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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Hotel Hook-Up

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Hotel Hook-Up

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, keep their heads down as they leave their East Village hotel together in New York City on Friday afternoon (May 14).

The two lovebirds both attended Wednesday’s star-studded Ray-Ban event held at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. Kate posed with her new aviators but Alex skipped out on the red carpet.

UPATE: Kate, Richard Gere and Jack McBrayer were just at 82Mercer filming their newest flick.

FYI: Alex is wearing Robert Geller for Levi’s 501′s!

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179 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Hotel Hook-Up”

  1. 1
    Jessica Says:

    No matter what the nature of their relationship is (friends or lovers) I think it’s really sweet that they clearly enjoy each others company. I wish them (and everyone) the best in life.

  2. 2
    Rachel Says:

    Alex looks gorgeous as always…I love his hair. =)

  3. 3
    ivanka Says:

    i dont understand why they are in a “relationship”but they always look pissed `

  4. 4
    shoe bunny Says:

    showmance at best.

  5. 5
    Lovely Says:

    JJ, Kate’s filming a movie with Richard Gere in NYC

  6. 6
    Lauren Says:

    They look cute together and his fans should be happy he is with someone that seems to make him happy.
    But I’ll just sit and watch crazy girls hate on Kate.

  7. 7
    nicole Says:

    Alex is completely disgusting now. He is totally on Kate’s level and he is just sinking lower and lower. I bet any amount of money that Kate couldn’t stand the fact that he didn’t walk the red carpet at the Ray Ban event and no pics had yet been snapped of them so she called the paps and JJ herself to make sure they were taken. At this point I totally think Alex is in on the pap jig as well which makes him a famewhore too.
    So thought he was going to be the next Paul Bettany but it looks the only thing they have in common is the blond hair. Paul definitely got the class and the talent.

  8. 8
    Andy Says:


  9. 9
    harper Says:

    I’m sure the Larsons are there too.

  10. 10
    dan Says:

    you were known because you were always nice about celebrities and not making assumptions but now you’re always writing this S*IT i mean how do you know for sure they were doing the nasty? I mean it’s the most probably option but still. Besides I can’t believe that attention ***** would go that far to pay you to publish that stuff, I hope Alex dumps her skinny bony ass

  11. 11
    AMAZING Says:

    They left the hotel together, but no side by side picture of the lovers leaving ? Did they cameras run out of batteries? BTW, I think they’re perfect for each other.

  12. 12
    beats Says:

    She is his bu.d.dy. Not his gf.

  13. 13
    beats Says:

    Everyone in the LA club scene knows he picks up chicks all the time.

  14. 14
    Deely Says:

    They look like they are sneaking out a back entrance. So cute. Enjoy it now before the stans come on here with their hate and ugliness. I think they are a cute couple and it’s obvious that he IS that into her.

  15. 15
    Rachel Says:

    @Lauren: I agree with you. I’m a huge Alex fan, and as such I wish him all the happiness, love, and luck in the world.

  16. 16
    TBL Says:

    It cracks me up how some say they look cute together and happy. Um, they look miserable to me and there’s no affection between them. Strangest couple ever.

  17. 17
    nnicol Says:

    He’s good looking, why did he choose someone with better reputation?
    makes me wonder if he is a d*uche in RL, maybe he couldn’t pull someone better… there’s no other explanation.

  18. 18
    twin peaks Says:

    I can’t blame her for trying to link herself to hot guys.
    Her career is in the *******.

  19. 19
    nnicol Says:

    ^ why didn’t

  20. 20
    Wild Says:

    They don’t look like a couple.
    He looks ashamed.
    I think she’s an on the down low girl that he hits it with cause she’s always available.

  21. 21
    amy Says:

    alex looks good!!

  22. 22
    sophy Says:

    i didn’t want to believe it before, but judging by these photos, i guess they really are dating. but seriously, out of all the actresses he had to pick her? she’s so fake. someone set him up with rachel mcadams!

  23. 23
    Britt Says:

    i don’t get why he’s with her

  24. 24
    mickey Says:

    These two are buddies not boyfriend and girlfriend. Helps if you have one that doesn’t work and is willing to travel, huh?

  25. 25
    always Says:

    I think they’re FWB. Skarsgard shows more affection to his fans at Comic Con.

    Btw, why does he always wear the same shirt?

  26. 26
    Monica Says:

    I always wonder why Hollywood celebrities always seem ashamed to be with each other. What’s wrong with admitting that you are/aren’t a couple? If I were in a relationship with a celebrity (HAHA yeah right! ;)), I would get pissed if they denied my existence.

    Be proud, ASkars and Kate! You make a beautiful couple!

  27. 27
    irish Says:

    Thanks for the proof JJ(finally). I think it is rude that he does not wait for her or walk with her…I’d hoped he was better than that! …and I agree they look ashamed it’s almost a year now that his has been going on..what is there to hide?

  28. 28
    lisa Says:

    i recognize that hotel! that’s the bowery hotel!

  29. 29
    nicole Says:

    And he is just crap for being involved with a girl who would do that to her friend. EVERYONE knows that she did mess with Chris Martin(oh…allegedly…riiiiiight). Neither one ever sued and she has officially been ignored by Paltrow and her old friends including Martin. If everyone was such great friends and nothing happened then whey not pose and show the world you are all good. Because she did do it and he is obviously not what everyone thinks of him.
    Put more Sam Worthington on this site. I want more of him b/c he never famewhores like Alex does.

  30. 30
    zee Says:

    Lookin good boy. Only one more month till true blood (does happy dance)!!!

  31. 31
    Twilight Says:

    @Monica: Maybe because they’re not a couple? She may just be his his f bud like so many think and is hanging around for more. Even though Shia and Carey don’t do the red carpet thing they always look happy in their candids.

  32. 32
    Abby Says:

    Since when does she hide her face from the cameras?

  33. 33
    Becky Says:

    @irish: I think the reason that he doesn’t walk next to her is because he’s trying to make it more difficult for the paparazzi to get the ‘couple’ photo of them together. Why give the Paps more bait to exploit their relationship with?

  34. 34
    svenska doucheka Says:

    When Alex’s fansite admin tweeted an Alex sighting in NYC yesterday, it was obvious he wanted to broadcast he’s there with Kate. His special brand of pr douchebaggery will follow. Get ready for some theatrics NYC!

