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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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bar refaeli belvedere 01
bar refaeli belvedere 02
bar refaeli belvedere 03
bar refaeli belvedere 04
bar refaeli belvedere 05
bar refaeli belvedere 06
bar refaeli belvedere 07
bar refaeli belvedere 08
bar refaeli belvedere 09
bar refaeli belvedere 10
bar refaeli belvedere 11
bar refaeli belvedere 12
bar refaeli belvedere 13
bar refaeli belvedere 14
bar refaeli belvedere 15

Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: StarPics, Startraksphoto
Posted to: Ashley Olsen, Bar Refaeli, Chelsea Handler, Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, Leigh Lezark, Matthew Williamson

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  • jojojo

    Heard these girls are the runners up for Transformers 3

    Funny all the model girls are ‘girlfriend of’…

    Miranda Kerr = Girlfriend of Orlando Bloom

    Bar Refaeli = Girlfriend of Leonardo Dicaprio

    Brooklyn Decker = Girlfriend of Andy Roddick

    So, I guess the question ‘Who must I blow in this town to get a role in a movie was answered above….’

  • wow

    well, Brooklyn is married to Andy and she actually has some experience in acting. She is shooting a movie right now in Hawaii with Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.
    You are right about barf and Miranda but I don`t think they are the runner ups. There are so many girls who are rumored to be considered but ( thanks to Leo I assume ) her name is all over the news when it comes to this movie.

  • cheese cakes

    Barfie did not get the role. This girl on the link got the role. Lots of non models like Zoe Salanda was up for the part too. Barfie could have NEVER have completed against Zoe Salanda! It’s laughabale!

  • Team Bar

    Bar was spotted in Israel during this weekend going to her parent´s house… has the pics… And yes.. i guess she will stay in Israel until her b-day in June 4 while Leo flirts whit every girl he has in front of him and that says a lot :( … All the haters can be happy because i guess this is the end… Like some previous comment said maybe she gave Leo an ultimatum and like always he said ” No”… I hope she will be ok and she can find “the one” for her soon… She deserves the best!!! Go luck B!!! I love you!!!

  • So be it

    That is where she belongs in Isreal! :) I saw those pics of her driving her mini cooper! I don’t know if this is the end for them or another “break” or what!?!?!! But I hope it is!! :)))) I know they’re going to break up for sure, if not now then for SURE 100 percent later before the year is out!!! Maybe barfie fans will finally see not only does Leo not love Barfy, but he doesnt respect her at all. You would think if you were a fan of someone you would want them to be treated with respect but just like barf her fans are shallow!

  • skittles

    @Team Bar: if Bar gave Leo another ultimatum like the last time then she is stupider than I thought. Doesnt she know that she can’t cage a Lion?!?!

  • wow

    where did you see those new photos of her in Israel?
    ultimatums usually don`t work. that was the rumor about her alleged moving in: stop partying and commit or I walk. that wouldn`t work in general not only in Leo`s case IMO

  • may

    @So be it:

    can you link to the pics.

  • So be it
  • wow

    thanks for the link. it`s insane how sour her face looks… as usual

  • Candycotton

    Barfy looks at least 40 in those pics….Yuck seriously she looks like and old hag!!…her face is really aging five years every year!!…no wonder Leo ‘s MIA..can’t blame him…lol but not surprised she’s looking a HOT MESS!!…thats why she didt get the part..she looks like someone’s mom!!…Photoshopping can’t help that face!!…Not to mention the BI*CH vibe she sending to the camera..there’s a guy in the car with her…could be her brother??…and Barfy fans need to wake up and stop idolizing a LOSER!! I would’t be surprised if TeamBar is Zipi..herself since 90% of the people here don’t give a Sh*t about ..Barfy or her so-called fans lol..I’m sure Leo is having a really good time..traveling flirting…and just being’s obvious he Does Not trust her…she just does’t have what He’s looking for and never Will!So her Alone situation is playing itself out again..Time to for her to move on and get some independence!! NOTE:MY OPINION!!

  • looking 40?

