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Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig leaves a meeting at a private residence in Hollywood on Friday (May 14).

The 42-year-old actor carried a copy of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, a play by Peter Shaffer – it’s about the destruction of the Inca empire.

Earlier this week, Daniel was spotted out and about with a copy of Tennessee WilliamsCat On a Hot Tin Roof.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig leaving a home with The Royal Hunt of the Sun

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daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 01
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 02
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 03
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 04
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 05
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 06
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 07
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 08
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 09
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 10
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 11

Photos: GSI Media
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  • FishNChips

    @sigh :(:

    OMG I had poutine yesterday LOL…it is originally from Montreal but we Canheads love it. But you have to make sure you get the squeeky cheesse…. that means the cheese is very fresh. When you chew it , it squeeks

  • to 201

    Chips Crusti Croc are the best miam.
    Cheese Eidam or Leerdammer is miam too.
    Fried Chips, French Potatoes, McDonald kills you with oil!
    Satsuki seems to eat nothing all day as her opinion is she doesn’t need it and it keeps her slim. She eats only if Daniel takes her to a restaurant Mr. Chow….
    Sushi Satsuki? Fried Noodle with cheese? Potatoes with paprika?

  • to 201

    Do they have chilli gulash in Montreal?
    Have Daniel’s beef, his Hot Potatoe, buy a chilli and eat!

  • on Twitter

    Tony_Hibbert; Which actor would play me in a film about my life? Would have to be Daniel Craig. I’ve been mistaken for him so often I’ve lost count.

    tony hibbert
    How is he mistaken for Daniel? LOL

  • next invited guest Tom Cruise!

    We already know Daniel Craig likes to frolic on the beach with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Now a source in the City of Angels tells me he spotted James Blond and a “male friend” checking out a cover band at the gay bar Roosterfish in Venice, Calif., over the weekend. Whether or not he is a closet homosexual I don’t know — although my source SWEARS he saw Craig making out with his friend on a street corner, and he WAS seen showing pictures of his cat to a fellow audience member. But this much is for sure: Daniel Craig has definitely been outed as a closet ’80s-music lover, as he joined the G80′s — an all-gay-male ’80s band featuring Matt McLaughlin (aka Bearlinda) on vox/guitar, Tommy Keene on lead guitar, Jim Laspesa (The Muffs/Dave Davies) at the drums and Chris Freeman of Pansy Divison on the bass — on the chorus of the Split Enz classic “I Got You.” (Sadly the band did not play the Pansy Division song “James Bondage.”) The special Beatnik Beach ’80s night is the third Saturday of every month — as if you didn’t already know, Daniel. Rumor has it they’re planning to invite Tom Cruise next time — like he’d ever set foot in a gay bar …

  • to 205

    his cat? what’s his cat??????????

  • Kitty

    I have never heard Daniel has a cat.
    Does anyone know?

  • IMAO

    this is getting me to scandalous, homophobe here, i’m out! Bye girls!

  • to IMAO

    Calm Down. Maybe he is a Daniel look-alike. The man wearing black suit like Bond. and a cat lover. :)

  • Guinness

    damn! I love him!! And love that Black suit he is wearing! *deliberate sarcasm* And the name of the bar is “the lizzard” (half expected a liz to crawl across da floor)*deliberate stupid sarcasm*. And the kitty is mine…jet black with green eyes. AND the “guy” he was making out with was me–I am kinda muscular–silly media!!!*sarcasm, but wishing it were true**

    so there… got your scoop for you. Anyhoo… points: why this article is fake:
    1. Dan does NOT make out… he tries to feel every taste bud on the lucky person’s tongue…. oh god that is hot.
    2. Dan does NOT dress up in a Black suit–it is gray.
    3. Dan doesn’t have a cat–it may be someone else’s but to have a cat travel is not fun.
    4. Dan would have been seen in his sexcapade.
    5. Dan would have been really drunk to have joined any circus, I mean chorus…at least I hope so…..
    Other reasons why this COULD be true:
    1. Gay people are awesome to party with and Dan knows this too.
    2. Gay people have straight friends-and Dan I think is now straight?.
    3. Dan was gay or bi and now i hope he plays on “our” team.
    4. Dan does like 80′s music.
    5. Dan likes to be social without Sats.
    6. That pic of him in the leather could be him walking to the bar…or any bar or anywhere.
    7. The paps are following him and knows where he is so they call it in.
    There ya have it… the truf hurts!!!*damn he’s hot*
    have a nice day! And I need a life sized pic of him… like that Olivia Newton John life-sized one my brother had above his bed in the 80′s. A 10 foot long pic of just Dan in your face. wow. (hubby would NOT appreciate that!)

  • mendeline

    sure hes realy good in sucking d**** with his sexy lips^^

  • dancing

    So he likes to go dancing in gay bars. Not really the Bond image so maybe his contract is now null and he no longer has the morality clause to hinder his down time activities.

    That said, he probably has a larger gay fan base when compared to the members of his lonely heart fairy tale fan base.

    Saw photos of Baillie in St Barts with Daniel. Just saying…

  • todancing

    Baillie? a dude?

