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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Hotel Hook-Up

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Hotel Hook-Up

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, keep their heads down as they leave their East Village hotel together in New York City on Friday afternoon (May 14).

The two lovebirds both attended Wednesday’s star-studded Ray-Ban event held at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. Kate posed with her new aviators but Alex skipped out on the red carpet.

UPATE: Kate, Richard Gere and Jack McBrayer were just at 82Mercer filming their newest flick.

FYI: Alex is wearing Robert Geller for Levi’s 501′s!

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179 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Hotel Hook-Up”

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  1. 26
    Monica Says:

    I always wonder why Hollywood celebrities always seem ashamed to be with each other. What’s wrong with admitting that you are/aren’t a couple? If I were in a relationship with a celebrity (HAHA yeah right! ;)), I would get pissed if they denied my existence.

    Be proud, ASkars and Kate! You make a beautiful couple!

  2. 27
    irish Says:

    Thanks for the proof JJ(finally). I think it is rude that he does not wait for her or walk with her…I’d hoped he was better than that! …and I agree they look ashamed it’s almost a year now that his has been going on..what is there to hide?

  3. 28
    lisa Says:

    i recognize that hotel! that’s the bowery hotel!

  4. 29
    nicole Says:

    And he is just crap for being involved with a girl who would do that to her friend. EVERYONE knows that she did mess with Chris Martin(oh…allegedly…riiiiiight). Neither one ever sued and she has officially been ignored by Paltrow and her old friends including Martin. If everyone was such great friends and nothing happened then whey not pose and show the world you are all good. Because she did do it and he is obviously not what everyone thinks of him.
    Put more Sam Worthington on this site. I want more of him b/c he never famewhores like Alex does.

  5. 30
    zee Says:

    Lookin good boy. Only one more month till true blood (does happy dance)!!!

  6. 31
    Twilight Says:

    @Monica: Maybe because they’re not a couple? She may just be his his f bud like so many think and is hanging around for more. Even though Shia and Carey don’t do the red carpet thing they always look happy in their candids.

  7. 32
    Abby Says:

    Since when does she hide her face from the cameras?

  8. 33
    Becky Says:

    @irish: I think the reason that he doesn’t walk next to her is because he’s trying to make it more difficult for the paparazzi to get the ‘couple’ photo of them together. Why give the Paps more bait to exploit their relationship with?

  9. 34
    svenska doucheka Says:

    When Alex’s fansite admin tweeted an Alex sighting in NYC yesterday, it was obvious he wanted to broadcast he’s there with Kate. His special brand of pr douchebaggery will follow. Get ready for some theatrics NYC!

  10. 35
    AMAZING Says:

    Lovely, we all know what Alex is wearing too! It must be wonderful to get free stuff and money for advertising on JJ. Those two are definitely the next Bogey and Bacall, Hepburn and Tracy, Jolie and Pitt. Except without the talent , charisma and wit. Oh well, they’re pretty even though KB isn’t aging well. Looks a little worn and torn for 27, but AS has been described as being a insecure, lazy dater and taking whatever is handy. ***And no , we fat, old lazy fangirls do not want him for ourselves; we like and respect ourselves. Old, fat, ugly as we all are, we wouldn’t have AS if he was on a platter, with the best 3 speed peen and his old Hundricket body. Our men like to be seen in public with us****” He’s just another pretty, vapid, HWood poseur. At least Angelina is a badass that we all want to be or have and Brad is….Brad. Plus they do lots of humanitarian work. AS/KB go to parties and get free things like the other serious, hardcore actors. Ellen Page, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johanson ,and others of their ilk were there, right? Oh, no! Maybe they didn’t get invited!!!?? Or mayhaps , they were too busy wading through and studying the many scripts that they were offered. When are their next sraight to DVD projects coming out?.

  11. 36
    Quest Says:

    @Becky: What relationship? They are always oddly distant and not together like real couples. If they gave the photogs a money shot, they might lay off them. It’s not like they’re Angelina and Brad. Of course, maybe it is a showmance and they’re playing the pr game to keep the interest.

