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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: StarPics, Startraksphoto
Posted to: Ashley Olsen, Bar Refaeli, Chelsea Handler, Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, Leigh Lezark, Matthew Williamson

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  • Brasil

    if this is true, I’am surprised that he don’t got any girl pregnant… what you mean @insanebarfposse, iron condom? that he have a lot of std?… I’am mad! I will not sleep tonight, this is the bad thing I could read anyday!!!

  • cheese cakes

    @Brasil: calm down,…you dont have to believe everything that you read online! :) I don’t think Leo is an angel but I dont think he’s a whhoorree either and even he admitted that he use to be a little wild but he’s nowhere near what he use to be though I still think occasionally he may get some from people other than Barfie once in awhile is all and I’m sure he wears a rubber all the time at least I hope so!

  • insanebarfposse


    Leo has a decent love life. He “loves” whomever he wants. And by giving him all this hoo haa, you just make him more self-centered.

    Anyway, he’ll probably settle down eventually. Just run out of steam !
    Be like Warren Beattie and marry Annette Bening when you are like to old to chase girlies anymore…….the funny thing I hear is if Warren hadnt dissed Tzipi back in like 1975 Bar wouldnt be running after Leo like she is now….it all so hilarious !

    Anyway, yes he’s fooling around. Yes, he flirts and YES he is actively cheating on Bar as far as I know. And I am sleepy now and good night all ! I consider this my PSA public service announcement of the week


  • Brasil

    it’s because all this make me sick, it’s so disgusting have to know something like this about someone you like for years! yeah, @cheesecakes, i hope you right, I don’t believe in everthing I see in internet like I said before, but all @insanebarfposse said really make me mad with Leo, (even that is not all true) I just can’t imagine this, I’am nervous right now, and I also hope he takes care of his healthy, it’s better him to use an iron condom. I’am done with Leo today! I’am going sleep too calm down, maybe tomorrow have good news here!!! good night!

  • gimmeabreak

    Okay, I’m not so sure this is the first time this person has posted. How does this person know her mother’s name or about Warren Beatty. Just seems a little suspicious to me, and this thread was posted may 14. This person just happened to come across this thread? Please. You have to enter Bar’s name, and click search. It’s obvious to me this person, whoever it is, is not new to this thread, and looks like someone who posts regularly. Even if some woman said she got with him, I wouldn’t put it past any unknown female in HW to say she got with him. They’d probably think it’d be good for their career. I doubt it’s true. I don’t even know how to spell her mother’s name. That last post @253 sounds more like a female to me. Why specify that your a gay male? And who abbreviates that much. Only one person on here that I know writes that way.

  • gimmeabreak

    I don’t mean abbreviates so much…I mean who starts a new paragraph so much. Read through the previous threads, this person hasn’t posted under the usual screen name lately, but that last post was very telling. Wasn’t there a rumor on here that bar was telling some man at a party that she gives great blow jobs?

  • loves insanebarfposse

    @ insane barfposse- love you!
    If you work in/around tinsletown, then you know he’s a ho. He has the BEST PR person working for him to not let his fans know. Still very talented actor and give great PR for environmental issues. At least he didn’t go the Tiger Woods/David Boreanz route. I think he’ll end up like Warren Beatty too. Being a h*rndog and a talented actor aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • sleepyinsanebarfposse

    @loves insanebarfposse: @loves insanebarfposse:

    Is that Kenny Sunshine his PR flack? Whenever you see “someone close to Leo” on Gossip Cop or some other bullshit you assume its his flack. I mean is “kenny sunshine” the gayest, most made up PR
    name you have EVER heard?

    I mean OPEN SECRET. Got any examples you want to share with the kids? I am in the mood for a good laugh. They want to keep the myth of “Jack Dawson” alive.

  • Brasil

    @257, what you mean exactly?

  • sleepyinsanebarfposse

    @loves insanebarfposse:

    Agreed, as long you arent dating him or making the mistake of being in love with him, who cares? He’s a decent actor, easy on the eyes, and manages to do things that are public spirited, like giving a million dollars to those poor folks in Haiti. Otherwise who gives a shit?

    We can enjoy the films. Just don’t fall in love.

    Tiger Woods was gross. I mean the FREAKING I-HOP waitress????
    And he says over 120 women. I would put Leo in the 150- 200 range… you see, ladies, you really want to go out with someone with that many tire tracks????

