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Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe

Bar Refaeli celebrates the launch of Belvedere Pink Grapefruit alongside 1,000+ guests in New York City on Thursday night (May 13).

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel mingled with celebs like Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle.

In celebration of the new Belvedere flavor, Matthew Williamson designed a limited edition kaftan, whicih was worn by MisShapes member Leigh Lezark, who spun tunes all night.

15+ pictures inside of Belvedere babe Bar Refaeli

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bar refaeli belvedere 01
bar refaeli belvedere 02
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bar refaeli belvedere 05
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bar refaeli belvedere 09
bar refaeli belvedere 10
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Credit: Marion Curtis; Photos: StarPics, Startraksphoto
Posted to: Ashley Olsen, Bar Refaeli, Chelsea Handler, Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, Leigh Lezark, Matthew Williamson

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518 Responses to “Bar Refaeli is a Belvedere Babe”

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  1. 151
    @150 Says:

    who cares if you believe it or not? we get it you don`t believe it so move on already. you also have to respect that there are others who believe in it and they have the right to post about it. deal with it.

  2. 152
    www Says:

    Ted Casablanca:

    Caught! Is Leo Still on the Prowl?

  3. 153
    www Says:

    Ted Casabalnca wrote today an article called:

    Caught! Is Leo Still on the Prowl?

    Interesting to read. I can’t post it here.

  4. 154
    Brasil Says:

    @www: is he in the prowd? I don’t know, but is not in a nightclub he’s going to meet his sm. Anyway, his relationship with Bar is dead as we can see, I can’t imagine him loving Bar so much because this is not the way a committed man behaves, if he loves her he shoud be there with her in Israel, he’s not working and I’am sure he have money and free time to flight for Israel anytime soon, but no! He still in L.A flirting all the girl he can find out there, come on Leo grow up already! I think he likes her but is not love, and this is not going serious as I thought one time, but it fade so quickly of my mind because, again, he’s acting like a single man and is not right. I hope Leo will be quite honest and end up with Bar and she come back from her land, because even that I love Leo, that’s not the right way to act when you girlfriend is around, isn’t it? If he’s not happy? if he’s not in love? if he knows she’s not the one for him? why he doesn’t end this already? will be so hard for him this? and if she knows about all this why she doesn’t broke up? this two are not in a healthy relationship and this is not good.
    Just one more thing, did you just saw his last pics on the Lakers game? Leo doesn’t look happy at all, is not just Bar, he’s not happy, I don’t see any pic of him smiling, he looks he’s there but his mind is in another planet, I don’t know him and I can’t tell what he feels… but I feel looking for him, that he’s not happy with the direction of his life, I mean love life because his career is great. He’s missing something really meaningful in his life, I think he looks desesperatly lonely, what is sad! that’s just my impression.

  5. 155
    Brasil Says:

    I mean in the prowl.

  6. 156
    Cree Says:

    I love how Leo is on the prowl instead of flying to see his “girlfriend” he “loves” so much. Of course….oh yeah…that’s because he doesnt love her!!! That explains it!!

  7. 157
    karen Says:

    ya i agree he does look depressed lately even withh pics of him and his friends its not just bar….i wonder whats wrong?! i hate seeing leo like yhis its horrible…

  8. 158
    Hugh Says:

    First Ted C said they were getting serious not he sees Leo flirting up some woman and now they have an open relationship! LOL! Its obvious its not serious and will soon be over thank god!! Maybe Barf went back to Israel because she and Leo had a fight and claims she’s “sick”!

  9. 159
    Karen Says:

    @Brasil: his REAL sm is missing!

  10. 160
    wow Says:

    did Ted say they are serious or that this is more serious than the others? I don`t think it`s the same… I don`t understand how can a now open relationship lead to `serious in the future`. I doubt Ted is right about that it doesn`t really make sense to me. it seems like Leo is not sitting at home waiting for barf to return, he is out and he is having fun. :)
    I have to agree with those who said Leo looks depressed lately. I saw two more photos from the Lakers game last night and he did look really really sad. It seems it doesn`t matter whether barf is around or he is out with a friend ( like last night ) he looks miserable. what happened to him?

  11. 161
    Karen Says:

    can you post the link to those two other photos?!?

  12. 162
    pics Says:,0,0#1

  13. 163
    pics Says:

  14. 164
    wow Says:

    Yeah, popsugar has one ( with his friend in grey shirt ) that looks pretty sad and the first two photos on this site are from last night as well. Not looking good.
    I saw some photos of barf shopping in Israel. Typical sour ( even beyond sour ) face and a huge b*tch vibe…

  15. 165
    Brasil Says:

    @wow: that guy with gray shirt it’s Leo’s step brother! But I feel sorry for see him to seem so bored with life, I really don’t know what’s happening, but I miss see him more happy. The last time I saw him put a genuine smile on that pretty face, I didn’t remember… I hope things get better for him soon and we can see him fully happy!

  16. 166
    @166 Says:

    that`s not Leo`s stepbrother. that`s his friend and business partner ( Villa, Goal Sports Bar ) Chuck Pacheco. Other than that I agree with you. I hate to see him like this.

