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Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig leaves a meeting at a private residence in Hollywood on Friday (May 14).

The 42-year-old actor carried a copy of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, a play by Peter Shaffer – it’s about the destruction of the Inca empire.

Earlier this week, Daniel was spotted out and about with a copy of Tennessee WilliamsCat On a Hot Tin Roof.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig leaving a home with The Royal Hunt of the Sun

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daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 01
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 02
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 03
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 04
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 05
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 06
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 07
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 08
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 09
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 10
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 11

Photos: GSI Media
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  • to 150

    if you get down off your high horse you will see the poster agrees with you.

    pease read posts carefully before jumping in with accusations and please do not cause problems on this thread doing so.

  • Mrk

    Had to jump in here and say that 147 is nearer the truth than the rest of you.

  • guinness

    Questions & Points:
    to the article posted about his current vehicle: is there a current picture of his current driving vehicle with him in it for proof? I was refering to the Audi—did he put that in storage? the one with the 007 on the plate…didn’t I see that pic somewhere? and THIS YEAR in Calif? I know he potentially has many cars, but …
    so this article states that HE is driving the air polluter–which is totally against what he claims to be…then they react to the way he is parking it…. wtf? I need some peeps here for some verification. AND he drove or got a ride in one in Toronto, correct? So, he is riding in a bullet proof, lay-down sex machine that gives off 2 gallons of toxins a minute…hhm.. and I really need some answers first before I go off the handle and give my opinion on this. Does anyone have proof of him riding in either? other than Sats drivin’ him around in the awesome ger man car… why aren’t the paps papping him in the vehicles? can someone get word to the paps follwoing him that I request that? yeah. *very sarcastic here–not narcisistic please!!*** i will chk bck later taters!!

    ya know, he always wore tee shirts now that i think about it…. in comfy places… I would love to sit with him on a couch and be comfy. The comfy Dan couch. mmmmmmmm. or in the sex-capade–not running of course.

    what you got today DTM?? HI DIH, and Mendel!!

  • to 153


    Once again READ the posts carefully instead of picking up one or two words then piece mealing something together.

    The poster states very clearly that he drives the Escalade while in the States.
    His Audi is in the UK. If you want photographic proof, you yourself mentioned the Escalade or “Sexcalade’ when he was pictured in it in NY.

    That model is his preferred car of choice when in the the US for many reasons.
    Why you are making a big deal out of it is beyond me but no doubt to continue inflaming. Your posts indicate that.
    Hopefully you will get people on here who will not succumb to your deliberate sarcasm. I don’t.

    Escalade with bulletproof finish, not a big deal so why make it one?

  • to 153


    He rented that Audi with the 007 plates to drive to Oregon for a vacation. More economical for the long haul and more to the fact, he passed through some fairly small towns on his way to Satsuki’s parents’ house stopping for a couple of days in San Francisco. Evidently he felt the extra safety wasn’t needed but I’ve no doubt the Audi was also finished with bulletproof coating and had safety features installed.
    But he was not driving around L.A in it.
    He obviously feels safer in L.A/NY when in an Escalade.

  • to MRK

    Had to jump in here and say that 147 is nearer the truth than the rest of you.

    nearer to what truth?

  • to 153
  • to 155

    i suppose he has to go somewhere; oregon is as good as any place. he certainily is not going back to britain anytime soon. i was supposed to fly to london today out of JFK but i was told on the 15th that the airline has cancelled all of its flights today. so here i sit, still in new york.

  • to 146

    The “he can’t park his Escalade” story is as true as the one “he lost a tooth” and “he can’t drive a stick car”. This was all made up by the Craig-bashers when the filming of CR started to make him look like a fool. This was all so ridiculous, it’s unbelievable.

  • to 158 and 159

    @to 155:

    Once again read the posts carefully. He rented an Audi to go to Oregon in 2008.

    @to 146:

    Once again, the article was to show he was driving an Escalade NOT to his driving skills.
    There are many other stories about him buying Escalades.
    You really need to calm down about Daniel Craig and anyone who says anything bad about him. It isn’t rational to leap to anyone’s defence you don’t know.

    The last two posts on here of 158 and 159 are typical of people who leap onto the first words they read and not to what the posts actually read.

  • Mrk

    @to MRK:

    Post 147 is self explanatory.

  • to 160

    I would recommend that you start reading entire posts too. Poster 159 didn’t talk about the fact he bought an Escalade being true or false, but about the ridiculousness of the story in the link you provided.
    I think YOU need to calm down in the first place.

  • Fish N Chips


    Hello Gofer :-)

  • to 162

    @to 160:

    Go back to DtD, they miss you.
    Oh by the way, the flowers at Daniel and Satsuki’s altar need replacing.

  • Daniel at Gay bar

    A paper picked up the gay story, this means that it will be picked up at other outlets soon.