  • to Guinness

    6. That pic of him in the leather could be him walking to the bar…or any bar or anywhere.
    That pic was taken on May 3.
    They went to party at Boom Boom Room after Met Ball.

  • to Guiness

    Jude and Sienna went to that after party too, they propably are friends again.
    to dancing
    Yep- Baille Walsh, gay.

  • to 215

    Really? Did Judo forgive them?

  • to 215

    Sorry, typo Jude

  • gaining momentum
  • article – anti-Craig league

    Maybe the dude that Daniel was ‘making out with’ was actually Satsuki after all she was standing at the street corner.

    But honestly, this is anti-Craig negative backlash beginning by the media intent on bringing this man down. They know Bond is hold so they will see this as a chance to get him replaced.
    The only other person who saw him on Twitter stated he walked into to the bar then promptly left.
    How come no-one else saw all of this happen in the club and on the street? How come nobody else twittered about it?
    Sorry but as he was’greeting fans’ in the bar apparently how come no-one twittered about meeting James Bond?

  • re: 218

    Either way, I don’t think Daniel is gay. If he is, great. But he’s always struck me as that really cool straight guy who probably has gay friends and isn’t rattled by going to gay bars.
    Posted by: Alexandre | May 18, 2010 10:19:03 AM

    With all the iphones in the world and no one got a picture? I’m not buying it.
    Posted by: g | May 18, 2010 10:27:31 AM

    Yeah, I can’t imagine no ‘mo got a picture like that on their phone.
    Btw, I’m just happy to know the Roosterfish is still there! So many great clubs in L.A. have been straighted ,so, any of the survivors are to be celebrated!
    Posted by: Derek Washington | May 18, 2010 10:51:43 AM

    The most puzzling thing to me is that Roosterfish doesn’t have live music. I have lived in the area for 14 years and have never seen a live band there. My guess is that Daniel Craig attended a private party at Roosterfish or simply went to see the band. Doesn’t make him gay.
    Posted by: DJ | May 18, 2010 11:12:07 AM

    It’s still there, still definitely gay, and still has its terrific come-as-you-are-whoever-you-are vibe. The thing is that so many popular, “non-gay” spots have opened nearby, straight pairs sometimes duck in just because there’s no line at the door. Last time, one of them asked me, “Is it always…’like this’?” I had to laugh (though not to their faces) at their feeling that they had to use code in a gay bar in 2010.


    I think the comments made on the article in 218 says it all.
    Where are the pictures? Apparently no band was playing. Maybe there was a party. Maybe Daniel hasn’t a problem about going to gay bars that openly attract straight people.
    I mean they can get a picture of Gerard Butler kissing on the street why not Daniel?

    Yes the whole of the ‘story’ stinks with pure fabrication.

    Posted by: Gianpiero | May 18, 2010 11:18:28 AM

  • I who has Cat Allergies

    Q: Would he have gone into the same bar while in the middle of filming a Bond film or during a promotion of one?

    The answer to that might give you some hint of how contractually controlled he is during filming and promotion.

  • to 219, 220

    I am sad.
    Why are some people going to entrap him in a mean trick?

  • to220

    why should it be a fabrication, a sighting? Believe what you wanna believe but it’s not the first time

  • sad

    and i am sad that nobody wants imagine that daniel craig is gay.xD
    You’re all like, “no, hes wearing a grey suit, it’s a mean trick! It was suddenliy satsuki waiting in a dark corner!”
    It’s ok to be gay and nothing new in hollywood.

  • Anti Daniel?

    Why would it be “Anti Daniel” if it’s true he danced at a gay bar. Simply put, it makes you sound puritanical and possibly homophobic!

    This rest of your post resounds with paranoia. No one is trying to “bring Daniel down”. Where does that idea stem from?

  • to 225 & 223

    @Anti Daniel?:

    Again read posts carefully. What I said was the anti-Craig as Bond league is still out there and, evidently you don’t know the press, but they will leap at any chance to tear someone down. It is what sells papers and makes people click on their websites.

    You know in the real world, there are many people who dislike Daniel (they don;t think the sun shines out of ass) or couldnt care less but it makes a story for them.
    ‘Bond in a gay bar’ says it all.
    It is not I who is homophobic but the people who crafted this story.


    Once again, only ONE person on Twitter mentioned this and he stated that Daniel walked into the bar then promptly left.
    So we are getting two sides to the story.
    Where are the people who met him? Where is the evidence because as we all know people have camera phones etc etc (just look at TMZ) and they successfully take pictures of other actors. if he was in there for a time ‘singing with the band” I have no doubt someone could have called some form of pap camera crew to be outside for they trawl all over L.A for things like this.

    Bottom line is: if he went good for him, but the other details, in my mind, are fabrication.

  • my thoughts

    Going to be honest here; his Bond contract is no longer valid until MGM sells and EoN renogiates, so he is enjoying himself.

    I don’t think he has any idea about when or whether he will return as Bond but meanwhile he is simply enjoying himself with his friends without the obligations he was once under. Not saying he is gay but staying out of certain places probably was ‘advised’ to him when being under the Bond contract.

