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LeAnn Rimes: NYC Arrival with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: NYC Arrival with Eddie Cibrian!

After taking the red eye flight, Eddie Cibrian and his girlfriend LeAnn Rimes arrive at JFK airport early Friday morning (May 14) in New York City.

LeAnn tweeted a few hours ago, “Hello NYC!!!”

“Why does Kraft mac and cheese taste so good?,” she asked yesterday. “Eating a spoon of it right now out of one of the kids bowls. Yum! I haven’t had it in years.”

One of Eddie‘s two kids?

FYI: LeAnn is wearing an Enza Costa Rogue Rib Baseball Tank in white.

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Credit: Cam Griffith; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Pot

    haha….what timing! I decided to check back, and this new thread popped up at the same time. gwen/brandi is going to lose it (not that we aren’t soooooo far past that point). They both look great! I like Eddie’s haircut.

  • michaela

    Looking good in a tan and new cut. Both of them!

  • michaela

    Not too far behind you, Pot!!! Lolol

  • Rio DJ

    New song dropping on June 21. This young lady has a very good voice!

  • kookabear

    they look great… and happy together !

  • Pot

    Hi michaela! LeAnn’s shoes are sharp! They’re bringing the hotness!

  • Terry

    I know her but who is he? Besides a hotcake who is this guy?

  • K LIN

    There are still a couple a year later . A long time by LaLa land’s standards. Wish them much success and happy days ahead. Same to Dean and Brandy.

  • A

    @Terry: ever heard of Google?

  • Raquel

    LeAnn is like a daughter to me, not personally but I have followed her career from the beginning and feel protective of her as if she were my own blood. I can hardly hold on until her new songs hit the air.
    Many many blessings LeAnn and you too, Eddie. Hugs from a forever fan.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s got great legs!

  • Raquel

    By the looks of the legs she must be working out hard. Has anyone any idea what they are up to in NYC? Concert?

  • me

    i guess i’m the odd one out here but she makes me angry every time i see her – i think they both behaved very badly when their marriages were ending, the way they flaunted their relationship showed little respect or concern for the hurt their former spouses were enduring publicly. i wish them well, i’m glad its lasting, but the way they handled themselves revealed an insensitivity i won’t forget.

  • Rio DJ

    LeAnn Rimes has opened her Twitter to us . Any updates on her new material can be found there. June 21 the song “Swingin” goes to adds.

  • Cheryl

    Yes, Yes. Let’s hype that old song made new again. That’s what these posts will be about for the next couple of months.

  • Janis

    My favorite couple of the moment.

    Swoon over Eddie.

  • gwen

    So it looks like JJ and x17 heard LR cries of despearation and came to her rescue.

    Come on JJ, everyone is fully aware that Leann tipped off the paps so that she and her “wonderful boyfriend” could be spotted getting off the red eye.

    We are not surprised by this latest photo-op; afterall, CSI is airing a NEW episode of Monday.

  • gwen

    Wow, michela you are working your butt off posting under all of these different names. Wow, LR album must be really bad.

    michela, michela, michela, is it really necessary to post under so many different names?

    Oh wait, LR and EC still do not have the public’s support and must pay JJ and x17 to provide that support and michela to acct like fans.

  • Jerri

    What’s with the sunglasses? It’s dark. She must hate her eyes too.

  • ez girl

    Whoaaaaaaa, whats the ocassion? Don’t breal an ankle. Elevator soles on the stars what’s with that. But “I Do Love You” LeAnne.

  • ez girl

    LeAnne has pretty blue eyes so to the left haterz. The stars wear the glasses 24 hours. You can to.

  • gwen

    Didn’t we see Sienna and Getty at airports all the time, too? EC and LR are the Sienna and Getty of 2010.

    Did I call it or what, I said that LR was only pretending to care for NV because she wanted to stage a photo-op with EC. Did I not also point out how LR was using twitter to send messages to JJ and x17 to set up a photo-op? Only I thought it would be a gym. So you know EC and LR are a farce when you can easily predict when their photo-ops can occur.

    To all the wonderful names that michela and Leann must use because LR fanbase is still oh so small.

