it’s true! but don’t agree with: any girl can follow Gisele? give me a break, she’s not the most perfect woman in the world, she’s very far from that, I respect what she and Leo have and I liked see them together at that time, they were really cute and true. But this story of Gisele being to good that anyone can be better than her, it’s a lie. I can say because she’s not the most beutiful Brazilian type, and I don’t think she’s all that beautiful, it’s right that she’s most paid, the most famous and she with sure have a great career, this is true, but it doesn’t mean she could be considered better than everyone. I say Leo could and he will find someone really interesting and more beautiful than his ex and his current girlfriend.

  443. 443
    iheartcomments Says:

    @ Marmeduke- re: press
    PR people usually send press releases, like the Leo/Tiger one, to everyone at the same time. JJ probably did it first because he can! He’s online.

    The celeb TV shows are trickier because they have a finite time- 20 minutes, to get whatever news out and ‘bigger’ stories like the Jesse James interview and Gary Coleman’s death and SEX IN THE CITY2 promos will take priority. So they prob tried to fit in his story whenever, but it wasn’t a priority, because of their time limitations.

    SOOO glad Bar didn’t become host of HOUSE OF STYLE! That show was the ish! Loved Cindy Crawford. They need to leave that show be. I liked the suggestion of bringing Cindy back as host though.

  444. 444
    iheartcomments Says:

    @ Brasil

    I don’t think Ted thinks THAT highly of Gisele (though she is at the top of her field), he’s never been a a big fan of Leo and his models. (Which is funny because he seems fine with George Clooney and his watered down models).

    He was just being his delightfully snarky self with that parting shot about Gisele.

  445. 445
    nine Says:

    @iheartcomments: yes she was suppose to become the host this year but looks like the dropped her too! :) Leo needs to take examples from these professional people!

  446. 446
    Wii Says:

    @iheartcomments: I dont think Ted was being snarky, I think he was telling the truth of how he feels. I think he was basically saying Barf can’t live up to Gisele in so many way. He might not be in love with Gisele but he respects her accomplishments which is as clear as the day. Just like with his love/hate relationship with Leo. He also respects Leo and see that he’s not a loser like Barf. So yes, Barf can’t top Gisele. Can’t wait to hear more juicy gossip from Ted!

  447. 447
    teddead Says:

    @iheartcomments: who cares what that dumb f@ggot has to say. I’m sure he’s too busy s_cking c_ck to speak clearly at the moment. Ted needs to mind his own business.

  448. 448
    wow Says:

    I do care about what Ted has to say. I`m not a huge fan of his in general but the fact is that he is usually right about Leo.
    According to a tweet Leo is leaving Bhutan today.

  449. 449
    iheartcomments Says:

    lol nine!

    @Wii- I agree with you, I meant Ted is not a big fan of model relationships in general for some reason (and that’s why he doesn’t think that highly of the Leo/Gisele hookup). He hates on the Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr hookup regularly. But yeah, he respects and recognizes that Leo and Gisele are at the top of their games.

    He does have a love/hate relationship with Leo- lol!
    I think, like the rest of us, he is not too impressed with Leo’s dating choice(s).

    I like Ted too, he is good at what he does.

  450. 450
    iheartcomments Says:

    Professionally, no model can top Gisele, not for awhile!

    Personally, there are probably women with better personalities, which is what Brasil was trying to say, I think.

    Ted’s remark on Gisele was on her professionally, not her personally. That’s what I was trying to say.

    Okay, I’m taking a nap now.

  451. 451
    Brasil Says:

    oh @iheartcomments: thanks for understand my point of view.
    But also why Ted will be talking about Gisele as a model if the subject is date? not who’s the better model… it’s Leo’s date with Gisele, not that Bar can follow her, because it’s obvious that Gisele’s career is not comparable with any other model in the world and I respect what she conquered, it’s great! and also when Leo starts to date Gisele she was not what she’s today… But the subject that I understand from this that Ted said, (and what it’s really important) is that have quite a difference between the way Leo was when he dated Gisele and now the way he dates Bar.