    Image sells remember. Like to know what EoN feels about this though as it will all have a ripple effect.
    But again, it keeps his name in the press. Double edged sword for his PR.
    I’m sure Satsuki will be wheeled out some time soon.

  • cassie

    to 223:

    i think the poster meant the other details a fabrication, god read things properly. the poster did not say him going to the gay bar was, the other details that noone has any evidence for are lies.

    just shows you when sats is out of town the things he gets up to, i think thats why she is needed, to make sure he stay within his image obligations. maybe daniel needs her more than we think to make sure he doesnt get bad publicity. this could be the reason why she is there. maybe we are getting nearer the truth now

  • to 223

    I know. Daniel worked with Babs/Michael in those days. They do not care that Daniel goes to bar.

  • to229

    Right. But the papers don’t bother eather. No celeb site took on this story. Not yet. And I don’t think he cares muck either, going to vacation with gay friend, imagine a gay bond.

  • to 226

    I read about it first at his fan site when a moderator posted the tweet. Is DTD now an anti Daniel site?

    Spin it anyway you like, I’ll decide myself thank you.

  • Dan’s Dad on Twitter

    * Henry Millon De Montherlant: “Most affections are habits or duties we lack the courage to end.”

    Quite telling.

  • to 230

    However, he just plays a cowboy now.It is a big project like bond.
    Who expects the image of the gay cowboy? I do not think that Daniel is so stupid.

  • to 233

    It worked well for Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal,

  • re; 229


    First of all, Andy Cohen did not go on holiday with Daniel. He was already there when Daniel arrived on St Barths.
    Your post is indicative of how things get twisted out of reality. Just look at the gay bar story for evidence of how things get snowballed and facts lost.

    I doubt any papers or major news outlet will cover this unless they had some picture evidence, they know it’s a non-story with fabrication left right and center.

    As for DtD, well I’m sure the story has appeared on there but purely out of necessity to show they are ‘flexible’ with their views. However, a lengthy discussion about it will be nixed soon most likely. Anything that deems Daniel to have another side to him other than the perfect image is not entirely welcomed.

    For discussion purposes, if Daniel came out as gay and the relationship with Satsuki was just one for image purposes, the site would crumble like Atlantis into the sea although deep down I’m sure there are many members who secretly feel that my above statement is not far from the truth.

  • well

    there some hardcore fans who just can’t believe it and some normal who just deal with the fact that he is probably bi.
    Hey why don’t we all move on to the jolie pitt thread? It’s much more exciting up there.^^

  • re: 236


    I agree, the purists will stay with their preferred Hollywood normality of he and Satsuki being a ‘ normal couple’ etc.

    The others who are more liberal and accepting that ‘everything that glitters is not gold’ (which is the actual dynamic of Hollywood) will think he is bi or gay and not be bothered by that.

    It is a sad commentary though that an actor going into a gay bar makes a story but again, this is “James Bond’ that is involved.
    Still shows the media has not moved on from homophobia which is hardly surprising considering that the Hollywood/acting industry still deems it necessary for actors to hide their sexuality to sell movies.
    Same old story really.
    But the irony is, they can have straight actors play gays but feel that gay actors cannot play straight people well?
    Newsweek had an article on it.

  • to237

    Thank you man! I love you! Think the same, so now lets go overseas!^^

  • to 238

    mendeline @ 05/18/2010 at 9:29 am
    sure hes realy good in sucking d**** with his sexy lips^^
    I have nothing you want to sucking! LOL

  • to 238

    mendeline @ 05/18/2010 at 9:29 am
    sure hes realy good in sucking d**** with his sexy lips^^
    I have nothing you want to sucking! LOL

  • to # 237

    Great post. Well said.

  • Daniel

    You know Daniel chooses his friends irrespective of what they are, colour, creed or lifestyle.
    More power to him and I wish more people were as nice as he is.

  • Daniel is Hot

    to #242 could not agree with you more. He is an all round nice guy who happens to be a Hot man at the same time.

  • anotther outlet
    Heard this one?
    So James Bond walks into a gay bar…

  • to 243

    @Daniel is Hot:

    To be honest with you, this whole thing makes him hotter to me.

  • to 244

    you are late LOL

  • to 246

    @to 244:

    No the title said ‘another outlet’ meaning the poster knew the story had been posted before.
    Get with program or get lost.

  • to 243

    @Daniel is Hot:

    Pity his taste in current girlfriends leaves a lot to be desired though other than that, you’re correct.

  • question

    Don’t mean to bring up the PR angle again but anyone think this could be a ploy to take the heat of him about the ‘marriage’ situation?

    You know, give the outlets something else to focus on?

  • daniel

    I think most of you are missing the point here, I believe he went to the gay bar and had a few drinks, he may have made out with his friend. Does that make him gay, at the most yes, at the very least he is bisexual. I believe that is what he has been hiding these years, that is why they always have his GF present where ever he goes. I personally think he is Bi, there are too many women in his past ,if he were gay then this would have gotten out a lot sooner. There are a lot of Bisexual men in Hollywood, mick jagger , david bowie, pete towsend, Lawrence Oliver, (just to name a few)
    they all had wives and GF’s . But always had their boyfriends to.