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Christina Aguilera: Billboard Cover Girl!

Christina Aguilera: Billboard Cover Girl!

Christina Aguilera continues to show off her thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots on the latest cover of Billboard magazine, on stands May 17.

Amidst comparisons to Lady Gaga, the 29-year-old singer states, “I’m in it for the long haul, and a decade later in my career, I have nothing to prove. To anyone who wants to be negative, it’s like, ‘I’m obviously relevant enough to you for you to care and to talk and to evoke negative feelings inside of you.’ At this point in my career, I’m over any and all weird comparisons or negativity.”

Christina claims making hit songs is not what inspires her: “There was actually a song that the label really wanted me to record, and I just said ‘no,’ because it didn’t fit on the album – it wasn’t creatively inspiring to me. They said, ‘It’s a hit, it’s a hit!’ And absolutely it’s a hit for someone. But it’s not for me, because when it jeopardizes my integrity too much I can’t do it. The hit thing… (sigh) ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ was a f–king hit, you know what I mean?”

Aussie singer, Sia, who is working with Christina is also quoted in the article saying, “Christina could s–t in a bottle and her fans would still love it.”

Pictured below: Christina in the upcoming big-screen musical Burlesque!

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71 Responses to “Christina Aguilera: Billboard Cover Girl!”

  1. 1
    Jasmine Says:

    I’m pulling for Christina. It sucks that the media and the general public is against her completely. I hope she proves everyone wrong especially blogger Perez Hilton.

  2. 2
    Cheryl Says:

    You go girl, just stick with your gut and do what is good for you, don’t be bossed around by the record label dudes! Girl Power!

  3. 3
    Giselle Says:

    This is why I like Christina. She doesn’t give a f*ck what people say, and she’s right…she has nothing to prove.

  4. 4
    Lord Says:

    Love it! Thanks for posting! ;)

  5. 5
    Karina Says:

    I really like her, she usually sounds like a very smart bussines woman in interviews

  6. 6
    Rosario Says:

    Love her! She’s amazing and it’s true, she loves making music whether it’s a hit or not, it doesn’t matter!

    Xtina rocks!

  7. 7
    sdf Says:

    She is right. Fu*k haters.

  8. 8
    DIVA Says:


    Her response was ferocious and she’s right. She’s been in the business for >11 years and she’s still standing, her sanity is still intact, happily married and her kid will always be with her 24/7. No tea, No shade!

    She got nothing else to prove to anyone. Her body of work speaks for itself and all her 3 previous albums were different and BIONIC will yet again be a different album.

    I love this girl. She’s feisty and fearless. With mad talent to spare.

    Go Christina! Can’t wait for BIONIC June 8th.

  9. 9
    happy girl Says:

    HYPOCRISY!!!! Just admit it Clonetina. You didnt do an S&M copy of Madonna and Gaga videos like not myself tonight because you don’t care about album sales. The reason at this point in your career, you are stripping naked for magazine covers is because you are desperate to sell albums. And now it’s so bad, you have to resort to answering the allegations on a national magazine. Clearly MANY people are seeing the copying of Gaga otherwise you would not have to answer it in a major interview. Leave Gaga alone and stop talking about her Floptina. Geez. Ok, I am done, now lets unleash the people your PR people hired to say nice things about you in 1..2…3…here goes….lol!

  10. 10
    ejack682 Says:

    BWHAHAHAHA @ haterz trying to pull something!! GOW get a LIFE will ya??? like.. seriously, you NEED mental HELP!!!! i personally dont care what you and any haters will say!! my advice to you is to STFU!!! seriously!!

    i hate when losers are everywhere… they need to vanish somewhere cuz the negative energy is so intense.. hahahhahahaha

    anyways, will always love CHRISTINA and nothing can STOP her even the ugly ratga fans.. poor you!!!

  11. 11
    Rosario Says:

    @happy girl:

    You swear like she said anything bad towards Gaga. Calm down you delusional stan.

  12. 12
    ummahyk Says:

    i don’t see anything in Bionic that resembles Gaga…they have completely different styles.

  13. 13
    Mimi Says:

    One thing is very clear. Xtina is talented and smart. It’s quite obvious she isn’t doing this for “hits” she’s doing this because she LOVES it! She has been doing this 11+ years you cannot compare her to a newcomer.

  14. 14
    Chris Says:


  15. 15
    lillie Says:

    What tasteless pics, and saying things like she loves d***k too much,geez your a mother now Christina have some class

  16. 16
    qboy Says:

    OMG At last, we needed this… christina IS an amazing artist, she remains herself, and this is why i do love her.