  452. 452
    Marmeduke Says:

    Gisele is the number one top paid model ever. Leo respected her a bit more because she made about the same as he did. Icounted up what he made for his movies on imdb and it’s actually slightly more than him. That is why she could walk out too….he wasn’t her meal ticket. She didn’t ride his coattails. Also Gisele has an non identical twin sister who handles the business end. Kind of like having a clone.

    He can’t respect bar as much as she is nada without him. 0k so what did these two do this weekend it’s Sunday should be posted somewhere. Let’s just hope barfie girl hasn’t deplaned yet. Arfffffgg.

  453. 453
    Candycotton Says:

    @452…Interesting…Seems like their would be some sighting Of Leo and The LEECH by now!!Unless he told her he needed to time to rest from his vacation in Asia!!lol…Im sure he still makes excuses Not to see her and she sucks it up knowing there will be Future Outings together!!But since her Bday ‘s coming soon…she just might beg her way back to …being Part time Bed warmer…her Only Job!!If she’s lucky ..she may get dinner..a trip to one Of the upcoming Lakers games!!Cause last year Leo went to the game instead Of seeing Barfy…on her B-day!Then The Split!!….Well history repeats its self!!LOL!

  454. 454
    Candycotton Says:

    Barfy fans….just CAN’T accept the TRUTH!!!

  455. 455
    wow Says:

    there was a twitter sighting of him ( no gf mentioned ) someone saw him and followed him to the place where he was eating.
    her fans on bz are talking about her stalled career.

  456. 456
    Brasil Says:

    @Candycotton: I want to know why you adress your comment to me? what I said? when I said “quite a difference between Gisele and Bar” I mean Leo looked more happy and commited with Gisele than he never was with Bar, at least not until now and I don’t think one day this could change, because it’s too late. I just said that! don’t understand your comment!

  457. 457
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Good for him. Nice to see him out and about. As for her career, she doesn’t want one. She’s hardly accomplished anything, but one major cover in this country. I think he said in that GMA interview he’s taking it easy for this year. She probably thinks she should do the same. She doesn’t realize she’s wasting her time revolving around him, she should be out there trying to do something with herself. Look at Brooklyn Decker. She just got the SI cover, and she’s not sitting on her ass waiting for things to happen, she’s out there working. Bar should take a good look at that. Instead, she’s doing nothing but wearing different rings on her ring finger. Nobody cares if they are engaged. She’s not even gaining anything from it, she’s not getting any publicity except on this website. She’s obviously not working. I’m sure Leo would be much happier to be with a woman with a little ambition. It’s desirable to be with a woman like that. Bar should take a look at successful women, and the successful men who want to be with them. A successful man wants to be with a successful woman. They want a woman who is their equal. It’s time for her to get back to work, instead of waiting around for him, waiting, waiting. She’s got a name for herself- thanks to him- it’s time for her to do something with it and get back to work. She’ll keep waiting around for him to take care of her, and ruining her career in the process.

  458. 458
    Candycotton Says:

    @Brazil YOU MISREAD…@452…not 451??…Read again…HUN…!!My comment is easily understood!!I FEEL?…since its Just MY OPINION!

  459. 459
    Brasil Says:

    ok, candycotton. @gimmeabreak: agree totally with you, that’s right. Maybe Leo really wants a woman more commited, well, commited with something. And Bar is not like this, she is not even commited to her work lately, but instead Leo is commited to everything he believes and love, like environmental and off course with his profession. So that’s a good point.

  460. 460
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Just to let people know, there’s a laker game tomorrow night in LA, on TNT.

  461. 461
    ??? Says:

    @gimmeabreak: what GMA interview, is it online?

  462. 462
    nine Says:

    @gimmeabreak: and we care becuz?!?! No we don’t care what the hell she wants to do with her life. She can sit on a chair in Israel and look out the window for the rest of her life for all I care. Her loser self is really coming out isnt it! Leo got that SI cover she didnt get anything! lol You can only ride Leo to famdom for so long but when you dont have any talent like her people will see that. She can’t act , hence no transformers and since SI she hasnt really done anything BIG like that again. She doesnt have a stong woman personality like Gisele does to push her to places. She has a weak puppy dog winney personality. We only care that Leo needs to drop this loser ASAP and he will!