  12. 37
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    I don’t like her but it’s not me who has to think about it, it’s him. What I don’t get is this sneaking around business. They look angry in those pics … like they are doing something wrong, especially him and this I don’t get. Relationship, friends with benefits, whatever – if that is your choice, then that is your choice so hold your head up high – you chose her. Like this it seems so seedy. Like he’s ashamed or something which, as much as I don’t like her, doesn’t speak well of him either. He can f her, but not be seen with her? Not acknowledge it? Have the guts Askars, don’t be a ninny. If it turns out to be the wrong choice, you’ll just move on.

  13. 38
    AMAZING Says:

    OOPs!! Now they have them posted in the same shot together. They’re lovely.

  14. 39
    irish Says:

    I guess I think its strange since he had no problem posing with her in the beginning(at the scream party, GQ party). He also had no problem getting “couple” photos at Coachella ! If you are leaving a hotel with someone you have been “linked” with, the least you could do is escort them out …..and I think their relationship is already exploited. I am starting to believe(and I know it is crazy), that they are F-buddies,
    I think he has other “irons in the fire” and is not serious about KB.
    Just a thought:)

  15. 40
    nyro Says:

    I’m used to Bosworth looking like a hobo but Skarsgard is too hot to be constantly sporting the same t-shirt. Someone hook him up with a stylist.

  16. 41
    R&M Says:

    What are they trying to hide? Seriously. Does anyone even care? They’re both D-list at best.

  17. 42
    R&M Says:

    #37, ITA. She just looks increasingly desperate and he, increasingly douchey. They both give me the creeps.

  18. 43
    Ginger Says:

    @Iffy Miffy: . I don’t understand why he’s wasting him time with her. She’s only going to end up emotionally blackmailing him like she did to Orlando. Whether he chooses to not walk the red carpet with her or give the paps the “money shot”, she is also in on it. Not just the famewhoring stuff (the only “acting” she does is her attempt in these pics to hide herself from the paps. I’m sure she’ll actually smiling and happy to be photographed.)
    He gets alot of crap for not walking the red carpet with her but she also puts up with it. She could say “be seen with me in public or walk the red carpet with me or I’m out” and she doesn’t. She goes along with it too. I’m curious to see what happens at the True Blood premiere. Gossip Boy says they won’t be together much longer.

  19. 44
    mimi W Says:

    Frankly, to me you’re such a coward alex, above the famewhore thing you also are pretending you’re not, I think if you were really her BF or just her friend, you shouldn’t be ashame of it..COWARD
    You can’t expect to get the girl and keep a good reputation…or let the people think you’ve got a brain too…
    Plus you don’t give a **** of her to let her get the bad comments…what infuriated me is that you don’t get enough bad press for it, like she deserves it on her own and you nothing.
    to me you deserve each other as she seems so happy to be treated like crap…

  20. 45
    I have no talents I'm french Says:

    Has anyone noticed how red his nose is. maybe he is ashamed because he might be doing drugs….just a thought…
    Plus: do they happen to work sometimes?

  21. 46
    mouche Says:

    But AS have the most fantastic long legs – so perfect for jeans, very yummy!

  22. 47
    nnicole Says:

    He always look so ashamed of being seen with stoned-Tweety.

  23. 48
    A Lurker Says:

    @Iffy Miffy:

    I agree. Like someone had once posted, if you own it claim it.
    It’s their business what their relationship is. But I’m finding it weird that there was no issue with recently being photographed together at Coachella, but now again there is.
    Can it be to protect or promote their film? I don’t know how you can compromise, or modify, your life because of your job – if that’s what you’re doing.
    I’m sorry. I really don’t get it. I’ll wish them the best anyway.

  24. 49
    LOL Says:

    Why so serious?
    Even a F*** Buddy needs to be taken out for a walk!

  25. 50
    Kate wants payback Says:

    Alex’s friends started letting Kate tag along to his events at the same time Kate started getting them into the major parties. Maybe Alex thinks that’s a coincidence? Dude come on.

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