    “Come nightfall, just down the street at gay bar Roosterfish, “James Bond” star Daniel Craig was spotted with a male pal, enjoying cocktails and a cover band. Dressed in a black suit, Craig greeted numerous fans and even attempted some dance moves. “

  • to: Daniel at Gay bar

    Oh dear, I wonder how his PR will handle this one.
    By stating he’s married?

    You know there will be pictures of he and Satsuki holding hands together and him kissing her real soon.

  • to 166

    so daniel was seen at a gay bar with a male friend. no doubt there were other straight people in there with him. so what is the problem.

  • oh no

    something doesnt strike me as being right here, i think daniel is rebelling agaisnt something maybe EoN? maybe they are f*cking him around and he’s going to do what he wants to do now, to hell with the macho Bond image.

    i have no doubt that when I hear that EoN are looking for a new Bond, I’m beginning to believe it.

    something isnt right here, yes I know men can go to gay bars and not be gay but why when he’s a widely knows actor and knwoing it will cast more aspersions on his character and how the hell will it make satsuki feel?

    something isnt quite right here, i feel it.

  • Re; Gay bar

    He’s not doing much to dispel the gay rumours is he? It’s as if he is playing right into them.


  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “I had a fantabulous excellent, brilliant, dancing, cougar-flaunting, policeman enducing, drunken, shoe ruining, every sex in the city episode, every wine and beer tasted–kick @ss weekend!!!!”

    WELCOME BACK! Wooho! It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Mine was great, but a lot tamer than yours!
    So do tell about the policeman? Did he have a p0rnstache by any chance?

    “those tee shirts are wanting a hug and a grope!!!”

    LOL! Wouldn’t mind doin’ a bit of hugging and groping with the man :)

    “WHO do I want showing up on my doorstep at 2AM??? it wouldn’ t be john freakin wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I’d be scared to death if John Wayne appeared at my doorstep at 2AM!

    “DAN——please dont stop wearing these tee shirts….ever… for love of everything sacred!!!!”

    If he does, we could start a petition…

    “so this article states that HE is driving the air polluter–which is totally against what he claims to be”

    Looks like that green frog on his shoulder has long hopped away…
    I suppose a bike is out of the question… ;)

    “I would love to sit with him on a couch and be comfy. The comfy Dan couch. mmmmmmmm. or in the sex-capade–not running of course.”

    Or in a tent! That reminds me of the sketch he did with Catherine Tate… *grin*

    to #158

    that sucks big time :( If you contact your airline, you might be able to get to London tomorrow – flight restrictions due to the ash cloud have been lifted for the moment:

    If you are flying with BA, the cabin crew strike seems cancelled at the moment, but there might be some disruptions.

  • to 167

    @to 166:

    The problem being if you can look beyond your own perfection of this man, and again, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being seen there, BUT this could be a problem for him with certain people.

    It’s the last thing EoN wants to have floating around as was said, he’s doing nothing to help dispel the rumors in fact he’s inflaming them.

    He may think it’s funny but I can guranteee one thing, gay rumors are one thing, him being seen in a bar, and from what I’ve found out, he was there with ONE male friend NO-ONE else, is not endearing him to his PR team.

    It seems this man is saying f*ck off to anyone trying to maintain his money making image.
    Wearing a ring, then taking it off. (upsetting the fans)
    Not married just commited. (upsetting the fans)
    Not gay, just visiting a gay bar. (upsetting his macho image)

    I do agree, we will see him out and about with Satsuki.
    Wait for it.

  • gay bar visit

    nothing agaisnt him being in a gay bar, that s up to him but it seems that he is causing more problems for himself , look at his past behavior about the ring business.

    its like he’s toying with us or not caring anymore about what he does or carries on.

    maybe he’s fed up of living a lie?

  • to 171

    @to 167:

    Have to agree. All we know this Bond on hold business may work against Daniel.
    Maybe he will be replaced or maybe he knows he will be that’s why he not caring. No smoke without fire.
    I wonder what he’ll do next?

  • ?

    Past gay scenes. God knows how many other visits to gay bars.
    Now playing a cowboy?
    Engaged but not married to a woman who looks very masculine herself.

    Blimey. He’s really not helping his case is he?

  • re; gay bar

    maybe sats is on one her breaks from him so he can ‘relax’ and indulge that side of himself?
    she doesn’t like him doing it so she leaves him to it?
    then she comes back to him and they are ‘normal’ again?
    maybe that’s the thing she has on him. she accepts it so she can stay with him.

    i’ve heard of stranger arrangments.