  463. 463
    Astro Girl Says:

    The funny thing is, is that the ONLY way Bar is going to grow as a person is if she LETS LEO GO and the only way Leo is going to grow as a person is if HE LETS HER GO! Right now, their relationship is at a stalemate. She can’t teach him nothing and he can’t teach her anything more that she needs to learn. Yes, that 6 months was good that they separated but that truly wasnt to real reason for it. These 2 just arent a match. And I feel it has pretty much ended. Yes you might see a couple more pictures of them together but you’re not going to see much more. This relationship doesnt have much more months/weeks left in it. Bar will be GONE out of Leo’s life BEFORE Leo’s next birthday, November 11,2010! You can go ahead and mark me on that.

  464. 464
    nina Says:

    @gimmeabreak: the next laker game is June 3, this thursday, not tomorrow and I’m sure Leo will be there too!

  465. 465
    Marmeduke Says:

    @wow: What is bz? Agreed there are only so many mid range bathing suit and lingerie cos out there the really high end stuff won’t touch her. Her work now is getting work.
    Bar never did anything to us personally except be mediocre and reaching beyond her grasp, which you kind of can’t blame her for everyone has to has a dream. It’s just the cheesy way she goes about it that bothers me. I feel she won’t get thing one once she and Leo are done and that has got to hurt. I will vomit if I have too see them together again the last two weeks have been great.

  466. 466
    bellazon Says:


    Barfbag has a large thread on bellazon :

  467. 467
    Marmeduke Says:

    @bellazon: Thanks for that, i’ll register later and tell them what I think. She is too short, broad in the beam, and just not pretty enouh to do haute couture-ever. Iwas in barnes and noble looking at a couple of books on old vogue covers- youhave to have a certain exoticness and be tall and thin for vogue—she doesn’t have what it takes, never will, and she got where she is through using her vag. Thatis why we don’t like her. The one thing I hope is pls bar donor try acting. Can you imagine how BAD that would be? Ever seen Kathy Ireland or Christie Brinkley or even Crawford act? I meancome on. Smart. Models like famke janssen or Connie nilssen or Charlize Theron yes, barfie no. Please, if there is a god no!

  468. 468
    Brasil Says:

    is Leo is L.A? don’t heard anything, today have Lakers game? I’am on tuesday already. Hope I can see the game, GO LAKERS!!!

  469. 469
    sweet Says:

    lEO and bar are hiding somewhere lol they sure are good at avoiding attention these days

  470. 470
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @nina My bad, I don’t know what I was thinking, I thought there was a game tonight. Thanks for the info. I hope he goes.
    @nine Agree, there’s nothing about her that will get her anywhere. Leo gave her a name, and she still can’t accomplish anything. When he described her as nice, I think that’s translation for no personality. Nice is nice. That’s it. Vanilla.
    @Astro Girl I hope your right. I don’t think their relationship has much gas left in it. She would probably do much better on her own. They’re relationship overshadows whatever career she could have. I think it holds her back from really trying. He on the other hand is held down by ultimatums and manipulation. They both could be free to grow if they wanted to.

  471. 471
    Bar obssessed psycho monster Says:

    Psycho Candycotton, Marmeduke etc.; I did report you to the FBI and you should be worried because they have your ISP number and they know your name and address. The internet is not annonymous. Everything you write can be traced back to you. Threatening someone’s life is a fedeal crime.

    You should accept the truth that your madly in love with Bar and she’s always on your mind. You are one sick puppy!

  472. 472
    Brasil Says:

    Gosh, how I wish Leo could end up with Kate Winslet… I know I seem like a broken record, but they are so perfect together! will be that Leo is missing Kate? I know they are really close friends, but I never saw some candid pics of them together, I would like to see. If someday this could happen, would be DA couple in Hollywood, I think just in my dreams, but nothing is impossible!

  473. 473
    ... Says:

    Hmm nice thought..I think they make great friends and have a great friendship, but I don’t think that translates into a relationship…they are better off as friends that can offer eachother support, but their dynamics would change if they got together..I think they both need brand new people, something refreshing for both of them!!