    Halle Berry is 43 and is someone’s mom. I wouldn’t take that as an insult.

    Barfy is just unattractive to begin with at any age. She has no, taste, bad skin and a plain face.

  • Barffbag

    That is what I think too they had another fight and barfie ran to mama. On perehilton they are reporting that he’s been hitting on other women right and left for the last two months-once the publicity was over for shutter island was over he got bored.

    He HAS been looking bummed out and hemmed in-he can’t go out and play with all the paps watching him and all the stupid rumors the barf camp has been putting out- it makes him look bad even if he isn’t the one who ever proposed or even hinted at it. This strategy will only bacfkfire on her smug little ugly face. Anyway he has his FANS permission to cheat-go ahead Leo we’ll still respect you in the morning.

    As a matter of fact my address is……..;)

  • Insanebarfposse

    Why does she hide her face like she is some big celeb-she isn’t. Just a hair away from reality tv. How does she have the money for a car in israel she doesn’t drive that much

    Leo is in nepal honey without you…..actually one of my dream places to go with him….maybe ILL take the next flight out and meet him there. That ought to curdle your whey.

    Bet he wanted to be out of cell phone range when the maxim 100story broke- bad reception next to everest and k2!

  • Yourloveisbadmedecine

    Leo went home alone from maxim 100 but hooked up next day for a quickie with one of the 100- i won’t say who but she is amused by the whole thing-she said he is not over endowed but good with hands and tongue.

  • naughtyLeo

    @Yourloveisbadmedecine: So Leo’s been a naughty boy behind Barfie’s back!! Coool!!! :)

  • nine

    @Yourloveisbadmedecine: are you sure you’re not this “other person”?!?!

  • Catarina

    @215 That being true, it is extremely disappointing, but since anyone could make anything up I will just NOT take your word for it honey and no one in their right mind should.

    Speaking of right mind, in which planet is it ok to cheat on a girlfriend, even if it is Leonardo DiCaprio? That is just sick, no matter who it comes from. Maybe they have an open relationship, maybe they have some sort of arrangement where they only date during the winter, maybe they’re over, but to have a girlfriend and to sleep with other women is NOT ok. NOT!!!

    But I really don’t believe it anyway.

    I hope he finds a lil bit of peace in all those places he’s visiting now.

  • Insanebarfposse

    Girl is a friend of mine she doesn’t want her name out there because of negative repercussions-no one wants to offend or piss off the”king of the world” though- too much juice. She is model/actress type- a few minor tv and film things-she was just really curious and went for the thrill.

    I would go too—just out of curiosity… know?

  • wow

    @215 you must have good `sources`. If it`s true on one hand I`m happy about it since it means he doesn`t have much respect for barfy but the same thing ( cheating ) makes me sad because he is still a player. I really wanna see him happy and with a decent woman in a mature relationship but obviously he is not there ( yet? ). Maybe a better girlfriend would be able to change him…

  • nine

    @Insanebarfposse: thanks, I believe you. I think Leo’s “size” is average but its great to hear that he’s hooking up with other people. Did your friend ask him what the heck is he doing with Barfie? Like they have an open relationship or what because its clear that Leo isnt serious about Barfie is he’s still hooking up with other models! lol Serves barfie right though I will tell you that much. Can you tell us anything else without revealing too much about your friend?!?!?! THanks!!

  • Catarina

    Ok… I’m gonna go throw up now! Sick world this is with sick people.
    No matter how much I dislike a person, a human being is a human being. No one who does not respect others is able to even respect herself/himself.

    You can click on thumb down as many times as you wish now, that ain’t gonna make you a better person.


  • @218

    Knowing Leo`s reputation it doesn`t sound very far fetched. It is NOT a good thing to cheat but if the girlfriend is barfy I`m sorry to say it is something to be happy about.
    Honestly I don`t blame anyone who `goes for the thrill` who wouldn`t? lol

  • nine

    @Catarina: yeah don’t come back, maybe Leo and barf have a relationship where Leo can sleep with other people and it wont bother the business fake “relationship” which is very fake to begin with. If this is true I’m personally happy too. Leo is still a big big FLIRT and more.