  35. 35
    AMAZING Says:

    Lovely, we all know what Alex is wearing too! It must be wonderful to get free stuff and money for advertising on JJ. Those two are definitely the next Bogey and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, Jolie and Pitt. Except without the talent , charisma and wit. Oh well, they’re pretty even though KB isn’t aging well. Looks a little worn and torn for 27, but AS has been described as being a insecure, lazy dater and taking whatever is handy. ***And no , we fat, old lazy fangirls do not want him for ourselves; we like and respect ourselves. Old, fat, ugly as we all are, we wouldn’t have AS if he was on a platter, with the best 3 speed peen and his old Hundricket body. Our men like to be seen in public with us****” He’s just another pretty, vapid, HWood poseur. At least Angelina is a badass that we all want to be or have and Brad is….Brad. Plus they do lots of humanitarian work. AS/KB go to parties and get free things like the other serious, hardcore actors. Ellen Page, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johanson ,and others of their ilk were there, right? Oh, no! Maybe they didn’t get invited!!!?? Or mayhaps , they were too busy wading through and studying the many scripts that they were offered. When are their next sraight to DVD projects coming out?.

  36. 36
    Quest Says:

    @Becky: What relationship? They are always oddly distant and not together like real couples. If they gave the photogs a money shot, they might lay off them. It’s not like they’re Angelina and Brad. Of course, maybe it is a showmance and they’re playing the pr game to keep the interest.

  37. 37
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    I don’t like her but it’s not me who has to think about it, it’s him. What I don’t get is this sneaking around business. They look angry in those pics … like they are doing something wrong, especially him and this I don’t get. Relationship, friends with benefits, whatever – if that is your choice, then that is your choice so hold your head up high – you chose her. Like this it seems so seedy. Like he’s ashamed or something which, as much as I don’t like her, doesn’t speak well of him either. He can f her, but not be seen with her? Not acknowledge it? Have the guts Askars, don’t be a ninny. If it turns out to be the wrong choice, you’ll just move on.

  38. 38
    AMAZING Says:

    OOPs!! Now they have them posted in the same shot together. They’re lovely.

  39. 39
    irish Says:

    I guess I think its strange since he had no problem posing with her in the beginning(at the scream party, GQ party). He also had no problem getting “couple” photos at Coachella ! If you are leaving a hotel with someone you have been “linked” with, the least you could do is escort them out …..and I think their relationship is already exploited. I am starting to believe(and I know it is crazy), that they are F-buddies,
    I think he has other “irons in the fire” and is not serious about KB.
    Just a thought:)

  40. 40
    nyro Says:

    I’m used to Bosworth looking like a hobo but Skarsgard is too hot to be constantly sporting the same t-shirt. Someone hook him up with a stylist.

  41. 41
    R&M Says:

    What are they trying to hide? Seriously. Does anyone even care? They’re both D-list at best.

  42. 42
    R&M Says:

    #37, ITA. She just looks increasingly desperate and he, increasingly douchey. They both give me the creeps.

  43. 43
    Ginger Says:

    @Iffy Miffy: . I don’t understand why he’s wasting him time with her. She’s only going to end up emotionally blackmailing him like she did to Orlando. Whether he chooses to not walk the red carpet with her or give the paps the “money shot”, she is also in on it. Not just the famewhoring stuff (the only “acting” she does is her attempt in these pics to hide herself from the paps. I’m sure she’ll actually smiling and happy to be photographed.)
    He gets alot of crap for not walking the red carpet with her but she also puts up with it. She could say “be seen with me in public or walk the red carpet with me or I’m out” and she doesn’t. She goes along with it too. I’m curious to see what happens at the True Blood premiere. Gossip Boy says they won’t be together much longer.

  44. 44
    mimi W Says:

    Frankly, to me you’re such a coward alex, above the famewhore thing you also are pretending you’re not, I think if you were really her BF or just her friend, you shouldn’t be ashame of it..COWARD
    You can’t expect to get the girl and keep a good reputation…or let the people think you’ve got a brain too…
    Plus you don’t give a **** of her to let her get the bad comments…what infuriated me is that you don’t get enough bad press for it, like she deserves it on her own and you nothing.
    to me you deserve each other as she seems so happy to be treated like crap…

  45. 45
    I have no talents I'm french Says:

    Has anyone noticed how red his nose is. maybe he is ashamed because he might be doing drugs….just a thought…
    Plus: do they happen to work sometimes?

  46. 46
    mouche Says:

    But AS have the most fantastic long legs – so perfect for jeans, very yummy!

  47. 47
    nnicole Says:

    He always look so ashamed of being seen with stoned-Tweety.

  48. 48
    A Lurker Says:

    @Iffy Miffy:

    I agree. Like someone had once posted, if you own it claim it.
    It’s their business what their relationship is. But I’m finding it weird that there was no issue with recently being photographed together at Coachella, but now again there is.
    Can it be to protect or promote their film? I don’t know how you can compromise, or modify, your life because of your job – if that’s what you’re doing.
    I’m sorry. I really don’t get it. I’ll wish them the best anyway.

  49. 49
    LOL Says:

    Why so serious?
    Even a F*** Buddy needs to be taken out for a walk!

  50. 50
    Kate wants payback Says:

    Alex’s friends started letting Kate tag along to his events at the same time Kate started getting them into the major parties. Maybe Alex thinks that’s a coincidence? Dude come on.

  51. 51
    he is so private!! Says:

    is she wearing his shirt?

  52. 52
    irish Says:

    Kate’s filming in New York does feed into the f-buddy thing..AS could have come into town for the party, press etc and she was available. If she is filming there she is probably living there so they might not have traveled there together.

  53. 53
    Nice Edit, JJ Says:

    I guess you ARE reading these comments or you wouldn’t have seen that twitter link. How can you believe the comments on this thread, JJ??? Shouldn’t you, with all of your resources, find this info out on your own? What film is it? I thought Kate was filming Goodnight Moon in LA?? And I don’t remember Richard Gere being a part of that cast.

  54. 54
    Geezus Says:

    I sure wish I was in Kate’s place and able to hop all over AS, but I’m not going to insult her in spite of it.

  55. 55
    GPS Says:

    Who are those people? “Lovebirds”? Obviously, because the pictures above truly look like the biggest love story since Romeo and Juliet.

  56. 56
    L Says:

    @nnicol: I doubt he reads online rumours about girls before he decides to date them lol.

  57. 57
    nicole Says:

    Umm…someone said on ONTD why are they not in Cannes. Those people in Cannes are the ones actually working….on REAL movies, usually REALLY good movies. Straw Dogs will not be that. I repeat Straw Dogs will suck, ladies and gentlemen. Not wasting my money on a ticket to see her act in anything. She even sucked in Wonderland!!Jaysus!!!

