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NBC Cancels 'Heroes'

NBC Cancels 'Heroes'

NBC has pulled the plug on Heroes.

The show’s declining ratings and high production cost are to blame for the cancellation, according to THR.

Heroes ran four seasons and was considered for a shorter final season to wrap up the storyline.

Other NBC shows canceled today include Mercy and Trauma. Long-running drama Law & Order also got the boot yesterday.

FYI: Chuck, which was on the bubble and up for cancellation, was renewed earlier today.

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  • Jaye

    Never saw it.
    And then a hero comes along,
    With the strength to carry on.
    And you cast your fears aside,
    Cause you know you can survive.
    So, when you feel like hope is gone,
    Just Look inside you and be strong.
    And you’ll finally see the truth,
    See That a hero lies in you, you, you.
    Ahem! Sorry, I just had a moment there :-)

  • Maya

    I’m not the greatest Chuck-fan but I’m glad the chose to keep Chuck over shit shows like Mercy and Heroes

  • nina

    I’m really bummed!! I know that the quality declined throughout the years but I still loved this show and I think they deserved an real ending…
    The season 4 finale didn’t wrap up the show for me… No explanations, nothing!!!
    NBC, you SUCK!!!

  • OUCH
  • natalie
  • GoodGirl

    Seriously who still watch this crap?!!

  • lilly

    i still liked heroes, it was better than half of the shows on tv, even if it wasn’t as good as it used to be. i’ll miss my peter fix!

  • Melody1836

    no !!!!
    I hope another network will pick them up to give an end…
    however I do understand why they canceled Mercy and Trauma,
    I remember watching the 1st episode of Trauma to check it out and I couldn’t even get through it

  • Helena

    @lilly: It sure as hell isn’t better than Big Love, Justified, Weeds, Dexter, Damages, Mad Men…basically all cable TV shows. The show got really horrible. Not surprised.

  • lexy hates bilson

    That stinks about Hereos but the special effects probably cost a fortune. Also, Hayden and Zach seem to be trying to do other things so it’s probably for the best.

  • Rena

    I blame Hayden Pannettiere. It’s all her fault

  • http://WWW.TRANNYGISELEBUNDCHEN.COM I’m so happy I stopped watchin

    like a year ago!!! Yes!!! Hahahaha stupid fans lol

  • kate

    Are they crazy!!! “Mercy” is an insanely good show!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with them?!!!!

  • carol

    i ‘am not suprise that this show will cancel

  • Dreads

    @Jaye: LMAO! Ugh…..I hate it when they cancel shows……especially when I’m a fan. I never really liked this show but I really know what it is for its fans. I know what it is to see my favorite show getting brutally cancelled. So my condolences to you XD.

  • cece

    the first season was good, then they started to kill off main characters. Its all went down hill for me as soon as they got rid of Peters original powers (this got me really upset). Anywho I could have seen this coming, but I wished that they would have wraped up the storylines before they canceled it. :(. O well atleast i still have Big Love, Dexter and Trueblood !!!!!!

  • star

    NO!!!!! i love this show yes it got crappy but last season was good :( damn you NBC

  • Elisa

    at first it was very good but then lost all logic, they forgot important details leaving loose ends
    a shame that a series that started so well ended like this

  • http://j ivanka

    it was about time, the first two seasons were the best

  • Betty

    a show i actually liked i’m gonna miss it so much.

  • NBC sucks

    Screw NBC. They’re a dying network anyhow.

  • Jayne

    no they cant not another one going i like heroes dont do this it needs to stay i like Peter.

  • p3rp3tu4

    I hated the whole boring Carnival garbage they tossed in !
    YAY for CHUCK!

  • So Judgemental

    Thanks NBC. There is officially no reason to ever have to lower myself to watching your channel any longer. Oh wait.. I still like 30 Rock! Gosh darn you!!!!