  474. 474
    bebee Says:

    I don’t think that because kate/léo already know each other , and are very close (she’s his” buddy” according to him) , a romantic relationship between them would be less interesting for them that one with new people.
    If they ‘re meant to be, it doesn’t matter that they ‘ve known each other for 14 years. It’s weird i was reading the other day on a forum stories of people who devopped feelings for their BFF , especially when they started to hang out a lot together, be closer …And they asked what to do…
    I mean they were never single at the same time,and 14 yars ago Kate was so much mature than Leo. We don’t know if in this situation , they could develop romantic feelings (especially now that leo has matured, isn’t anymore a “boy”).
    They already have a such intense connection. Kate said after her GG win ,that he was one of the 3 most important people in her life, besides her children. That says a lot… It could become romantic feelings , in fact ,despite what people say (you know that they can’t because they’re too close, that she’s not his type, that they don’t have the same way of life…).
    In fact despite what people often say (that she’s the one who may be in love because she gushes so much about him), i think that the contrary would eventually be more accurate; i mean she’s the one who constantly talk about how they’re like brother/sister ,how weird it is to kissing him, etc…(meanwhile he said that she Was the best kisser he ever had lol).
    It’s obvious he’s very fond of her, he gave her an engraved ring, the same necklace he gave to his mum and oma.

  475. 475
    ... Says:

    As much as I hate to say this I think #469 is right and they are away somewhere together. Barf was in the US last week and Leo returned as well… I`m surprised that there are still people here that this is going to end and Leo is just going to walk away from a long term relationship just like that. Brace yourselves for the Inception promo because she is going to be around him and maybe you should accept the fact that she is not going anywhere.

  476. 476
    marmeduke Says:

    Ive got a better idea, how bout we cristen this the I hate bar page and
    keep going ad infinitum. Certainly if she is going to be in the public eye again we can just have fun saying how ugly she is, how ****** her outfits are and HOW DAMN RIDICULOUS leo looks to have such a BIMBO on his arm. Much more fun !

    I dropped a few “boy cott bar” and “I wont being buying anything from your company” messages to Rampage et al already and I’m sure it has no connection but I havent seen her get any real work since. Why dont we just stay here and HOUND HER OUT OF THE INDUSTRY ??????

    Perez Hilton says celebrities are VERY CONSCIOUS of the gossip sites and most of them know what is being written about them…I believe that IS Bar up there on the first page of this thread and I WANT HER TO KNOW WHAT WE THINK. She also has posted on THe Superficial. So we should keep stinking up the place.

  477. 477
    ... Says:

    @476 I really cannot decide whether you are serious or sarcastic… IF you are serious do you think that your ideas would make any difference? Do you think she is the real problem? She is who she is and that`s not going to change. I know it must be hard for a real Leo fan to admit but the problem is him. Leo chooses to be with her and it`s been going on for 5 years. I hate her but after a while I realized that bashing her is not going to change anything. It does feel good but does it have a point? As long as Leo wants to be with her ( and apparently he does ) what does it matter?

  478. 478
    bebee Says:

    You’re totally right. He’s the one who decided to be with her, even it’s quite obvious they don’t fit, seem unhappy etc…
    Plus one’s can say that he’s older , wiser and more mature than her, and that he should be in measure to know what he wants and split .

  479. 479
    ... Says:

    @bebee: And I agree that they don`t seem to be a good fit. Probably that`s why it`s even more upsetting and disappointing that he chooses to stay with her. I think he settles with her for convenience that`s all. You can bash her as much as you want or laugh at her `career` but does it really make any difference? It`s easier to take all your frustration out on her but Leo is the one who should step up and end it. I don`t think he will though… Another round of promo with her on his side, spending a lot of time together ( probably she moved in ) and all these years… he won`t walk away.

  480. 480
    freshmen Says:

    @Brasil: I honestly think they will end up together. I think he’s been wasting time with models until she becomes available.

    If you think about about their friendship and the thinks she said about her interaction him, it’s pretty clear that he’s in love with her. Plus the ring, how many men give “friendship rings” to married women?

    Quotes from Kate:

    EW: Was it easy to reestablish your rapport with Leo?