    CHRISTINA you have fans, never forget that, …

  17. 17
    qboy Says:

    I Dont event understand how ppl can say she’s copying GAGA ! I like gaga even though i cant listen to her for hours, unlike Xtina’s songs,

    to me they are SOOOOOO diffrent, even singing the same song they would look completlty difrrt to me… Even GAGA herself said Xtina wasnt copying her. but you know what its like artists need to be compared by the ppl, after britany and gaga ( who sails tracks every 20minuts), there not much to say about Xtina who is a true Artist and doesnt even need your approval to be happy and creativ

  18. 18
    Senequa Says:

    She just took a big dump on the haters.

  19. 19
    Tom Says:

    Luckily she isn’t in it for the hits since she hasn’t had one in years.

  20. 20
    Bruno Says:

    GO CHRISTINA! You’re a BAD *****!
    Loved what she said about the damn comparisons.

    She’s HOT!

  21. 21
    André Says:

    oh.. because Woohoo and NMT are soooo inspiring.

  22. 22
    Josh Says:


  23. 23
    Megan Says:

    I’m not a prude, but I hate it when celebrities swear in interviews. It’s one thing to talk trash around friends, but I think it comes across as unintelligent in print – f*ck and d*ck. It’s all just to get her point across to the media that she’s a “nasty” girl, but it sounds ridiculous.

  24. 24
    Ricardo Fernandes Says:

    She is great.

  25. 25
    Paulie Says:

    This look is more Madonna than Gaga.

    Will the real Christina please stand up?

  26. 26
    AKON SUCKS Says:

    Such a smart girl on the MEDIAs…. People nowadays are so close minded..
    GO ON GIRLS, I still love your music.. KEEP doing what u like.

    >>‘I’m obviously relevant enough to you for you to care and to talk and to evoke negative feelings inside of you.’

  27. 27
    SH----T Says:

    I smell that HATERS are the jobless person … They always come here to talk sh—t abt her. TAKE UR LIFE. I bet your life is not better than Chrisitna. Have u ever thought abt what u said and done in ur poor life?

    ALWAYS LOVE CHRISTINA .. and love till the DEATH

  28. 28
    Aguilera Says:

    SIA is quite RIGHT to talk that “Christina could s–t in a bottle and her fans would still love it.”

  29. 29
    sOhOt Says:

    The cover looks simple but Beautiful …… LOVE U Christina

  30. 30
    Lauren Says:

    GO ON GIRL, Can’t wait 4 BIONIC

  31. 31
    Yesss Says:

    @Megan: Did she swear?? wich part?? Her statement is on point and it’s TRUE!!!

  32. 32
    LMAO Says:

    She’s just mad cause her song is a flop. Now every hot is “who let the dogs out”?

    b!tch please you’re obviously jealo!

  33. 33
    Julian Says:


    I don’t think the general public is against her.The general public respects her because of her talent. Whereas, like Birntney, only her fans say nice things about her but the general public see her as a joke.

    it’s just the media is taking advantage of Gaga’s sudden fame so they side with her and fuel the feud with nonsense.

  34. 34
    Mike Says:

    All she meant to say is that not every hit is a good song. That’s all. Delusional haters need to fall back.

    And as far as I’m concerned Christina has yet to commit mass murder in one of her videos so I don’t get the uproar.

  35. 35
    jay Says:

    looove you xtina!!! screw the comparisons, ur real talent< spoken from a true fan from a decade a go!!!!! <3

  36. 36
    Megan Says:


    “‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ was a f–king hit.” And by the way, it’s “which,” not “wich.”

  37. 37
    lena Says:

    What a lovely personality.

  38. 38
    Genesis Says:

    I love me some Christina, and I love me some Gaga.
    So as a fan of both, I don’t even know where the comparisons came from.
    Gaga’s style is more different than Christinas. It’s like people just WANT them to bump heads, when they know it’s not gonna happen.
    Gaga loves and complimented Christina, and Christina praised Gaga for being risk taking.
    So good for them for being the bigger people here <3
    Can’t wait until Bionic comes out! :)

  39. 39
    Andi Says:

    In the words of one Adam Lambert –
    “slap on the wrist goes out to a few of my “fans” who r hating on other artists & their fans. Grow up ladies- negativity is so last season.”

    Quit hating on other artists. You can have more than one favorite.
    I know I do. I love all the pop ladies out there, and I’m glad we have them in the spotlight.
    Do your thang, Christina <3

  40. 40
    In The Know Says:

    I love her ……..but the Hype is already deafening on this release.