    And who cares about David Boreanz. Too hot to settle down I think, the wife wasnt all that. These guyz have adulation and love thrown at them (and panties too) all the time. You think they are going to pick out the china and be happy with it…nooooohooooooooooooooo

  • gimmeabreak

    Look at posts #214, #215, and #219. Same person. #214 says she wants to go to Nepal with leo. Even the last two posts, (253 &257) I think are the same person. I know he cares about the environment too. Interesting that you should mention that. Somebody here said somthing about Bamboo not being as environmentally friendly as once thought. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?

  • darling get a grip

    are you the Queen of Denial or what? You KNOW in your heart of hearts he’s a whore. That only makes you like him MORE !!!!!

    Seriously, that makes him more attractive to some people….we really want to think our pretend movie friends are better than they are…..but whore whore whore whore whore.

    It’s not really BAR who is the whore is it? Not compared to HIM Its not !
    You don’t have to like her, just dont fall victim to the flack.

  • loves insanebarfposse

    @gimmeabreak- that (#257) was the first post I’ve ever made here, but admittedly, I’ve been reading these posts for the past few months. THis is the first time I’ve written something. I mainlt read for entertainment and procrastination. Leo’s fans and Barf (lol!) haters are really entertaining. Plus it’s the only thread where psychics make guest comments. Very interesting….which is why I keep checking on these threads, for the psychics.
    I wonder why people want Leo to meet his soulmate so bad, but not George Clooney or Justine Timberlake or Orlando Bloom or Jaime Fox. (Been to there boards too to read) Just very interesting and entertaining when you’re avoiding doing some work-lol! Or when can’t sleep.
    Don’t know who insanebarfposse is but would love to check out his salon!

  • loves insanebarfposse

    @257, what you mean exactly?

    what do you mean exactly? Unclear.

  • loves insanebarfposse

    Don’t know what you are talking about with the Bamboo, however, I did see on the news that breaking down Bamboo takes more energy to break down and use than synthetic materials. I like Leo because of the awareness he puts on these issues. I think he was a big part of the Prius becoming a household name here in America. I’m into the environment stuff.
    @Brasil- not sure what you are asking
    @sleepyinsanebarfposse- I don’t hang with celebs, not as interesting in person, I, like many on here I guess, try to keep the ‘dream’ of the celeb in mind, if I can. Some of my exfriends try to ‘meet’ bands and, yes, get asked to hotels at all hours of the night/morning. male celebs are gross and a waste of time, I avoid them.
    Watching LOST and typing during commercials-lol

  • gimmeabreak

    Interesting. Goldie03 was the one that said Bamboo takes more energy to break down and use than synthetic materials. Haven’t seen her post much lately.

  • loves insanebarfposse

    I don’t remember reading that post but if it was in the past few months, I probably did. I also saw it on the news.
    Lisa Rose hasn’t posted in a bit either! lol!
    gimmeabreak, aren’t you a regular detective, I like you. Sorry but this truly is the FIRST time I’ve commented. You don’t have to believe me. It’s just a message board!: )
    Just wasting time and waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on and talk about LOST finale.

  • ichi

    hey everyone calm down, is just the opinion of someone about Leo’s sex life, common is not a secret that he is a womanizer, of course he get the chick that he wants, but the point is that maybe he star to figural someday or maybe that’s the reason of his sad face recently , well I hope him the best not matter what, hey Brasil take it easy right?

  • Bar obssessed psycho monster

    Psychotic Candycotton, Megan Fox fan, wow, etc.; Talking to yourslef again psycho biotch? Making up stories and pretending to be different people shows how isane you are. You’re probably been institutionalized many times.
    It’s hysterical that you actually call Bar ugly when you’re a dog face. You’re the one that has no family, friends, looks, boyfriend, career or money. You’re nothing but an angry 300 lb. middle-aged psychotic agoraphobic who never leaves your basement. You’re a miserable and evil person. Mommy and daddy must have really abused horribly.

    I’m no Bar fan but you are a sick individual who needs help. You are obssessed with Bar and stalk her every momment. You claim to hate her but you just have to see every picture of her. You have a hate crush on Bar. Part of you hates Bar but another part worships and idolizes her. That is why you can’t get enough of Bar. BAR BAR BAR! You can’t live without Bar! You are madly in love with BAR! You are a Crazy sick monster!

  • Bar obssessed psycho monster

    #267; You’re an f****** liar! You’re candycotton etc.etc. You don’t fool anyone. Take your meds psycho! You are beyond sick. Get help.

