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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: StarPics, Startraksphoto
Posted to: Ashley Olsen, Bar Refaeli, Chelsea Handler, Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, Leigh Lezark, Matthew Williamson

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  • www

    I found this news from Spain:

    It is said that Leo and friends, included Barbie, are in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) this weekend.

    Do you believe this? Bar was in NY….. and Leo was in LA… but if Bar will be in Montecarlo next Tuesday….

  • omg

    omg shes average! and a little manly looking. rough. there are A list celebs and there are d list celebs. same goes for models. there are A list models, and there are d list models, just like bar.

  • yippy

    @www: wow, why am I NOT surprised this article said Leo and FRIENDS!! Do they ever go anywhere by themselves?!?! Its he needs his FRIENDS so he won’t drown in barfie’s boring a>> conversation. Friends for intellect and he has barfie for sex.

  • bebee

    What i find weird is that the report of leo/lukas together mentionned LAS PALMAS, but a LA club, not some place in Spain.
    Maybe it’s a misconception.

  • tal

    stuning bar!

  • marriage rumors again……
  • yippy

    @bebee: maybe the article is wrong and it is some place in LA,not spain, it would be the fist time an article would be wrong! haha
    @marriage rumors again……: pure BS!!

  • yippy


  • bebee

    Have you seen that Leo joined twitter since yesterday ?It’s been verified. It’s not one of the fake accounts that had been around before.

  • freshmen

    @bebee: post the link to his twitter. i can’t imagine him being on twitter. haha.

  • bebee
  • bebee

    Ooops (i’m not very good at posting links as you can see)
    This may be better;

  • wow

    The first article ( Spanish ) messed up things. I got it translated and it says Barf was going to join Leo in Spain after that tennis match. Too bad that first she went to Israel and then to NYC and not to Las Palmas… That`s a new club in LA.
    The second article about marriage sounds like the old one from a couple of weeks ago but it`s `recycled`. An insider confirming that he is going to marry her is not going to leak it to… showbizspy.
    Leo seems to be out a lot ever since Barf left. New club Las Palmas, then he was seen with Edward Norton at Boa nightclug ( LA ) and recent tweets put him in Encore ( in Vegas club or beach club ) celebrating a friends birthday with Kevin Connolly and another 20 friends…
    I wonder if he is really going to Istanbul for that concert on Tuesday.
    And it does seem like that`s his real twitter account it`s all about environmental issues. I guess it`s gonna be similar to his website or myspace page.

  • wow

    According to Norm Clarke the party in Vegas yesterday was a bachelor party.

  • Candycotton

    Ok First of all…these…..Freezer burned marriage rumors are pure BS…it’ s the same article different Date people….it’s a sidetrack to distract from Barfy’s IPAD shame….why lie about an IPAD..but this justs proves that she is the Fake Untrust worthy BI*CH we always knew she was!!And it’s just the beginning of her true Unmasking ….She Is NOT a Nice Person believe or NOT JOKER FANS. ….Barfy’s is as cheap as the clothes she wears!And speaking of style….these pics just show the TRASH She is..It’s obvious this BI*TCH can’t even afford make-up….and her hair looks like she washed it with laundry detergent…Barfy looks like a RECOVERING METH ADDICTED TR*CK!!!Supermodel NOT …more like Super LIAR!!!….NOT HATING…just Telling the TRUTH something this Idiot knows nothing about!!! LEO is just lonely right now and Barf is his only temporary leech FOR NOW!!lol So if LEO shows up in Israel this would be a shocker!!Since he never follows her ANYWHERE Its not like He’s been working…AS For Barfy I would NOT BE surprised if this desperate WH*re turned up at a DUNKEN DONUT Opening!!!But that would still be too Classy for her…Hmmm I think HOOTERS are hiring!!!!!

  • freshmen

    @Candycotton: @Candycotton: you are too funny. pretty much said it all.

    I can’t believe she actually came out looking so tacky. you figure Leo would give her enough of an allowance to buy some decent clothes. She should go back to pan handling in Israel and hopefully scrape together enough money to buy a decent outfit.