    1) EC and LR money are your favorite couple?

    2) Rio dJ: Wrong, LR has opened her TWITTER so that she can stalk and harass EC wife. We should all thank EC for encouraging LR as she shows just how insecure she is.

    3) Raquel: The only thing LR is working is her phone as she tips off the paps and her bank account as she pays JJ and x17 for the positive press and EC to make public appearances with her and to allow him to twitter about his kids.

    LR is like a daugher to you? Are you admitting that you are LR mother?

    There will be no blessings for LR and EC. Thanks to this photo-op and LR tweets LR and EC careers and reps are doomed.

    4) K lin: Of course EC and LR are still together, LR bank account hasn’t hit zero yet. When LR can’t afford to take EC on those trips or shopping sprees, that is when EC will be long gone.

    What success are EC and LR going to have? Do you seriously think that EC and LR are going to proper with LR tweets about his kids and these photo-ops?

    5) Pot: Hi LEANN. Is your low fanbase so bad that you have to make personal appearances?

    6) kookabear: Leann’s money and EC? Wow, you post this on every site and under so many different names and then you have the nerve to argue that others are posting the same thing over and over.

    7) michela: Of course you are not too far behind Pot, you are working for Leann.

    8) Pot: AKA LEANN, We know that YOU have lost it. So how much did this little photo-op cost you? It must really hurt your feelings to see that no one likes you and the only form of support fcomes from the weekly checks you send to JJ and x17. Of course EC and your money looks great.

  • REO

    @ Rio DJ aka LeAnn’s PR
    As you must well know, LeAnn’s record label has its hands full with successful artists who bring in the bucks. Curb’s promotion people are busy and can’t push her rendition of old songs so she’s left to twittering and these sorry thread promotions.

  • gwen

    @ez girl:

    Hi michela?

    What’s up with all these diffferent names?

    With the fluff from JJ, you would think that you wouldn’t have to work so hard.

  • gwen

    Nice job JJ, thanks for being so happy over the fact that LR is using EC kids to taunt his wife.

  • gwen

    Why are we all of a sudden being hit with photos of LR and EC at airports when they have managed to make it to several different places without being seen at an airport?

    Are we supposed to think that EC loves LR because he travels with her? Didn’t Sienna try that very same trick with Getty?

    Oh JJ, why do you even cater to LR? Because she is paying you for the positive press?

  • gwen

    Quick, are their photos of EC and BG at an airport in NYC?

  • haha

    @Jerri: LOL!!! That’s funny. It’s not like anyone gives a sh** about them except some freaks on this site. you know who you are…

  • Valerie

    This guy only wants custody of his kids to lower his child support. I bet he hasn’t been with them for more than a few hours in the past two weeks and now he’s in NYC. Brandi, if you’re listening, don’t give these two an inch. LeAnn wants June to be her perfect month i.e., new website, new music, and a new husband or at least a ring. You must have full custody of the kids, $40k per month support, and a $5mil cash payment. Make sure the $5mil comes directly from Eddie so you don’t have to pay taxes on it. He can borrow it from LeAnn and then cut them loose.

  • Cibrian…CSI MIAMI

    HOPE he is not the one that gets arrested next week’s CSI MIAMI

    Since one of the people on the team did the crime…

  • gwen

    Well at least JJ left out the part where he tries to convince us that EC and LR are so happy and in love.

    He should have also left out the part about EC kids as well because everyone is pointing out how she is only playing this little twitter game about his kids to get back at his wife.

    What a great dad. How funny that JJ mentions EC kids and leaves out the fact that EC has once again broken that promise he made to his kids.

    We know that EC and LR are tipping off the paps, we NEVER see them at airports. So when EC gave that interview for Parade he was lying. So once again why should we believe the happy and in love stories that x17 and JJ paints when EC can’t even keep a simple promise to his kids.

    How disgusting that LR would use the floods to stage yet another photo-op with EC.