  • loves insanebarfposse

    lol #270!
    I’m new. Love Cotton Candy though. The candy as well as the poster. They are really entertaining posts. You’re fun too!

    Again, don’t have to believe me. If you want to believe that he’s this perfect, sensitive, romantic guy pining for his sm, then be my guest. It’s a free world. Believe me, I’d want to believe that too if I didn’t live/work in this town.

  • loves insanebarfposse

    I just want to be clear that I’m not a Leo hater. I think he is talented and glad that he does the environmental stuff. There are quite a few celebs who do that but he gets- and brings- the most attention.
    I’m also not a Bar hater or lover. I think she’s cute enough (please don’t bash me), don’t see much more going on with her though.
    Anyways, watching Jimmy Kimmel, getting my LOST answers on.

  • Nobody Cares

    Nobody cares if Leo scewss 2 million people or 2 people he will always, ALWAYS be a great wonderful smart guy with a beautiful soul and way too good for his current and hopefully soon to be ex Barfie bedwarming a**. Leo is top of the line. Leo fans stand tall!

  • Astro Girl

    It doesnt matter if Bar is beautiful or not she and Leo just simply arent a match and will break up. Yes there is someone else out there for Leo and I’m sensing a non model too. I see it in their charts(Leo’s/Bar’s) that they will break up this year. We are shortly moving into a period where looks won’t matter and will be secondary. And there is NOTHING wrong with dating an Ihop waitress, is it any harder than reading words of a piece of paper and repeating it for the camera or is it harder than walking down a runway??! No it isnt. People are much more than what they have as an occupation and for heavens love one another people!!!!!! We are going to need it in the future!

  • Non-sense

    Now I know what Reality from the previous threads meant, when he said that there are too many people in Hollywood draining his energy. Hey, whoever you are, that started this bull****, are you saying that a Top100 model/actress whatever, went to his place the next day for the ‘thrill’. I’m sure that when the story broke loose that he went home , the girl just wanted another story…that she did manage to go to bed with him..thats all.

    Also, a man who cares so much for the environment, is a philanthropist , the least he can do personally is not sleep with too many women and prevent STDs. Also, if a woman claims to sleep with him, and then tells everyone in the world about it, I think she the HO who wants attention and would do anything for her career.

  • wow

    I couldn`t agree more with #273. It`s been known for years that Leo is a womanizer / modelizer so I don`t really understand why some of you are so `shocked`. I`m not saying I believe the story but Leo has a reputation in Hollywood as a player ( he likes to have his cake and eat it, too ) so I don`t think it is impossible that it might be true. After all NONE of you know him or know what`s going on behind closed doors…

  • sanebarfposse

    The moral of the story is, Leo and Bar will break up soon. Leo is a dog but we love him anyway. We dont feel bad for Bar because we ‘ve all been there and we got over it and set our dogs free to bark around the yard or end up in the pound. I guess we just want Bar to wise up and grow up and be the women that we are….loving but not necessarily stupidly romantic. All women go through this life training roughly 25-30. I think Bar and Leo embody a lot of issues for a lot of people-Leo is the handsome stud who is unattainable really but we love him anyway. Bar is the lovestruck girl next door who hasnt had reality hit her upside the head yet.
    So in some ways, Tinseltown, these two are EVERY BIT AS interesting as a reality TV show….in fact it has me tuning in every day to the soap.
    You wouldnt catch me DEAD watching a real soap, and I actually hate reality TV except for the Most Dangerous Catch and Next Top Model, but these two are JUST LIKE A TV SHOW OF THEIR OWN.

    Nowadays with omnipresent media, cameraphones, paparazzi, online blogs, twitter done by the stars themselves, the female star actually calling the paparazzi for coverage, the male star tweeting and getting his flack to put out more PR, the fat mother and the model agent braying fake engagement stories, this is a NOVEL in itself. I am reading Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue, face it its a lot like that.
    Bushnell is an underrated writer—she has been compared to Edith Wharton and she is not far off—its social commentary.

    Someone should write a novel based on these two. Joan Collins is like 100 but she always put out good trash. Where is she when you need her? I am in the mood for some good Hollywood GARBAGE.