  58. 58
    Ryan Kwanten plz Says:

    Could you please do a post on Alex’s True Blood costar Ryan Kwanten? He won an award last night for his great work, and had some nice words about his friend Heath Ledger. You’ll never see Ryan doing this staged pay-parazzi crap, I guess he prefers legit press for his actual work.

  59. 59
    Lame Says:

    Own it. Or end it.

    I have never heard of any hate towards Kate Bosworth until the last six months or whatever, so I don’t know what her deal is in relation to cheating, drugs, etc. In relation to dating, b-itch needs to respect herself. Forget hand-holding. HE WON’T EVEN WALK NEXT TO HER. That is messed up.

    Also, ever noticed how he USED to smile and stand next to her and put his arm around her but he doesn’t anymore? The Coachella pix were very couply in that they were standing close and SHE was touching him, sticking her hands in pockets. She kissed his hand and he just kept drinking his beer. Nice guy, that…

    I say it again: own it or end it.

  60. 60
    nicole Says:

    Oooohhhhh..yes!! More Ryan Kwanten Please!!! And Sam Worthington, Paul Bettany, Chris Pine. I mean how could you not have put up pics of Ryan winning an award and you get these two looking coked out(red noses) and a mess, walking out of a hotel pretending they didn’t call the paps and that they don’t like the attention. Not sure how you pick those you post about but it seems very sketchy.

  61. 61
    kickstart Says:

    Much as I think she’s a phony *****, he’s coming off looking worse then her. Why would any self-respecting woman want to be with a man that treats a woman like that? Poorly played, Alex. Poorly played.

  62. 62
    Ginger Says:

    @kickstart: You’re absolutely right “Why would any self-respecting woman want to be with a man that treats a woman like that?”

    Poorly play Kate. She looks desperate and foolish.

  63. 63
    What a Sham! Says:

    What a “Great Catch” He seems to be, such a Gentleman!
    I bet there’s some of his “one night stands” out there that would love to tell us all how hooking up with him really is!
    Whether it’s as a F**k buddy or Beard, it’s pretty clearly been shown over and over in the press that Alex doesn’t care to claim or really even have much respect for the women he’s with.( ERW and now KB as example)
    While he seems to think of himself ( and continues to spiel in interviews) that he’s just a sensitive soul waiting for “His Girl” to come along, his actions speak much louder!
    It’s fine with us , O.K. Alex, so you’re really just another Hollywood player, We got it!
    So stop with the “Nice Guy Facade” and next time just say the ONLY thing you’re REALLY looking for is your next piece of a*s!

  64. 64
    Ginger Says:

    UPDATE: I just read on ONTD that Alex signed with the same PR firm and same PR person as Kate’s. I guess we are going to be seeing ALOT MORE of this.

  65. 65
    Huh? Says:

    @Ginger: Where did you read this? I was just on there and didn’t see any post about it.

  66. 66
    Ginger Says:


    You’re lucky I’m stuck at work and really bored. Here’s the link to the thread

    It that doesn’t work, it’s the “askars & skeletor” item and it starts on the third page about half way down.

  67. 67
    cutsie Says:

    seriousl, this girl needs to realise that clothes come a whole range of colours – not just beige! Have to laugh at her hiding her face – purely for ASkar’s benefit; ordinarily she’s posing hard!

  68. 68
    Skarsworthless Says:

    These two pieces of trash are perfect for each other no matter what their relationship actually is away from the paps.

  69. 69
    kickstart Says:


    Agree. Used to think he could do better. Not so much now. Dumb and dumber.

  70. 70
    annalisa Says:

    He just disgusts me now!! She is done for most people and trying to revive her career by dating him is just RUINING HIM!!! Hope their PR person tries to help HIM since HE is the one who has the potential for a great career. She sucks and has been given enough chances to screw up so many movies!! Why does anyone keep casting her???

  71. 71
    GORGEOUS Says:

    She’s gorgeous + he’s gorgeous = they’re gorgeous. If they’re happy together, I’m happy for them.

  72. 72
    Jam Says:

    Crazy fangirls, when are you going to get over him… Always the same jiberish… lol

  73. 73
    squirelmeat Says:

    Oh lord – please tell me that he did not fly across the country to attend the celebration of sunglasses. Now, she would do that, but I thought he might be better than that. This is all staged – every time the rumors heat up on him, they reappear. Even Gossip Boy is promoting his blinds on him. No doubt he is tapping that, but everything else he can get his hands on if you believe the other press on him. Oh well. And can I ask, why does her hair always look so atrocious unless someone does it for her. And another job! yay! she can pay another bill with this work. Sigh. I’m sure we’ll see them all weekend now…

  74. 74
    Lurker Says:

    Bore pie with snore sauce. Talentless, overpaid, over foreheaded freaks of nature.

  75. 75
    michele Says:

    I find it funny that he won’t walk next to her…how can that eveb pass as an “item”? *snore*.
    Come on, Alex, you can do so much better than that desperate attention ***** who chases after married men (poor Gwyneth Paltrow).

  76. 76
    michele Says:

    *even, damn computer.

  77. 77
    kickstart Says:


    Classic classic comment!! Major snore.

  78. 78
    AMAZING Says:

    What’s really so funny about this is that he is the one on a hot tv show with new movies out , yet she is the story lead with him being described as her boyfriend. I guess you get what you pay for.

  79. 79
    Toots Says:

    I can’t say I’m KB’s biggest supporter nor can I say that whatever these two have going on looks like a very healthy relationship, but the whole idea that he keeps walking so far ahead of her irks me. In comparison to photos I remember seeing from last year, he looks horrible. It’s like she is following him like a puppy and that’s just sad. He doesn’t seem to care if she’s behind him or not and to me that’s just degrading. I guess she must like being on camera so much that she is willing to put herself through that. I was one who believed the whole AS is a great guy spin and now it’s like he’s either buried his true self to become this whole HW “it” guy or more of his true personality is coming out. Either way I don’t particularly find it attractive. I just hope he doesn’t get pulled down so far into the whole HW lifestyle that he can’t find his way out again. KB could be the nicest girl in the world, but too many changes seem to have happened in Alex’s demeanor since Straw Dogs to just chock it up to coincidence. Sadly, now that he’s been pulled in, it will probably take a miracle to bring back the ASkars he appeared to be before she showed up.

  80. 80
    Laken Says:

    he looks gorgeous but why is he dating her?