  41. 41
    VICTORIA Says:


  42. 42
    Tim Says:

    Christina needs to stop the theme albums listen to her record label and put out a hit single!!!Your fans waited long enough and so far all I’ve heard is crap..This is why your not selling out arenas.

  43. 43
    xxxxxxx Says:

    looking great, doing great and talking great. simply a great woman. love u Xtina

  44. 44
    Inu Says:

    i don’t know why people always use that excuse. If someone’s saying something bad about you…that’s bad. Not all press is good press, honey. What will happen then, the media will make you into a clown and have fun talking crap about you. Like when celebs have break downs over the media spreading rumors or negative stuff…don’t tell me suddenly they don’t care about that. And i’m sure the last thing anyone wants is everyone saying you’re new single and image sucks, because music is what matters to You and a lot of those people are/were fans. I LOVE christina but this new stuff is horrible:(

  45. 45
    :| Says:

    @VICTORIA: come on victoria, don’t be like that. Not everything has to be a competition. I take it you’re a gaga fan, right? Well, so am I. And Gaga is all about loving. She doesn’t like it when her fans talk **** about other artists :/
    Respect that.

  46. 46
    Cam Says:

    She is such a stupid liar! She onlys says that now beacuse her career is in the crapper!
    bye bye Christina!!
    Take your floppy boobs & your flop song and hit the bricks!

  47. 47
    Toni Says:

    You know what I love, when Gaga fans say get off gaga’s post and stop saying hate towards her yet they do exactly what they don’t want to their favorite artist. If you’re going to say don’t say anything negative towards your artist why would you be a hypocrite and the exact same thing you condemn. As I said many times, I respect Gaga and will never say a negative thing about her or any other artist, but you “lttle monsters” or stans as I call them are making her less and less likable. With your attacks towards Chritina and Britney and their “irrelevent” career you claim when Gaga has only had two albums and as an entertainer been famous for 2 years, you guys should really be quiet about her being the future and slaying all the people who came before her. And because of your hate towards Christina and saying she will flop, I will buy her album and help make her “relevent” as you fail to claim she already is.

  48. 48
    Tina Says:

    I’ve been around a decade..Really at home because you weren’t on the charts…Christina commented early in her career..I want to grow up with my fans..Well we did grow up but not with your music because you had very little in 11 years..Girl you put out a double album with 3 ok singles and waited 5 years to come out with music Beyonce could have recorded on a rainy weekend..I’ve bought her last 3 Cds but not this one and I guess I’m not alone because the charts don’t lie her old fans aren’t buying her single.

  49. 49
    true Says:

    it’s not about quantity when it comes to Christina’s music, it’s about quality. Christinas song have insightful significant meaning behind them and depict certain messages. “Beautiful” was a song about being beautiful regardless of what anybody thinks, “Ain’t no other man” was a song of finally finding the right guy, “fighter” what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, “Hurt” was about finding within yourself to let go of the painful experiences in the past and forgive people for doing you wrong, “can’t hold us down” was a song about female empowerment, that women shoauld be allowed to express themselves and not to give into a patriarchal society where the society is a male dominated society, “not myself tonight” was a song about letting go as a woman, to have fun, as a mother, singer, actress, etc, Christina is a strong female artist, she plays various roles, and not myself tonight is about that…Christina can easily produce number 1 hits as we already know from her genie in the bottle days, but it wouldn’t mean anything. Her departure from bubblegum pop to her strip era was all about her doing her own thing, producing songs she enjoys most and has meaning. If you been following Christina all this time, then you would know all these things. Christina has been around for over a decade and I completely agree that her songs speak for itself!!!

  50. 50
    Christina Aguilera Says:


    Well everybody got an opinion now don’t they
    But it ain’t no thing to me
    It really don’t make any difference now to me
    If you don’t like what you see
    I pay no mind to the negative kind
    Cause that’s just no way to be
    I don’t stop to please someone else’s needs
    Gonna live my life for me

    I’m gonna keep on I’m a do my own thing
    we all got a song that we’re meant to sing
    and no matter what people say or might think
    I ain’t goin’ no place no I’m here to stay

    Gonna keep on doing my thing
    Cause whether they love or they hating on me
    I’ll still be the same girl I used to be
    Cause I ain’t going no place no I’m here to stay

    I’ve never been the type to be shy
    I know that some would say I’m too headstrong
    But I’d rather be a woman who voices her mind
    Whether you think I’m right or wrong