  • Candycotton

    @freshmen THANKS but the truth speaks volumes This is From Istanbul…. I THINK BARFY Looks like She’s going to a STRIPPER ‘s FUNERAL!!lol what do U think?

  • good

    yipee i’m so happy leo is settling down! there’s an article saying leo is ready to settle down with bar. but i’m sure we all knew that considering how close they are! i know the haters will say oh its not true but leo and bar are not a staple in the tabloids where people make stuff about them to sell magazines. To make it even better it comes from an inside source plus with what leo and bar have already said about kids and stuff it makes perfect sense. i’m so happy for them. ALSo there was a sighting of leo and kevin at a bachelor party in vegas it was most likely alex mace because he’s getting married to emily next month but it could be another friend who’s getting married. or it could be leo’s bachelor party lol but i think thats too soon lol!!


  • @68

    Are you one of the Brothers Grimm or something? But most importantly are you on something? We all saw that article from showbizspy and of course they have an `inside source`! It`s so cute that you fall for these… Dummy just like Barf! Who is the source? Isn`t it interesting that all these engagement and settling down rumors are all over the internet but you cannot see them on any of the at least somewhat reliable sites like People or Us Weekly.
    Let`s see what Barf and Leo said about kids and stuff. Leo thinks more and more about family but said he needs 10 more years to get back to that topic and Barf recently said she is too young to get married. You are right, it does make sense. LOL! But hey, whatever makes you happy!
    Btw according to another tweet ( posted about an hour ago ) Leo is still in Vegas.

  • Vegas Photo of Leo
  • gimmeabreak

    Seems to me she’s becoming more of a socialite- hosting parties, and appearing on the red carpet at multiple events. It’s not working for her. She went to the Met Gala, and Gisele got the national coverage on E!. She can appear at as many events as she can get booked for, but the only attention she gets for it, is on this website, and the internet. This is the equivelent of a D-list celeb. I take back the socialite, that’s too much of a compliment for her.

  • shame

    you are so pathetic its a joke BRIGHTSIDE we know its you talking to yourself posting all these links we know its you how sick are you do you have a vendetta with this gorgeous girl tell us what are you going to do when they really get married jump from a highrise building well prepare yourself sick b—-

  • yippy

    @shame: it will never happen so maybe you’re the one who will want to jump off a bridge! they r goin to break up and its gonna be funny when it happens!! and wonderful..get ready!

  • Candycotton


  • isobel

    STUB CHUB! she cannot pull off effortless,just gott outta bd style. the only way she looks semi decent is when she is all sleazed up with tons of makeup,hair and cheap hot pink dresses.

  • http://none whatever

    i ******* hate leo for putting himself in that low level.

  • karen

    where the heck ar leo and bar??

  • mini

    in vegas!

  • well

    Well, Leo was spotted in Vegas over the weekend ( the last tweet-sighting was posted 5 hours ago ) with Kevin Connolly and friends. Barf wasn`t seen or mentioned anywhere. Before her precious fans get all worked up I said ` wasn`t spotted` not the she wasn`t there even though I think she wasn`t.

  • girls grow up

    why are you so jealous of this girl??? oh yes shes gorgeous shes a model she has a great life she has a famous good looking boyfriend she doesnt sit around and bang on her computer all day shes not jelous of anybody doesnt have to now i understand well GET THE F–K OVER IT shes got it made and you are stinking JEALOUS what a shame you all have no life!!!!!!!!

  • @80


  • wow

    Posted today from Ted Casablanca ( E! ). I`m not his biggest fan and this is his opinion but so far he has been right about Leo. So I was happy to read his answer today. :)

  • aww

    bar decided to go to israel for a few days instead of going to the cannes festival. apparently due to foot pain before she flies back to los angeles. she’s also due in monte carlo tomorrow for the world music awards. makes sense she didn’t go back to los angeles right away seeing as leo had to go to vegas to celebrate a friends bachelor party and she couldn’t go to that because its a guy only sort of thing and she’d have to leave soon anyways to go to monte carlo. hope bar’s feeling better for tomorrow!