  • Beth

    Commandments from the Holy Book of PR
    Chapter 4 verses 9-18

    Celebrity is the Lord and publicity thy God.
    Respect only the Lord thy God but not spouse, child, thy fans, nor any other.
    Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s spouse and children.
    Thou shalt promote the adulterer and excuse the adultery.
    Thou shalt exalt in the taunter and persecute the taunted.
    Blessed are those whose’ means justify the end (even mean means).
    Keep the photo-op holy and glorify the Lord thy God with thy finest smirk.
    Thou shalt dwell in the hills of Beverly and shun the devil’s lair of Country.
    Thou shalt twitter thy self in the image of fallacy.
    Thou shalt cloak thy self in the garments of charity when the gains exceed the giving.

    (Dispensation is granted to the followers of the original ten that have found them sufficient for 5,000 years.)

  • gwen

    Leann Rimes: NYC Arrival with Eddie It’s not conducive to play anything out in public at all” , “It’s my philosophy to protect my kids from the nature of tabloids”, “I can’t ger any privacy” Cibrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey F.

    You are a doll LeLe! From your devoted Joey who met you once upon a time and would be honored to have another chance at the “meet and greet.”

  • daria

    Beautiful boy you got there in tow Miss Rimes but he’s got beauty inside and out in you. Make sure he is the right mister for you. Your young and delightful and successful so take time to make a good choice.

  • gwen


    Great list. I’m added a few things.

    Thou shall tip off the paps and pay sites like JJ and x17 to gush over LR insane obsession with EC kids.

    Thou shall whine about how others are being hateful despite the fact that one is using tweets like bathing, sleeping with, and now eating out of the same bowl with another woman’s kids.

    So not only is LR sleeping in the bed with EC kids and swapping her saliva with EC kids? Where is the court system when you need it. Why isn’t a court system granting supervised and restricted visits to EC. LR is unstable and what is even crazy is that LR sounds like she is sexualizing everything involved with these kids. We should not be hearing how she is eating out of the kids bowl and the sound she makes as she takes a bite.

  • Phantom

    LeAnn’s songwriter said of the wife of LeAnn’s lover that she was acting childish, she should just get over it, and she should simply move on. In the Nashville floods, wives lost their husbands, children lost fathers, and homes were destroyed but he felt sorrow for those victims. Perhaps Mr. Brown should be a bit more consistent with his understanding and empathy or just STFU.

  • KiKi

    Whats with the jealous hostility in this Gwen lady? Is she attached to them somehow?
    For me they’re a thumbs up. God it’s so hard to keep a relationship true and alive that you got to wish somebody luck with it. GOOD LUCK YOU TWO!

  • gwen


    Hi michela!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since you are still posting under so many different names, that means that LR is not successful.

    There is nothing delightful about LR, she is so insecure that she uses BG kids to taunt her and then pays JJ to assist her in the process. And then LR wants to whine because others are being “hateful”.?

  • gwen

    @Joey F.:

    Hi michela!!!!!!!!

    You are a doll? Didn’t you write the same thing when you were posting as kaylyn on E? So thanks for exposing that you are posting under all of these different names.

    We know that you are “devoted” to LEANN’s money.

    We know that you met LR, you do work for her.

  • gwen

    I see that JJ is assisting LR pr person in the manipulation of the votes again.

  • gwen

    CSI airs a NEW episode of Monday and we are bombarded with photos of EC and LR at yet another airport even though we have seen them go from point a to point b without once being spotted at an airport how many times. There was no photo at an airport when they went to Aspen, Mexico, the Sundance festival, that game in Tenn or Texas. So what does this mean? That LR and EC are tipping off the paps and all LR had to do was write that she cried for the floods in NV just to get JJ praise.

  • gwen


    Hi michela!!!!!!!!!!

    Yet another name? What’s wrong? Is LR low fanbase getting you down?

    Why are you so upset? Because the public still won’t support LR and EC?

    1)”Whats with the jealous hostility in this Gwen lady?”

    Perhaps you should be asking what is with LR jealous hostility that she keeps tweeting about BG kids just to taunt her? Why is LR tipping off the paps every week so that they see her at an airport with EC?

    So now it’s my fault because LR is such an HPD that she had to once again tip off the paps so that we can her see her with the man who doesn’t even love his own kids enough to keep a promise to them?

