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Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig leaves a meeting at a private residence in Hollywood on Friday (May 14).

The 42-year-old actor carried a copy of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, a play by Peter Shaffer – it’s about the destruction of the Inca empire.

Earlier this week, Daniel was spotted out and about with a copy of Tennessee WilliamsCat On a Hot Tin Roof.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig leaving a home with The Royal Hunt of the Sun

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  1. 101
    to 99 & 100 Says:

    @to 85 & 87:
    Not what I heard.

    @to 97:

    Both the Daily Mail and The Sun (editors desk) have told me they they have NOT searched for his marriage certificate because they really are waiting for someone else to do the leg work and they really feel it’s not newsworthy.
    Yes, that’s what they told me.

  2. 102
    to people Says:

    Look, this is not the 1st gay bar he been seen at,, he seems to go quite often.
    he has alot of gay male friends, where are his straight friends?
    the question is really, why does he keep going?
    hello!!!! has it not occured to you that daniel may be meeting up with his straight friends at the gay bar?? happens all the time. my straight friends and i go to the gay bars more often than we go to the so called straight bars. that’s because we find the gay bars a lot more fun. yes, we have gay friends in our circle but that doesnot me or my straight friends are gay. anymore than it makes daniel gay. just because a bar is labelled “gay” doesnot mean that everyone in there is. what part of this do you not understand??

  3. 103
    re; babies Says:

    I think that Daniel wanted marriage and a kid but simply he has changed his mind about both.He’s allowed to do that.
    If he had no intention of children he should not have talked about it in an interview although maybe at that time he wanted them.

    Satsuki will accept the compromise which is what she is appearing to do. That is lifestyle, fame by proxy and money by proxy and she would willingly accept being with him and loving him (w/o marriage and kids) than being without him.

    That’s the way the cookie had cumbled for her but let’s face it, it’s not a tough cookie is it?

  4. 104
    to 102 Says:

    @to people:

    You know the more times you make the same point with rudeness, is the time people stop listening.

  5. 105
    to 104 Says:

    i’m not #102. i have to say i agree with you, he/she is somewhat rude in this post. i don’t know if that was the intention here but that’s how it turned out. but having said that, i do get what this person is saying. just wish it had been said a little nicer.

  6. 106
    Mendel Says:

    No Dan news as far as I can tell, but I found this interesting article:

    It ties in to what ‘How’ said in post #50 & 53

    ‘Daniel is oozing sex from every single pore and has that certain something what seperates the men from the boys’

  7. 107
    Bond Candidate Says:

    Rumor that Henry is on the list to replace Daniel.

  8. 108
    to 107 Says:

    @Bond Candidate:

    You’re way behind the times, Cavill been’s in the mix since 2005.
    Old news.

  9. 109
    to 105 Says:

    There they are again on #108. Same rude condescending tone. Her way or the highway! LOL where have I heard read that before?

  10. 110
    to 109 Says:

    @to 105:

    But Cavill has been. Read back. They are making a valid point based on facts.
    #102 posted a far worse post based on nothing.

  11. 111
    Dan's dad on Twitter Says:

    - The reason two antelope walk together is so that one
    can blow the dust out of the eyes of the other.

    - A pineapple is a berry. That may be so but I’d sooner sit on a berry.

    - Encountering the dairy herd & an electric fence this morning while walking the dog, I bethought me it’s a good job cows can’t limbo

  12. 112
    Dan's dad on Twitter Says:

    Dan is getting to look like him more and more

  13. 113
    to 101 Says:

    they may not have but other news outlets have,
    and found nothing. if he got married he would not allow anyone to deny it.

  14. 114
    to 113 Says:

    @to 101:

    Really which news outlets then? Love to know! Put a name to these if you can’t then you are lying.

    On the other note then the people coming on here saying the UK papers have were lying.

    Bunch of liars one after another on here.

  15. 115
    to 113 Says:

    abc news
    nbc news
    acess hollywood
    national enquire
    just a few news outlets, when the story 1st broke.