    And I know some people wanna criticize
    Makes em feel better about themselves
    So say what you will time will reveal
    In the end that I will be here still

    I’m gonna keep on I’m a do my own thing
    we all got a song that we’re meant to sing
    and no matter what people say or might think
    I ain’t goin’ no place no I’m here to stay

    Gonna keep on doing my thing
    Cause whether they love or they hating on me
    I’ll still be the same girl I used to be
    Cause I ain’t going no place no I’m here to stay

    Gotta get up
    Keep my head up
    Gonna keep on turnin’ it up
    Never let up
    If I keep steppin’ it up
    Imma prove that I ain’t never gonna be stopped
    Like it or not

    No matter the pressures that face me
    I believe they will see
    I’ll never let anyone break me
    All your doubt can do now is strengthen me
    And life it ain’t always that easy
    Gotta fight to see past the boundaries
    Crossing the lines I will define every time that forever is mine

  51. 51
    Xtina rocks Says:

    Lover Christina and I love her response to the haters. She have been around for over a decade so keep taking about her. If her career was over you haters will not spent so much time taling about her. she have always been an independent and a confident woman which is why I love her. She is all femal power. she is gorgeous.

  52. 52
    Fall Back Says:


  53. 53
    christina Says:


  54. 54
    Brittany Says:

    “when it jeopardizes my integrity too much I can’t do it”….um so im guessing nothing in the music video jeopardized your integrity, a song about tasting your “woohoo” didnt either, but then again I guess its hard to do when you dont have any.

  55. 55
    kikarika Says:

    what’s wrong with her?i used to like her when she was normal

  56. 56
    Tom Says:

    I just looked in the dictionary. Christina’s picture showed up at the word ‘irrelevant’.

  57. 57
    Infamously Cool 2.0 Says:

    Go Christina! That gaga man can suck it, because at least christina is 100% original and has actual talent, Gaga is so horrible, but any ways way to go Christina, you and beyonce truly are the queens of pop and r&b, Christina is definitlely showing trasha, Tranny caca and shitney spears what it really means to be an artist of pop music, not using autotune and actually writing most of her songs. granted NMT wasnt her song but i read inan interview that Christina just felt that song was so her, which it is. GO XTINA!!!!

  58. 58
    Steffani Says:


  59. 59
    Angel Says:

    @Fall Back:

    Yes,Lady Gaga is ‘new’ but in time, she’ll be ‘old’ like Britney and Christina….vicious circle of life, baby!

  60. 60
    slambang Says:

    Wow…she’s really full of herself, isn’t she?

  61. 61
    Chris Says:

    Chirstina looks like she smells like piss

  62. 62
    12345 Says:

    Words can’t bring us down.. LOVE U CHRISTINA

  63. 63
    happy girl Says:

    I see everyone still talking about Gaga. lol. What respect do you floptina fans have for your “singer” when you can’t leave a post about her alone without talking about Gaga? I mean how pathetic. Gaga rules and the clones just want to follow. lol. I love it.

  64. 64
    happy girl Says:

    anyone know why wannabegagatina is so bowlegged? maybe eminem was right. lol.

  65. 65
    happy girl Says:

    “as long as it does not compromise my integrity” ummm, what integrity is there in eating from a doggie bowl in a music video when you have a toddler at home???? floptina is so laughable. if you are going to be a hoochie in videos to sell records when u know someone else is in the game and beating you at the game, at least own up to it and be quiet. lol.

  66. 66
    Jumbo Says:


    She has nothing to prove!

    Goooooo xtina!!!!

  67. 67
    Jumbo Says:


    you’ve missed the point completely dumba$$
    she cares about making good music and not about making ‘hits’ for the sake of it

  68. 68
    julio Says:

    Lady Gaga Falls on stage Telephone live Hamburg Germany Monster Ball Tour

  69. 69
    waffle bowl Says:

    @Toni: I bow to you, you said it all.

    @Tina: Do you know the difference between quality and quantity? Putting out a new album every two years does not make you a better artist. Beyonce’s last album sucked massively anyhow, and people have been complaining that she is overexposed (which she is), and that she needs take at least a couple of years off before the public becomes permanently sick of her. And don’t give me that bull of chat positions, record sales and awards. Those things are not indicators of quality, just popularity. Just because something is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Justin Bieber is popular right now, but almost any common street musician has more talent in one finger than he does in his whole body. Popularity is a result of good marketing, not always quality.

  70. 70
    ElizabethMU Says:

    I’ve just stubled upon this site, should I buy access to it?.


  71. 71
    CNA Says:

    The general public respects her because of her talent.

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