  • @83

    I saw that article from Israel. It forgets to mention this party in NYC. Barf was in Spain then flew to Israel for a couple of hours getting herself in iPad trouble and then she was seen at this party in NYC. Now the article claims she skipped Cannes ( was she even supposed to be there this year? ) because of her foot pain. So how does the NYC party fit into the article`s timeline? Or she simply flew from Israel to NYC to attend the party and in spite of her foot pain she flew back home to Israel again?
    It is just pathetic how you are trying to create a fairy tale about every single article posted about her/him/them. Are you for real?

  • yup

    i totally agree with the post on e online. ted casablanca said that leo’s relationship with bar is more serious than any of his other relationships. its good that they notice. ted used to report on gisele and leo so i guess he notices the difference between leo and bar that they are more serious than leo and gisele ever were.

    i also think they are not getting married soon but they are still a serious couple. more people choose to not get married plus bar said a couple does not need a contract to show they love eachother. look at brad and angie and johnny depp and vanessa paradis. both couples have been together for a long time and have kids etc and lasted alot longer than other couples. i think bar and leo will have kids one day but don’t see the point of marriage to show there love. which is cool.

  • ginette

    Barf and Leo more serious than Gisele and Leo were? I doubt. Barf sticks around to keep her title but Gisele walked away from the player. If that’s what serious means to you… What else would Barf say about marriage after all these years and still no ring on her finger? ( except for her pretend ones of course ) Ted was always right about Leo and Gisele’s status so it’s good to see he doesn’t think there’ll be a wedding.
    Do you seriously believe Barf would have skipped Cannes to go home to Israel? especially now that there’s nothing major going on in her ‘supermodel’ life? Awwww….

  • french


    “leo’s relationship with bar is more serious than any of his other relationships” = bullshits

  • what??????????

    to 81 -87 same ppl look how sick you are?????? every move this girl makes you check it out thats pathetic and sick do you know when shes getting her period next????????LMAO get a life sicky

  • @88

    Yawn! Why do you keep boring us with you pointless and unnecessary comments?

  • Lisa rose

    @what??????????: you are so right!! Its just crazy!!! but I’m so tired of saying this already, if they want to make their life even more sucks then what they already are….. then, Its their problem!!! good luck with it!!
    I’m just feeling sorry for Bar that she has these scary obsessed stalkers!! its just CREEPY!!!

  • Lisa rose

    @@88: its hard to hear the TRUTH ha???
    suddenly its pointless and unnecessary……

  • @91

    For you it might be the truth, little dummy, but not for me. lol Your comments are just as boring and pointless than #88. Match made in heaven! lol

  • Lisa rose

    @@91: so DONT read them!!!!
    everytime when someone remind you what a little person you are (from what we can see from your comments, at least) and what a miserable life you probably have then you say that its pointless and boring of course!! but its only because you know that its true, and you know that we right about it, and you know that you have a problem. but who will told you the truth if not me?? hehe its NEVER to late to take care of your self honey!!

  • @93


  • truth

    @Lisa rose: FREE PALESTINE!

  • weird

    lol its funny how people like to imply things. some guy with a personal blog found out leo and kevin went to tao and they tried to make gossip that leo and kevin went to bed together lol. they don’ realize that their trip to vegas was a guys weekend for a bachelor party lol. they don’t even have any real sightings of what they actually did in tao just that they were there its obvious he is just mocking the celebrity culture now adays lol. but i clicked the link thinking it was something serious lol.

  • may

    @weird: post the article!

  • Lisa rose

    @truth: “Palestine”??? I’ve never heard that thing!!!

  • Astro Girl

    Read Barf’s astrological profile and she and Leo will never have kids in this lifetime and I’m 99.999 percent right about these things. I’m seeing a strong connection that she and leo will never have kids. Their relationship isnt a starting a family one but it is a karmic one that isnt meant to last for the majority of Leo’s life. This is not the woman that Leo will settle with. Its is true that they will break up this year or next. But the probabilty of them breaking up this year is very very high. Ted C. even said that there will be NO WEDDING for these two. But you dont even have to read actro charts to see this is going nowhere! Leo has said he WANTS to get married but he has to find the RIGHT GIRL first and he said this when he was dating Barf. I see Leo with someone new next year for sure!

  • wow

    I doubt the blogger tried to start a gossip about Leo and Keving but clearly tried to bring more out of that sighting than it really was.