  81. 81
    cathy Says:

    She just seems so desperate lately for someone to notice her, I’m almost embarassed for her. I never was one of her fans but right now she has all of my pity she just makes me feel sad.
    I was just on another site and saw pics of Miranda Kerr-don’t yell not trying to compare them in anyway except mayber their ages. Miranda looks so healthy, her hair is thick and pretty, her compexion is beautiful, she seems so positive and is always smiling- now could be what she has a home!! Kate just makes me worried for her. Just one more thing in passing, did anyone notice how you never or almost never see Kate’s teeth, she hardly ever really smiles. Just a thought.

  82. 82
    SoBeIt Says:

    From what HW friends tell me, his chance at being the “IT” boy has come and gone. Believe what you will, but he’s being laughed at for “dating” or whatever he’s doing with her. It’s hardly a secret he’s considered a chump and none too bright. Oh, and word is: he’s known to hit it at niteclubs, with underwhelming results…

  83. 83
    Hoosah Says:

    If Alex is in on the “pap jig” then why wouldn’t he walk the red carpet, Kate on his arm, to begin with?
    Also, what happened to the previous Paul Bettany? Not enough “pap jig” to keep you interested?

  84. 84
    Hoosah Says:


    Did you just try to masquerade AS his fan base in order to break up with him? Amazing, AMAZING.

  85. 85
    Hoosah Says:


    Somebody needs to get a screenshot of that publicist info on the IMDB page, because it’s the *requires a credit card* type.

  86. 86
    nicole Says:

    Why are you on here criticizing others for their opinions? And your questions don’t make sense…bad English sentence structure. Anyways if you are asking about Paul Bettany and why I think he is AMAZING. Because he can act and still manages to get jobs and critical praise without being a famewhore. And right now Alex is getting alot of attention with the whole “are they dating or are they not” because they won’t confirm but are always playing the games of being at the same events but not working the carpet. YET the paparazzi “seem” to know where they are when they are out and get random pics of them in places where paps DO NOT normally hang out. I was just in NYC and go often and yes the Bowery Hotel is the hotel du jour with wanna be hot celebrities right now but paps don’t just hang there waiting for someone to come out. You have to call them first and let them know when you are coming out. NYC, especially the East Village, is way to busy and crowded for that ****. You can get lost on St. Marks, nearby, so you gotta call them unlike L.A. where they hang out all the time.
    Okay…good now!!!
    By the way, Alex is not the IT boy no matter how much he wants it. And he is way too tall(taller than 6’4″) to be a major leading man. He is a fad and let’s be honest comparing him to Paul Bettany was not fair at all. BECAUSE PAUL BETTANY CAN ACTUALLY ACT!!!!! I think HOOSAH is somehow connected to them and trying to defend them. Funny, they want to be famous and they put themselves out there but people are not buying what they are selling!! HE IS A JOKE NO MATTER HOW FAR HE WANTS TO WALK AHEAD OF HER!!! LOLOLOL…..

  87. 87
    nicole Says:

    So many actors just don’t get it do they? People are no longer stupid and buy the “tabloid stories and PR stories” that are put out there. And Hoosah, get a credit card that works so you can view the IMDBpro page!!! lolololol…

  88. 88
    Wow Says:

    Hosah /jam/hans and so on……. I knew hans the psycho would make an appearence, I quess the nutcase is not liking the neg feedback on how he is treating KB people are starting to feel sorry for her lol!!!!

  89. 89
    @nicole Says:

    Yet, this is what the top PR people advise them to do. Why is that? Perhaps you are wrong and the astute fans who get turned off are outweighed by the casual gossip readers who buy into the stories, don’t think about them much but become aware of the actors. Or perhaps it ceates a lot of discussion and Internet hits and they can then tell producers that their actors have a high profile.

    It’s odd that SoBelt can say that this kind of thing is damaging his cred, everyone in Hollywood agrees, and yet they are now both repped by one of the top PR firms, who you’d think would be trying to make them successful. Maybe the PR industry is just monumentally incompetent. But then why does everybody use them?

  90. 90
    Whynot Says:

    People, people, people Alex is a major douche ,he is a manwhore! He is not what he portrays himself in interviews.He is not serious with Kate he is just along for the ride and then he will move on. They are using eachother , but KB is more invested with AS….
    I can almost feel bad for Kate but lets face it she is not a good person and karma is finding it’s way back to her!!!! She has been in NYC for some time now but has yet to be seen with her old circle of friends esp Liv Tyler. I actually go to NYC from time to time and from what I heard they are staying away from her, avoiding her lol!!! They laugh at how she suddenly attached herself to AS and his friends it is like she is trying to create a new identity for herself and erase the skankyness
    reputation ….Creepy…….
    Get ready for a major hissy fit from KB when AS moves on from her, she is a nutcase she will have her eating problems again mark my words!!!!

  91. 91
    Onecanhope Says:

    Alex is GAY or at least bi. I just wish he would come out of the closet and own up to it, but I quess that article was right that gay actors find it hard to achieve success and money in HW there still that stigma!!!! He is known not only be a manwhore towards the ladys but gents as well when he lets loose at the clubs lol. Too bad Ricky Martin has a bf hmmm…. I think they would make a hot hot hot couple and he would be able to convince AS to be true to himself!!! That having these lame PR STUNTS is not worth one’s crediability.

  92. 92
    Passingby Says:

    AS is sooo NOT a good guy did see that footage when they were at the cinema in Hollywood. That fool Kate went to the upper level garage by mistake but AS kept on going…LMAO!!!! the camera showed that he saw her go up there by mistake but he did not saying anything and kept speed walking his ass out of there!!! He was soo not happy to be photographed with her like, it was like it was forced which gives credence that these are PR stunts!!! If his PR team gives him advise to do these lame PR stunts it is still his decision, his alone,he at least could smile about it not look tortured, after all he is with one of the biggest famewhores in the industry who has the paps on speedile !!!

  93. 93
    Malanna Says:

    WTF, Why is Kate covering her face? She’s pathetic!!!!! Surely she must know that everyone knows that she has an unhealthy love affair with paps!!!

  94. 94
    Response Says:

    No matter how good the PR firm is, if you do not have enough talent, and reputation is in shambles they will get you soo far, the public, directors and producers in the end will choose to believe what they want!!! These PR firms don’t perform miracles or have magic that will garantee what their clients want!!Clearly they are not getting what they are paying for because many believe that these are PR stunts!!!

  95. 95
    Justsaying Says:

    I would feel sorry for Kate as well but she is just not a good person and she is not happy with herself. She has major emotional issues. When her and AS were already supposedly started seeing eachother she did come to an event in NYC and she was asking and looking for her ex boyfriend James R saying that she missed him but he was over her and her bitchyness pychotic ways same as Orlando. I am thinking she seriously regrets being with Alex now esp when James R never had problems being seen with her by the paps, he was soo easy going but I quess she realised that she cannot get JAMES back she might as well take what she could get from that jerk Alex!!!