  • Insanebarfposse

    I was trying to say that she said little Leo has gotten bigger since those photos on the Internet but he has weird long nipples and a short torso. Funny thing is she said she liked talking to him he was personable for a random hook up.

  • LeoOld

    Isn’t Leo alittle to old to manwhoring his self around town? At what point does it become pathetic that he can’t find a decent woman and settle down to have a family? I think that point was a few years ago.

  • hmmm

    It doesn`t seem like Leo has `weird long nipples` on these photos

  • may


    I thought that story was bullsh!t and this proves it. I never believe any random rumor on the internet, especially when they don’t wanna name their source.

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n

    @Everyone Lolol…all your posts are amusing …interesting if Barf read these comments That WH*RE would run back to Israel in tears..Lol…I can Imagine the look on her SOUR PATCH face now! Priceless!! Those Barf fans don’t have a chance….notice Lisa Rose has been a Ghost lately she knows she will get put in her place!! And it’s funny how this is a Barf thread..but there’s only been a few of Barf fans posting …like I said they know we LEO FANS OWN!!lol …those pics from Israel just shows Barf’s Fuglyness in a new light…she even has jowls..gross!.. I mean has Leo been beating her with the Ugly stick?…cause we know she’s not getting the other STICK lol!..As for the new HookUp story..can’t say I really believe it..but who knows? I think Leo would be a little more careful than that!…And maybe Barf wanted Leo to come back to Israel for birthday??But he didt want to go..and this might be another disagreement of two people who don’t understand each other…She thought that all that spending time with him was gonna make him propose??Hah she thought wrong…Kate Winslet once said that if u pressure Leo to do something he will run further Away!!I’m sure this goes as well for his personal life..So Barf’s selfish motives are just backfiring..And seems like her only friend is Emily..there’s been no recent photos of her with Adi or other friends from Israel?..Guess they got sick of her too lol! No looks,No career,No personality,No friends and pretty soon No Leo!!..karma ‘s a B*tch just like Barf!! sorry for the novel :)

  • Brasil

    Sorry, but this story look totally made up for me! I know Leo isn’t an angel that don’t flirt or even cheat on Bar (which I think is not right) but this story seems big bullshit. If the girl don’t want to get exposed and make this a secret, why she would let her “friend” wright in an open blog that everyone have the opportunity to read, this don’t make sense. That Leo isn’t serious about Bar isn’t a mystery for anyone, but it doesn’t mean you have to believe in all the rumors about him with other women, and this one don’t convince me, if someone have a real proof… I believe in what I see.

  • Brasil

    well, you can’t disagree with me and believe in everything you want, it doesn’t have nothing with me your opinion, everyone have their own opinion and I also have mine, that’s all!

  • Ella

    I agree Brasil, it just seems way too random.
    A girl’s friend telling people in internet that her friend hooked up with him but she doesn’t want anyone to know. How lame is that ?

    And it just doesn’t make sense
    She said they hooked up the day after the MAXIM party (19 May), didn’t he fly to Bhutan in the morning that day according to that tweet (20 May) ?

  • hmmm

    that tweet was posted 05/21

  • insanebarfposse


    This chick: (from E Online, she swears its her but who knows)

    The poor man’s version of Bar, sporting an übertight, strapless dress and some serious sex hair, had Leo’s ear for quite some time at a table near the DJ booth.

    DiCaprio, dressed in his usual incognito ensemble of a blue baseball cap and a pullover, was all smiles as the brunette babe flirted him up.

    She claims she met him at his house AFTER the party -like round 5 am …you know El Leo likes to stay up late.

    But HEY! I am just the messenger LOL I dont really care what you think…. I just think El Leo is El SLutto…….man whore !

    It’s just funny to me I’ve lived in LA 15 years and the stories you hear
    (I do hair/makeup professionally) whoooooo ! The shit I used to hear about Eddie Murphy was particularly funny. You gotta live here to really know how crazy these people are.