  • insanebarfposse

    The salon is in West Hollywood and darling I couldnt get up in the morning if there wasnt some dish to be had. People come in and say the most outrageous things……its just in front of the hairdresser who cares.
    I dont own the salon, some day I will have one. I am not Francesco Scavullo or nothing honey doll, but I dont get out of bed for less than $150 a haircut (peanuts for some) so I do OK. Love to have you come by, but for reasons stated I’ll stay a pseudonym. Beats West Texas (where I am from) by a light year.

    you’re wearing but it is more like a dye job and you need to touch it up more often. I would anyway. Otherwise color job is nice. I think Leo still lightens just a shade…he still has WONDERFUL hair love to run my fingers through it. THe blond mop in Titanic made his career though…my boyfriend loves it and watches it in full every time.

    Also dont appear in public with your mother. I know she’s your dear mama but she looks so much like you it invites comparison. Not a GOOD comparison either dear. Like this is the BLIMPIE you will become.

    I’m sure Bar and I could be friend if we met there is so much comisseration to be had, girlfiend.


    Insane Aaron Possee

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n

    @269 aka Barf lover freak…Keep saying the same thing over again…time to take your bitter pills!! You can’t accept the fact that no one here likes Barf…but u and that pathetic Lisa Rose!!So it’s probally u posting all this nonsense..about Leo just trying to get Leo fans to think negative about him!Well NOT gonna Happen..IGOR…U talk about stalkers that’s hilarious..why would any one stalk Barf?Get serious!It’s obvious our comments really F*CK with your head.. Lol…looks like your stalking Leo Fans …candycotton,wow,me etc….Your just Bitter cause you and SOUR PATCH face are JOBLESS!! please get off your Psych doctor’s computer…and go back to the Ward!! Leo fans Own ….Deal with it!!

  • marmaduke

    and LEO If you havent got the message by now, your FANS will be HAPPY if you dump her. Not the opposite. She can put out all that “we’re getting engaged crap” and make you look bad when you dont live up to it, but WE DON’T CARE. YOUR FAN BASE WILL BE HAPPY IF YOU DUMP HER, DIG? Of course if you like having her around for any reason..comfort or familiarity whatever we cant really blame you either. Just YUCK on her.

    Put it this way, the people that have been watching since the Basketball Diaries and have seen the Departed six time are not the kind to fall in love with Barf…or maybe some of the morons who thought Jack Dawson was the real you will be upset but they are usually busy watching Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Anniston pap.

    Go ahead why not go for Megan Fox next? She is infinitely prettier than Bar and reportedly such a bitch she could be interesting.

  • marmaduke


    actually never heard of the girl but you are totally right. But see she is not a dyed blond like Barf so not a status symbol. And she appears creative on her own, so no go. Just easily manipulative dumb ass models.

    Although honestly, if Gisele is stupid at 30 million year, I WANT TO BE DUMB LIKE THAT PLEASE MAKE ME ABSOLUTELY RETARDED LIKE HER.

  • marmaduke

    @Bar Ref:

    If this really is Bar Ref why don’t you mosey on over to EOline and Perez Hilton for a nice case of the downers. Your man is out and partying, and folks are saying he has been screwing around and flirting around town
    -that he has already cheated on you a LOT and has been HITTING on other women for the last two months when you have supposedly been
    getting so much closer to engagement. That would really like, bum me out.

    He’s also in Nepal right now to get the HELL away from you. Why dont you just stay in Israel and not come back? Oh that’s right they hate you there too, and you cant get work. And you will eventually have to join the army and pay your back taxes like everyone else.

  • Lisa rose

    its just SICK people!! how you say that its ok that Leo slept with other woman, cus he need to hook up with other woman and find someone better….
    its doesnt matter if you hate Bar or not! there’s away to do things! if he want to try someone else, then he need to break it off with Bar FIRST!!
    I am sorry, but its just DISGUSTING!! no matter if you feels like the “king of the world” cus you are a good looking guy with a lot of money and fame, you need to be a human first! if he really did that (which I just dont believe) that he is just an heartless jerk!!
    how you can adore like that a “man”, who as no respect for a human been?! and especially a woman (must of you are woman too, no?)?!
    for all his “fans” that said that they are happy with what he did, I wish that your man would do the same to you….

    I really doubt that its true… but if it is true, Bar just need someone better!! I really thought that he changed. Bar need a better man, even if he wouldn’t be as good looking, rich and fames like Leo. he need to be mature and with a good heart.

  • iheartcomments

    (changed my name from loves insanebarfposse)

    @insanebarfposse- stay incognito! I’ve seen them track Lisa Rose down, these people are fierce! If you do a mean blowdry, I’ll eventually run into you! lol!