  • So Happy

    HEROES IS GONE. I hate Hayden – she effed the show up. Little oompa loompa looking freak that she is!!! SHE RUINED THE SHOW!!!

  • madmax

    I liked heroes, I am going to miss it :(

  • Kelsee

    I loved this show

  • the truth

    Cant blame people that in those shows.tts those people at NBC. Iloved all those shows.But still like chuck . I have became a fan.

  • Haha

    Hated Hayden. Doesnt matter BIGGEST LOSER trumps all you losers.
    Drama is DONE — reality TV and talk shows rule the ROOST!!!

  • VC aka Gabe G.

    Ok, we all know the show jumped the shark ages ago-but there is no need for the ugly things posted here about the Actors that gave their best to the canceled shows.
    Please don’t show your lack of intelligence by posting your insignificant insults. Really.
    Secondly, be happy, fans.
    Now the actors are FREE! Free to pursue anything their talented little hearts desire (Come ON, Zachary Quinto. MORE THEATRE please.)

  • brightside

    Only watched it a couple of times, thought it was a load of tosh, so am not really surprised. But Law & Order now, that was plain hurtful.

  • Macchiato

    finally !

  • jenn

    yes haha i’ve stopped watching that crappy show after the first season

  • deadpool



    God that show stunk after the first season. The fact that it’s floped after just FOUR when Buffy the vampire slayer had 7 and Angel had 5 is definately a kick in the ass BOOYA! Then to add insult to injury you ad them both up you get 12 FATASTIC seasons….and they were all LOW BUDGET COMPARED TO THIS FARCE of a show. Just imagine what Buffy and angekl could have done with the Heroes budget BOOM. This is great news THERE IS A GOD!

    Also BONES gets a fith season and this flops HA HA !!! Thank God I wont forced to watch Hayden anymore. Maybe now she’ll start acting like a diva and realize just how expendable she is.

  • Cindy Lu

    I hope Milo Ventimiglia gets to make a lot of movies now!!!

  • ally


  • Phoebee

    In heroes, It should have been;
    KILL the cheerleader, SAVE the show!

  • Jayne


  • Ana Júlia

    Oh come on! They cancelled Heroes, Mercy and Law and Order? WTF? I’m not a fan but I liked this series.

  • Stacie

    i hope peter marries clare

  • Guest

    Why are people giving thumbs down when someone commented “I will miss this show” Whoever you are, you are an a$$ and a douche. I’m sorry but its true. Listen, I love HEROES as well and nobody can tell me me differently. HEROES is one of the best tv shows in the planet. I hope they get a wrap up like NBC said with a 2-4 hour special. Long live HEROES and will be truly missed forever.

  • Bella


    Agreed. The first season was insanely good, the second mediocre and then I didn’t even bother to turn in.

  • JD31840

    YAY!! CHUCK!!

  • http://maybellepineda Maybelle

    Oh noes! I love Mercy! No NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • may

    Yay for the Chuck renewal!

  • Myself

    No :( That’s really sad… this last season was great…

    Why do you guys blame Hayden??

  • Jayne

    @ 41 i agree with you too i WILL MISS IT

  • Teresa

    NOOO! I loved that show it was the only time I really watched TV ! first Kinf of the Hill now heroes!

  • Robin

    this is sad because i remember when this show used to be a PHENOMENON. soo many people watched it first season, and it was just one of the most amazing tv shows ever. and it’s just hard to top that i guess, and it’s just not good anymore. second season was pretty good, then it got bad sadly. ): i stil love all the actors though.


    No one is angry that this stupid show is cancelled.
    the show is stolen IP and I for one hope that those NYC artists The Twins are successful with their lawsuit MALLERY v NBCU in the courts against NBCU and the hack Tim Kring.
    Tim Kring should go to prison for what he tried to pull off by pretending Heroes was his original IP.
    I can’t wait for the truth of why Heroes failed and was pulled off the air by NBCU to come out in the media.
    The failure of this show and NBCU’s theft is the buzz all over the industry.