  • cheese cakes

    @insanebarfposse: well I hope what your saying is true because that would be saying a lot in a “nutshell” hehehe

  • Brasil

    and who know she’s telling the truth?

  • insanebarfposse

    @cheese cakes:

    Like I said I dont really care…BTW I am a gay male…I dont care who Leo is stumpfing……..I just think the sH** that goes on in El LAy is hysterique….

  • insanebarfposse

    @cheese cakes:

    in LA he is known Man whore… in that’s nice you screwed Di Caprio?
    Welcome to the ARMY babe !

    It’s just not that hard if you are a reasonably attractive straight woman…..
    all you need are tits and a smile. I’ve worked a lot of TV and movie sets….also have my own salon and do a lot of entertainment industry heads… hear things, you know ? Women talk. Gay men talk more.

  • Brasil

    the funny thing you claim you don’t care, so I’am curious… what you doing here? making gossip…

  • insanebarfposse


    Its like, O you screwed Di Caprio, hunh? Was that supposed to be DIFFICULT or something? Bitches act like its a honor or something…’s aint like you won the lottery or something !

  • insanebarfposse


    bored. Sunday night.

  • cheese cakes

    @insanebarfposse: so basically if you’re not too ugly and you see Leo in a club setting you have a chance!?!? Hmmmm..very interesting…thanks for the scoop and NOTE TO SELF!! hehehe!

  • Brasil

    Gosh, this is becoming so ridiculous! I don’t believe in what I’am reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cheese cakes

    @insanebarfposse: yeah I agree,…its not a honor to screw dicap. It would be a honor if he made you his wife. I think its always easier for women than men to do that kinda stuff. You have to be in the right place and the right time because men pretty much will screw anything… My friend was “invited over” by a famous actor too so its definitely possible!

  • Brasil

    so basically is like Leo thinks about sex 24 hours in a day? is that what you saying? and all the actors are like this? you claim you know heard from a lot of them…

  • insanebarfposse

    @cheese cakes:

    I’m talking “Hollywood” standards—you know, they used to call them *starlets*…… so, “HOT” I guess but you dont have to be a young Elizabeth Taylor…. or even Megan Fox…..I mean look at this Bar chick….she’s OK but the first time I saw her on David Letterman for the SI cover I was like
    “where’s the rest of her?” Then I heard she was DiCrapio’s current bimbo… that was where it was. It’s hard to tell when you are not “bent” towards women….

  • insanebarfposse


    It really depends on who. Tom Hanks ? NOT. Tom CRUISE? WTF knows what he thinks about besides some crazy scientologist bullshit…..

    but DiCap has rep as horn dog, you know what I mean? Comes from being a late bloomer —-he got a big f***ky F**** card with Titanic. Come on ! You have the biggest grossing movie ever ? There are just some you dont mess with without IRON condom girrrllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………. most people in Hollywood know who.

  • Brasil

    @cheese cakes, in this I agree with you. It’s not a honor go to bed with a famous actor that you know in a night out there. But if all this is true, I’am quite disappointed with Leo, I always thought he was a womanizer, but not a man*****. this is so horrible! I hope I’am just in a nightmare, if not I lost my faith in everything in this world, this is so superficial, so he goes there f*** all the women he can find and is not even satisfied, did he can’t be happy with one woman?
    isn’t enough for him! dear lord, this is insane, I love him but if this @insanebarfposse say (I sincerely hope you are not kidding with us) because we are real Leo fans, at least I’am! but if what you saying is really true… I don’t know what to think anymore. Anyway, the people you heard could be lying too, you know someone people likes to got opportunities saying that date someone or f*** with someone famous, that’s not new too. This is making me really sad! Well, I will wait and see what happens to Leo, but I have to believe that he could change if he finds true love, that’s the last chance he could get in a decent love life!

  • cheese cakes

    @insanebarfposse: thanks for the heads up! Iron condom for Leo?!?!? He’s not THAT bad.. is he!?!?!lol

  • cheese cakes

    @Brasil: i agree… i hope leo finds true love too! we agree on the most important thing!