  16. 116
    to 113 Says:

    Oh and one other thing these papers told me, they need the country, location in it, certain date and time to search.
    The certificate does not come up simply under their names in any country. You need to zoom in on the county, the city, pertinent details. etc etc.

    Both of these papers said they were simply not going to waste their time if no-one could give specifics. It also isn’t newsworthy apparently.

    What does that tell you?

    The guy I spoke to at The Sun really gave the impression that this subject was a very faded one. He wasn’t interested.

  17. 117
    to 113 Says:

    @to 113:

    Sorry don’t believe it.
    As for TMZ, I already spoke to them when the story broke and they emailed me back stating they needed specifics.
    I will contact some of the rest of them tomorrow.

    All of them require the details of which I posted in my post of 116.

    This is not to prove they are married simply that these media outlets need specific details to search therefore if they did have those, we would be looking at a wedding certificate right now.

    My point is to prove that people lie on here about any search being performed and because of this we are none the wiser irrespective of any source’ close to Daniel’ coming forward.

    I have spoken to about this ‘source’. I’ve been in this game far too long to say how I feel about that particular ‘story’.

  18. 118
    to 113 Says:

    @to 113:

    Sorry none of the major news outlets have performed any search. They just kidnapped the story from other places.
    If you look carefully, it was one story just passed around like a bowl of dip.
    Yes I know for 100% certain that the major outlets did not perform searches.

  19. 119
    to 118 Says:

    I spoke with several people at abc , et tmz , they all said they had no proof of a marriage. if you want to belive they are married then belive it.

  20. 120
    to 119 Says:

    @to 118:

    Again, I am NOT saying they are, please read carefully before accusing.

    Do not twist what I am posting to suit your own ends.

    I will recontact the mentioned outlets tomorrow. I know that ABC certainly did not search.

    Saying ‘no proof of marriage’ is an easy veil with which to hide behind.
    If you can see beyond your on ‘logic’, that means they have no proof, it does not mean they have searched for they have no details with which TO search.

    Use your common sense please and read between the lines and stop falling for the same excuse the media gives you. I have given the same excuse during my career.

  21. 121
    re; 117 Says:

    i believe you, i dont think they’re married but i dont think anyone has really searched. how can they, they dont have a clue where to start. you cant do it with names only.

  22. 122
    to 101 re: Daily mail Says:

    @to 99 & 100: @to 97:
    Both the Daily Mail and The Sun (editors desk) have told me they they have NOT searched for his marriage certificate because they really are waiting for someone else to do the leg work and they really feel it’s not newsworthy.
    Yes, that’s what they told me.
    Really? Are you sure that is what they told you because the Daily Mail newspaper is the one who first posted the article about Daniel’s ‘so-called’ secret wedding in the first place. So why would they deem it ‘not newsworthy’ if they posted an article about it in their paper?
    They also said that a ‘source’ came forward. So if the Daily Mail printed that ‘secret wedding’ story , then of course it must be newsworthy to them . The Daily Mail, and other papers like the Sun and others, do not care about finding any wedding certificates. No fact checking. All they are interested in doing is posting phony and false secret wedding stories.
    They are being caught over and over posting false stories.

  23. 123
    share with you Says:

    some guys keep claiming hugh and daniel sleep with each other during ASR. one claimed seeing them at an adult video shop.

    i don’t believe it but just to share with u …

  24. 124
    to 122 and 123 Says:

    @to 101 re: Daily mail:

    Yes I am sure. Yes they posted the story but without evidence of a valid marriage. They based it on supposition (she was wearing an engagement ring then the “bands’ appeared, therefore jumping to the ‘obvious’ conclusion) and some ‘sources.
    They did not search for a certificate, if they did they would have printed it to concrete their story as was told to me.
    They NO longer deem it their effort to search for valid proof.
    They also did not print the other source denying they married as gossipcop did.

    @share with you:

    ‘Some guys’ being whom?

  25. 125
    to 122 and 123 Says:

    Maybe all of you taking your time to post on here trying to justify your theories, call the UK papers up and ask them.
    They will all tell you the same as I.

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