    KW: “No one makes me laugh like Leo. No one. And the same back. There were a couple of crew members on the film who have worked with Leo on various Scorsese projects, and they would sidle up to me and say, “You know, you really bring out another side of him that we haven’t seen before.” Of course, we were serious, but we could also be found absolutely crackling in the corner sharing some ridiculous private joke that nobody else would find funny. The great thing was that we were able to hang on to this sense of physical and emotional ease with each other. There was nothing we were afraid to try—not afraid to look stupid, not afraid to yell at each other, not afraid to, as characters, beat each other up.”

    “We actually lost touch with each other at one point for about four or five years.
    There was no reason for it – we just lost each other’s phone numbers and time went by as it does.
    And then something wonderful happened on my birthday – out of the blue, I received a beautiful arrangement of flowers with a note inside saying,
    ‘I just remembered it was your birthday and wanted to say I miss you.’
    It was from Leo, and of course I called him, and we’ve been in touch regularly ever since. ”

    “Well me and Leo (DiCaprio) are very good friends.
    He adores my children but the problem is he spoils them rotten.
    I mean Mia is 4 years old and she’s a megalomaniac.
    She says she wants to be an actress,singer and god knows what else.
    And if you ask her why she thinks she can do all that she’s gonna tell you “Uncle Leo says I can” and that’s it for her.
    Can you imagine taking a 3 year old kid to FAO Schwartz and tell her “Take everything you want and uncle Leo is gonna buy you that?”
    Well Leo did exactly this last Christmas, Mia was overjoyed.
    She thought Leo was Santa Claus.
    You know I try to teach her material things are not important and there comes uncle Leo with the newest model of a doll’s house (she laughs)”

    I remember another anecdote in an interview that kate gave back in 2001. Leo came to see her at a wrap party for Quills. He was on a break from the shooting of “The Beach “, and he was in London with friends so he decident to go see her; He went to this party disguised as Dennis the Menace with a bunch of friends, who were disguised too. So they were a sort of “party- crashers”, Kate recognised him and send them the security , so he whipped off the mask.

    And then here’s what happened (it’s from an interview from 2001 in ELLE)
    “You didn’t love Joaquin Phoenix more than me, did you? don’t you ever love an actor more than you love me” I said “How do you know i even liked you?He replied “**** Off. You loved me !”

  481. 481
    freshmen Says:

    “…(meanwhile he said that she Was the best kisser he ever had lol).”

    In promotion for RR last year, in almost every interview, he talks about how comfortable he was during the loves scenes

    At 4:40 onward Leo talks about how he enjoyed the love scenes “too much” and how comfortable he was, then he calls her “his buddy”.

  482. 482
    tchoke Says:

    A friend of mine works in the film industry and has worked with Mendes. According to said friend, there have long been rumors about infidelity, homosexuality and an unusual relationship between DiCaprio/Mendes/Winslet. I have no idea if any of it is true (and for all we know, it isn’t at all), but it does make me wonder.

  483. 483
    bebee Says:

    i totally see what you mean, and i agree with you, he settles with her with conveniance , and despite all the flaws we can see in her(i don’t really like her) ,if he stays with her, there no need to bash her that much.
    BUT i think that if he’s unhapppy , he will definately break up.He ‘s not a weak person, and i don’t think in the long run he will stay with her if he really don’t want . Look with gisele he seemed happy but they split several times before call it quits for good. Plus Bar seems bored too.

    tchoke, i remember someone wrote in a forum that a friend of him who was a trainee in Premier PR, assisted Sara Keene who was a director there . Keene was also Sam publicist. And apparently she was quite talkative, and she said that it was quite a long time that he was cheating on her , and that she had to cover him.It would be that surprising considering his repuation of womanizer before his relationship with Kate. When the split was announced it was said that he said to her “one relationship isn’t enough for me”.
    There’s an interview with Cameon Diaz (“unscripted” it’s on youtube), at one moment kate asked Cam if she had been cheated on, Cam said “yeah” and Kate replied “yeah , me too”. Since Kate had only 4 relationships , it could be Sam the cheater.
    And for homosexuality, it was a rumor around the time of american beauty.