  • guinness

    Hi mendel! wait a sec–i have to respond to a hilarious comment about one of my posts…
    ah, yeah, sarcasm is always deliberate…wow, you read quite accurately for a tight butt. good 4 you-go have a guinness.
    anyhoo… i am having THE BEST WINE ever right now… bought a jug, yes a jug of it!! wish you could share it with me mendel!! very good—no p0rnostache, is that all you can think about????yes. yes and yes. I know your mind…..or at least can have an 80 % guess correctly.

    and the green frog comment–brilliant…he WAS just licking it and can’t remember what it was doing on his scapula!!!
    OMYGUSH—the bottom lip being sucked in on the Cate Tate show… and “his tent” comment. omygush-his tent. damn, can you imagine his tent size? jesus. i just spilled my wine….

    back… ah, i went to a gay bar this weekend, because our gay driver was telling us the hot spots.. and it was “wear everything but your clothes” night… and we lifted a few boxes. So, I am not gay. Nor bi–way past that, but hell, a good time is a good time with friends!! but i dont’ think he was wearing a black suit–THAT i cant believe.

    and keep checking the flying status at Heathrow… it was reported this morning and afternooon it was closed… so good luck!!

  • Daniel is Hot

    Glad you had a good weekend Guinness – seems like you and Dan had a good time this weekend. And I don’t mean the two of you where together – but that would have been fun right? A jug of wine? Wow! S Yes, the only way we can have our daily fix of Dan the Man is for the paps to follow him. But that is his fault for being so cute in those T Shirts!

  • to you know who


    Thanks psycho wannabe!

    @Daniel is Hot:

    Thanks psycho wannabe!

  • guinness

    in case you haven’t noticed, I dont wana b nothin’….I am!!!

    HI DIH!! hly crist–me and Dan had a great time…then i woke up as usual!!! nice one, thx. And i know you probly share the same dream cheeky Canadian… and yes, I thought of you–definitely you should go on a wine tour…it is amazing and it doesn’t have to be adolescent or irresponsible…it just happened that my friends and i (who have knwn each other since 5 yrs old–do the math) CHOSE to be silly lit 20 year olds!!

    ooooooowah… those tee shirts… yes… we are lucky fans. but i know one girl who is the luckiest–she herself should play the lottery and probly win and dump DAN she is so lucky. wow. that is an idea.

    so is Sats really settin’ up the adobe or hiding in the sexcalade?? and a few more weeks of getting papped in CA before Nmexico… he should be looking forward to that!!!

    ~night ya’all, i am still a little funky off in sleeping.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “i am having THE BEST WINE ever right now… bought a jug, yes a jug of it!! wish you could share it with me mendel!!”

    Yes, so do I – it would be great!

    “ah, i went to a gay bar this weekend, because our gay driver was telling us the hot spots.. and it was “wear everything but your clothes” night… and we lifted a few boxes.”

    LOL! Excellent idea! Did anybody wear a toilet seat?

    to DiH

    “that is his fault for being so cute in those T Shirts!”

    Yes – I wonder why nobody has snapped him up for a t-shirt ad! Dan the t-shirt man!

    Just found this interview with the writer of C&A:

  • Homolulu? How Very dare U!
  • re; gay bar article

    He was greeting fans there so that gives the impression he wasn’t really ashamed of where he was.
    Doesn’t strike me as a man to care what others think and as for Satsuki, we don’t know the arrangment the both of them have.
    Maybe this is it but so what?
    They’re both adults and fair play to them although there is a small inkling inside me that Satsuki doesn’t have total choice.

    Something about them when I see them together. She strikes me as being quite in his shadow, like he runs the show.
    There again, if she doesn’t like it then she can leave right?

  • gay?

    he is at a gay bar because he is gay.
    he was dancing with his male friend.
    maybe he wants out of james bond and this is how he is doing it.

  • WAIT!

    the poster awhile back said there would be a gay action hero to come out of the closet in MAY!
    I thuoght it was Jake Gyllenhaal, Maybe it is him!

  • sigh :(

    I bet Daniel wishes he was back in Toronto:
    ‘Torontonians have it good: girl power, legalized marijuana, gay marriage, public healthcare and POUTINES (fries in cheese curds and gravy).’

  • to 183 and 184


    He’s certainly f*cking with EoN and his Bond image for a reason.


    Don’t know but honestly he’s not doing anything to dispel the ‘gay’ rumors. He’s inviting them, drip drip drip approach to ‘coming out?”

  • Gina

    Daniel really drives his Escalade in the America and I think that is the car he parked difficultly and there are articles about how Bond parks his mega car wrongly.

  • Gina to 146

    Great you posted the link. so that I was right about his parking.
    I wouldn’t protest if he pulled his car in front of my house. no matter he parks wrongly.

  • Gina

    we talked about Mark Strong that he could play in the bondmovie. I said he would play a man from the Army, a General and other poster disagreed with me and said he would be great in suit $10 000 Hugo Boss, not in army jacket.