  96. 96
    Skarsworthless Says:

    Those PR firms will take on anyone as a client as long as they get paid the big bucks. It’s going to be interesting to see what AS does when he goes to Sweden this summer. Will KB go with him? Highly doubtful. Will he find comfort with a fellow co-star? With his AC/DC proclivities, he has a diverse choice. Will the Swedish press curtain of silence that’s been protecting him for so many years cover up his excessive drinking, roaming hormones and true personality? Probably. I’m just waiting for True Blood to crash and burn (I won’t go into how much I’ve come to hate that sleezy show) and AS sinks into Hollywood oblivion.

  97. 97
    Liv & Kate? Says:

    @whynot. There are many times Liv has been snapped with friends like Eva Mendes but I have looked and so far can only find 2 instances where Liv and Kate have been photographed together??? They were last seen together at the MET a year ago. When did Liv and KB ever hang out every time they were in the same city?

  98. 98
    list the addiction Says:

    Sincerely, if i were a producer i’d realise people don’t want to see him other than as eric northman, i highly doubt he’ll be more…

    look how thin he got, he’s doing drug…

  99. 99
    YES Says:

    Love Kate! She is so beautiful! I hope they are very happy!

  100. 100
    Wow Says:

    HA ! Jam/hans caught you again, keep being delusional, Liv and Kate were good enough friends to kiss on the lips, wink wink lol!!!!
    Get real her old circle of friends are giving her the cold shoulder
    Big TIME!!!!

  101. 101
    Liv & Kate? Says:

    Liv kissed Kate back in 07 on greeting or goodbye. So what? They’ve been photographed together twice? And not for a year now? That’s before the Martin story. And look how a few short months ago some people here on JJ were claiming Kate was totally blacklisted from HW/fashion circles – now they’re reduced to insisting that a couple of GP’s pals have struck her off the Christmas card list!

  102. 102
    Jam Says:


    l feel bad for you… no really… keep on thinking that i use more then this name…

    anyways… that peoeple can get so upset that a guy i puttlng his willy not in their holes… its dusturbing yet amusing…

  103. 103
    Totalplaya Says:

    @Hosaah or it it hans the schitzo

    Perhaps Alex wants to have it bth ways, he wants to be seen with her but not be her boyfriend officially, keep it casual. He wants to have his FWB fu.k with her but when she is not around be able to go to clubs and let loose and hook up with anyone!!! I do not think he would like it if he was parting, hitting on a women or man, and they be like I thought you have a girlfriend lol!!! It would ruin his game, he is a total playa. He wants to have his cake and eat it too with no regards to who gets hurt .Just ask Evan Rachel Wood ,her words are starting to sound true. That he needs to stop playing games and grow up lol She was smart enough and not put up with that type of behavior but Kate is another story she is just pathetic, she has such low self esteem for a pretty girl it is sad!!!!

  104. 104
    patty10 Says:

    why can’t he walk with her, he is totally ashamed.

  105. 105
    Wow Says:

    @ Jams
    You proved my point you loser!!!!!!! You just happened to be trolling around this time? Your just like Kate, hans/jam no matter how much you denie posting under different names no one believes you, your reputation is in disrepair !!!
    No as you can see people are actually starting to feel sorry for Kate, they think AS is a total jerk!!! Probably into Nelly Fang. No, I think you are a fangurl or fanboy who clearly wants AS ding dong in you ,LMAO.

  106. 106
    patty10 Says:

    angie and brad are a phony couple also. They are together for the kids, that’s not a relationship.

  107. 107
    outra Says:

    Do Kate’s parents have so enough money to get this style of life for her? Just expensive clothes, bags, shoes…
    I don’t know for sure, because I’m pretty far from the cinema world, but the salary for a Z-list actress in a “direct to DVD” movie, each year (being very lucky) will last so long to keep her train of life????
    That’s it’s luxury, having money without working….lucky her

  108. 108
    Pixie Says:

    @ Jam
    I see you are at it again, I quess your just upset that people are not buying Alex S bullshit anymore that he is a good guy blah blah blah…
    I knew this was going to happen months ago, people were going to see his true colors and they would put him on the spot for treating her badly!!! ERW in her own way to warn Kate but she will not listen and she will get burned, that guy is not settling down any time soon ,LMAO

  109. 109
    Wow Says:

    @Liv and Kate

    Your a F’IN psycho Hans go back in to your mothers basement you troll. It was not us that stated that they were her friends in the first palce dumbass it was from the media and Hollywood insiders that stated they were all good friends!!!! We have not seen any of them near her, that says a lot!! You would think a famewhore like Kate would set up a photo opt with one of them ASAP but they want nothing to do with her.

  110. 110
    Alexa Says:

    Seriosuly, some girls on here are psychotic! Thank u for givin me a laugh today!!

  111. 111
    CINDY C. Says:


  112. 112
    burnt bacon Says:

    Is it even possible for two people in a supposed couple to look less into each other? If they’re FWB like so many people want to believe, it must be some pretty lousy sex. I’m hard pressed to decide which of these two would be the one laying there like a dead fish waiting for it to be over.

  113. 113
    burnt bacon Says:

    @TBL: All it takes for some people to squeal over how adorable and happy a couple (or “couple”) is is for said couple to appear in the same set of photos together. Actually *looking* adorable or happy is optional. I don’t know if it’s because these people are only 11 years old or because they have some REALLY low expectations in the romance department, but it’s annoying as f—.

  114. 114
    evathediva Says:

    LMAO laughing at Hans crazy ****…,@Wow: I agree I have been telling Hans this for a year, that he wants Alex for himself.

    This whole KB and Alex crap is just so weird. Oh well, my fascination with Alex has ended. Thanks Alex, you are looking and behaving more douchey everyday. I was hoping you would wake up and smell the anorexic. Oh well, guess not, True Blood definately has gorgeous new hunks this season, and old hunks as well.

    Good Luck Alex

  115. 115
    burnt bacon Says:

    Wow, I sure am a posting sl*t today, eh?

    @Ginger: Seriously? Same publicist? Like when she and Bloom shared a publicist? I guess the not-at-all-staged-for-Us-Weekly’s-three-page-dissertation-on-their-private-”love” pap photos will be starting in earnest now. It’ll be like deja vu all over again. Hopefully AS will be more on his toes than Orlando was and not say “Kate who?” when he’s asked about her.