  484. 484
    bebee Says:

    i meant ” it wouldn’t be surprising since his reputation”.
    And concerning kate, it would be unlikely her first love cheated on her since she talks so highly of him, of his values , moral etc…Then she had a several weeks fling with Rufus Sewell, that she described more as a “friendship”. So i think the cheater must be Her first husband or Sam (more likely sam to me)

  485. 485
    ... Says:

    @bebee: you said `i don’t think in the long run he will stay with her if he really don’t want`. Even though they are an on/off couple it`s been five years. Don`t you think that counts as `long run` already? And he is still with him. You are right if he was unhappy with her he wouldn`t have spent all this time with her, don`t you think? You said that he is not a weak person so why would he stick with someone who makes him unhappy? After a year or two together I would still believe that this is not going anywhere but after 5? Not so much.
    Gisele gave up on waiting and walked away. Barf won`t. Not to mention that maybe not entirely but Leo got more mature ever since he broke up with Gisele so it`s not really the same situation.

  486. 486
    bebee Says:

    For me it’s been 5 years , but you jknow on/off, mainly based on phones and travelall around the world , so for me it’s not the same as a “normal ” relationship . On the whole 5 years i don’t really know how much they’ve been together, or really spending time together. Plus it’s been lately that he lokeed really really bored and sad on pics. Previously he only seemed to me you know just not really happy or in love.
    But i totally undesrtand what you mean, and i wonder sometimes why he stayed with her for so long

  487. 487
    mecca Says:

    @: I don’t thing their relationship is real. It’s contractual. He’s just using her to pass the time and she gets to seen with him. that is all.

    They’ve been on and off for 3 yrs know, if their relationship was going anywhere it would of progressed by know.

  488. 488
    nina Says:

    @: that “fact” as you say isnt so hard to accept. people have been in more disgruntled relationships for 10 years or more and those came to an end. If you want to accept that fact then fine but I dont and never will! Why can’t leo walk away from a “long term” relationship?! People do it all the time. I think you’re stupid if you believe that this isnt going to end.

  489. 489
    Cam Says:

    @nina: I agree, it might not end when we wish it to end but its going to end. And I believe it will end pretty soon. Leo isnt perfect so this relationship is teaching him what NOT TO BE again. I think this will be his last model kinda relationship. His next pick should be interesting!

  490. 490
    ... Says:

    @nina: Well, having different opinion doesn`t entitle you to call me stupid. I gave reasons why I think he will stick with her and if you don`t agree with me it`s fine but don`t call me names.

  491. 491
    may Says:


    Wow if Sam has been cheating on Kate for some time then that would be this blind item was really about them.

    From Nov/09

    PopBitch – “This celebrity husband and wife have more in common than just fame, money, kids and being intensely annoying. They’ve both got a shag-buddy. Hers is a much lusted-after actor, while his was a big fan who got close to him at a party. While she has suspected her husband’s infidelity for some time, he is said to have no idea that his wife has been getting frisky without him!”

    PopBitch is based in Britain so the celeb would be known there. I luv Kate Winslet but have heard people in the U.K. don’t like her.

  492. 492
    marmeduke Says:


    Could be, but if you were as addicted as I am to watching this crap you would know that there is someone who works for Bar’s boss at One Model Management, Scott Lipps (isnt that a cheesy name for a model guy?) who posts on The Superficial and here.

    1. She said that last fall Scott Lipps told her that “you better stop messing this thing up with Leo because no one is interested in using you as a model” and then they magically got back together.

    2. Also that it is Bar’s JOB to call Mr. Lipps whenever she has a public outing with Leo who then tips off the paparazzi. She also was apparently angry she didnt get national press for the Met gala, and taht she didnt get as much press as Gisele Bundchen (what planet is she on anyway?)

    I believe all of this, so, if she was with him, calls would have been made. Hell, as soon as she got off at LAX calls would be made, although paparazzi generally hang at LAX to see who shows up.

    So what’s up? And I will KILL MYSELF if I have to go through all that corny “we’re getting engaged” stuff again, really I will. Beileve it or not
    LEo’s publicist, its not fake committed monogamy that sells anymore….we could take George Clooneyism but not this crap. I’d like it better if he was free to do what he wanted and did it.

