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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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518 Responses to “Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe”

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  1. 501
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: I hate to divulge my sources, but it doesn’t matter since it’ll all be out in the open soon.

    I heard the news first hand from an assistant of Hylda Queally(Kate’s american agent) when the blind item first came out.

    Kate is very close to Hylda. Kate presented her an award last year (she’s very renowned as an agent, she must be the best for actresses). Kate is the godmother to Hylda’s son. Hylda saw Heavenly Creature and then wanted to work with her . She’s her agent since she’s 18.

    Oh and it was Hylda who gave Kate the script of Revolutionary Road several years ago.

    As far as Kate/Leo are concerned, I can say for sure that their “romantic” relationship was a work in progress during Revolutionary Road. That when they grew closer. That was also when he broker up with Bar for the first time in May ’07. That was the same time he started film RR with Kate.

    And by her own husband’s admission he wanted them to be extremely close during the making of the movie.

    Here’s the Vanity Fair article that Kate did and it told what Sam said about Leo and Kate’s relationship while on set.

    “For his part, Mendes had to navigate a kind of de facto triangle off scree. “Leo and Kate’s instinctive almost wordless understanding of eachother saved us weeks of work” the director says. “I encouraged them and wanted them to go off into a corner together. I wanted them to be the unit of the movie – not me and Kate. For me it was alot about Leo! I wanted him to feel that she and he were on eachothers side and looking out for eachother, rather than me and Kate”

  2. 502
    bebee Says:

    oh OK . Its funny because Iam Bequeen (on fanforum) , so Iam the one that posted this info about Hylda that you reproduced and also the anecdote about quills wrap party and joaquin phoenix that you wrote in your previous post? are you on fanforum too?

  3. 503
    Erica Says:

    @wow: Thanks for the news on how Leo spent his memorial day weekend. I think that pic of him at the bottom is the pic that was taken at the party. Seems like a very sunny day. Hope he had fun.

  4. 504
    bebee Says:

    @freshmen Obviously i didn’t mean what you said about the news from hylda assistant about kate/Leo , but the part about the award that she presented her last year (the oscar wilde prize) , i wroted it on fanforum.And the Leo coming to the Quills party too. And as you often post link to fanforum discussions, it thought that you posted there too. In fact i only posted these two things, about Kate, im new , so it would be funny if you posted too on the forum too.

  5. 505
    Lindsey Says:

    Did any you guys notice in one of the pic of Bar, shes wearing a ring on her wedding finger. probably just wearing it to get attention

  6. 506
    Candycotton Says:

    Attenion People:New Post Of LEO and The Bed Warmer,she looks like Trailer Trash as usual….!!!

  7. 507
    Courtney Says:

    What pic of Bar? The article in the Daily Mail didn’t mention Bar being at the party. I just saw a pic of Leo. How do we know that they’re still together? Am I missing something?

  8. 508
    wow Says:

    I think she meant one of the pictures at the Belvedere party. She does have a ring as usual on her wedding finger.
    I saw the new post. It`s not like I didn`t see it coming but it`s always painful to see Leo with her. When is this going to end already? Her birthday is coming up so obviously she showed up around him…

  9. 509
    Erica Says:

    @wow: big deal her birthday is coming up and she’s going to spend it with him. I still believe this farce will end!

  10. 510
    bebee Says:

    @freshmen , come back please i am intrigued by what you said, answer to my question please. If we suppose this is true how do we explain that Kate separated with Sam only early this year ( supposedly they came back together at the end of 2009), and that Leo did the same with Bar around the same Time. Plus you said they’ ve been sleeping together since last summer ( meaning they still are), so why They both came back with their partners( and in Leo’ s case are still with them)?And why do you think this will be made public soon?

  11. 511
    freshmen Says:


    Ugh. Here you go. Kate and Leo made plans last summer on how they were gonna officially “come out”. Kate never reconciled with Sam she’s been planning on leaving him for awhile, she’s been telling people they “grew apart”. And Leo and Bar are purely “contractual”, she is there when he needs her gone when he doesn’t. She is fully agreeing to go on these “outings” with him as a distraction for what’s really going on. This is basically her “job” now and she’s being paid hansomely for it. This is why they look so distant in public, because they’re not “together”. He wants people to think they’re together so no one suspects him and Kate. That ruin both their reputations if people thought they were having an affair while Kate was married. It will end soon don’t worry, be happy.

  12. 512
    freshmen Says:


    And as far as Kate’s “amicable” split with Sam is concerned, it’s only amicable because they both cheated and want to save face.

  13. 513
    bebee Says:

    If she they were separated Kate didn’t cheat ?when there’s a trial sĂ©paration people are not really a couple anymore.

  14. 514
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: it is cheating unless your officially divorced. being separated is a temporary arrangement and doesn’t change your legal paperwork status of being “married”.

  15. 515
    freshmen Says:

    @bebee: more to the point, their split is amicable because they both found somebody else. so there’s no need to drag their infidelities through the court system and make the divorce more difficult for their children. that’s the silver lining i’m trying to point out to you. I won’t be talking about it anymore.

  16. 516
    iheartcomments Says:

    Leo and Kate together- a Hollywood happy ending!

    Honestly, it wouldn’t matter when they ‘come out’, everyone’s gonna suspect things started cookin when they starred in that movie together.
    Brangelina anyone?

    I like the moniker “Late” for them, that someone else posted on the leo/bar comments.-lol

    What about all that psychic soulmate stuff?
    Still would like to see “Late” together, and I think most fans and Hollywood would agree!

  17. 517
    amidreamer??? Says:

    Kaleo foreva!

  18. 518
    CNA Says:

    I can’t believe she actually came out looking so tacky. you figure Leo would give her enough of an allowance to buy some decent clothes.

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