    Heroes is finished because it’s stolen IP and we applaud those NYC artists that filed the copyright infringement lawsuit against this hack tim kring and NBC 4 years ago.
    The lawsuit MALLERY V NBCU DOCKET# 09-999 will go before The U.S. SUPREME COURT on MAY 21, 2010.
    This lawsuit caused Isaac Mendez to be written off the show and many of the show’s story line to change which caused the show’s story lines to become lame and confusing, causing the show to fail.
    Don’t believe it, then where is Heroes today?
    To many of us that work in the tv and film industry it is our prayer that the moron called tim kring will get exactly what’s coming to him.
    He’s a pathetic loser and what he stole he could not keep and the show still failed.
    What a massive financial loss to NBC.

    The concept of Heroes with an artist that could paint the future was created by two NYC artists called The Twins.
    The Male twin Eele is a real living Luba Divination Artist that can paint the future.
    His tribe THE LUBA art work is part of the permanent collection of the Met Museum NYC and Mr. Eele’s Luba Divination Art is part of the archives of The NY Historical Society listed under “CityLore” curated by Ms. Sally Herships.
    Eele and his twin Amnau created a fictional character called ( Idai Markus the black artist that could paint the future on large canvas and his canvas showed that terrorists was going to destroy two NYC landmark buildings and with this canvas Idai and several regular people with extraordinary powers was going to use the art to stop this tragedy) this story is based on Mr. Eele’s real life experience as an artist with this rare artistic ability.

    In 2005 Hunter College NYC invited Mr. Eele and his twin Amnau to teach the students about this rare artform and about their pioneering character Idai Markus.
    NBC heard about this show on the Associated Press and sent NBC representatives which included Bryan fuller to the show.

    On September 26, 2006 Idai Markus the black artist that could paint the future became Isaac Mendez the latino artist that could paint the future on canvas and Isaac’s canvas depicted that terrorists was going to destroy two NYC landmark buildings and that several ordinary people with extraordinary powers was going to use the art along with Isaac to stop this tragedy.
    The only changes tim kring made between the characters was race and he gave Issac Mendez a drug problem.
    Isaac could only paint the future when he shot up drugs. how racist is that?

    How do I know all of this?
    I am a writer and I’ve been working on this story for 4 years and most of this information can be found in the lawsuit.
    anyway…. the lawsuit entered the court system and NBCU admitted to “accessing and copying” The Twins copyrighted IP to create Heroes.
    Here is where i stop telling this fascinating story because you’ll have to wait for my book.
    But I’ll leave you all with this….
    The truth about how NBCU and tim kring tried to steal these nyc artists original copyrighted work to create Heroes is going to stun the world and it will teach hollywood an important lesson about buying and investing into stolen copyrighted intellectual property by hacks like tim kring.
    you owe to yourself to view the lawsuit MALLERY V NBCU, this lawsuit will answer all of your questions of what really happened to Heroes.

    Here’s an example of what can be found by viewing the lawsuit MALLERY V NBCU

    > — “John A. Coleman, Jr.
    > wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > > Begin forwarded message:
    > >
    > > > From: “John A. Coleman, Jr. Attorney for plaintiffs in Mallery V NBCU

    > > > Date: December 17, 2007 1:05:26 PM EST
    > > > To: Marcia Paul NBCU Attorney
    > > > Subject: Mallery v. NBCU
    > > >
    > > > Marcia:
    > > >
    > > > My clients decline NBC’s settlement offer.
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > John
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > John A. Coleman, Jr.
    > > >
    > > > Friedberg Cohen Coleman & Pinkas, LLP
    > > >
    > > > 444 Madison Avenue
    > > > Suite 805
    > > > New York, New York 10022
    > > > Tel (212) 829-9090

    To read how Tim Kring claimed “He lied, cheated etc… to get Heroes on the air log on to;