    @astrogirl- are you a professional psychic or do you do this on the side? One of my friends does it as a hobby but her mom did it as a job for awhile. Just curious. Interested in this stuff. And do you do other celebrities and comment on other boards?

  • iheartcomments

    I think sanebarfposse summed it all up nicely.

    Leo’s fans are are sensitive, passionate, romantic, defensive, and sweet. I think he is lucky to have such passionate fans who are rooting for his spiritual and emotional well being. (not being sarcastic). maybe all your energy helps him out.

    Hopefully he is smart and secure enough find someone who loves him for him, and never lets her go because everyone deserves that (including Bar). But Hollyweird is a strange town. Girls who ‘go after’ celebrities don’t have much substance or have an ulterior motive. And most guy celebs know this, which is why, the smart ones, don’t take them too seriously.

  • Brasil

    Hi real Leo fans, glad you don’t take all this too seriously, still think Leo’s a womanizer and need to grow up, but yesterday I was really nervous and said a lot of crap. But I sleep very well and today my head is clean! Lisa rose, he have a great heart even that he’s a womanizer. But in one thing I agree with you, Bar deserve someone who respect her (because is clear Leo’s not) even that I hate to addmit this, Leo is palying with her and by the way she’s accepting, that’s her fault too, she could end with him for her good if she knows about this. I just have one advice for Leo: “sleep” with a lot of women out there will not make him happy, will only satisfy his insatiable appetite and make him happy at the moment but than after all that, he’s going to be sad again, because this don’t full fill anyone, sex is not everything and in this way is really empty. Just a thought of someone who really likes him.

  • iheartcomments

    Brasil, are you the one that kept in touch with REALITY poster?

  • Lisa rose

    @Brasil: of course that its Bar’s fault too. its absolutely her problem if she’s accepting that. she’s really stupid if she’s letting him do that to her. BUT its doesn’t makes Leo any better, he is playing with her like a sh*t, and using the fact that she’s accepting that cus she probably (as I believe) really loves him. I have a feeling that Leo knows that what he is doing is wrong, but he just knows that no matter what, I’ll never be alone cus he is “Leonardo Dicaprio” and any girl would like to be his girlfriend, no matter how he’ll treat her. as I know, he cheated in all the rest of the girlfriends that he had in the past too….
    and its SAD! I’m sad not only for what he is doing to Bar, but mast of all for what he is doing to himself…. he probably has no control in it, but it will makes him stay never serious with anyone.

  • may

    @Lisa rose:

    “as I know, he cheated in all the rest of the girlfriends that he had in the past too…”

    How do you know that. I never heard that he cheated on his past girlfriends.

  • Brasil

    @287: what? Reality poster? don’t understand what you mean?

    you make a good point, Lisa rose and it’s sad! but I have faith that he could found true love one day and change his behavior, I’am crossing my fingers but still will not be too happy before something really happens to don’t get disappointed again.

  • Lisa rose

    @may: there was A LOT of rumours that he cheated on Gisele with Siena Miler! and more models and staff that I dont remember now.

    I dont know if to believe these twits, cus anyone can twit that her friend slept with Leo…. but with Leo I will never be surprised if it really happened!

  • iheartcomments

    he’s always stepped out, was better at hiding it before. Sorry. I think like Brasil said, if he finds someone with substance he’ll stop.
    Smart guys don’t take these girls seriously, models or no, if they can tell you want PR, they won’t take you or relationship that serious.
    @Brasil- I’m talking about the psychic who posted under the name ‘Reality’. Did you keep in touch with that person when they gave out their email or was it someone else?

  • Catarina

    @previous poster How do you even know Reality kept in touch with anyone to start with? And what’s with this morbid curiosity, if you’re not even a Leo fan? I think you’re a trouble maker and also that you’re trying to manipulate people, but I see you, darling. I see you!

  • Lisa rose

    @iheartcomments: I think that its pretty PATHETIC to keep dating with models and not taking them seriously when you are almost 36-years-old!!!! but any way, he is f*cking Leonardo Dicaprio!! he can do what ever he want to, even if it means to hurts some people on the way…

  • iheartcomments

    Catarina! Love your comments too! Like I’ve said before, I’ve been reading these comments for the past few months. I don’t even care about the JJ posts anymore, I come here to read all your comments, especially since the psychics come here and no where else. I read comments from everywhere, including Yahoo! articles about whatever. I’m a big procrastinator so this is how I’ve been choosing to waste time for the past few months.