  493. 493
    ... Says:

    @492: Sorry but if what you believe ( about her ) it`s true then I just find Leo even more pathetic for being with someone like her. If she is like that I assume he knows it and still he chooses to be with her.
    If he needs someone to `pretend to be committed to` ( because of his image ) I think it`s laughable to pick her as his serious gf.

  494. 494
    bebee Says:

    To me it’s totally believable that Sam cheated on Kate . I remember that even before Rev Road began filming (so around 2006/2007) there were rumors that the couple was in big trouble, that they stayed together only for the kids, and didn’t share anything but just stuck together for the kids. I think it was someone who supposedly worked for Julianne Moore (she’s friend with them and worked in Broadway with Sam in 2006), that said that Julianne basically thought the couple was near the end.
    Plus Sam is said having a really bad temper,and was seen at numerous time yelling and screaming at Kate in public.
    He may not exactly “look” like a womanizer, but he certainly have a record , and a womanizer reputation :he dated Rachel Weisz , Calista Flockhart,and even Cameron Diaz.
    And before his relationship with Kate, he repeated that he didn’t belive in marriage, being a son of divorcee(you can see it just by his film by the way).
    Are this “blind “items reliable. Until some weeks i didn’t even knew they existed (i’m french, we don’t have them here).

  495. 495
    french Says:


    i agree

  496. 496
    freshmen Says:

    @may: from what i’ve heard that blind item is about them. he’s been cheating on her for awhile with different women, but mainly RH. Kate and Leo have been sleeping together since the summer, during the trial separation with her her husband. this is the same time leo broke up with bar.

    and if you remember that pic of her at wimbledon, where she wore Leo’s necklace and ring.

    This was the same time Leo was in London for Inception.

    insider adds, “Leonardo was telling people he was definitely single, but he wasn’t interested in any of the women trying to get his attention.”

  497. 497
    freshmen Says:

    here’s the article about him in london last yr:

  498. 498
    bebee Says:

    @freshmen Where have you “heard” that it was about them. I believe that Sam may have been cheating on Kate for sometime (since apparently they were not really involved in each other lives for a while) , but i must say that Kate/Leo hooking up that fast seems out of character to me.
    That’s true that the timing is weird: supposedly kate/sam had a trial separation last summer around the same time Léo/Bar broke up.
    But still, i frankly can’t imagine Leo/kate doing that knowing that Leo is really close to her children too, and that i could make them awkward to the least.

  499. 499
    bebee Says:

    Kate seems to really really like the necklace, she wears it a lot, practically all the time .

  500. 500
    wow Says:

  501. 501
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: I hate to divulge my sources, but it doesn’t matter since it’ll all be out in the open soon.

    I heard the news first hand from an assistant of Hylda Queally(Kate’s american agent) when the blind item first came out.

    Kate is very close to Hylda. Kate presented her an award last year (she’s very renowned as an agent, she must be the best for actresses). Kate is the godmother to Hylda’s son. Hylda saw Heavenly Creature and then wanted to work with her . She’s her agent since she’s 18.

    Oh and it was Hylda who gave Kate the script of Revolutionary Road several years ago.

    As far as Kate/Leo are concerned, I can say for sure that their “romantic” relationship was a work in progress during Revolutionary Road. That when they grew closer. That was also when he broker up with Bar for the first time in May ’07. That was the same time he started film RR with Kate.

    And by her own husband’s admission he wanted them to be extremely close during the making of the movie.

    Here’s the Vanity Fair article that Kate did and it told what Sam said about Leo and Kate’s relationship while on set.

    “For his part, Mendes had to navigate a kind of de facto triangle off scree. “Leo and Kate’s instinctive almost wordless understanding of eachother saved us weeks of work” the director says. “I encouraged them and wanted them to go off into a corner together. I wanted them to be the unit of the movie – not me and Kate. For me it was alot about Leo! I wanted him to feel that she and he were on eachothers side and looking out for eachother, rather than me and Kate”

  502. 502
    bebee Says:

    oh OK . Its funny because Iam Bequeen (on fanforum) , so Iam the one that posted this info about Hylda that you reproduced and also the anecdote about quills wrap party and joaquin phoenix that you wrote in your previous post? are you on fanforum too?