  116. 116
    This is stupid but... Says:

    I think they’re both gorgeous people individually but they look weird together. I think Kate is looking slim because that’s her body type and she looks healthy, not sick. I also don’t get the bad comments about Kate’s skin but her hair does always look pretty gross when it’s not done for an event. He is handsome, in a rough, slightly imperfect kind of way–I think rugged is the word I’m looking for, maybe?–that could have turned out super fug but somehow makes him super sexy instead. But they look weird together. Not just with current body language, but in general. They don’t match. I know it’s stupid to judge the seriousness of a couple by how they look together, but still… Weird. She looked better and happier with James.

  117. 117
    Wait, what? Says:

    @burnt bacon: Orlando said “Kate who?” when someone asked him about his girlfriend? LOL! But also a little sad.

  118. 118
    Let it go Says:

    I can’t wait for Kate to write some big, steamy tell-all about her relationships with Hollywood dudes. Look for it soon, as a last-ditch effort to keep herself relevant! Or maybe she’ll surprise us all and write something honest and sincere and we’ll finally let her off the hook for wearing gorgeous, free beige clothes backstage in the green room at the awards shows we can only watch on TV. Her lifestyle is probably more unconventional and fun than any of ours and that seems to be her biggest crime. I’m writing from my desk at work. On a Saturday. I’m jealous, too.

  119. 119
    suesturm Says:

    sex with a skeleton = no fun
    alex is the kind of guy who likes to play and kate is desperately looking for someone who saves her and her “acting” career…
    Not saying that they esp.alex are bad persons… but someone will end up crying…

  120. 120
    Suzanne Says:

    I don’t understand…
    She is horrible I understand that…
    He is handsome.You know what? Why they don’t say..We are F&^% together!!
    This is a Bull I am getting piss with ALEXANDE SkarsgaRD.
    Tell fans true dammit.

  121. 121
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Wait, what?: Yep, pretty much. I think it was very early on, so they might not have known each other that well yet, but the tabs were starting to push the whole grand romance on everyone, so it was pretty funny. That was just the start of the lulz with O/K.

  122. 122
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Let it go: I’m sure she’ll get right on that tell all just as soon as she finds a crayon to write with. I’m so jellus.

  123. 123
    MrsSkarsgardK Says:

    Ugh Alex is so hot it is redonkulous. I adore him. I also think they walk separately so that paps don’t get a good pic. People read so much into a stupid picture. Who knows what is going on and who cares. Just keep being freaking gorgeous, Alex. I actually think Kate is quite beautiful, though. Lucky b*****.

  124. 124
    Uh oh Says:

    Shouldn’t she be wearing a shirt that say “straight to DVD” or something? BTW, #116, I totally agree. It’s all very awkward.

  125. 125
    AprilSpring Says:

    It’s obvious that they’re together, so why not walk side by side. Now Kate is trying to hide her face from the cameras? They didn’t have a problem before. It’s just strange. I can’t say I”m a AS fan, but I know he wasn’t like this before. Just strange!

  126. 126
    Hold Up Says:

    I think referencing Evan Rachel Wood’s comments is unfair. I would even say “alleged comments” because I can’t find a source at all. If she really said what she did about him playing games, etc., why is it so easy to take her word for it? She’s a young woman, the relationship didn’t work out and it hurt her feelings. Yes, she’s mature for her age. So am I. But romantic disappointment on any level hurts, period. Plus I might feel a little resentful if I went from Alex to Marilyn Manson. It’s understandable that she wouldn’t have nice things to say about him but that doesn’t mean they’re really true about him, just true from her perspective. And didn’t she start dating Marilyn Manson while he was married? She never even tried to deny it or cover it up. She’s a homewrecker, too. People seem more willing to overlook that fact and take her seriously because she is far more successful professionally than Kate. I’m not saying any of this speaks well for Alex’s taste in women, but I really don’t think he’s a bad guy.

  127. 127
    Relationship confirmed Says:

    Alexander’s dad just confirmed in a Swedish newspaper that Alex and Kate are indeed dating and that it’s a serious relationship:

  128. 128
    seyleed Says:

    That’s not true. I have inside info and speak fluent Swedish and that’s not what that article says. Although I LOVE and ADORE Kate Bosworth. LOVE HER! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!

  129. 129
    LOLLOL Says:

    @seyleed: So what’s your inside info?

  130. 130
    Babblefish, bee-yotch! Says:

    Even the lame online translator doesn’t confirm their relationship. The website that published the article seems to be drawing this conclusion, not Stellan Skarsgard. “She’s nice.” Is that basically what he said? Rave review. Clearly he can’t wait to have her as his weird, alien head daughter-in-law.

  131. 131
    nnicole Says:

    He said more nice things about Natalie Portman than about Kate (“She’s nice”)…

    and isn’t Expressen a tabloid?

  132. 132
    Hmm Says:

    They do write that he says they’re serious and that he has met her serveral times.

  133. 133
    LOLLOL Says:

    Expressen is a tabloid and is know to take quotes and use them out of context. Alexander’s dad never actually says they are serious, the tabloid is the one that says it.

    The only thing Stellan says is that she’s nice and they have met before. The tabloid is trying to make it seem as if Alex introduced Kate to him. You know like here dad meet Kate! She’s great! We’re dating! No, that’s not what Stellan insinuated, it’s what the tabloid did.

    And Kate and Stellan have bet several times before. She has known him for years.

  134. 134
    Hmm Says:

    His comment about Natalie is fun though – and I bet it’s a direct quote ;)

  135. 135
    ??? Says:

    I was looking on and there is no movie that Kate Bosworth, Richard Gere and Jack McBrayer are working on together. Even if it were in super pre-production, which it’s not cuz it’s filming, it would say “more details on imdp pro” or whatever. I wonder if someone mistook her for Michelle Williams? She’s in The Emperor’s Children with Richard Gere. I dunno… No offense to Michelle Williams…

  136. 136
    Fishy Says:


    Seems like that to me, I believe she was dating OB during PotC and he’d take her places, and since Stellan was on the later films, makes total sense. Doens’t take a lot of poking around to figure out when they may have met and that they met several times.

  137. 137
    Hmm Says:


    DOH! I didn’t think of that. Oh well.. it seems the Swedish press has jump on the Skarsworth-wagon. A shame.

  138. 138
    villa Says:

    @Hmm: I read the translated article. He did not say they’re serious. He just said she’s nice. That’s the publications interpretation, probably so they can sell papers.