    Don’t mean to start trouble…didn’t know that this would be the reaction, but whatever. I love you guys anyway!

  • iheartcomments

    Lisa Rose- just think for a moment. Imagine you are a young lad wanting to connect with a young lady, truly connect because you are soulful, smart,…etc. but none will give you the time of day because you are awkward or don’t know what you’re doing, what have you.
    Then you star in two movies that make you a move star and now girls, women are throwing themselves at your feet, still not caring to connect with you but willing to do almost anything to be near you. How would you feel? If I were a dude in that situation, I would be a kid in a candy store as well and have as much fun as possible. It’s not evil…it’s human nature.

    If he is as soulful and smart as you guys believe him to be, it WILL get old and feel more and more empty and he will want (and prob get) more. So don’t worry your pretty little heads.

  • iheartcomments

    And Bar is not innocent in all this either. It takes two to be in an unhealthy relationship.

    All I know of Bar is what I’ve learned here from you guys! And she doesn’t seem like the most upstanding person. She has ALOT of growing up to do.

    I’ve said this before, I am a fan of his WORK (movies and environmentalism) but not really of his personal life.

    Leo lovers seem to be flummoxed by this relationship because if he is stringing her along (whether he’s cheating or not) then he’s kinda a douche. And if he needs her for companionship, then he’s this lonely desperate guy who can’t be alone. Who wants to believe either one of those choices about their idol? Either way, he has some commitment issues, but again, if he’s as soulful and smart as you say, he will figure it out and have a happy ending. (Which I know is what you want to hear; it could be true.)

    I just thought that you guys wanted to know the deal, but I guess you just want to trash Barf (lol) and blame her for this weird hookup.

    I know in the end, you guys will believe what you want, and accept the info that you like, and that’s cool too. That’s what movie stars are for!

    sorry for the novel, as you say!

  • Catarina

    Well, if you’re looking for the psychics, this is not the place to find them. I’m sure you can find a lot of other places on the internet, where you can learn about your own soul purpose, though I can give you a headstart: karma’s a bitch!

    So, before Leo was on the 150/200 number for hook-ups, but now he’s soulful and smart and romantic, looking for his soulmate… *wipes tear*

    Me thinks you should spend your time reading a book. I’m doing it. Better yet, write one, you’re good at it.

    I’ve written on these boards half a dozen times and you act like you recognise me, now. But not yesterday when I said I don’t buy your bull. It’s this new persona today, huh? Yeah right! I think most people see you, anyway.

  • iheartcomments

    Catarina calm down. I suppose I could find more fulfilling ways to waste my time, you are definitely right about that! lol! When you attacked my post yesterday it was under a different name, how would I know that person was also the infamous Catarina-lol! I know there are other places to find psychic stuff, it’s just interesting that it pops up here, only with Leo.

    I think you are reading my comments as bashing Leo and getting his fans riled up, and I’m sorry if that’s what you see.

    The reason why I posted yesterday was because insanebarfposse brought up the proverbial elephant in the room. When other people have mentioned it, everyone ignores it. Now I see why!

    I started calling Leo a soulful, smart person after reading the reactions to my posts yesterday. I’m writing under the assumption that you, the fans, believe so that I can have a convo. Is that so wrong?

    Hollywood is a weird, dirty place. A heirarchy definitely exists and people get off on it. You guys still picked a good guy. If Leo’s only alleged (I say alleged because I love you guys; want to make it clear for Catarina why I am now switching to alleged) vice is that he cheats and loves to get laid, believe me he is an ANGEL out here. He is one of the more levelheaded and ‘normal’ celebs, especially for an A-lister. Normal guys do this in high school and college. Sure he’s getting old, but he’s allegedly a late bloomer, so maybe it’s just taking him a little longer.

    I still love you Catarina, no matter what you say about me or how many times you attack me in whichever name you choose! My karma is just fine lmao!!!

    xoxo all- I am truly a fan of your posts, an interesting and unique group indeed. I’ll stop commenting now and return to just reading.
    looking forward to reading your comments about his next girlfriend…or possible wife

  • iheartcomments

    BTW Catarina
    insanebarfposse and loves insanebarfposse are two different people. I was the latter. The hairdresser was the former. he’s the one that speculated Leo’s 200 conquests.

    Thanks for the writing compliment!