    2)” Is she attached to them somehow?”

    We know that YOU are attached to LR, she is paying you right?

    3)”For me they’re a thumbs up. ”

    That is only because you are being paid.

    LR and EC are not thumbs up, which is why you bombard these threads with so many different names.

    4)”God it’s so hard to keep a relationship true and alive that you got to wish somebody luck with it. ”

    What relationship? The one that EC is having with LR money? You are right, we should all wish EC relatioship with LR money luck because it’s going to be hard to keep up his devotion once LR money starts to dwindle.


    Where have I seen this before? You write the same thing when you post as cbme and Leann write the same thing when she posts as Kathy. Thanks for proving once again that LR doesn’t have a fanbase and must pay a pr person to pose as fans.

  • gwen

    Leann is tweeting about Eddie’s two kids again? Are these the two kids that EC said that he was going to protect from the nature of tabloids?

    How wonderful, now let’s all pat LR on the back and put exclamations in our posts because she cares so much for EC kids that she encourages EC to break promises to his own kids!!!!!!!!

  • Jerri

    Thanks so much about the “stars” wearing their sunglasses 24 hrs. I guess that’s why LeAnn hasn’t seen Eddie’s other girls in the bedroom after dark and why isn’t wearing sunglasses.

    Such a dork reply, ….has to be that equally dorky cbme.

  • Janis

    GWEN why are you so fixated on Eddie that you post the same thing over and again? You make yourself appear to be the one who got let go. Is that what happened and why you can’t let go of Eddie? Just asking, hun.

  • gwen


    Hi micheala!!!!!!!!!!

    boo hoo, so when one “fan” gets smacked down you just change your name and post the same thing again?

    How many different names does that make in this thread?

    Are you seriously ********** and whining about how others are posting the same thing over and over when you are on x17, US Weekly, FY, EB, and INO copying and pasting and posting the same thing over and over?

    So tell us, why are you so fixated on EC that you ***** and whine about how others are posting the same thing over and over when you post the same over and over so much that we are beginning to see that it’s you responsible for all of these fans?

    No dear, we all know that it’s YOU and Leann who can’t let go, hence why you keep bombarding these threads with over 10-30 “fans” and LR keeps tipping off the paps.

    What happened to you? Do you grasp to this situation because LR is paying you or you feel that supporting LR and EC will eventually make the married man you are sleeping with leave his wife for you?

    We know that Leann can not let go of the fact that EC is using her for her money, hence why she tweets the same thing over and over and over and over as if saying that EC is her man and that EC loves her will make it true. So when LR repeats the same thing over and over, how come the rules that you impose on others do not apply to her? By your own logic that means that LR is fixated on BG and BG kids because that is all she tweets about 24/7, right?

  • Musicbiz

    Hey there Mr. Speedwagon. Your post about Curb Records not being able to promote Le’s new release unless they staff up is right on but it’s not public information. Care to share more?

  • gwen

    You can tell that this photo-op backfired before it even got off the ground.


    michela is posting under 8 different names already.

  • gwen

    Just look at how all the comments made by LR pr person are positive!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, this is why LR and EC saga is so interesting.

    What we learn from this photo-op is that

    a) LR tips off the paps. Keep in mind how we have NEVER seen them at airports now. So why now?

    b) LR is HPD, I’m sure JJ will post yet another fluff piece about LR tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

    c) LR negotiates with these blogs for positive press. How kind of this site to gush over LR having mac and cheese with EC kids and forgetting all those promises that EC made to his kids on Rachel Ray. I guess the fact that EC let’s LR eat off of his kids is a better indication of love.

    d) EC is using LR for FREE PUBLICITY. CSI airs a NEW episode and we see EC and LR on Friday. New episode on Monday, and here EC and LR trying to get enough hype to get people to watch his show on Monday.

    e) Ec is a liar. So after seeing how EC doesn’t even keep a promise to his kids, why do these blogs insist on telling us that all is well between him and LR.

    f) LR plants her pr person on these sites. Now how is it that 10-30 “fans” keep showing up on these threads on JJ, and LR rep keeps falling. Even with the positive votes, LR reps isn’t getting any better.