  17. 167
    Brasil Says:

    I will make just a supposition: someone there on popsugar said Leo is missing Gisele… did someone here think it is possible that he still loves her? I always had this doubt in my mind, I don’t know why? well, it is possible that after 5 years apart from each other he still feels something for her? because she in my opinion is really in love with her husband and she have a baby. But, instead Leo doesn’t seem all that happy in love life since him and Gisele broke up, don’t know if this have something to do with his current sitution and sadness. I saw a interview he gave to a Brazilian show and they asked him about Gisele, and he said that wishes the best for her, that she have a baby and this is wonderful and that he thinks she looks very happy right now, I know that comes from his heart, but I always think if he doesn’t want to be by her side yet. Also heard he gave gifts for her baby, which is really lovely of him. But I wonder if could be this that make him seems so upset, I have sure he have to accept how the things are nowadays with his ex, but always have this feeling that for him are not over at all. But I sincerely hope I’am wrong because this will never come back and is really sad love someone that is in another relationship or that doesn’t love you anymore.

  18. 168
    Brasil Says:

    I always think that guy is his brother!

  19. 169
    Meg@nFoxxF@n Says:

    @french thanks;)…@Astro Girl glad to know we are on the same page… u made alot of good points…don’t listen to Lisa Rose U can’t take anyone that worships Barf….serioulsly..she’s a joke just like her Idol!!…Keep posting your positive comments cause we are listening…Barfy is full of BS and I doubt if they are going to replace Megan Fox with Barf…I mean Megan’s not that great of actress…but she’s got spunk and charisma … And Doest look like A total HAG in her candids… Can’t say the same for Whats-Her-Face!!!…Photoshopping is all Joker face has going for her..and since she’s has NO jobs expect her to be up Leo’s a*s.. No one wants to hire her because..let’s see..No STyle,Bad skin, NO personality,Mushy body…She does not even have nice hair…it’s looks like brittle straw…so No wonder she’s out of work…lol and perhaps if she did Not act like a bratty,conceited,spoiled Fake BI*CH …we would feel a little sorry for her Pathetic A*S… And looking at her LV show …she could not even wear the clothes well!!…just borrring.. And To Barf fans …we are Not hating on BARF… her behavior speaks for itself!!

  20. 170
    Esau Says:

    Why Leo Might Be Having A Case of the Sads:

    1. If you were Leo, a man in your late thirties who has shown yourself to possess a passionate and romantic soul, wouldn’t you be a bit depressed at the state of your personal life? When you see him and Bar together, you want to scream “Send in the clowns! Someone, please!” or pitch a frigging Scrabble board at them–anything to liven shiz up. I mean, daaaamn. They both look miserable in general. I’ve never seen two people make being rich, famous, and good-looking seem like such a b!tch of a life. At least they’re proving that there’s more to life than the superficial.

    If he is indeed waiting on his “soul mate,” someone who will really challenge him, he must be getting tired of the waiting and wondering. I’m not sure how much astrology plays into it, but the male Scorpios I do know are pretty textbook. They always go after these voluptuous, sexy women who can match them in bed and nowhere else. It’s like they can’t bear the thought of anyone getting one over them where it really counts, and they’re such control freaks that they make sure anyone they’re with is someone they can dominate. They seem terrified by what they actually do want and need: Someone who can challenge and transform them. My male Scorpio friends have turbulent romantic lives, and they find it almost impossible to let someone they love go, even when the relationship is going to Hell. But try to make one see that and duck. Stubborn mofos.

    2. Tom Cruise stole his seats at the Laker’s game. That faux-fan midget in stilts. I kid, I kid. Tom has been through enough.

  21. 171
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Good point, someone who can challege and transorm them…
    He’s got all that damn Libra in his chart though- I think four planets in the first house Libra. And yeah, scorpios always go for the most visually sexed up looking girls, or even some on the trashy side. At any rate, there’s obvious physical sexiness. It’s sad that the thing that a person wants, is the one thing they fear. I hate to admit it, but I’m guilty of it too. I’m just not as superficial. (virgo) He needs to follow his heart, but I’m afraid he’ll have to get lonely to find it again. I don’t even know if that’s possible for a famous guy. Too many options available, ya know?

  22. 172
    Brasil Says:

    Leo needs to hear this music, I hope he finds his only exception!

  23. 173
    @brasil Says:

    Maybe he just misses having a real connection with someone, I don’t think he misses gisele, it’s been too long, he must be over that..but maybe he’d like to have a new experience with someone new, I bet when he does they’ll just click, like bread & butter!! I hope its love at first sight! he deserves to be happy in his personal life, he looks so sad, but at the same time you can’t wait for someone to make you happy, he might need to be happy on his own first, who knows?? @ Esau, reason no.2 lol!!

  24. 174
    Leo is gross Says:

    Leo’s is nothing but a big manw****! Leo Slutio should be his new name. He’s full of std’s. Yuck!

  25. 175
    wow Says:

    I`m sure barf loves this headline. :)
    Leo was seen leaving lax not so long ago ( twitter ) with a friend. I wonder where they`re going to end up…

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