    British actor Mark Strong is eying his next villainous role – he’s eager to play a Bond baddie opposite his pal Daniel Craig. The “Sherlock Holmes” star is famed for portraying sinister characters, and kick-started his career on U.K. TV drama “Our Friends in the North” opposite Craig – who is the godfather of his eldest son.

    And Strong would like to reteam with the hunk for a James Bond movie – playing a villain opposite Craig’s 007. He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I would like to be a Bond villain if it was interesting. I choose every part according to whether I respond to the character. I love the fact that playing the villain is such an honorable profession and it’s been elevated to a particular title in those movies – there’s the Bond girl and the Bond villain.”

  • Gina
  • Gina

    20.12. 2012 James Bond would come to the cinemas and… tomorrow is end of the world. Really they have to come earlier if they want to make money following six months that Bond is in the cinemas. Or simply there will be end and MGM won’t have financial problems anymore.

  • to 190


  • to 189

    I still think Mark would make a great Bond baddie in a suit.
    Just like he has done in Kick Ass or in Body of lies (ok not a real baddie here). He doesn’t need to be in the Army to be a Bond Baddie.

  • Gina: lick ice cream

    I would do same like this poster who commented that game of MGM UP and DOWN situation every day.
    “Can’t Daniel Craig go and end this right way….. have a nice sit down with the head MGM, and do him in quick and quiet, like the beginning of Casino Royale. but this is getting really REALLY annoying… 4 years was long enough between DAD and CR, but i don’t want this turning into another huge gap like the space between LTK and GE…. MGM keeps wanting the extension – wanting to push for more time – and i think it’s time for JP Morgan and the rest of the creditors to finally slam the hammer down and say NO. They’ve had long enough. This, i believe, will be their 6th extension since November, should it go through – it’s becoming redundant – and the more they hold out, the more they seem to scare off buyers….. MGM more or less wants a group to come in, and take on ALL the debt – every last cent.. and that’s unrealistic and never going to happen – no one is even going to give them 75% of what they are asking for – because quite frankly, they are not worth that much anymore….. The Bond franchise is the only bargaining chip they really have (which every studio is salivating, to get their hands on) – so naturally, they would hang that as bait…. but right now, the studio is so worthless – that no one seems to jumping rope for them..
    yeah follow an example by FOX men would be the best thing to do for MGM if they wanna lick cream

  • Gina to 193

    OK. no problem, everybody has a different taste. I think he’s mainly handsome even if he wore Satsuki’s bags under her eyes. But if he was offered to play a General moving in the Cold War so he wouldn’t protest because he clearly wanna play in the bondmovie. His General would be a bad man making corruption and that was it.

  • Gina to 192

    go to work.

  • Gina

    ‘The Royal Hunt of the Sun’ – don’t say me it’s another play like was A Steady Rain. Daniel should play in James Bond, Mission Impossible with Cruise, Avatar and other blockbusters, not always in those projects he gets. He has been (still is he?) in the US, walked trough Hollywood and he is receiving such projects always?
    God, what is Satsuki making actually? A film producer writing and searching good scripts, money and producing movies? She would help him. If she worked in a financial department of a production company before so she would help to Babs with the money and …deal with MGM. The only thing she can do is opening legs, not opening movies.

  • to Gina

    Mark is my favorite actor. He calls in the smash hit!!!
    Sherlock Holmes, Kick-Ass, Robin Hood(?)…..

  • Gina

    maybe Daniel will have more blond hair and biceps. His horoscop says he is training and in a good mood today. Don’t worry he won’t marry Satsuki as he had an emotional crash at the end of his relationship with Fiona and Heike.
    I think trauma is still in him. He’s a quite satisfied divorced bachelor and Satsuki is the “girlfriend” for him, a supportive company during his travels. He takes her a bit seriously when he gave her a ring but not enough seriously to admit engagement. For Satsuki is disappointment he does not talk about it and denied it. As a typical Pisces he think that marriage would be “maybe, in the future, I am dunno, I am busy, I am experienced of divorce ” and Satsuki thinks her marriage would be tomorrow. Both are different in their ideas, it’s not good.
    well, year 2012 pushes to make our thing as quickly as possible or make anything at all as Daniel prefers it and is a master is passive act that makes Satsuki furious.

  • Gina to 198

    Hopefully he will get some part in the next Bond. He’s eager in getting a part so he surely contacted producers through his agent and asked for casting. It is right he acts this way, eagerly. Maybe pretty Green Eyed Bomb would the same like him – come to Babs and ask for a job without shyness. It would make Satsuki very very angry. People who come, ask, talk, convince about their talent, get everything they want.
    Mark is not lazy and that is why he got parts in some Hollywood movies. Being sexy like Daniel is not all, you have to act.
    Look, Daniel almost didn’t receive a part of James Bond and took a year for thinking. He is very easy in losing chances and Satsuki showed she is no producer.
    Have a nice day, soon in a new thread (maybe about Mark).