  139. 139
    jangles Says:

    Okay, I give. This just leaves a bad taste all around, whatever the hell “it” is. I get that they might be trying to avoid the “money” shot here, but this looks to be two steps away from the infamous walk of shame. Color me done. First step in breaking the AS addiction. Whew. That needed to happen. Still pretty, but not so much with this baggage. Of all hookups out there, why this one? I don’t get it.

  140. 140
    Anna Says:

    I agree. And why the F would Alex bring Kate to the location of his dad’s movie if they weren’t a couple. People are so naive.

  141. 141
    oh hai Stellan Says:

    Did the article ask Stellan how he feels about his son becoming the biggest famewhore in Hwood while the other young actors from Alex’s generation, like Hemsworth, behave with class? His dad cannot be happy about how he’s seeing his son behave these days.

  142. 142
    Whoosah Says:


    “Why are you on here criticizing others for their opinions?”

    I have a better question: Why are you on here criticizing the lives of people who have no connection to your personal life?

    “And your questions don’t make sense…bad English sentence structure.”

    I had no idea that the comments section of the JJ blog were supposed to be submitted in MLA style. I’ll be more careful.

    “I was just in NYC and go often and yes the Bowery Hotel is the hotel du jour with wanna be hot celebrities right now but paps don’t just hang there waiting for someone to come out. You have to call them first and let them know when you are coming out.”

    There is so much absurdity in that assertion, I really don’t know where to begin. But you get points for trying to sound like an insider.

    “By the way, Alex is not the IT boy no matter how much he wants it. And he is way too tall(taller than 6’4″) to be a major leading man.”

    Michael Clark Duncan, Vince Vaughn, and Christopher Lee are all 6’5″ (and if the only person you know of those three is Vince Vaughn then your opinion on what constitutes a major leading man is moot).

    “He is a fad and let’s be honest comparing him to Paul Bettany was not fair at all.”

    Actually, Paul Bettany doesn’t do it for me. He was good in the Da Vinci Code, but Legion? Really? That movie was awful. (P.S. Skarsgard is less than two inches taller than Bettany)

    “I think HOOSAH is somehow connected to them and trying to defend them.”

    How conspiratorial! This blog is fun.

    “People are no longer stupid and buy the “tabloid stories and PR stories” that are put out there. And Hoosah, get a credit card that works so you can view the IMDBpro page!!!”

    Oh no, I think the comments on this page make it pretty apparent that people are still pretty stupid. And if you want to spend your money to find out entertainers’ PR firms because you have paranoid delusions of them trying to trick you into liking their work, go for it. I’d rather spend my money on movie tickets so I can decide for myself if I like their work. They don’t owe anyone anything outside of a good show. And if you don’t think they give it, don’t watch their work.

    Han, Jam, or whomever else you accuse me of being, I still make more sense than you. AND my last comment here was over 12 hours ago, so when you tell me to go back down to my basement, at least I can say I’ve spent my time doing something other than have commenting wars concerning the lives of two people whom I like to imagine need my support to be successful.

  143. 143
    actually Says:

    Some might argue that celebs kinda do need the support of fans to be successful. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, public perception does matter. It starts with a trickle. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Good or bad.

  144. 144
    guess that pr stunt Says:

    Did BosGard spend the whole day in NYC and now no pictures of them? Now that Alex is with Kate’s publicist, we can look forward to plenty of entertainment as she ruins his career and reputation. She certainly has done wonders for Kate. I’m guessing pda in the park or grainy photos of them in a club.

  145. 145
    squirelmeat Says:

    @guess that pr stunt: Totally agree. Surprised we haven’t seen anything more of them. Especially if she located a hairbrush or there might have been an opening of a chain drugstore to attend. Sorry for the sarcasm, but really now. I read the Expressen piece (and I speak Swedish as well) and have to say the interpretation on ‘serious’ is completely the publication. And by the way, it’s a tabloid. All he said was she was nice. Don’t over read. One one hand, clearly they are together for some reason, but as one gossip columnist notes, don’t be planning your wedding gift anytime soon. remember – we’re closing on TB launch season complete with cast parties, premieres, launches, etc, (Jared – new TB trailer out today) so expect a lot more famewhoring to come…

  146. 146
    Whoosah Says:


    “Some might argue that celebs kinda do need the support of fans to be successful. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case may be, public perception does matter. It starts with a trickle. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Good or bad.”

    No, I agree that fan support is crucial to their success. I just think, for actors, the focus should be on their work product, not their private lives. I didn’t mean to sound harsh. I just don’t understand why we have such high expectations for actors to align with our personal values and beliefs. They aren’t politicians.

  147. 147
    Geezus Says:

    My best guy friend is 6’5”— handsomely tall. I’m 5’6” and I always have to remind him to slow down because he takes such gigantic steps. He doesn’t walk in front of me, ignoring me, but DAMN it’s hard to keep up!! I burn a lot of extra calories when I’m with him.

  148. 148
    actually Says:

    @Whoosah, I didn’t think what you said was so harsh. ITA. Focus should be on their work product. If that were the case, very few people would be on these boards or they’d be talking about something else entirely. Sadly it seems many have decided that the actor and his private life are included as a part of the product. The whole concept of an actor becoming a “household” name is, in effect, selling a brand name. It’s made them interchangeable, and public consumption has certainly driven demand. On that front, I’m guilty as charged, well, because here I am. While actors may not be politicians per se, they are most defnitely political animals. All one has to do is look back at our last presidential election to see how it devolved into a big marketing campaign more often than not. It ceased to be about the issues and became a huge PR war. HW doesn’t seem to be any different. Lines keep getting blurred and everything seems to be fair game in the name of vying for your dollars. Otherwise, why would there be a need for PR firms? At the risk of oversimplifying things, one of the side effects to that strategy is that once the consuming public gets wind of something they don’t like or if shades of false advertising appear around the edges, consumers exert what little bit of “buying power” they have and take their dollars elsewhere. Truth be damned…or not. Just like in DC, if a story gets legs and starts moving, it seems to take a lot more than an act of Congress to wipe it from the public conscience. KB’s reputation, true or not, grew legs quite a while ago and her career, or lack thereof, has done little to reshape her story. In fact, I say it’s gotten worse. Okay, I think I’ve depressed myself now. Sorry for the long-winded post!