  503. 503
    Erica Says:

    @wow: Thanks for the news on how Leo spent his memorial day weekend. I think that pic of him at the bottom is the pic that was taken at the party. Seems like a very sunny day. Hope he had fun.

  504. 504
    bebee Says:

    @freshmen Obviously i didn’t mean what you said about the news from hylda assistant about kate/Leo , but the part about the award that she presented her last year (the oscar wilde prize) , i wroted it on fanforum.And the Leo coming to the Quills party too. And as you often post link to fanforum discussions, it thought that you posted there too. In fact i only posted these two things, about Kate, im new , so it would be funny if you posted too on the forum too.

  505. 505
    Lindsey Says:

    Did any you guys notice in one of the pic of Bar, shes wearing a ring on her wedding finger. probably just wearing it to get attention

  506. 506
    Candycotton Says:

    Attenion People:New Post Of LEO and The Bed Warmer,she looks like Trailer Trash as usual….!!!

  507. 507
    Courtney Says:

    What pic of Bar? The article in the Daily Mail didn’t mention Bar being at the party. I just saw a pic of Leo. How do we know that they’re still together? Am I missing something?

  508. 508
    wow Says:

    I think she meant one of the pictures at the Belvedere party. She does have a ring as usual on her wedding finger.
    I saw the new post. It`s not like I didn`t see it coming but it`s always painful to see Leo with her. When is this going to end already? Her birthday is coming up so obviously she showed up around him…

  509. 509
    Erica Says:

    @wow: big deal her birthday is coming up and she’s going to spend it with him. I still believe this farce will end!

  510. 510
    bebee Says:

    @freshmen , come back please i am intrigued by what you said, answer to my question please. If we suppose this is true how do we explain that Kate separated with Sam only early this year ( supposedly they came back together at the end of 2009), and that Leo did the same with Bar around the same Time. Plus you said they’ ve been sleeping together since last summer ( meaning they still are), so why They both came back with their partners( and in Leo’ s case are still with them)?And why do you think this will be made public soon?

  511. 511
    freshmen Says:


    Ugh. Here you go. Kate and Leo made plans last summer on how they were gonna officially “come out”. Kate never reconciled with Sam she’s been planning on leaving him for awhile, she’s been telling people they “grew apart”. And Leo and Bar are purely “contractual”, she is there when he needs her gone when he doesn’t. She is fully agreeing to go on these “outings” with him as a distraction for what’s really going on. This is basically her “job” now and she’s being paid hansomely for it. This is why they look so distant in public, because they’re not “together”. He wants people to think they’re together so no one suspects him and Kate. That ruin both their reputations if people thought they were having an affair while Kate was married. It will end soon don’t worry, be happy.

  512. 512
    freshmen Says:


    And as far as Kate’s “amicable” split with Sam is concerned, it’s only amicable because they both cheated and want to save face.

  513. 513
    bebee Says:

    If she they were separated Kate didn’t cheat ?when there’s a trial séparation people are not really a couple anymore.

  514. 514
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: it is cheating unless your officially divorced. being separated is a temporary arrangement and doesn’t change your legal paperwork status of being “married”.

  515. 515
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: more to the point, their split is amicable because they both found somebody else. so there’s no need to drag their infidelities through the court system and make the divorce more difficult for their children. that’s the silver lining i’m trying to point out to you. I won’t be talking about it anymore.

  516. 516
    iheartcomments Says:

    Leo and Kate together- a Hollywood happy ending!

    Honestly, it wouldn’t matter when they ‘come out’, everyone’s gonna suspect things started cookin when they starred in that movie together.
    Brangelina anyone?

    I like the moniker “Late” for them, that someone else posted on the leo/bar comments.-lol

    What about all that psychic soulmate stuff?
    Still would like to see “Late” together, and I think most fans and Hollywood would agree!

  517. 517
    amidreamer??? Says:

    Kaleo foreva!

  518. 518
    CNA Says:

    I can’t believe she actually came out looking so tacky. you figure Leo would give her enough of an allowance to buy some decent clothes.

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