  149. 149
    Whoosah Says:


    No, don’t apologize–you’re speaking my language. When you just described the last presidential campaign and then said hollywood isn’t any different, my thought was, why are they parallel? The energy spent here hating on actors just because of the looks on their faces in pictures in which we really have no idea what’s going on… if we spent that energy scrutinizing the actions of politicians, maybe things would be better all over. Or not. Maybe it would be worse. Maybe I’m a fatalist and shouldn’t get into arguments with adolescents on tabloid blogs… *embarrassed*

  150. 150
    lucky bish Says:

    Kate ans Alex are currently in Sweden together

  151. 151
    donnaflopp Says:

    Yup. Kate and Alexander are in Stockholm. I saw them at Vitabergs-parken yesterday. No doubt about it that they are a couple. She looks rough and way older than her allegedly 27 yrs.

    He looks worn out.

    I’m so over his “talent”.

  152. 152
    Ramona Says:


  153. 153
    Janey Says:

    They are in Sweden at the moment and they are very clearly a couple – looking very happy to be seen together – seems like they can have a little more privacy there…

  154. 154
    twin peaks Says:

    @Janey: I just read that story. He says he’s with friends and he does look happy to be at a group dinner with eight other people. I’d be happy too to be back with my childhood pals.

  155. 155
    Hanni Says:

    that chick is annoying.

  156. 156
    I have no talents I'm French Says:

    how did they pass the customs with their drugs???

  157. 157
    Janey Says:

    The photos show that he is happy to be seen walking with her – guess he is able to relax more at home.

  158. 158
    WTF Says:

    I’m convinced Kate is a succubus. Alex looked healthy, happy and vibrant until about Sebtember of last year. Since then he’s looked worn down, tired and sad while she smiles and poses for paps. Even if they are in Sweden obviously together, I really don’t see them together in the long run. It’s a Hollyweird romance. They’ll probably walk the red carpet together for the TB season 3 premier but I predict by the end of the year, it will be over. Either way, my perception of him has changed and not for the better.

  159. 159
    N.P Says:

    Hi guys first time posting.

    just to let you know that there are more pictures of kate and alex in sweden at true blood news at the nest. wheather they confirm or not they are a couple. I do find it odd that the paps are follwing them around? I thought there are no paps in sweden?

  160. 160
    Wow Says:

    He’s holding her hand in one of those pictures. Amazing. Oh wait… I just threw up in my mouth a little, sorry.

  161. 161
    Ugh, fine. Says:

    They do look marginally more happy to be seen together. Agreed, amazing that he’s holding her hand in public. That new publicist they share must be a genius of some kind, to get legitimizing pics of their relationship from overseas.

  162. 162
    A Lurker Says:


    Thanks for the link.

    Like I said before, I wish them the best.

  163. 163
    BS Says:

    on Friday you can’t be seen close to her in the States but if you fly home you can be seen showing PDA??? Really but I thought he didn’t like PDA. Also, how did the Swedish paps know everywhere they went when all the other holidays he’s spent at home we never saw 1 pic?????? I smell publicity stunt – atleast his new PR people are earning their $.

  164. 164
    secret holiday ha Says:

    lol @ at all the pathetic chicks in denial believing head stan in charge 8800SUICIDE
    please, like he would even speak to her about his personal stuff.

  165. 165
    Word. Says:

    Yeah, great publicist. They’re signed with the same guy and all of a sudden they appear together holding hands. Must be a hell of a retainer on that guy.

  166. 166
    donnaflopp Says:

    They’re signed with the same PR people?! Gawd how transparent this is!

    They first met while she was with Orlando Bloom and spent a New Year’s Eve here in Stockholm some years ago. I don’t know why I get so irritated by seeing pictures of them surface all over the internet. Maybe because he seemed to have a higher interest in maintaining his personal life private. This is just whoring it out, imho.

    I very much doubt that he will be offered any interesting parts after True Blood and by then she probably found someone else’s tailcoat to ride.

    Why is she sitting on his lap? They are such attention whores!

  167. 167
    Buttercup Says:

    she’s hilarious:

  168. 168
    Sara Says:

    I heard the plan is for them to show up together at the True Blood premiere because that will garner the most publicity. I’m wondering if Jamie has heard the same.

  169. 169
    burnt bacon Says:

    @WTF: Succubus, eh? So THAT explains why that James dude has dropped off of the face of the Earth. She sucked him dry, and his dessicated husk is locked in a trunk in her basement with the rest of the boy toys that didn’t make the cut. The guy didn’t have much going for him to begin with, so it didn’t take long.

  170. 170
    Carla Nelson Says:

    Just was wondering where is the other people that are playing in Straw Dogs why are they not promoting the movie just as well. I do belive they are a couple but it seems like these are the only two that are seen more often than the other actors in the movie. If the movie is has gotten bad reviews already by film critics maybe thats why they are seen together so much> It can turn out to be a flop.

  171. 171
    irish Says:

    I have a sinking feeling he is dumb enough to marry this broad:(

  172. 172
    Sara Says:

    @Carla. I head that Straw Dogs has not had positive reviews from test audiences. There have been some reshoots but the release date got pushed back as the studio continues to tweak the film. It’s possible the film will be straight to video if the test screenings don’t improve.

  173. 173
    Free the Swede Says:

    Free the Swede!

    Please send this video to everybody you know

  174. 174
    Fan of Alex Says:

    Alex and Kate Bosworth? Please, Hollywood? Do you take us for fools? Die-hard fans of Alex will pay to see STRAW DOGS no matter who he’s dating.

    Kate Bosworth isn’t even in his social status. Not to be rude but the woman looks like a walking stick. Her hair is thin due to starving herself.

    As for Alex, sure – his star is rising but Kate’s DEFINITELY not the one he’s interested in. Poor man barely has a moment’s peace these days.

    The obsessive nutcase who runs tracks his every move.

  175. 175
    Ashlee Says:

    They are gorgeous

  176. 176
    Avalon Says:

    Personally I think it’s hilarious that she is covering her face – usually she’d be rubbing all over him and/or looking like the cheshire cat. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this relationship/arrangement/whatever-the-heck-it-is ended quite soon.

  177. 177
    Alexxxsandra Says:

    Hmm, lot of hate post here and all over the gossip boards against Alex Skarsgård. It’s interesting that ppl who don’t even like him are sooooooo obsessively interested in his relationships, backrounds etc. I just checked Stephen Moyer threads on JJ and there are about 10-20 comments per article and all positive. I suppose Skars fans are just as great persons as Alex himself. There is no need to bash other TB cast members. Gotta love him and them:D

  178. 178
    facadestilladser Says:

    Thanks a lot you for this post. Thats all I might say. You most obviously have made this article into something speciel. You clearly know what you are working on, youve covered so many corners.kind regards

  179. 179
    CNA Says:

    They are always oddly distant and not together like real couples. If they gave the photos a money shot, they might lay off them.

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